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I woke up in a wonderful mood, full of the devil, you might say. My husband, Andrew, still sleeping soundly in bed next to me. He'd probably sleep for hours yet as I knew he had been up until the wee hours of the morning. Well, just that much more time for me to get things done. I love being alone first thing in the morning. The quiet stillness of a day just beginning.

I wrapped a simple blue cotton robe around my nude body, tying the belt as I walked to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. I decided to use the bathroom in the hall instead of the master bath so I wouldn't wake him up. As I walked down the hall I noticed the door to the guestroom was cracked open. A friend of ours, Wes, was living with us for a while and it was the door to his room that I peeked into.

I saw that he was also still asleep, lazy men. He was lying on his back with just a sheet thrown over his body. As I stood there looking I noticed that not all of him was still asleep. His dick was hard and apparently larger than I had previously given him credit for. Seized by an uncontrollable desire to see it, I snuck into the room pulling the door closed behind me. Glancing at his face to be sure he was still undisturbed, I grabbed the side of the sheet nearest to his erect cock and lifted it up just enough to see.

Now let me tell you, I love cocks. Big, small, short, fat, skinny, long. I don't care, I just love to play with them. My husband's was okay, about average in size it met my needs but Wes... W-O-W. It had to be at least 9" long and about 2" in diameter, beautifully shaped with just a slight upward curve. Just the thought of getting that monster in my mouth had me salivating.

A quick glance at the head of the bed assured me he was still sleeping. I could leave and no one would know. A large and curvy woman myself, I couldn't be sure of the reaction I would get once he was aware of what was happening. I nearly did leave. I put down the sheet and stood up... but I couldn't do it. Before I could think twice, knowing that once I touched him it wouldn't be long before he awoke, I pulled the sheet all the way down. In seconds I had both hands around his cock and my tongue licking the silky head.

I licked him all over like a lollipop before wrapping my lips over the head and sucking. I took probably half of him into my mouth, bobbing up and down for a few minutes just savoring it. I hadn't ever had the opportunity to try to deepthroat anyone (my husband's not being big enough to do that with anyway) but I just had to try. It might have been just me and the cock in the room as I had forgotten it was even attached to a body. I stared at it for a moment, running my fingers all over the now slippery cockhead and shaft. I took a deep breath and plunged.

I got ¾ of the way down the first time, twice more I tried it but I still couldn't take all of him in. The fourth time down I suddenly felt a hand on the back of my head, pressing me closer. I was so shocked I let him push my head down until I was deepthroating all of his enormous dick. I tongued all I could until I just had to catch my breath. Again and again I slipped him into my throat until his hand at my shoulder pulled me back. I looked up at the smile on his face. "We can't let this end too soon," he stated. After moving to sit at the side of the bed where I was kneeling he pulled me up, kissed me and said, "That's the first time anyone has ever been able to deepthroat me. You are breathtaking."

Once I was standing I shrugged off my robe as he grasped my hips and pulled my pussy to his mouth. I relaxed my legs letting him get closer and at the first touch of his tongue on my clit I moaned. Andrew was superb at licking pussy but as we are usually both busy it had been quite awhile since I had enjoyed that particular treat. Wes was obviously no novice at it and soon had my legs so weak it was either sit down or fall down. I laid down on the bed and with the increased access he went to town. His tongue danced over my clit, dipped in my pussy and tickled my ass. The sensations so exquisite I had to bite my arm to keep from screaming. It didn't take long before I came. He moved up the bed, positioning himself over me with a shit-eating grin, his face wet with juice from my pussy.

I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him, savoring my taste on his lips. His cock brushing lightly against my pussy lips started my hips moving, trying unsucessfully to impale myself on him. I settled for rubbing my clit against his head, the feeling sending shivers down my body. He moved enough to put the tip just barely inside me. I tensed in anticipation for a second before realizing he wasn't going to give me any more.

He chuckled above me, his amusement at my need obvious. I illustrated my frustration by biting the lip I had previously been sucking on. He retaliated by pulling completely out before thrusting forward to fill my pussy. The monster cock stretched me to the limit, bringing a moan of satisfaction to my lips. "Oh my god, yes!," I cried.

My hips matched his rhythm, his body slamming into mine hard and fast, just the way I love it. The feeling was so good, so overwhelming, I came quickly. I nearly bit through my lip trying to keep from screaming. His finger slid down to rub my clit keeping my orgasm going. He slowed his pace a bit as I started to relax.

At that point I decided that I was going to get as much out of this incredible situation as I could and told him to stop for a moment. He sat back, watching me curiously. I turned over and got on all fours before looking back at him over my shoulder, "Well? What are you waiting for sugar?"

"Just admiring the view," Wes said. His hand was running over his cock, slick with my juices as his eyes roved over my ass. I looked back down at the bed, smiling a smug little smile to myself. My smile turned suddenly to shock as I felt the slap of a hand on the left cheek of my ass. The sharp sting faded to a tingle just as a second smack landed on the right.

This action was repeated several times on both sides as the tingle on my ass started a throbbing in my pussy. When my backside was shining red, I finally felt both his hands on my hips and that hot hard cock sliding into my slippery wetness. A sigh slipped through my lips at the feeling. My head down, ass high in the air, a huge cock fucking me.. I was in heaven. With each thrust of his hips, his hands pulled on my hips. The sensations built up as he moved faster and harder until I came for a second time. My hands curled in the sheets and my body pushed back against him as I quivered and shook.

He plunged into me just twice more before his orgasm joined mine. I could feel his legs shaking as he ground his hips against me. After he pulled out and sat back on the bed I turned around and immediately took his softening cock in my mouth. My tongue went seeking out every drop of moisture, relishing the combined taste of his cum and my juices.

Once he was all clean I kissed him once more, quickly grabbed my robe and opened the bedroom door. I checked down the hall to be sure it was empty before running to the hallway bathroom next door. I got the shower started and was in the midst of washing my body when the door opened. At the sound of my husband's voice I froze. "Honey, why are you using this shower?"

"You were sleeping. I didn't want to wake you."

"I guess. What do you want for breakfast?" The inane conversation assured me that my secret was safe. I swiftly finished my shower and went to my room to dress and start my day... again.

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