tagSci-Fi & FantasyForbidden Ch. 05

Forbidden Ch. 05


"Lina! There you are. Mother and Father are so worried. And upset, of course." Mira ran into the small room that Lakin had left the still quiet Lina. Dimly, Lina raised violet eyes to meet her sister's bright blue ones enough to recognize her before dropping them back to her folded hands and the bruises circling her wrists. Mira frowned, dropping gracefully next to her and trying to take those same hands. Her frown deepened as her usually lively sister just sat there, her hands lying limply in hers. "Lina? Talk to me, please. What happened?" she asked.

Lina whimpered and threw herself into her sister's arms, a sob welling up in her throat. "I've done something wrong and terrible Mira. And now an innocent man is going to die because of it," she whispered. Mira ran a soothing hand over her long curls, frowning as she tries to figure out her sister's words. "Is this about the Drow in the dungeon?" she finally ventured. Lina wailed louder and clung even tighter to her.

Mira let her go on in this vein for a few more moments before slowly drawing back and tilting her chin up. "Sister, you need to collect yourself. I can not help you if you do not tell me everything. And unfortunately, I don't know much more then that you are bruised all over and the person responsible is in the dungeon. Which, to my mind, is a good thing, but you are reduced to tears because of it," she said softly, her deep blue eyes meeting Lina's violet ones.

"He didn't give them to me like they are trying to make it out to be. I was a willing participant in everything Mira. I seduced him; I wanted him to take me. I fell in love with him," she finished, her voice dropping to a whisper. Despair filled her face, a look Mira had never seen from her normally happy, confident older sister. Comprehension slowly started to dawn on her, but she still didn't understand why the Drow had been sent to the dungeons and why Lina looked as if she was losing the whole world.

"There is more, yes?" she finally asked, when Lina looked as though she didn't want to continue. The older Fae nodded before drawing a deep breath and resting one hand on her belly.

"I'm pregnant by him. Lakin is going to have him put to death because of it. And he is probably going to find a way for me to miscarry. He can not have a tainted wife. And I do not foresee such a man allowing me to carry to term and 'taint' the Fae line with something so dark. I am losing everything," she said, her voice flat and emotionless. Mira noticed her dark eyes closing down, and realized that Lina was slipping into a state of shock.

Sitting back against the bed behind her, she gaped at her sister. She had dreamed of being with a non Fae. What girl hadn't? It wasn't expressly forbidden, but severely frowned upon. And never, in all the history of Karlin, had a Fae noble ever lingered with a lesser race. Much less bore their child, or professed love for it. And yet, here sat her older sister, the one who had always pushed the line and traditions, saying she loved a Drow, and was also with child by him. It all clicked into place, the horror of the situation leaving her speechless for many long moments. But she loved her sister to much to see the spark that was Lina die at the hands of an ancient lord who never understood the meaning of No before. Even if it meant seeing Lina disgraced, even possibly cast out, she would still help.

After a few minutes of trying to formulate a plan, she rose and fetched a cup of water from the bowl on the stand beside the bed. Gently, she forced her sister to drink, softly murmuring that she would help. Lina slowly started to focus again on the world around her with the cool water and Mira's words. "You're going to help me? But Mira, Mother and Father won't approve. And..." She trailed off, biting her lip to keep from saying the mean truth that Mira had always been the good daughter. She had strove to get attention and approval from their parents her whole life. And now, she was sitting there, about to throw all of that work down the drain.

"And I'm the good girl who doesn't do anything wrong," Mira finished, a wry grin curving her lips. Sighing softly, she shook her head, ebony curls swirling before falling back to frame her pixie-like face. "I could try to get their approval for the next century, or until I faded from this world. And I never would get it Lina. You and I both know that. All they care about is status in the Court. They want perfect daughters to parade and marry off. And I don't see how I could ever be perfect enough for them. I mean, if they ever thought to do to me what they did to you at dinner two nights ago, I would have done the same thing you did. And you are my sister, I love you, and I won't see them take happiness away from you," she finished, holding tightly to Lina's hands. The auburn beauty just shook her head in disbelief and resignation.

"What do you think we can do?" she finally whispered, despair shining in her violet eyes. Mira chuckled softly and stood again, her bright blue wings mantling a little before settling back around her.

