tagSci-Fi & FantasyForbidden Desire

Forbidden Desire

byHex Witch©

Magiere sat in the library, milling over a few books. However long she looked at the words, her mind just wasn't on them. Thoughts of the elven ranger a few tables over kept her from concentrating. She wondered if he had the same thoughts she did. She closed her eyes and all she could see was him. To most he was quiet and very private, but to her...she knew another side of him. She could see him standing before her, his chest bare, waiting for her touch. His hair, sandy brown and he smelled like the trees he called home. She remembered what it was like to be underneath him as they made love, the passion they had shared. She had to bite her lip to keep the vision under control and had to remind herself that those days had passed.

She opened her eyes to look at him and fixed on an empty seat. She frowned in disapointment. Her Her good mood all but disappeared with him and she got up, thumping her book closed. A few people turned and looked but no one said anything. They knew Magiere enough to know her mood and this wasn't one to question. Her chair squeaked against the hardwood floor as she stood up and went to her office. She tried not to slam the door behind her least her now foul mood took hold of her. Over and over in her head she told herself she shouldn't feel this way.

She stood at her desk and shuffled through a few papers, pushing some aside. Her mind just wasn't on them and she braced her fists against the table taking a deep breath.

"Something bothering you Mags?"

His voice came from behind her and she whipped around a bit startled. He looked so relaxed with his arms crossed across his chest, leaning against the wall by the door.

"Tyris, I didn't hear you come in."

"You never do."

Magiere cast her eyes down. If she looked at him he'd be able to read her and they'd been through enough.

"What are you doing here?"

"You want me to leave?"

"No..I.." She looked up and he was standing inches in front of her. Silently he'd closed the distance between them. Her heart fluttered in her chest and she did her best to calm it. She couldn't avoid looking him in the eye. The deep brown pools pulled her in and held her there. The attraction was tangible, swirling around them. Her body burned with desire for him while her mind told her she couldn't act on it. He was no longer hers. Magiere looked deep into his eyes and saw they mirrored her own. He was fighting it as well.

"Ty..." breathlessly she whispered his name. So much was said in that one simple breath. Tyris leaned forward, his face so close to hers she could feel his breath upon her.

"Magiere, you know if I kiss you I won't want to stop."

"I know."

He easily lifted her onto the edge of the desk and pressed against her. They were like cats, circling each other, waiting for someone to make a move. Neither wanting to take the first step, knowing where it could lead.

"We can't go through this again." Their breath mixed together, both in a heated state.



"Shut up and kiss me."

She pulled him to her as he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Feverishly they devoured one another, tasting, touching. His hands roamed across her back. They held on to each other as sparks flew between them. Her body came alive, begging for more of him. A groan escaped him, he'd thought this moment wouldn't come again.

Before she could react he released the buttons on her shirt, cupping one heavy breast in his hand. His finger flicked across her nipple. She pulled back, breaking the kiss and gasped in pleasure as they hardened to pink buds.

"Magiere?" He paused in his movements, studying her face. "Do you want this? You had best stop me now because after this moment...there's no going back."

She stared deep into his eyes.

"Yes I want this, more than anything." It didn't matter what tomorrow brought. All that mattered was the two of them, in this moment and what they desired the most was each other. Nothing stood in-between his touch and her luscious breasts. Kisses trailed down her neck and across her shoulder sending shivers through her. His lips rest upon her nipple, his tongue flicking out tormenting. Her hands weaved through his hair, holding him close to her.

Her head fell back as her body burned with wanton abandon. He couldn't hide his lust as he pressed himself between her legs. It only served to send her desire higher. She grabbed his head between her hands and brought him up for a deep kiss. Like a starving woman she couldn't get enough. Her fingers made quick work of his shirt, stripping it from his shoulders. With a shimmy he slipped out of it and tossed it aside. The kiss never broke as she trailed her nails across his now bare flesh. A quiet moan escaped her as the kiss broke.

She pushed him back a bit with a wicked grin. Tyris stared at her curiously for a moment until he realized what she was up to. She bent over and kissed down his toned stomach. When she came back up she dangled her pants on a single finger in front of him. She bit her lip as she tossed them aside, lust burning in her eyes.

Magiere stood before him in her naked glory. He cocked a grin at her and stepped closer, their naked chests pressing together. His hands gently caressed down her sides. She shivered at the feeling. When his hands found the roundness of her buttock he cupped his hands around her and gave a squeeze, pulling her ever closer. Again their lips found each other and he lifted her up around him. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he placed her back on the edge of the desk. She whimpered as he broke away and took a step back from her.

"Fair play my dear." He gave her a devilish grin and unbuckled his pants. Slowly he slid them down his legs. Magiere looked ready to pounce but kept her seat, drinking him all in. He was obviously as ready as she was. His hard cock jutted forward towards her and she reached out, taking him in her hand. Tyris sucked in a sharp breath getting even harder as she squeezed him and pulled him closer. His hands caressed from her knee to her inner thigh with a feather light touch, teasing just out of reach of her sex. So wet and hot he could feel it as he pushed her thighs apart. With a tug she guided him against her steamy entrance.

"God Mags, I want you so bad..." He was breathless and could barely keep from burying himself into her, taking what he wanted. His whole body shook with an almost painful need for her.

"Then take me Ty...we both want it."

"Are you sure?" His voice cracked, obviously it hurt him to ask with the fear she'd say no. In responds she brought her silken strong legs up around his hips, locking her feet behind his back. He groaned as he felt the head of his cock push just slightly into her. His control laid in her hands and he struggled to keep it. With a quick thrust of her hips it was lost. Magiere cried out as Tyris slammed forward, stretching and filling her to the hilt. Her arms and legs wrapped around him taking him in a spiders grip. Her cry died down to mewing as he found his rhythm.

Ecstasy washed over her face, her head thrown back as she rode against him. Her nails dug into his tanned flesh, holding on and pulling him closer, deeper. His rough hands held her hips as his lips found the swell of her breast. Tiny nips led him down to a rosy perked nipple and he captured it. His lips tormented the bud just as his swollen member tormented her sweet slick depths.

"Tyris..." The urgency in her voice as she breathed her name drove him on, heightening his own need to bury himself deep within her and fill her with his seed, claiming her as his own. Harder and harder he thrust within her, moving the table beneath them. She growled loudly, pulling her nails across his back. She gave no warning as she leaned forward and bit harshly into his shoulder, drowning out her own scream.

Tyris gasped, pain mixed with pleasure at her bite causing him to grasp her tightly. His moan was nearly drowned by her screams of lust. He arched back as her succulent lips found their way down his hardened chest. He was unrelenting in his thrusts, his passion mounting with each one. She gripped him so tightly within her he thought he burst just from the pleasure of it. She seemed to be everywhere at once, touching, licking, devouring. His rhythm skipped a beat, pausing before he could lose his seed before he was ready. His voice shook as he looked down at her. "Oh god Mags..."

Her hands found his hard ass and with a quick shift she pulled him forward, burying him to the hilt within her. She tossed her head back with a primal scream as he filled her, an explosion hitting her hard, rocking her body. Her release was more than he could take and with a final thrust he grunted, exploding inside her in a hot stream.

Her head came to rest upon his shoulder as they rode through the last of the tremors. Neither wanted the moment to end, afraid of what else was to come. The only sound in the room was their heavy breathing as they clung to one another.

"Magiere?" His chest rumbled beneath her ear as he spoke. She lifted her face, staring into his eyes, searching for something, anything to make this not a dream. "Magiere, I told you there was no going back." He gently touched his lips to hers and they started all over again.

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