tagExhibitionist & VoyeurForbidden Ch. 02

Forbidden Ch. 02


Chapter II -- Showing Off

All throughout the long, endless day, Tommy's mind wandered back to the events of the preceding afternoon. He thought of Jill, dressed in her cut-off shorts and revealing tee-shirt. He thought of her lying on her bed, hands busily exploring the most intimate nooks and crannies of her body as he watched through the window. He thought of the taste of her juices as they flowed from her pussy, and of her mouth as it danced on his cock, sucking him to the very gates of heaven. And he thought of her sitting on his erection, driving them both to orgasm, her beautiful breasts bouncing above him.

But mostly he wondered how she felt today, and whether she would have second thoughts about a relationship with a boy so much younger than herself.

She'd left a message on his cell phone. She needed to talk to him and wanted to see him that evening. He needed to talk to her as well. But he did not intend to let her get away, however she might feel. Yesterday had been an explosion of eroticism, and he wanted more.

* * *

Tommy got to Jill's around 5:30 that afternoon. He knocked on the door and waited. The door swung open. There stood Jill, an uneasy smile on her face. For several moments they stood there as time seemed to stand still.

"Hello Tommy," she said uneasily. "Please come in. I'm glad you could come"

He entered her home as she carefully closed and locked the door behind him. He turned and looked at her as she stood, back pressed firmly to the door. In that moment he knew, for the look in her eyes said more than words ever could. He moved slowly towards her. He stopped inches from her, took her face between his two hands and gently kissed her. His lips retreated and their eyes locked together.

Suddenly, it was like the dam had burst open. She threw herself at him with such force that they both toppled to the floor. They rolled about on the living room carpet, madly ripping at each other's clothes.

He freed her breasts from their constraints and attacked them with his hands and his mouth, tugging on her erect nipples, kissing them, biting them. Quickly, they discarded each other's remaining clothing. He moved his right hand to her already flowing pussy. She pushed him off of her and onto his back. Kneeling, she turned to take his pounding penis in her mouth, swinging her leg around so she was straddling his face. He raised his head to meet her neatly trimmed pussy, sending his tongue darting in and out of her like a tiny little penis, while she worked her tongue lovingly around the head of his cock.

He massaged her butt cheeks and sucked on her clit as her head bobbed madly on his manhood. He felt her body tensing as he neared his own orgasm. She shuddered, and he could taste her orgasm, even as he began flooding her mouth with his cum.

Finally, it subsided. They lay there for several minutes, neither wishing to move their head from its heavenly surrounding. Finally, he rolled her over and turned so they were face to face. She ran her fingers through his hair and lightly traced her fingers across his chest.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Tommy finally said.

"I think you just answered my questions, sir," she giggled as she snuggled closer to him.

"I'm famished," Tommy said suddenly. "How about you take me out to dinner?"

She jerked her head to look at him. "No way, buster. You're staying right here so I can fuck your brains out."

"They'll be time enough for that later. Right now, though, it's time to eat. I'm going to need all my energy if I'm going to keep up with you."

Jill hesitated. "I'm not sure how to ask this, Tommy, but does this mean our relationship is to be public knowledge?" she questioned.

"To be honest, I don't know if I'm ready to deal with that just yet. For tonight, let's just say you're buying me dinner because my mom's out of town for the week and because I did such a bang up job for you this weekend, pardon the pun"

Jill hit him playfully. "What do you mean, your mom's out of town for the week?" Tommy told Jill about his mom's trip to Chicago, and that she wouldn't be home until Thursday morning.

"Then you're staying with me this week. And you're right. You will need your strength," she smiled. "Alright, where do you want to go," she said.

"I know just the place," Tommy responded with a grin. "Say, do you happen to have a wrap-around skirt?"

"Yes," she slowly responded, a questioning look in her eyes.

"Good. Wear it, and you won't need any panties," he grinned mischievously. "Now get going before I starve."

"Yes, sir," she said as she hopped to her feet. "Might I ask what you're up to?"

"No! Now get moving." With that, she headed for the bedroom, pausing to pick up her cast aside clothing, bending deeply at the waist, her ass and pussy intentionally directed in Tommy's direction. Tommy threw his pants at her. "Hurry up."

* * *

They got ready quickly, cleaning up just enough to not smell of each other's sex. When they were ready to leave, Jill tossed Tommy the keys. "You drive."

It took only a few minutes to reach their destination, a local Italian restaurant called Little Venice. Little Venice served good food, especially pizza, and had a nice cozy atmosphere, dimly lit, with red and white tablecloths on the tables. Tommy requested an out of the way booth in the back corner. This particular booth would only be visible to a fraction of the other tables. He seated Jill first, sliding her so that she was facing out, with the table and tablecloth between her and the rest of the restaurant.

