Forbidden Attraction

byBryant Layne©

"Neither can I, mother," Paul says pulling her back to his mouth.

Again the mother/son lovers embrace into a deep kiss. The two hot bodies press tighter together. A pair of mature curvy legs crosses over a set of young muscular ones. A wet pussy nestles a long hard cock.

"I wanna give you the finest blow job you've ever had," Sally lustfully coos. She grasps the young erection, instructing, "Now you lay back an' enjoy it." She strokes it softly.

"Take me deep, mother," Paul groans, "I've wanted to cum in your mouth."

"Let me love your wonderful dick, baby," Sally says moving to long hard tool, "Let your mother be the best cocksucker you know."

A pink, warm tongue slowly goes from the head, down the under seam and to a large ball sac. A hot mouth caresses a ball with tender lips. The hot tongue slowly trace up the hard cockshaft to the purple mushroom head that glistens with pre-semen.

"Please, my handsome son," Sally hotly coos, "Let your mother know the taste of your sweet love juices."

A hot mouth inhales the stiff rod to the root. A nervous tongue laps and washes the pulsating meat stick lovingly. A raven head slowly bobs.

"That feels so good, mom," Paul sighs with arching hips, "It feels much nicer than any one has done before."

A pair of athletic legs spread farther apart. Experienced fingers begin to fondle a pair of large balls while a talented mouth sucks the hard cock. The mother's loving touches had the son twisting with pleasure.

"Please, my wonderful lover," Sally, temporarily removing a hot mouth, groans, "Please never refuse me this cock."

"Oh gawd, Mom," Paul moans, "I can never imagine ever refusing you."

She leans over and re-captures the end of stiff cock into hungry mouth. A warm tongue caresses the head. The feathery touches on the ball sac increase.

"Oh god," he moans louder, "Oh my dear sexy mother!"

Paul lifts his head to watch. His parent continues to give a loving blowjob. Sally inhales the entire head into a talented mouth. She sucks and licks with slow tender movements. The sounds of love quickly fill the room.

"Damn! This is the finest, most lovin' cock sucking I've ever had!" the helpless son groans, "I love you so much, mother!"

Paul was contorting and twisting to his parent's oral manipulations. Sally's raven head bobs with a consisted rhythm. Suddenly the feel of sperm boiling up in a retracted ball sac starts.

"I'm gonna cum, mom," he shouts blindly, "I'm gonna cum hard!"

"Yes, baby," Sally, moans briefly releasing the stiff dick, "Yes, my sweet son! Please cum fully into my mouth!" With a final pant, she begs, "Give your mother that sweet tastin' cum!"

The full eight inches were swallowed deeply into the lusting mouth. It seals round pulsating rod greedily. Her heads jerks faster encouraging the powerful climax.

"Yes!" Paul screams, "Yes! Goddamnit! I'm cummin' momma! I'm cummin' very hard."

Paul's athletic body involuntarily flexes and taunts as the river of sperm rushes from a tight testicle sack. The sensations causes the young jock to twist with pleasure as the cum launches into his parent's hungry mouth. Sally sucks deeper capturing all of the forbidden fluids.

After a final wave of pleasure, Paul melts into the bed. Sally licks the entire shaft with a wet tongue. She cleans the taboo tool completely.

"That was the very best blow job ever!" the handsome son pants.

"That was the sweetest cum I've ever tasted," the beautiful mother hotly states.

The two engage into a deep kiss. Paul can taste his cum in his mother's mouth. It is a wonderful flavor.

Sally still relishes the taste of her son's semen. It was the most marvelous sensation the sexy parent had ever had in her mouth. It wouldn't be the last time she would savor her boy's juices.

Paul lay on his back panting. The cocksucking really sucked! The young lad couldn't remember ever being pleasured so completely.

"Hav'ya ever eaten pussy, son?" Sally asks running a long finger along the penal seam.

"I have a couple of times," he pants, "But I've never found cunt all that tasty."

"That's because you haven't tried mine, dear." Sally brags laying opposite of him.

"Then bring on the cunny, honey," Paul hotly challenges.

"I will, baby," the sexy mother suggests, "But I want you to let me have your cock again."

"You wanna blow me again?" the handsome son amusingly asks, "You wanna suck my cock again?"

"Yes, I wanna make love to your cock again, baby," Sally lustfully admits, "I want you to cum in my mouth one more time before that beautiful dickie goes up my cunny."

The horny mother resumed kissing and licking her son's hard dick. A pair of glistening pussy hips moves closer to his face. A set of curvy legs spread open exposing the forbidden cunt.

"Ooooooh," Sally emits a little groan feeling the first gentle touches of her son's tongue.

