tagNonHumanForbidden Attraction

Forbidden Attraction


Today, I woke up to the sound of chaos going on around me, the war between the vampires and lycans began, and I was almost unprepared...I ran out into the middle of the battle, strong and willing to fight for my life. I snapped necks, and scratched them so deeply that the werewolves just ended up bleeding to death. One wolf in particular decided to keep coming at me, swinging his massive claws trying to get a hit on me. I kept jumping out of the way, every time...well, except once. I felt his razor sharp claws dig into the skin on my arm and I let out a battle cry as I flitted out into the forest that lie beyond all the death and fighting. They didn't need me, and I needed to heal. I ran into the deep center of the forest and tried to look for a place to heal my arm. I needed to feed, but there were no humans around. I slowed down, no longer being able to see him behind me, chasing me.

I climbed up a tree and watched the ground, just to be sure. I sat there a few minutes, letting the skin on my arm rebuild itself. I winced at the slight pain of the reconstruction. I waited, not being able to sense him, and then within a matter of minutes, I smelled him...but I didn't see him. Sure enough, he came walking cautiously across the forest floor, underneath the beautiful canopy of green trees as tall as the heavens. He sniffed around the ground, catching my scent and growled. He knew I was close...but where? The wind picked up, carrying my scent all over the place...That's when the werewolf stared up at me, and I swore I saw a malevolent smile spread across his canine lips. My eyes grew wide as I ran across the branches of the tree I was hiding in, and jumped to another tree. He followed on the ground below me, waiting for the opportunity to kill me if I fell. I then heard someone yell up at me,

"Just give it up, bloodsucker. Once you hit the ground, you're mine."

I hissed, "Fat chance, dog. I'm stronger and faster than you, and you know it!"

I flew down to the ground, and hit with such force that a small portion of the earth around us shook, as though a tiny earthquake had just occurred. I slowly walked towards the nude man standing in front of me...what I saw was quite impressive. He was about 26 years old, 6'5", strong build, and slightly muscular. His hair was shaggy and dusty brown, with a small patch of hair right beneath his lower lip. His skin was a beautiful tan color, and appeared to be soft. His hands were big, and looked rough. But I wouldn't let him touch me.

"Why are you after me, Demetrius?" I asked in my thick Italian accent.

"To destroy you for what your kind did to my family," He seethed, "because I need justice for what was unfairly done. I have nothing left."

He then grabbed my arm, and I flinched, not expecting this. Demetrius pulled me close to him, inhaling my scent deeply. I hissed softly,

"Please let go of me. I don't understand why you have to go after ME, because of what happened to your family. I don't understand why you have to attack someone who has nothing to do with what was done to you. Think about it."

I felt something pressing against my thigh, over the skirt of my now ragged dress. Demetrius had been tracking me for days, trying to kill me, and now his cock was growing against my leg. Maybe he just wanted to rape me and THEN kill me. I turned my head to the side, as he was still holding onto me. And he licked the side of my face. Then he spoke, and something in his voice was changed.

"Bella Scarlotto, non viglio ucciderti," he breathed heavily in my ear, "I want to know you."

I backed up slightly, relieved at the fact that he didn't want to kill me, but uncomfortable with his other plans. He had managed to shred the sleeves of my dress worse than what they were, so I ripped them off and held the dress up with my perky breasts. I looked up to catch Demetrius staring at me longingly. He really didn't want to kill me.

I was turned into a vampire at the age of 22. My hair was medium length, down past my shoulders a couple of inches, mahogany brown in color. My eyes were hazel when I needed to feed, but turned a bright emerald green when I was full and satisfied. I was full figured, and beautiful...with an ass to die for. My skin was a soft olive tan color. Every time I walked around in the city, men would stop and stare, lusting after me...often pissing off their wives or girlfriends, and it amused me very much. I smiled at the thoughts going through Demetrius' head and chuckled softly.

