For Your Eyes Only


Which was another topic she had confronted Jack about, this time during first period. She had asked if Jack had slipped in some instructions to Rebecca to dump her boyfriend. Jack had denied the accusation and maintained he had kept to the inspiration he had gotten out of Violet's addition to the letters. Violet hadn't pressed the point, she really couldn't give a damn about the now ex-boyfriend. Rebecca could do better was Violet's opinion.

And yesterday had shown Violet that she too had choices. Her first time had gone a lot better than she could have dreamt. And afterwards she had felt different, more comfortable in her own skin. More confident too and that was fine with her, the time of blending into the background was about to end anyway.


'There definitely is a tribal feeling coming from this one,' Rebecca concluded. 'I can practically hear the drums.' She could feel her right hand beginning to tap a rhythm of its own accord. Tomorrow, she would hopefully get another one. It would have to last her the weekend unless the author was going to slip them into her mailbox.

As she closed her eyes, she summed up another benefit from these letters. Since she had gotten them, she had absolutely no problem falling asleep.

It was the sound of drums that woke Rebecca. As her mind shrugged off the last vestiges of sleep her nose was assailed by the scent of burning wood. A scent that was almost drowned out by the rich smell of the rainforest. She could feel the ropes around her legs and wrists that positioned her into a spread-eagled position with her arms stretched out to the sides.

She was lying on the ground, the humid heat caressing her naked skin. And it wasn't the only thing touching her skin. There were delicate fingers tracing lines across her skin, she could feel the trails they left. Obviously they were finger-painting her body, although the paint left her feeling strange. It seemed to heat her body, in a good way.

Rebecca opened her eyes and saw that it was three women who were doing the painting. They were older, but still looked good. And they didn't have a stitch on them. Apparently they had been nearly finished when she came to, because they stood up and left. Rebecca felt strangely disappointed about that, they had carefully missed all of her more sensitive areas.

And it wasn't because they didn't know what they were doing. The pattern they had painted on her seemed to be pointing at all her good spots. The paint was turning her on, but it wasn't enough to do anything more than making her antsy.

In an attempt to distract herself she looked around to see where she was. There was a fire somewhere above her head, she couldn't see well into that direction. But in every other direction she spotted women staring at her. It seemed she was going to be the main attraction tonight.

The signal that whatever was going on was now beginning were the drums, they began to beat in a more intricate and faster rhythm. A young woman came dancing from the direction of the fire. She, unlike everybody else, was wearing a mask with feathers streaming out of it. The mask only covered the areas around the eyes and her forehead. Like Rebecca she was sporting an intricate painting on her body and nothing else.

Her skin was pale and her body was slender with round, perky breasts. The masked woman was dancing in tune with the drums in an ever tightening circle around Rebecca. Rebecca couldn't tear her eyes away from the dancer. Her heart began to pound in the rhythm that the woman was setting with her wild yet sensuous dance.

Rebecca was looking down her own body when the masked woman suddenly stopped facing Rebecca's feet. The drums changed their tune at the same time, going for a slow rhythm again. The painted woman now slowly approached her in a crouch. She didn't seem to have exerted herself with that energetic dance, Rebecca on the other hand had only seen it and that was enough for her to take deep breaths.

As the dancer stepped between Rebecca's legs she extended her arms to the side and began sliding her fingers across Rebecca's skin. Her hands went faster than the rest of her body and her fingers had almost finished ghosting over Rebecca's stomach when she planted her feet on either side of Rebecca's belly.

The dancer's hands next target was Rebecca's breasts, a brief massage of her nipples elicited Rebecca's first moan. As the hands traveled upwards and then sideways down Rebecca's arms the dancer kneeled. She took care to align their tits so that the stiff nipples dueled with their counterpart if either woman moved.

And it was impossible for Rebecca not to move. The dancer somehow managed to turn even her arms into erogenous zones. She could finally look into the eyes of the masked woman but that only added to the sweet torture. The eyes shone with desire and excitement and Rebecca found them irresistible.

The hands now traveled back up the way they had come and the dancer finally kissed her. It was only the tip of her tongue and it didn't go past her lips. Rebecca felt the urge to reciprocate but knew that it wasn't time yet for that. Her role for now was to simply endure and enjoy what was being done to her.

The mask came closer as the painted woman began to massage Rebecca's lower lip with her own lips. Rebecca squirmed and took even deeper breaths, forcing their nipples closer together until they poked into each other's breasts. Luckily the dancer didn't linger but with a quick nip at Rebecca's lip traveled down till she reached the right breast of the bound woman.

The masked dancer lavished that breast with the same treatment as she had given to Rebecca's lip, complete with the nip at the end before switching breasts. Meanwhile, her hands were massaging the sides of Rebecca's neck adding to her rising excitement.