Paul realizes his mother was right. Her pussy does taste better than the girls he had before. It didn't take long before a young tongue was lapping and licking a raven-hair covered slit. His face was buried in the pulsating pussy. An anxious tongue attempts to find the depths of her slippery vagina.

Sally's lips were wrapped firmly around her son's stiff cock. It moved in and out of a talented mouth. She loved the taboo tool without restriction.

"I love you so much, Paul," Sally coos licking the stiff shaft, "Please, my wonderful son, always be willin' to cum in my mouth."

Sally was enormously excited by the incestuous oral lovemaking. A surge of pleasure erupted inside the sex driven mother. An experienced mouth sucks and strokes the youthful dick even deeper. She had never been so much in love with a cock like this forbidden tool.

"Oh sweet goodness!" Paul wails, "I'm cummin', mom!" With hips thrusting off the bed, he yells, "My sperm is for you mommmmmmmmmmm!"

Sally feels her son's cock erupt again. A bountiful load of taboo warm cum once again launches into her mouth. She swallows as fast as it rockets in. A sealed mouth prevents any drop of getting away.

"Ummmmmmmmh!" the sex hazed parent moans over the pulsating tool.

Paul hungrily lunges his tongue inside of her. Warm juices leak from the hot hole. His mother was right. This was the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted.

He enthusiastically laps at the forbidden pussy. An anxious tongue plays with a swollen clit. His mother's cunt was so wonderfully good.

Paul's tongue slides deeply into the tight pink hole. He wiggles it playfully inside of the glistening cunt. The hot fleshy lips kisses back against the invading mouth.

"Omigod!" Sally wails, feeling the illicit tongue, "Make me cum, Baby!"

A mature pussy trembles excitedly. A mother's hips grind a quivering cunt against Paul's mouth. Her hips spasms as another climatic wave vibrate.

"Eat me, baby!" she cries out in pleasure, "Eat you're Momma raw!"

Paul quickly fucks his mother's cunt with a pink wet tongue. He rubs in unison with an index finger a sensitive swollen clit. A flat pelvis, in spasmodic motion, pushes against the attacking digit and tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" She gasps, "I'm givin' up a piece o' ass to my little boy!"

On completion of the climax, Sally falls next to her son on the bed. The two lovers stare deep into the other's eyes. They smile in unison.

They knew this was right. Sally felt free from guilt of crossing the societal forbidden zone. This is the man she loved for years and now he was hers.

Paul was also feeling wonderful about the encounter. He loved her since remembering. The mature beauty was the love of his life. She was now his.

Sally wanted to complete the sexual bond between them. It was time he experienced all of her body. She wanted the handsome young man completely.

"Do'ya like mommy's titties, dear?" she coos sitting up.

The twin mounds are cradled in her hands. Two middle fingers play with the dark nipples. They spring to erectness.

"Oh, yes, mom," Paul lustfully answers, "Your tits are awesome!"

"Would you like to suck an' kiss them, baby?" Sally offers lowing next to him.

The lusting son had wanted these large beauties for years. Now here on the bed they were inches from his drooling mouth. A pair of wet lips was licked repeatedly.

"Mom," he whispers huskily, "I've dreamed of this so many times."

She pushes a large titty closer. His lips close around one perky nipple. He sucks it energetically.

"Ooooooooooh!" Sally groans to the touch.

She wanted to take him to another powerful climax. This time the hot juices would "Do the other one now, honey," Sally murmurs running hands across a young naked torso.

Mature fingers massage the hard muscles. The roving fingers goes to the male nipples. They swelled with the touches.

Paul continues to supple the dark nipples. A pair of excited lips alternates between the two erect nubs. He would inhale the entire areole into a hungry mouth on each turn.

"I want ya to fuck me, baby," Sally moans in a hiss, "I wanna give ya the kind of love that only a mother can give." With rising passions, she groans louder. "I know you wanna shove your big hard cock deep into me."

Sally caught a hand. It was pushed down to a leaking cunt. He responds with probing fingers. Her son's digits were so good on an engorged clit.

The hot mother could feel her son's throbbing erection slide up a curvy leg. She captured the pulsating dick in a warm hard. It felt so wonderful vibrating in her palm.

"Mom," Paul asks with teasing fingers in a quavering vagina, "Tell me whatcha want me to do."

"Just follow my lead, baby," Sally lays back spreading a set of curvy legs saying, "An' I'll show ya how to enjoy this mother's body."

"I want your cunny so much, mother," Paul says moving into position, "I don't care what society declares, you've always been my dream piece."

