tagBDSMFor Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only


A fantasy I wanted to share with her...

Your pet is dressed as you requested, in only your collar, her crimson silk nighty and matching lace cheekies. I wait for you in our bedroom as I have been taught, knees on the ground, ass resting on my heels, hands palm down on my thighs, eyes downcast. You enter the room silently, carrying a tumbler of whisky. Placing your drink aside for now, my heart skips a beat as you finally speak.

"Stand up so I can see if you have prepared yourself properly," you command.

I stand quickly and present myself to you, legs shoulder width apart, hands laced behind my head, eyes still lowered. You look me over slowly, circling me like a predator. You bend slightly to run your hand over my legs to ensure they have been shaved smooth.

I shiver at your touch as the drink has cooled your fingertips. I feel your moist breath in my ear as you twist my long dark hair around your hand forcing my head back and to the side so you can gaze over my shoulder into my cleavage. Seeming pleased for now, you release my hair and stand in front of me once more. You hold your upturned palm under my eyes that until now have only seen the floor below, as I closed them with the jerking of my head.

The tone of your voice is teasing me already as you tell me to, "Place this in your panties princess, show me how wet they already are for your Mistress."

My gaze rises with a slightly trembling hand to honor your command. I take the small flat vibrator and with my other hand pry my panties from your pussy. You wear a smirk as I blush deeply. We can both see how my panties already glisten with a pool of sticky moisture. I quickly tuck the vibrator into my panties and relish the feeling of the cold smooth plastic pressing against my swollen lips, the rounded bulge against my clit. Having completed the inspection of your pet, you order me back onto my knees while you move to sit comfortably in your favorite chair. You take a sip of your whiskey; I hear the stones clink in the glass.

"Come to me pet, let's see how much you've learned," you say warmly.

I crawl to you, careful to not let the vibrator slip out, and settle back on my heels again when I am directly in front of your legs. I can see now that you are wearing your faded ripped jeans, the ones that turn me on instantly. I silently plead with you to let me touch and worship your body tonight. The scent of your cologne fills my nose and my eyelids flutter as I inhale deeply, awaiting your instructions.

"Well little one, I hope you're still hungry because I have a special surprise for you tonight."

You know that eating pussy is not my favorite task, but I have been working hard throughout my training to learn how to do it well and enjoy it more.

"Are you ready pet? Listen closely because I will not repeat myself."

"Yes, Mistress," is my only reply.

I know that you will only give your commands once and I must remember each step and perform them perfectly to avoid punishment and perhaps even earn a reward.

"I want you to undo my belt, remove it and place it in my right hand. Then you will unbutton my jeans and slide them off. You may use your hands, but you are not to touch my skin just yet. It is you who will be teased tonight, not I."

My eyes flash with anticipation as I remember the vibrator in my sopping wet underwear. I must clear the haze of arousal as I realize you are still talking.

"Your task tonight will be to eat your Mistress until I tell you to stop. You will make me cum, but you may not." You chuckle to yourself, as you know that orgasm denial is a favorite of mine.

"Yes Mistress," I respond softly, hoping I remember everything.

"Begin pet."

I rise slightly and inch closer to you on my knees. My feet tingle gently as blood returns to them. I work quickly but gently as I undo the buckle of your belt, the pinup girl smirks at me. You sit up straight enough so that the belt slides from the loops gently but not close enough to let your upper body touch mine. With the belt free, I place the heavy buckle in your hand and glance down as the black leather dangles along the front edge of the chair. I know that you will use this tonight to correct immediately any errors I may make.

I take a breath and continue. The button of your jeans releases easily and I carefully lower your fly. You raise yourself up on your forearms just enough that your pants will slip over your hips.

As I pull them down, your beautiful pussy is revealed to me. You are, as always, shaved smooth. Your pale skin is flushed pink on your swollen lips.

Now that your pants are off and folded neatly to the side, I reposition myself on my knees to begin my task. I spread my knees and steady myself, thrusting my ass out behind me. I glance quickly up at you seeking permission to place my hands on your thighs.

"Yes my pet, you may touch me now," you say tenderly.