They each ordered iced tea, and the waiter departed, giving them time to review the menu. Jill looked at Tommy. "What are we going to do, stuck way back here in the corner? You're not planning to take advantage of me, are you?"

Tommy moved closer, sliding his hand in the slit of her dress and rubbing the inside of her thighs. Purring softly, Jill spread her legs, allowing Tommy better access to her hidden gems.

He removed his hand as the waiter returned, and they quickly decided on a pizza and two salads, before the waiter again left them in peace.

Tommy slid the table closer to Jill, better concealing the target of his desires. He turned toward her, reached under the table and freed the buttons of her skirt. As if in retaliation, she reached between his legs, grabbed his cock, and squeezed. Briefly, their eyes met, before Tommy returned his attention to her skirt and unwrapped it, leaving her fully naked from the waist down, protected only by the table and tablecloth in front of her.

She shuddered involuntarily and squeezed his vulnerable manhood while he tenderly massaged her thighs, moving deftly towards her center. She parted her legs, allowing him complete access. He massaged her love button, sending shivers up and down her spine. Then she closed her eyes and moaned as he continued his assault, rocking her pelvis in rhythm with his hand.

He eased his hand away from her, startling her. She looked at him, and followed his glance to see the waiter returning with their order. She released her grip on him and sat tensely as the waiter delivered their food. As soon as the waiter turned his back, Tommy's hand returned to her pussy, this time entering its depth with two fingers. She gasped out loud, causing the waiter to turn. She managed a smile and he walked away.

"Would you care for some pizza?" Tommy asked.

"You bastard," she replied. "He almost caught us." But the lust in her eyes betrayed her.

Tommy served up the pizza and they ate, sharing causal conversation. Occasionally, he would reach over and caress her pussy, once sucking his juice coated finger in his mouth, another time offering his fingers to her lips. She looked at the fingers silently, then at Tommy. Finally, she took his fingers in her mouth and sucked, tasting her own juices while never taking her eyes off Tommy.

After they finished eating, Jill took matters into her own hands. Slowly, sensually, she massaged her button while Tommy watched. Slowly, she allowed her fingers to enter her pussy, in and out, harder now. Her gaze never strayed from Tommy. She felt like a total slut, but it felt so good.

Spreading her legs wide, she leaned back as much as she dared and continued to pump her pussy. Slowly, she picked up the speed and intensity of her assault, moaning softly, until finally, her body stiffened as her orgasm swept over her.

Before she'd completely regained her composure, Tommy nudged her under the table. She looked up in time to see a pretty young woman Tommy's age approaching the table. "Hello Jackie," Tommy said. "What brings you out this evening?"

"Hi, Tommy," she says as she sits down opposite of Tommy, next to Jill. She looked at Jill, then back at Tommy. "I see your taste in women has improved." Jill blushed noticeably as she tried to cover her nakedness. She was able to cover herself partly with the left side of her skirt, but Jackie had sat on the skirt's other edge, leaving her exposed.

"Oh, excuse me, Jackie. This is Jill Jensen, a neighbor of mine. I just did some yard work for her and she's buying me dinner while my mom's out of town as a way of saying thanks. Jackie's a classmate of mine, Jill.

"Hi, Jill," Jackie said. "It's nice of you to take care of Tommy like that,"

"It's nice to meet you, Jackie."

Jackie looked into the older woman's eyes, and then allowed her gaze to drift slowly down to her lap, where they hovered momentarily. A knowing smile crossed her face as she licked her lips and looked back up into Jill's eyes.

"It seems like Tommy's getting his dessert early this evening. It certainly does look sweet. I'll bet it could tempt just about anyone."

Realizing that their cover was blown, Tommy decided he might as well see how far things would go. Smiling at Jackie, he reached down and pulled back the left side of Jill's skirt, once again leaving her naked and exposed from the waist down. He reached his hand between her legs and began slowly massaging her pussy, as she involuntarily parted her legs. "Maybe you'd like to try it?" he said.

"Mmm," Jackie said. "You wouldn't mind would you, Tommy?"

"Not at all," he said. "You wouldn't mind, would you, Jill?"

Jill just sat there, unable to say a word, unable to move. She listened as they discussed her as if she were just a toy for their amusement. But she could feel the excitement growing within her as Tommy continued massaging her already dripping pussy.

After one final thrust, Tommy removed his hand, as Jackie's hand slid over her thigh and between her legs to replace it. Gently, knowingly, she massaged Jill's love button. Jill gasped, closing her eyes, being touched by a woman for the first time. Oh god, she thought as she felt the pleasure building.