"Get between my legs, baby," Sally urges hotly as two finger spread a set of glistening pink lips, "Put you penis deep onto momma's cunny, dear." She sighs rotating an inviting crotch, "Your Momma wants ya now."

"An' a very hard cock is wantin' you," Paul responds aiming a stiff rod.

Sally then grasps the youthful pole. It is guided to a set of glistening lips. All her forbidden fantasies where about to come to pass.

"Rub your cock head along this wet slit," the sex hazed parent instructs in a hushed whisper, "Make me wet an' slippery." The lusting mother groans loudly, "Slide that big dick right into me deep, baby! Make momma a piece o' ass!"

Paul presses a hard dick between the taboo cunt lips. His young body trembles with the feeling. She was the center of all of his fantasies. Now his beautiful mother was making all those erotic dreams real.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moans raising a set of trim hips to meet the invading rod.

Sally eagerly needs to feel her pussy filled by Paul's huge erection. She pulls the youthful cock deeper with legs wrapping about a set of muscular thighs. Her son's rod is so perfect and right sliding into her.

"Gawddamn, mother!" he moans louder feeling the forbidden pussy, "Your cunny is so right for me!"

"That's right, baby," Sally whispers hotly, "Now you can fuck your momma like you've always wanted." Tightening legs around the trim waist she huskily groans, "Slide that big dick in an' out of my pussy. Make me happier than I've ever been."

After years of lusting, the son/mother lovers were fucking. Sally locks onto Paul's cock with mature vaginal muscles. The son pushes in fully, filling the talented cunt completely.

"Your pussy feels so good, mom," Paul gasps, "It's so slippery an' tight."

The stiff young cock pistons wildly in the mature cunt. A mother's legs tighten. They groan as the waves of pleasure start rippling quicker.

"That's it, baby!" that panting Sally spurs running hands ran across a muscular back, "Pump your mother deep!" With heels digging into his back, she praises, "Thank goodness I just sucked ya off!

"Yeah!" he huskily agrees pumping deep into the taboo cunt, " Or I would've already cum!"

"Slower, baby," Sally orders in a hushed voice, "We've got lot's of time."

Her slick, wet cunt slides up and down the stiff rod. The sensations are incredible. Her son's youthful cock excites the hot parent as never before.

"Oh, mom," Paul groans, "You're the finest piece o' ass I've ever gotten!"

"Omigod, baby," the prideful mother moans moving a set of curvy legs higher, "You're makin' me so happy!'

With each stroke Paul attempts to bury fully length inside his mother. She was giving an excellent fuck. The love-obsessed son pushes harder as the ripples of a powerful climax rise.

Sally hump back against the plunging cock. With each incestuous downward thrust, a hot virginal cavern pushes back. She wants every inch of the forbidden dick inside as much as possible.

"Omigod!" she gasps, "You're fillin' me so deep, baby!"

"You're so tight, momma!" Paul pants, "I've never had such'a tight cunny before!"

"Yes baby! Yes!" Sally groans as a mature body tense, "I'm cummin'! I'm gonna cum hard!"

"Cum all over my cock, Mom!" Paul grunts, "You're the best fuck ever!"

"Paul!" Sally cries passionately, "You are the best lover fuck, my stud son!"

"Aaaaahhhhh!" the sex driven son wails as the thrusts go deeper, "Iiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!"

"I feelin' your sweet juices, baby!" the sex craze mother screams as the taboo semen flooded her belly, "Yes! Yessssss! Yessssssssssssssss!"

The forbidden lovers' bodies twist and contort with the unified climax. They involuntarily vibrate as the waves came frequently and stronger. Finally the duo freezes in place then collapse in exhaustion.

The two laid in silence trying to control their breathing. The taboo lovers' were covered with a sheen of sweat. They were completely satisfied with the first love making session.

It didn't matter if society would hate them. They were in true love. No one could tell them this was wrong.

"Wait, baby," she says as Paul started to step onto the floor. "You're not already finished?"

"Hell no," Paul responds in a puzzled tone, "I thought you might need a rest."

"No, baby," Sally hotly brags, "This cunny is far from bein' finished."

The horny son grins broadly. He leers at the sweat covered mature body. A young cock starts to rise again.

"An'," Sally continues, staring at his half-mast flagpole, "I'm simply not gonna let you leave this bed before I suck your big cock again."

Without another word, she crawls over to him, wraps a left hand around the stiff dick. It again is guided it into a wide-open mouth.

"Ohmigod," Paul moans feelings his mother's soft lips again, "Your mouth feels even better than before."

A young cock was already returning to a rigid status. As it expanded, Sally lovingly keeps a set of ruby lips around it. A hungry mouth swallows more of it.