"So, you do not want to kill me, wolf?" I asked teasingly.

His deep brown eyes lit up the forest, "No, you are different. Maybe it is your charm, and it will just wear off."

"I assure you, Demetrius, I am not using any charm or glamour. I am completely defenseless right now, so you have your chance to strike me down if you really wanted to."

I looked into his eyes, and could feel the heat rising in his body. He wanted me. I could smell his pheromones surrounding me, and they stirred my own. He walked towards me cautiously, apparently suspecting I might attack him at any second. But I wouldn't attack unless he did.

He placed a hand on the back of my head, weaving my beautiful hair through his fingers, and pulled me close to him. I looked into his eyes, my face just inches from his, my lips...inches from his lips. This was wrong. He was a werewolf, and I was a vampire. I bit my bottom lip as I looked at him, looking down at his bare chest. My hands instinctively rose up, and my fingers danced over his muscular arms, feeling the velvety soft skin beneath them. I took in a sharp breath as I pulled my hands away, and looked up at him. He leaned in closer, and I closed my eyes. I felt his hot lips press against mine, and I felt myself melt into him. Demetrius wrapped his arms around me, enveloping my body in his ridiculous warmth. I opened my eyes, and smiled as I closed them again, continuing to kiss him. The way he kissed me was passionate, and primal. I felt his cock getting harder against my thigh, if it could get any harder...and I giggled softly.

He pulled back, smiling, "What is funny, my beautiful Scarlet?"

I pulled him back to me, grabbing one of his hands and lacing our fingers together, "Nothing, Demetrius. I just never thought this would happen."

"You never thought what would happen?"

"This. I've always admired you. I've admired your strength and your passion. You are everything I have ever wanted, now that I think of it. I want you, too."

Demetrius pulled me into him with light strength, and pressed his lips against mine a little hard; making me cut my lip the edge of my tooth. I tasted the blood, but I kept kissing him anyway. A soft moan escaped my lips as I felt the cool night air against my bare nipples. I kissed him as my once soft and puffy nipples became hard, and I nibbled his bottom lip softly. He grinned, and placed one of his large hands on one of my breasts, massaging them lightly. I groaned in pleasure, raking my free hand across his back as softly as I could. He groaned in pleasure, leaning down to envelope my hard nipple in his hot mouth. My head fell back, and my body began to go limp, but he still held me up with one arm as he licked and sucked away at my little mountain. I heard ripping, and I realized he had done away with what was left of my dress.

My body straightened back up, and I pulled back from him. His erection stood proud as he gaped at my full, nude body and traced every curve with his eyes. He walked towards me, and picked me up in his arms. He carried me over to where my obliterated dress lies on the ground, and laid me down on top of it. I looked up at him, my eyes full of pure lust and passion and smiled at him. He kneeled over me, his cock almost hitting me in the face, and I sat up to greet it with a kiss. A soft moan escaped his lips, and that was enough motivation for me to wrap my lips around the head, and go down slowly. He groaned loudly...almost growling, and he placed a hand on the back of my head. He gripped my hair in his fingers and started fucking my mouth slowly. I moaned at the taste of his flesh, and kept going. He grunted as I sucked and sucked, until I felt it thicken as he neared his climax. I shoved his cock down my throat as he spurted his thick load. I couldn't catch all his cum and felt it running down the sides of my mouth, hitting my breasts.

When Demetrius pulled his still throbbing member out of my mouth, he grinned at the sight of me. I was covered in his juices...and I blushed a little bit. He picked me up underneath my arms, and put me up on his shoulders, my naked pussy directly in front of his face. He inhaled deeply at the sweetly musky scent invading his nostrils. I looked down and almost swore I saw him drooling a bit. He kissed my lips softly, and I arched backwards as he held me on his shoulders. He licked once, and my fingers curled in his hair. He looked up at me, grinning.

"I think someone enjoys that," He smiled cockily.