Rebecca herself had now reached the point of begging, so desperate was her need to cum. She didn't know how the woman was doing it but Rebecca knew she was responsible for that inability. Except that she couldn't get herself to voice anything but inarticulate sounds of pleasure which meant she couldn't even plead for mercy.

Great was her relief when the masked woman finally left her aching tits alone and began to explore her pussy. A relief that was short-lived as the young woman seemed to be intent on carefully examining every nook and cranny. The result was that Rebecca seemed to crawl towards her orgasm.

Rebecca let her head fall back and tried to focus on the stars. The sensation of being so full of pleasure while looking at those distant points of light was indescribable. She lost all sense of time but after an eternity she became aware that the painted dancer had stopped.

She looked back and met her eyes. Rebecca was on the cusp of oblivion, being kept there by the dancer's hot breath stroking her cunt. The eyes behind the mask told her all she needed to know. If her response was right she would get her reward, otherwise they would be here for a while longer. "Who am I?" the dancer asked.

Rebecca's mind furiously ran through the possibilities, trying to match the dancer's body to someone she knew. But it wasn't the body that gave it away, in the end it was her expressive eyes. She had looked into those eyes before. "Violet." Rebecca whispered reverently.

The chocolate-brown eyes twinkled with approval and humor before disappearing behind the mask for a moment as it was removed. And then she was staring at Violet's unpainted face. "Good girl," Violet crooned to her before diving back between her legs.

Violet quickly sucked her clit into her mouth while her hands began tweaking Rebecca's nipples. But release only came after Violet's teeth began to add pressure on Rebecca's clit. The orgasm was violent, all-consuming and just kept going on and on. Every muscle in her body tensed and she bucked her hips each time a wave of pleasure hit her. Miraculously this didn't throw Violet off and she even managed to keep her assault on Rebecca's clit going.

"Oh Violet." With those words Rebecca finally stopped cumming, her body turned to jelly. She didn't notice that her bonds were cut or that Violet was moving. But she did notice when Violet picked her up in her arms and began to carry her to a hut, barely lit by the roaring fire.

She looked up into Violet's smiling face with a questioning look of her own. It was everything Rebecca could manage in her current state.

"The night is still young," Violet confided to her as she carried her girl inside.


Rebecca was staring at her locker, already knowing what she would find in it but not at all certain whether she wanted to open this letter. After she had woken up this morning, she had quickly reached a few conclusions. One of them was that the letters were affecting her more than she had thought. She wasn't certain but it looked like they were actually giving her dreams, very hot dreams.

What she didn't know was if Violet was indeed the author or if her mind had come up with a face on its own. She also didn't know if the letters were responsible for her break-up with Rick. She didn't remember feeling so discontented last week. But neither could she remember feeling particularly happy or excited about the guy. From a rational point of view, her decision had been the correct one. But there was still the doubt.

'And it was a silly doubt.' Rebecca thought to herself. 'It's not like those letters can hypnotize me or anything like that. My own imagination just took those letters and the realizations I reached this week and that's what caused those dreams. Catching three hot girls having steamy sex in the gym's shower just put oil on the fire.' Satisfied what that eminently logical explanation Rebecca opened her locker.

As she expected there was a letter waiting for her. 'Your eyes' was written on it. She was feeling a little excited as she picked up the folded piece of paper. Rebecca unfolded it and as she had learned from the previous letters didn't try to actually to understand the letter. "Understanding isn't required, only obedience," Rebecca murmured softly as she took in this latest work.

Rebecca refolded the letter and stashed it away, apparently unaware of what she had just said. She took out the books she needed and almost went to class. But she stopped herself when she saw Violet and remembered she meant to ask her for help with her History homework.

"Hi, Violet." Rebecca greeted her. "Could I ask you for a favor?"

Violet smiled in return. "Sure, you can ask me for anything."

Now Rebecca began to smile. "Great, I could use another perspective on this Restoration business. And since we both have that class and you're a smart, attractive... I mean you're a magnet for ehm, high grades. Am I making any sense here?" Rebecca felt her cheeks heat up as she began babbling.

Violet's expression stayed friendly though and her voice didn't betray that she had heard anything out of the ordinary. "You do, actually. And I would love to help. You can come by my place after dinner, if you don't have any other plans? I'll give you the address."

Rebecca agreed and wrote down the address after which they parted. In class Rebecca still felt a little nervous. What exactly should she wear tonight? It had to be something classy yet sexy; she wanted to impress Violet.


That faint feeling of nervousness had solidified into anxiety by the time Rebecca reached Violet's home. 'How stupid could I be?' She berated herself. 'Violet caught me fingering myself while she was getting her pussy eaten out by two girls. Just because she didn't hint at it in public doesn't mean she won't mention it when we are somewhere private.'