"Don't you worry about it Lina. Let me see what I can find out and then we will work on a plan together. You just rest and eat for that babe and concentrate on fending off that wretched Lakin." With those words, she turned and left the room, winking confidently over her shoulder at her older sister.


Mira sauntered down the hallway towards the dungeon, now clad in one of her versions of her sisters clothing. While Lina favored the skimpy leaves of their pixie cousins, her preference was in the ribbons and gossamer that mortals envisioned Faes to wear. Her ample curves wore nothing more then what seemed to be a series of wide satin ribbons criss-crossed over her, covering strategic places of her anatomy. Hanging from her shoulders, sewn into the ribbons that curved over her shoulders lovingly, were gossamer pieces of fabric that hung down behind her arms like a second set of wings. The white ribbon and gossamer set off her ebony hair and bright blue eyes and wings to perfection, drawing the attention of the guards at the gate to the dungeon.

"Jalrin and Tunrid, my two favorite guards," she purred, slowing her pace and making her hips sway even more. Her nipples hardened and thrust out against the ribbon covering them as their gazes heated and ran over her body hungrily. Coming to stop before them, she rested her weight on one leg, her opposite hip curving out even more. She rested one small hand on that same hip and toyed with a curl that rested above her nipple, drawing their attention to it even more. Hiding a smile of satisfaction, she watched them start to harden just from the sight of her. "I thought I'd come see what pulled you two away from the dining hall. I missed you both," she lied smoothly, a small pout of displeasure pursing her lips. Jalrin groaned softly and tightened his grip on his quarterstaff. Tunrid just grinned lazily back at her and shrugged one shoulder, his stance relaxing after checking to see if anyone else was around.

"It's nothing to worry that pretty little head about Mira. Lakin brought a dark elf down here after catching him abusing one of the noble ladies. We're just here for show mainly," he answered, leaning closer to her and sniffing softly, getting even harder at the smell of her perfume that filled his nostrils. "Though, it is a wonderful pleasure to have such a beauty here to break up to monotony," he flattered, emerald eyes twinkling merrily.

Mira chuckled softly, the low throaty sound racing through both men. Stepping closer to the two of them, she spread her wings open, hiding them from view as she rested one hand on each wide chest. "So glad to be of service then," she murmured, her hands sliding down to brush over their now hard cocks, fingers gently exploring the feel of each through the light material of their uniforms. Jalrin stiffened at the first touch of her hand and looked frantically at Tunrid, his desire for the raven haired Fae before him warring with his innate shyness and desire to do his duty. Tunrid, on the other hand just moaned and thrust his hips closer to her touch, his eyes closing to enjoy it even more. "What can I do to help you boys relax some? Since you have been given such a boring position tonight," Mira asked, concern dripping in her voice as her fingers explored those long hard bulges even more.

She let her eyes wander over the two men, purring softly in delight at their hard bodies and handsome faces. But she found herself more drawn to Jalrin, his unruly shock of brown hair falling into his dark blue eyes in a way she found endearing and helplessly sexy. His large silver wings fanned out slightly in his agitation and caught her eye. He was gorgeous perfection, as beautiful to her as the spirit that made up the forest outside Karlin. Tunrid, with his green eyes and matching wings just seemed to pale in comparison next to him, though she was sure he captured many a Fae heart with that rakish smile of his. But, for her sister, she was willing to do anything to get the information she needed. And these two didn't seem to have much problem letting her get it in the age old way of women. The thought of taking both these men inside her had her wet in anticipation, her scent filling the air around her.

Tunrid sniffed again, catching the new scent mixing with her perfume and grinned again. He leaned his quarterstaff against the wall behind him then stepped closer, wrapping one arm around Mira's slender waist and hauling her up against his body. "I think you know of a few ways little one," he murmured against her ear. His hips ground against hers as he lifted her off her feet and turned her around, setting her back against Jalrin's chest. The other lifted his arms and found himself cupping the full weight of Mira's breasts before he knew what had happened. Shocked for a moment, he paused, wondering if they had started to go too far. But Mira just moaned in pleasure and arched her back, pressing her breasts farther into Jalrin's hands as she wrapped one slender leg around Tunrid's waist. At this sign of her approval, the silver winged guard pushed the ribbons up out of his way, his fingers lightly sliding over her hard erect nipples. He grinned at Tunrid as the small Fae sang softly in pleasure. Tunrid grinned back and undid the lacings of his trews and plucked the ribbons away from her silky skin. "We have a feisty one here brother," he murmured softly, one finger sliding over her slick nether lips, just teasing her with the light pressure. "She's completely soaked," he said, lifting that finger to his lips and tasting her sweetness.