All I could utter was a small moan as I pulled his mouth back towards my aching sweet box. He growled approvingly and began to lap away at my little hole with his big tongue...it was as big as a dogs tongue. I growled softly and my teeth began to grow, and within seconds, my long fangs were exposed, and I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through me as I felt my orgasm growing...I started bucking into his face and he greedily licked and sucked away as though it were the last supper. Within a few minutes, I screamed like a banshee, my cries heard throughout the forest; as my orgasm came crashing down on me. He then placed his fat thumb on my button, and started rubbing it just right, making me ride out my climax. He kept licking away as I came, swallowing my juices. I cooed softly as the last of it left my body.

Demetrius lowered me off his shoulders, and sat me down on the ground. I watched as he sat next to me, and I stared with wonder. My family would never approve. In fact, they would kill me if they ever found out.

"My, my, dear Scarlet," he smiled with a stupid grin on his face, "we are not yet close to being finished."

I smiled, still quite horny. I wanted to know what he felt like inside of me.

"Well, my dear Demetrius, why don't you show me what you have left?" Oh yes, I knew it was wrong, but I wanted him so badly...and I wasn't entirely sure why. But my gut told me to go with it, and so I did.

"Lie down, Scarlet," he said softly. I adjusted and laid down on the dress beneath me, and watched as he started to crawl over to me. I smiled,

"what are you about to do, big guy?"

"You." He replied firmly. I smiled, innocently, pretending that I didn't know what he was talking about. He leaned down over me, kissing me firmly on the lips. I kissed him back, grabbing his face in my hands, feeling the passion rolling over my body. He groaned softly as I kissed him back, and he started caressing my skin. His roughly soft hands felt warm and amazing against my cold skin. I felt my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I moaned lightly into his mouth. Somehow, my body felt hot, and I realized it was from Demetrius covering me with his body. I let my hands run over his skin, the tips touching him lightly, causing him to shiver. I opened my eyes, and they were a cross between hazel and green. He noticed and offered me his neck to feed from him. I shook my head and grinned deviously.

"Not yet," I said to him quietly.

I felt his large hands cup my breasts, and I moaned from the surprising warmth that hit me suddenly, and I smiled as he massaged them gently. He leaned down and kissed me softly before taking a hand off my breast, moving it lower. He trailed his hand down my stomach, flicking my clit once before he grabbed ahold of his massive cock, rubbing it teasingly up and down my slit. My nails dug into his back and I growled softly, looking into his deep brown eyes.

Demetrius placed the head against my small opening, and I felt pressure...I bit my bottom lip, looking up at him nervously.

"What's wrong, my sweet?" He asked me with concern.

"You're just so big that I'm afraid you'll split me open," I said softly.

"Scarlet, you're a fucking vampire for Christ's sake," he chuckled lightly and leaned down to whisper in my ear, "besides, I'm going to be as gentle as I can. I want you to feel every inch of me. And there's a lot of inches to go inside of you," he licked the side of my ear just light enough to make me shudder.

My eyes grew wide as I felt him push inside of me, and felt a pop as the head went all the way. His cock felt HUGE inside of me. I could feel the walls of my box tightening around him as he slowly pushed into me some more. My legs instinctively rose and wrapped around his waist, pushing him even deeper inside me. I groaned in pure pleasure as he started to go in and out, gently, so he wouldn't hurt me. I felt his warmth blanket me even more as I pulled him closer to me, kissing him passionately...moaning ever so softly right in his ear, licking it as light as a feather. That drove him over the edge, and I felt my cum running between my ass cheeks.

He lifted me up and held me against the tree behind us, and with my legs still wrapped around his waist and his hands cupping my ass; he started thrusting into me harder and harder. I wrapped my arms around his neck, gasping and moaning wildly. He leaned back at an angle and told me to hold onto the tree, so I leaned back and held on with my hands, and screamed in pleasure as he started bouncing me on his fat dick. I came so hard I cut the palms of my hands on the tree I was holding on, and he grunted as he felt me tighten even more around him. Suddenly he pulled me off of him, and I looked at him confused.