Jackie lowered her fingers, sliding them into Jill's flowing cunt. In and out her fingers went, unrelenting, driving deep into her womanhood; bringing Jill right to the brink of orgasm.

Then she withdrew her hand. Jill snapped open her eyes and looked to Jackie, desperation in her eyes.

Jackie stared at Jill, doing nothing. "Please, don't stop," Jill whispered.

Jackie smiled at the lust filled eyes of the older woman before re-inserting her fingers into her wanton pussy.

Jill could feel her lust building as Jackie renewed her assault. Frantically, Jill raised her hips to meet the attacking fingers, feeling her orgasm building. "Oh shit," she said as she tried to control herself, only vaguely aware of being in a restaurant, of potentially being on public display.

"Oh shit, I'm coming," she finally gasped, just before she was overwhelmed by wave after wave of pleasure.

When it was over, Jill slumped back in her seat, her sense of awareness gradually returning. "She has a very fine pussy," she heard Jackie say to Tommy. "You're a lucky man."

There was a moment of silence. "Well, I guess I should get back to my boyfriend," Jackie said. "He got really turned on watching Jill masturbate. I bet he's ready to fuck my brains out by now."

"Your boyfriend saw?" Jill gasped as she looked around the restaurant. Her gaze finally settled on a young man, sitting alone, staring at her, with a huge grin on his face. Jackie leaned over and kissed Jill on the lips, darting her tongue briefly into her mouth, before rising from her seat and returning to her table.

As soon as Jackie left, Jill turned to Tommy. "Please take me home now," she said to Tommy. "The sooner I get your gorgeous cock inside me, the better."

She re-wrapped her skirt as he pulled some money from his wallet and tossed it on the table. He smiled at her. "I thought you were buying dinner tonight."

"Shut up and get going," was all she said.

* * *

The drive home was done in silence. As Tommy turned onto their street, Jill unwrapped her skirt and pulled her top over her head, leaving her clad in shoes only. As he was turning into her driveway, she had his pants unbuckled. Before the car was completely inside the garage, she hit the button to close the door. As Tommy put the car in park and turned off the ignition, she had reclined her seat back and was pulling him on top of her. "Fuck me," she pleaded. "Fuck me right now." She pushed his pants down as far as she could reach.

Tommy slid her up the seat back, giving him room to get between her legs. With one quick move, he rammed home his throbbing meat. After the activities at the restaurant, he was more than ready for release. She arched her back, thrusting her hips up to meet him.

Their lovemaking was intense and passionate; their state of arousal ensuring that it would not be long lasting. "Oh yes, fuck me, Tommy, fuck me," Jill screamed. "Oh yes, just like that. Tommy, don't stop. I'm coming, Tommy. Oh, Christ, here I come." Her body shook as she clutched at Tommy with all her strength.

"Oh shit, Jill. Here I come." Together, their bodies exploded. Tommy had completely shot his load before Jill began to quiet down. When it was finally over, they lay there for some time, both totally spent, Jill's hair looking as if it had been through a storm. "Come on, Jill. Let's go inside," Tommy said at last.

He struggled out of the passenger side of the car, with his pants around his ankles. He quickly discarded his pants and helped Jill out. Leaving their clothing where it lay, they moved into the house. "I'm getting a glass of wine, Tommy. Would you like one?"

"Sure," he replied. He eyed her body as she bent to get the wine, her ass pointed directly his way, her legs looking longer and tauter thanks to the high heels she still had on. She set the bottle on the counter and turned to him.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked, posing for him with her hands on her hips and her tits held high.

"You know I do," he smiled, nodding his head. "Wouldn't you be more comfortable with your shoes off?"

"Probably, but wearing them makes me feel slutty, and I've recently discovered that I like feeling slutty," she smiled mischievously.

He smiled at her as he stepped before her, reaching behind her and grabbing her ass cheeks, then pulling her close. "And I like seeing you get slutty. I can't believe how hot it was watching another woman take you in the middle of the restaurant."

She teasingly pushed him away. "Cool down, stud. It's time to mellow out for a little bit. Take off the rest of your clothes and have a seat in the living room. I'll be right in with the wine."

Tommy went into the living room, finished undressing, and put on some quiet music. By then, Jill had rejoined him. She motioned Tommy to the sofa, where he sat on the right side. She stood above him and handed him his wine glass. "Cheers'" she toasted. She sat next to him and he put his arm around her shoulder. She snuggled into him, her back against the side of his chest, and set her wine glass down on the coffee table. "This is nice," she purred softly.

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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