Mira found herself losing control of the situation as the two played with her body with a skill few others had ever possessed. She could tell that they were used to sharing a willing girl by the expert ease with each other. And all she could think was that she hoped they shared her soon, before she went wild with need. With Jalrin's fingers plucking at her nipples, his hard length nestled between her bare ass cheeks, and Tunrid's fingers sliding oh so lightly over her pussy, she was very quickly catching fire, her breathing quickening, her heart racing. "Please...stop teasing me," she whimpered, her hands sliding back behind her to loosen Jalrin's trews, pushing them down, impatient to feel that warm cock against her and in her. Tunrid laughed, his head falling forward to catch one nipple in his mouth, a finger sliding inside her tight sheath. Jalrin watched, wondering at the new emotion starting to rise in him. Mira intrigued him, caused his blood to race in a way no other had. And now, he watched his brother play with her the way he had watched Tunrid play with so many others before. And all he could think about was how he wanted to punch in his brother's face and claim Mira for his own. But she wanted them both, if the way she was panting and clutching at Tunrid's head was any indication. And he never liked to leave a lady wanting. So, pushing down the newfound jealousy, he concentrated on nibbling at her ear, whispering sweet nothings into it as he pulled her other leg up and supported it, his cock sliding between her legs to coat it in her juices.

Mira reached down, trying to slip Jalrin's length inside her, desperate to be filled and gasped slightly as she felt him for the first time. He was long, as most Faes were, but he was also thick, almost as large around as her wrist. A tiny shiver of fear coursed through her, even as a fresh flow of juices flowed out of her to coat him. Tunrid chuckled at the sight on her face, pulling his fingers free of her tight passage. "She's scared brother. I don't think she's had such a big one inside her before. But I think she wants to try. So should we use both, or let me have my fun first?" he asked, watching in delight as color flooded Mira's cheeks. Jalrin shrugged, his mind brushing against hers to determine what she wanted. He was used to taking over after Tunrid, as the slimmer male hated to go after him. Very rarely did he get first go at a girl's tight pussy, unless she didn't mind Tunrid taking her ass at the same time. But Mira, much to his delight, seemed turned on at the idea of two inside her at once. So much so that she was already close to cumming.

With a sigh of relief, he turned her around in his arms and wrapped her legs around her waist, sliding his cock just barely inside her. "You get your favorite place brother, you were right about her," he said, looking deep into her beautiful eyes. She squirmed slightly, trying to push herself farther down onto him, but he held her up effortlessly, waiting for his brother to prepare himself for her tighter back hole.

Mira gasped softly at the pressure of Tunrid's cock against her asshole. She tensed slightly at the sensation, glad that Jalrin hadn't filled her yet. Burying her face in his neck, she braced herself against him, forcing herself to relax as Tunrid slowly started to ease his way inside her. The burning and cramping weren't overly bad, thanks to her last lover having broken her in to this very thing not that long ago. She found herself even enjoying it a little, her hips pushing back slightly to take him faster and deeper. And when Tunrid groaned in reaction, she grinned and lifted her head again, meeting Jalrin's eyes once more. She could get lost in his eyes she determined, one hand tangling in his thick hair, pulling his head down for a kiss. Finally, Tunrid was buried completely inside of her, resting for a moment to keep from exploding at her viselike passage and the shock of her pushing back to accept him. Usually, most girls just froze, not moving until Jalrin was pleasuring them from the front. This one accepted and seemed to love it all. But he knew his brother couldn't hold out much longer with just barely being inside Mira, so he pulled back about halfway and slid home again, the signal for his brother to start.