You thrust your hips forward, bringing your burning sex almost to the edge of your seat. You rest your back deeper into the armchair and spread your legs to me. I steady myself on your thighs and lower my face to your glorious pussy. You pick up your tumbler for another sip of your drink.

I start slowly, nuzzling your outer lips with the tip of my nose and pursed lips. I lay light kisses over your mound and down your slit. I feel your hand lightly brush my ear and settle with your palm gently resting against the back of my head. You are encouraging me, comforting me, yet all the while, possessing me.

I breathe in your musky arousal and bring my hands down to open your lips. As I spread your labia and lick up the insides of your lips, I buck up as the vibrator springs to life. I lift my head as my breath catches with further arousal. Suddenly, I feel the sting of your belt across my ass and the vibrations cease.

"You've hardly begun pet. I had hoped you wouldn't be so easily distracted." Your tone is even, but clipped will annoyance.

Before I can mutter an apology, you push my head back towards your core. I resolve to focus on my task and begin to eat you in earnest. I lightly suck your inner lips into my mouth one at a time. I lick up towards your clit to roll it between my lips. I hear you moan above me as the hand that holds my head goes slightly slack. As I feel the vibrations begin again, I smile to myself as my tongue continues to explore your folds and flick at your swollen clit.

I realize that I never saw the remote that is responsible for the teasing going on between my legs. But I know the various possibilities, the speeds and patterns that it is capable of. I hear your breathing speed up and I feel the warmth and wetness that is spreading beneath my face (not to mention between my own legs).

The vibe goes still again, I hear you sigh softly and feel you pull lightly on my ponytail. I raise my eyes to yours as I sit back against my heels. Seeing the heated glow in your cheeks I flush, but take the unexpected opportunity to catch my breath. Your brown eyes darken as they meet mine and hold my gaze.

"You have learned well pet. But I know what a dirty girl you are and now you're going to show me. I want you to fuck me with your tongue."

I swallow hard and continue to take advantage of being able to breathe properly. You know that cunnilingus is a skill I am still mastering and until now I have only used my fingers to penetrate you. My heartbeat quickens, as I am nervous to either obey or defy you. I open my mouth to petition you to change your mind but I am cut off as the vibrator assaults my clit with intense short pulses that are heightened in my kneeling posture. I gasp and drop my head as I struggle to maintain my composure. You stop the vibrations once again and tilt my chin up so that my gaze once more meets yours.

"It was not up for debate pet," you tell me sternly.

"Yes Mistress," is all I can manage.

You take your fingers from under my chin pinching lightly with your thumb before you release me; I understand that I am not to look away. You lean back and begin to spread your juices over your outer lips and swollen clit.

"You will fuck my pussy with your tongue. Now you will not be allowed to use your hands at all. You can use them to balance yourself, but if you lay one finger anywhere but the chair or the floor, I will tie them behind you with the belt. Do you understand me?" You spit the question as your grip tightens around the belt buckle, daring me to defy you again.

"Yes Mistress, I understand." I respond quickly, aiming to please you.

"Good, now get to work, I need to cum pet."

I sidle back up to the chair as you readjust and position yourself comfortably again. I am on all fours making sure my ass is thrust out well for you. You once again spread your legs before me. With a deep calming breath, I inch closer until the tip of my nose is again against your slit. I lick between your lips and gently suck on each of them. I taste the juices that you have spread all over your glorious pussy. The sweet and salty musk makes for a heady combination with the scent of your cologne that still lingers in the air. I nibble gently at your clit, rolling it between my lips and tongue. You moan and thrust up to my mouth. As you bring your hand back into my hair, I know I must get on with it so that I do not displease you again. Despite my apprehension, I feel myself hot and dripping for you.

I move down and lick your slit with a flat tongue. I realize that not being allowed to use my hands; I'm going to have to get creative in spreading your pussy lips. I carefully reposition myself, lowering my upper body slightly to have a better angle to enter you.

Meanwhile you are moaning softly above me, but tightening your grip on my hair, so I realize you are growing somewhat impatient. Moving my hands to hold onto the edge of the chair between your legs, I pull my head back, take a quick deep breath, and before I can overthink it, stiffen my tongue, curling the edges up slightly and thrust it deep into your dripping core.