A bobbing raven head inhales down farther with every pass. Loud slurping sounds are heard the forbidden rod is consumed. A set of experienced fingers massages a set of nuts with feathery touches.

"Oooooooh," Sally moans around the pulsating manhood.

It is pulled from a set of mature lips. An excited tongue begins to lick the bottom side near the head. It travels down the stiff shaft with a slow loving movement.

"Ooh, yeah, hun," the sex hazed son says. "Right there. Lick my cock, Mom."

"Please, my handsome boy," Sally pants, "Always think of me suckin' your magnificent rod."

An experienced tongue licks down near the retracted ball sac. A warm hand was jacking the young dick. Then Sally sits up and places a firm left hand around it. The taboo cock is stroked the complete length.

"Ughhhhhhh!" Paul grunts, "Jack it! Suck it! Make love to my big cock, Mother!"

The vigorous motion of the masturbation was making the set of huge tits dance up and down. Paul couldn't stand it anymore. He got up motioning for her to stay right where she was.

"What are'ya doin'?" Sally asks.

"I'm gonna fuck your tits," the son huskily declares, "I've wanted to fuck those puppies since I realized how beautiful they were."

"Ooh, baby!" the vixen mother purrs, "Bring that log up here!"

She was setting on a sexy ass. Paul comes up to face her on knees. The big globes are held loosely together. A stiff cock slides up between them. The hot tool bumps against her chin.

"Omigod, baby!" Sally hotly encourages, "Rub your big tool all over my titties."

"That feels so fuckin' good," he groans humping upward.

A nervous pink tongue darts out and licks the head as it nears. Pre-semen is lapped off. The two large mounds are pressed even closer together.

The throbbing, young dick is pulled out of the full cleavage. The glistening tip was rubbed on one of the dark nipples, then the other. They spring back to attention.

A cum string goes from the dick head to the dark nub. Sally lifts up the titty and sucks the forbidden juice off. She then licks the other nipple teasingly.

"Oh, Paul, I'm so horny again," his mother begs with pleading eyes, "Your ol' momma's cunny needs paradise one more time."

"Mother," he hotly replies, "you're cunt is a whore's cunt."

"An' it wants you to slide every inch of that big cock back into where it belongs," Sally says giving the purple helmeted shaft a quick lick.

The Sally swung a luscious ass around toward him. She gets on hands and knees. A pair of large tits sways in big circles.

"This style, baby!" she pants, "Fuck your mother doggy style."

Paul scrambles up behind her. The hard, ready cock is brought up to the comely ass. A brief thought of ramming the brown anus suddenly comes to mind.

As if reading her son's thoughts, a rounded hard ass rises higher. A low groan accompanied the offering.

"You know, baby," she coos, "it ain't a complete act of incest until you butt fuck me."

Sally reaches behind grabbing the fine ass cheeks. A brown anus is exposed even more. The sexy legs were spread slightly wider for balance.

"I'm already a bitch in heat," Sally moans in a whisper, "Butt fuck me, my son, like the bitch your momma is!"

"Yes, you're a bitch, mom," Paul huskily maintains hotly palming the two cheek, "But still the most beautiful bitch in the universe."

"Fuck me, baby," she bags, "Fuck me up the ass." With an inviting wiggle she adds lustfully, "Butt fuck your whore mother raw!"

Once again, his parent's wish was his command. The hot son mounts the sexy mother. A stiff cock is positioned to penetrate the alluring asshole. He spreads the curvy legs slightly for a lower angle.

"Mom," Paul asks while shoving the shaft in, "did Dad ever like fuckin' this ass?"

"He didn't like it," Sally simply responds.

"My father's a moron," Paul spats ramming harder.

"An' he certainly isn't the stud you are, baby," the sex driven mother wails.

"An' he never could be!" the sex driven son yells militantly.

The son's cock pounds his mother's ass. A mature sphincter tightens around the plunging rod with each stroke. They were in a unified sexual lust.

Sally smiles enjoying the pleasure making taboo cock. A long black curly mane swishes back and forth to the beat of the pounding rod. A rounded ass pushes back to meet the deep strokes.

"Faster!" Sally implores, "Faster! Make your bitch mother cum!"

"That's exactly what I'll do!" He growls, increasing the rhythms.

Paul shoves as deep as possible. The feel is was just too good to believe. The son wishes he could have done this years ago.

"You're doin' it, baby!" the sex hazed mother squeals, "This is a great ass fuckin'!" She announces, "I'm gonna cum!" The hot parent orders, "Feel my cunt! Feel how wet it is!"

Paul places a hand on his mother's wet pussy and began to masturbate the clit.

"I'm cumming!" the sex hazed offspring yells.

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