Jalrin groaned and broke the kiss at that familiar signal, his hips thrusting up in one strong movement, impaling Mira halfway on his cock. She cried out hoarsely in response, her walls tightening around both of them as she fought off an impending climax. Two thrusts later, Jalrin was completely inside of her, her muscles burning from being stretched so wide. "You're splitting me open," she cried, her nails digging into Jalrin's shoulders as she wriggled her hips between theirs. "Oh...I'm so full."

The two brothers smiled, Tunrid's predatory, Jalrin's caring, before they both pulled out until just the heads of their cocks were inside her. Then, in perfect unison, they thrust back deep, spreading her wide all over again. She wailed softly as the single stroke caused her to drop into an intense orgasm, her entire body tensing as waves of unbelievable pleasure fell over her again and again. At that, the two alternated their thrusts, keeping her cumming, one climax after another as the hallway rang with her cries of bliss. Before too long, she was flopping between the two of them like a rag doll, having passed out from the onslaught of pleasure. At that, Jalrin slowed down and stopped, gathering her against him, his wings curving gently and protectively. He held her steady while Tunrid started to thrust hard and fast, searching for his own pleasure now that he had satisfied her. Before too much longer, Mira's tight ass proved too much to him and he thrust deep one last time, a guttural cry leaving his throat as he emptied his seed deep inside her bowels. After the last drop had been rung from him, he slowly pulled out and cleaned himself with a wave of his hand. After readjusting his trews, he looked over at his brother, still balls deep inside the slowly reviving Fae. "Go inside and finish brother. And thank you for sharing her with me this one time," he said, retrieving his quarterstaff and turning to look away. Jalrin stared in shock for a moment, but it didn't take too long to comprehend what his brother had said.

Quickly, he pulled out of Mira, smiling at her whimper of protest and swept her up into his arms. With one hand, he managed to open the massive door to the dungeon area. Carrying her inside, he looked for a private place for them, but the only place available was the cell next to the Drow's. Grimacing softly, he carried her in and laid her down on the soft straw and sent an apologetic look to the prisoner not ten feet away. Sighing softly, the dark elf turned away, not even looking at the bare beauty that was revealed to him. "Thank you friend," Jalrin whispered before leaning down and feathering soft kisses over Mira's face. She smiled up at him, her eyes only on him before tugging him down to join her. She pulled at the rest of his clothing, until he was as naked as she.

Once the last bit was removed, she wrapped her legs around his waist and eased him inside her again. "Love me Jalrin," she murmured, her brilliant blue eyes pleading with him. And helplessly, he thrust, again and again, inside her, loving how she seemed to fit him perfectly. His lips caught her moans of pleasure, muffling them with sweet lingering kisses. He wanted so badly to erase the memory of his brother's hands and cock from her memory, wanting her to remember and yearn after only him. Her hands slipped down his back, pulling him tighter against her as she felt herself nearing another climax, this one sweeter and more precious to her then the ones before.

On a sudden whim, she opened her mind to his, drawing him to her to share her pleasure with this gorgeous Fae. And after a soft cry of disbelieving joy, he opened his back, his thrusts getting harder and deeper. Her clit rubbing maddeningly against the base of his cock with each thrust and whimpers escaped her parted lips each time. "I'm going to cum again," she murmurs softly. "Cum with me beloved," she asked, rolling her hips up against his to coax him closer. At his nod, she let her eyes close, still seeing him behind her closed lids and her head pushed back into the straw that was her pillow. With a soft scream from them both, they came together, him following her by only a slight moment.

With bodies shaking, they slowly came back to earth, hands gently exploring each other, learning instead of trying to enflame. "Your mine now Mira," he whispered against her ear, nuzzling its pointed tip. She just smiled and pressed into him, her heart singing happily at his words. Never had lovemaking been so wonderful, so sweet and poignant, so...perfect.

And then, she remembered what she had originally come down here to do. And when Jalrin stiffened over her and rolled away, she realized she hadn't closed her mind off to him yet. "No, it's not...please," she whispered, reaching out to him. "She's my sister...she loves him," she tried to explain. He turned and started to pull his clothes on, his face stony. "She would do it for me if you were in that cell," she finally said, wrapping her arms around her knees and drawing them to her chest. Slowly, he turned to face her, his face emotionless.

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