Her only consolation was the fact that Violet's parents would be at home too. She didn't exactly now why she was so apprehensive about being alone with Violet. She seemed like a nice girl and judging by Daphne's and Isis's behavior she hadn't ratted her out.

But that wasn't entirely correct, she did have a reason to feel nervous. It took her almost half the day before she realized she hadn't forgotten to ask Violet for help in the first place. Rebecca had no idea where the idea had come from and that scared her.

But here she was. She checked herself over one last time before ringing the bell. With her short, silk skirt, tight top, high-heeled shoes and art-fully applied make-up she was just way too overdressed for a study-date with someone that was barely an acquaintance. Rebecca corrected herself. 'It's not a date.'

Rebecca didn't recognize the woman that opened the door right away. She just looked that different. She wasn't dressed like a kid anymore but as the eighteen-year old woman that she really was. Tight jeans encased her legs while a white blouse drew attention to both the swell of her breasts and her belly-button.

This Violet wasn't hiding behind her hair either, both of her eyes looked straight into Rebecca's own with a confidence the mousy Violet never had. Violet complimented her. "I don't want to state the obvious but you look great Rebecca."

"Thanks anyway. And you look... different. I'm sorry, but you really do. It suits you though." Rebecca hastened to add.

Violet motioned for Rebecca to enter. "Thanks, I am going for a new look. But I wanted to get comfortable with it first before facing the dreaded opinion of our peers."

As Rebecca went into the house she noted how quiet it was. "Aren't your parents home yet?"

"Oh, they're away on a romantic weekend. It was a spur of the moment thing for them but I can survive a few days without the parental units."

"So, you got the house all to yourself for the weekend?" Rebecca hated the unsure quality that haunted her voice as she asked the question.

Violet smiled impishly. "We got the house all to ourselves." She confirmed. Nothing more was said but Rebecca got some ideas what Violet could do with that unsupervised weekend. Her, Daphne and Isis could have lots of fun. Rebecca was unsure if she was jealous of the fun they could have or jealous of Daphne and Isis.

To keep her mind of those thoughts Rebecca busied herself with getting her notebook out. They could share books so she hadn't brought any with her, then she sat down at the table followed Violet.

"I think you should look at this before we get started," Violet said. Rebecca caught her staring intently at her and then she saw what Violet wanted her to look at. It was a folded piece of paper, exactly like the ones she had been finding in her locker this week.

This all but confirmed that Violet was indeed the mysterious author and Rebecca's fears once more leapt to the forefront. Chief among them the fear that the letters were doing something to her mind. 'What's going to happen after I open this letter?' she wondered.

'Will I fall to my knees and beg her to let me bury my face in her pussy? Maybe it will turn me into some kind of robot, powerless to do anything but pleasure her exactly like she instructs me to. Or it could just put me into some kind of trance, my mind blank and ready to be filled by all kinds of hot, sexy thoughts that she will whisper into my ear.' Those thoughts were turning her pussy into a spring and she instinctively rubbed her thighs together to get a little relief.

With a mind of its own her hand reached out and grabbed the folded letter. She opened it as if she was already in a trance and helplessly stared at what was inside.

'For my love Rebecca, may this open your eyes.' Rebecca read. Relief and disappointment warred within her. Part of her had been turned on by all those scenario's she had imagined. But this was confirmation that it had been Violet that had been sending her the letters.


Violet looked closely at Rebecca as she read the message. When she was certain Rebecca had absorbed it, she plucked it out of her hands and discarded it onto the table. Then she made another bold move and straddled Rebecca, putting her hands on the chair's back.

"I hope you enjoyed my little gifts," she said throatily.

Apparently a cat had gotten Rebecca's tongue because she could only nod mutely.

"Good," Violet continued in that same voice. "I'm sure you're wondering why I sent them? Truth is, I've admiring you from a far for years now. I just felt it was time to get to know you up close and personal."

Rebecca gulped. "What about Isis and Daphne?"

Violet shrugged. "We had fun. You had fun," she added with a meaningful look. "I'm looking for something more and I was hoping I could find that with you. So, my question to you is this. Do you want to get to know me, intimately?"

Rebecca looked into Violet's eyes for what seemed like forever. On Violet's request Jack was keeping quiet, not giving a hint about the answer Rebecca was about to give.

"I..." Rebecca wetted her dry lips. "I am looking for something else too. And I'm wondering if maybe I've found it. I, I would like to find out. With you, together."

Violet's smile at hearing that lit up the room. She didn't know it but Rebecca fell in love with that smile right then and there. "Let's find out," Violet agreed.

Their faces moved closer but Rebecca stopped when Violet asked a seemingly random question. "Do you know what the first thing was that made me fall for you?" Rebecca shook her head in response.

Violet closed the remaining distance, giving the answer right before their lips met. "Your eyes."


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