tagIncest/TabooForbidden Desires

Forbidden Desires

byBig Gunz©

Dylan looked at his aunt and smiled. He had always harboured deep, dark, secret desires towards her, ever since he was a teenager. Ever since he was old enough to be interested in sex really. She had been the star of numerous fantasies; the recipient of countless stolen, lustful glances. Even as he grew older, maturing into a confident and successful young man with no shortage of desirable women to bed, she still held that special, depraved spot in his dirty mind. There was just something about her that he could never shake.

Of course he had never acted on any of these illicit desires. How could he? She was his mother's younger sister, and twenty-two years his senior no less. But those facts never stopped him from imagining what it would have been like. Fantasizing about being alone with her, seeing her naked, and having his way with her. Envisioning the two of them in bed together, relishing one another in the throes of passion. Picturing both of them loving every single moment of their forbidden lust together and hearing his aunt beg for more.

Even now, at the age of 45, she was still as striking as ever in his eyes. He could hardly stop himself from staring at her whenever he was in her presence. She kept herself in good shape and had a better than average figure for a woman her age. Her hips were a little wider than they used to be and her ass was not quite as tight as it once was, but after having two kids, neither betrayed her age. She had worked hard at keeping herself in good health and had been rewarded with a fairly toned body and a pair of 34C breasts that had not lost their entire perk yet. Her face was as beautiful as it had ever been, with her full lips, high cheekbones and sultry brown eyes all aging gracefully. And her chestnut hair, though likely more from a bottle nowadays, was still always styled to perfection, usually parted just off-center, and falling down onto her shoulders in softly curled layers.

Jeanne gazed at her nephew with bewilderment. She had suspected for quite some time that he had a secret crush on her. Even when he was just a teenager, she had always thought that there was something there. She felt oddly flattered by the thought, and frequently felt like he was undressing her with his eyes. Now that he had grown up into a handsome young man, one she doubted had any trouble getting laid; she wondered if he still harboured such feelings toward her. Or even if he ever did at all and it was something she had just imagined to stroke her own ego.

If he had, and still did, entertain such illicit desires towards her, she had to admit that the idea stirred up numerous feelings within her. Just the possibility of him fantasizing about her was crazy. But still, a part of her could not help but wonder if he did indeed imagine seeing his aunt naked, of having his way with her. Such questions even made her envision the two of them in bed together.

She had to admit that he had matured into quite a good-looking young man. At 23, he looked to be in near peak physical condition. He had been an athlete in school and based on the look she got of him the last time she saw him at her sister's pool, he had managed to keep his muscular build and toned body. A fairly big guy, he was broad-shouldered, with a well-built upper body and flat mid-section. His brown hair was cut short, usually in a messy-but-styled sort of look. Deep brown eyes and seemingly permanent three-day stubble made him look both mysterious and edgy.

Dylan could feel the erection growing in his jeans. Just being alone with his aunt for the last 20 minutes was enough to do it. He had stopped by to drop off a birthday card for his uncle and was all too willing to come in for a drink once she told him that her husband was working overtime that night. With both his cousins away at college, he realized that this was probably the most one-on-one time he had spent alone with her since he was a little kid. He continually found himself having to adjust his sitting position just to gain some level of relief against the pressure building in between his legs.

For almost the entire time he had been there, the familiar desires raced through his mind. As they talked, fantasies of stripping her naked and taking her right there in the kitchen superseded every other thought in his head. He could not stop imagining how amazing it would feel to be inside her, to ravage her body and have her beg for more. The conversation became a blur as he pictured fucking her and having her enjoy every second of it.

He knew he had been staring at her inappropriately ever since he got there, and part of him figured she probably had not noticed. But part of him assumed she was aware, and it turned him on even more. He wondered what she would do if he ever acted on his lustful feelings for her. Would she scream and shout in protest and fight against him? Or would she give into her own wanton lust and willingly participate in incestuous passion with him? It was easy to conclude that like any self-respecting person, she would react in the former manner, resisting his taboo advances and throwing him out of her house. But in his twisted mind, he still clung to the fantasy that after her initial refusal, she would not be able to deny her own feelings of lust and be unable to stop herself from enthusiastically accepting him as her new lover.

Jeanne's heart raced. She was quite certain that her nephew's fidgeting in his chair was a vain attempt at either concealing or trying to relieve the pressure from the growing bulge in his jeans. Even if she was just imagining it, she could not help but feel flattered by the thought of his arousal in her presence. She knew it was not a feeling she should be proud of, but nonetheless the mere idea of him still desiring her got her more than a little excited.

The whole time the two of them had been sitting in her kitchen, she had the distinct feeling that his gaze was far more lustful than attentive to their conversation. Reluctantly, she found herself wondering what dirty thoughts might be going through his mind as he stared at her. She imagined that he was fantasizing about fucking her right then and there. That he was picturing what it would be like to slide his cock inside of her and hear her moan in pleasure at his touch.