"Get on your knees, and show me again how much you love my cock," he said, almost sneering...but it was so sexy. So I got down on my knees, taking his glorious rod into my small but powerful hands and started stroking it as I began to lick the head.

"Is this what you want, dog?" I watched my lover let his head fall back in pleasure, and I started going further and further down on his shaft, stroking as I sucked away. I stopped sucking, going down to his balls, and I began to lick on them lightly.

Demetrius groaned and dug his fingers in my hair and pulled, but didn't make me move. In fact, he shoved my face into his ball sack as I sucked on them softly, grabbing them with one hand as I did. My other hand was going to work on his cock, stroking it at a normal pace. Then he pulled my head away and told me to get on my hands and knees, so he could get behind me. I did as I was told, still covered in my love juice from a few minutes prior, and I suddenly felt his hot hands around my hips. I felt the head of his dick being rubbed up and down my glistening cunt, and then he just pushed in like it was nothing. My head lowered as he pushed all the way in, and I groaned as he hit my G-spot.

First he started going slow, thrusting in and out softly, then it progressively got harder. His nails dug into my hips, and I could smell blood. He cut me...I moaned wildly at the scent and slammed back on him, cumming violently. I felt one of his fingers wrap around my waist, snaking down to play with my little button...He started to rub it softly, and I rode my orgasm out...wave after wave.

Even after I was done, he was still going, humping me like a mad dog. I giggled silently at the thought that crossed my mind. Demetrius must have read my mind, because I soon felt his hands change, and fur against my body. Instead of the sexy man that was fucking me, there was a massive dog just fucking away at my now stretched out pussy. His cock felt warmer, and I could feel his knot each time he bottomed out inside me. I stretched my body out like a cat, and he growled in approval as his knot started rising. I kept cumming over his cock, and I made him get off of me so I could turn around to suck him before he exploded.

I licked at the head of his dick, which had certainly changed in shape, but it didn't stop me. It tasted so good, and his cum was slowly leaking out, begging to be released. I looked at him, and he looked back at me, fully transformed. I stroked him and licked him until I got a familiar itch, and I got back on my hands and knees. He saw that I wanted more, and licked his lips before plowing back inside me. I screamed, and my hands dug into the ground, tearing the dirt and grass up. I felt him pull out, and rub the head on my asshole.

He leaned down and licked it with his fat dog tongue, and I shuddered as I felt it go inside. I groaned, feeling electricity jolt through me once more. Demetrius lapped away for a few minutes, and then stopped. Soon after I felt his tongue leave my forbidden fruit, I felt it replaced by the head of his delicious dick pushing, asking for permission to enter. My hole relaxed, letting him slide in with ease. I had to cum from the sensation, and I felt it running down the sides of my legs. He thrust into me with full force and I screamed so loud, with tears running down my face as I kept cumming and cumming.

He raked his claws lightly down my back as he pulled his swollen cock out of my asshole and slammed it back into my pussy. His knot was ready, and he was ready to explode. He fucked me harder and harder with each thrust and finally his knot popped inside of me, and I felt his hot sticky cum filling me up. It squeezed out as I climaxed one last time all over him, and our juices coated my legs. We collapsed onto the ground, and he changed back into his human form. He crawled up next to me, and licked my ear lovingly.

"That was amazing. I've never had sex like that with anyone. Unfortunately, my family will never approve of us. We can keep it a secret until I figure out a plan," I said quietly.

"You were pretty amazing yourself," he replied softly, "and I don't care about your family as long as I have you and they don't keep you away from me." I turned over to face him, and he smiled contently at me. I smiled back and put his arm over my waist so he could hold me. He pulled me closer, kissed me softly, and we fell asleep in each other's arms on top of my shredded dress.

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