I hear your sharp intake of breath as your hand flattens against the back of my head. I move my head gently side to side to reposition your pussy lips against my face. Slowly, I begin to trust in and out of you, making sure to inhale through my nose on every outstroke. My head is swimming with arousal and lust as I pick up my pace of thrusting. The taste of your juices and the feeling of your pussy squeezing around my tongue have me in a wonton state.

I feel the vibrator begin a new assault on my sensitive clit. I moan into you as loudly as I can with my tongue buried inside you. I had almost forgot about it altogether. The long vibrations match my pace as I continue to worship your pussy, the intensity easing at the same time I pull out of you.

"You're doing -- magnificent -- pet. But don't you cum -- just yet," you tell me in between gasps and moans. At the same time, you slow the vibrations that are teasing me so.

I concentrate hard as a wave of pleasure threatens to break inside me. I begin thrusting in and out of you faster now eager to make you cum, hoping that I may be rewarded with my own release. The wet squelching sounds fill the room accompanied by your moans of pleasure and my muffled breaths. I slow slightly as I feel you begin to quicken around me. I hear a heavy thump to my left and I realize you have dropped the belt, as your arousal is building and pushing you closer and closer to the edge. Your breathing is heavy and ragged; I know that you are close.

I sink into you once more and feel you grab the back of my head, holding me against your saturated core. I still the rest of my body and lower my hands so I am again balanced on all fours. I concentrate hard to take shallow breaths, as I am petrified of not being able to breathe trapped inside of you. Seeming to sense my apprehension, you flick the remote once again so that steady pulsing vibrations torment my clit, effectively distracting me from the anxiety that has crept in.

I am completely at your mercy, but will myself to relax enough to hold the threatening crash at bay. This is happening all at once as you hold me tight to you. I have no choice but to move the one part of my body that connects me with you.

I wriggle my tongue, flicking the tip against your g-spot as well as I can manage. You begin grinding against my face, circling my tongue as it writhes within you. Your breaths are coming faster and shorter and as I hear you cry out my name, your sweet nectar floods my mouth with some sliding gently down my throat.

Your hand finally releases me and I gently pull out of you, continuing to lap tenderly at your labia until you lower your hand to gently push my face away, indicating that you are too sensitive for anymore contact.

As I return to my kneeling posture, I realize the vibrations have ceased. I struggle momentarily to slow my breathing and close my eyes briefly to assess if I have failed you. While I am thoroughly soaked, I still feel that tight ball of burning desire deep within me and I smile to myself, proud that I have succeeded in following your command.

I hear your breathing returning to normal as you begin to shift in your seat. I hear the clink of the stones as you drain what is left of your whisky. You reach out your hand to gently stroke my face.

"You performed your task so well for me princess."

"Thank you Mistress, I only ever want to please you," I say earnestly.

"And you did pet, but did you remember my other instructions? Were you able to hold it back for me?" you query.

I smile softly, slowly raising my gaze. "Yes Mistress, my pleasure belongs to you and I cannot find release until you command it."

You blink at me, a trace of a smile teasing your lips. "I know the rules pet, but I asked you if you followed them."

I lower my gaze, knowing what you want to hear. "Yes Mistress I did, I have not cum yet."

You stroke your thumb along my jaw and smile broadly, praising me, "Good girl."

I hear you chuckle briefly as the vibrator once again springs to life. I try hard not to move. I had just regained my composure, but I am still dangerously close to the edge. As I take deep breaths to maintain control of my arousal, you mercifully lower the intensity to the lowest setting. I do not have to wonder why for long.

"So tell me princess, did you enjoy it?"

Naturally now you want to talk about it, internally I am rolling my eyes at your timing. But I know waiting and more teasing will only intensify any release that you may grant me later.

"Yes Mistress, more than I thought I would," I answer, gasping on the last few words as my body begins to build. Internally I start to plead for release.

"You have done well tonight pet, what would you like as a reward?"

"Please Mistress, just let me cum for you. It doesn't matter what you use, I just need to cum—please," I now plead aloud, trying not to sound as needy as I feel.

The vibrations cease once more as you rise from your seat. "I think that is a fair request my pet. I will let you cum," you pause, stroking the top of my head wearing a playful smile that I do not see as you finally finish your sentence, "eventually."

To be continued...

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