She knew if was incredibly wrong to be thinking these things, but justified it in her head by the fact that it was her nephew who was having these incestuous thoughts of her, and that she was merely speculating on what was going on in his twisted mind. But still, she wondered how she would honestly react if he ever acted on his immoral lust for her. She knew that she would protest any such advances, both verbally and physically. But part of her wondered if maybe a little piece of her would actually enjoy it; if her body would betray her and welcome the attention and adoration from this handsome young man, regardless of their family ties.

Dylan fidgeted uncomfortably, shifting in the chair to subtly adjust the aching erection begging to escape its denim prison. He reached into his pocket to gently relocate his unit slightly and, realizing his aunt clearly taking notice, he quickly pulled his hand out, along with his pack of cigarettes. Quickly he removed one and took his Zippo lighter out from his other pocket.

"Want one?" He asked as he flicked the lighter to life and lit his cigarette. His aunt's eyes had been on him the whole time.

"What?" She replied, almost taken aback by the question. "No, I couldn't..."

Ignoring her feint protest, he extracted one from the pack and offered it to her. Almost blushing, she took it right away and raised it to her lips.

"I haven't had one in ages." She said as she placed the stick in between her red lips. "Doug would kill me if he saw me smoking."

"Well, what Uncle Doug doesn't know won't hurt him." He replied with a sly grin as he sparked the Zippo in front of her.

Her eyes met his briefly with an almost knowing glance as if she was silently reacting to the comment about her husband. As the flame lit on the tip of her cigarette, her eyelids closed as she inhaled a deep puff of smoke. He could not help but stare at her mouth as she pulled the cigarette away from her lips, the filter bearing the crimson stain of her lipstick. Slowly the bluish-grey smoke escaped her pouting mouth, with an almost involuntary moan accompanying it.

Jeanne tilted her head way back and exhaled slowly. She could feel her nephew's eyes on her the entire time. Her body tingled with a long forgotten sensation as she returned the cigarette to her mouth and her lips tightened as she French inhaled, taking a deep drag, and then letting the smoke escape gently out of her mouth before inhaling it through her nose.

She felt very naughty. Enjoying her first cigarette in years, behind her husband's back no less made her feel impish and wicked. Knowing that her young nephew was intently watching her do so made her feel even more sinful. But what made her feel the naughtiest was the growing awareness within her that she was clearly taking pleasure in being the object of the young man's attention.

Taking another long pull from her cigarette, she looked back at him while her full lips formed a perfect 'O' and then released a steady stream of smoke towards him. She could not help but flash a very suggestive grin in his direction. Despite her better judgement, she was quickly realizing that she had not felt this sexy in ages.

Dylan could hardly take it anymore. His pants were ready to burst as he agonizingly stared at his sexy aunt as she smoked in front of him. Even he was amazed at how hard his dick had become. With each inhale she took, he envisioned her lips suctioning around his aching cock rather than her cigarette. At this point he was quite certain that there was no way that she could not have taken notice of his reactions towards her that evening.

His mind was racing as he contemplated the possibility that she was clearly aware of the effect she was having on him and that she was evidently okay with it continuing. The throbbing in between his legs was quickly becoming matched by the pounding in his head as he wrestled with the idea of his aunt actually enjoying his lurid attentions.

Did she want something to happen, he wondered. Was she silently yearning for the same wanton physicality between them? He desperately wanted the answer to those questions to be a resounding yes. Every part of his body wanted to jump out of his chair and devour the sexy woman in front of him. It was taking all his willpower to stay seated and not attack her right then and there.

Jeanne could feel her body reacting to the situation, and she was at a loss for how to feel. Between the cigarette and her nephew's attentive gaze, she was becoming quite aroused, despite her attempts to quell such immoral feelings. By now she could almost feel herself staring back at him with just as much concentration.

Trying to shake the depraved thoughts out of her head, she was now starting to realize the very real possibility that, somewhere within her, she might actually entertain the idea of something happening sexually between her and her nephew. As much as the idea should have appalled her, at least on a basic ethical level, there was no denying that her body was clearly not entirely against the thought. That fact was made very obvious by the quiver in between her legs that accompanied her mindset.

Did she actually want something to happen, she wondered. Had she somehow slipped into such a state of complete depravity and wantonness that she was actually considering allowing something sexual to transpire between the two of them? She desperately wanted the answer to those questions to be a categorical no. At least that was what she was telling herself. An ever growing part of her was urging her to embrace the young man's attentions, to let go and welcome any advances. Her head spun with the conflicting desires.

Dylan butted out his cigarette as he watched his aunt finish hers. By now the pressure in between his legs was almost too much to take. With each passing moment he spent in her presence, his mind raced and his cock stiffened further. Something had to give.

Excusing himself, he quickly made his way to the bathroom. The door was barely closed behind him when he began undoing his belt and jeans. As he unzipped and slid his boxers down his dick sprang out in celebration of its long awaited freedom. He breathed a sigh of relief as his right hand wrapped around his throbbing manhood. It was as hard as he had ever seen it. He could feel the veins pulsating with each beat of his heart as he slowly began to glide his hand back and forth.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he immediately pictured his aunt. Images of his hand being replaced by her full lips or hot, wet cunt filled his head as he increased the speed of his stroking. He imagined her down on her knees in front of him, eagerly slurping on his rigid tool, her head bobbing back and forth in time with the thrusting of his hips. His hand moved faster and faster as he saw himself reaching down and taking a mitt-full of her curls as he slammed into her mouth, pulling back and guiding her head at the pace of his choosing. The thought of his sexy aunt giving him a blow-job was driving him wild, but it did not take long for his dirty mind to switch to the ultimate fantasy.

It was as clear as day in his mind's eye. He could see her right in front of him, bent over, her curly hair tossing from side to side as he pounded his rock-hard hog in and out of her hungry pussy. She loved every second of it, begging for more, pleading with him not to stop. He was completely lost in the moment, jacking off furiously to the thought of fucking his aunt as hard as he could.

Jeanne stubbed out her cigarette and breathed a heavy sigh as her nephew excused himself to go to the bathroom. She felt flushed. The tension, clearly sexual, that had fixated in her head was overwhelming. She could not even begin to comprehend the feelings that were running through her entire body.

The idea that this young man was attracted to her, maybe even fantasizing about having sex with her, was clearly having a very big effect on her. She could feel her nipples standing at attention beneath her lace bra, as well as the slight dampening in between her legs. Her head spun. She felt wicked.

Almost without realizing it, her left hand had made its way to her chest and she gingerly ran her fingers over her bosom, caressing her stiff nipple through the fabric of her shirt and bra. Electricity shot through her body. Her right hand quickly found its way to the top of her jeans, pausing for only a second before slipping beneath the denim and under her lace panties. Instinctively, two fingers immediately eased into her moist slit, eliciting a slight moan and tender pinch of her nipple with her other hand.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she immediately pictured her nephew. Thoughts of his lips latching onto her nipple and his hard dick replacing the fingers in her cunt flooded her mind. She pictured him slamming into her as hard as he could, fucking her for all she was worth. Images of their tongues twirling against each other seemed crystal clear to her as she dunked her fingers in and out of her box. She knew it was wrong, and she wanted to put a stop to the perverse ideas running through her head, but she could not help herself. As much as she did not want to admit it, she was now completely lost in the fantasy of her nephew fucking her – and of her loving every minute of it.

Dylan could not believe his eyes. Right there in front of him was his aunt, the woman of his fantasies, with one hand caressing her breasts and the other in between her legs. He could not believe it.

"Holy shit." He blurted out, unable to contain himself.

Her eyes immediately snapped open at the sound of his voice, followed by the swift removal of her hands from her intimate areas.

"Dylan, I... umm..." She stumbled to find any words that could possibly explain what her nephew had just walked in on. Cursing herself silently for getting caught, she felt her face flush with embarrassment, as well as excitement.

He did not even have to say a word. The roguish grin and obvious bulge in his pants told the story as he ventured closer towards her. She could feel her heart pounding through her entire body.

"Dylan, now... I... umm..." She tried again to come up with some kind of excuse as he headed for her.

The look in his eyes was that of a man possessed. She was certain just by looking at him that he knew exactly what she had been thinking about as she pleasured herself. Swallowing hard, she shifted nervously and wondered what the young man had in mind.

"Look Dylan, I was just..." She started once again, but his time it was not her own angst that caused her to pause, but rather the startling sensation of her nephew's body pressing up against her.

Jeanne trembled as the young man's body pressed against hers. She felt his firm chest against her bosom and his thighs rub against hers. His eyes were locked on hers as he pushed forward, forcing as much contact between them as he could. She tried to avoid his gaze to no avail, and felt weak at the knees as she saw the lust in his eyes. Their faces mere inches apart, she felt short of breath in anticipation and wonder of what would come next.

She did not have to wait long to find out. His head surged forward and their lips met. Instinctively, she opened her mouth to accept his tongue, eagerly sucking it in and reciprocating his oral advances. Her body tingled at the naughty sensation of making out with her sister's son. She could not remember a single kiss ever making her feel as sexy and desirable as his lip-lock was at that very moment.

After losing herself momentarily in the passion and depravity of the kiss, she suddenly snapped back to the reality of the situation. Realizing exactly what she was doing, she knew she had to put a stop to it. The problem was, at least a part of her did not want it to stop. Regardless, common sense and morality took control and she pulled her head back and raised her hands up to his chest and pushed him away from her.

"Dylan, no..." She panted, trying to catch her breath as she attempted to create some space between the two of them. "We can't..."

But her resistance was short-lived. Unexpectedly, he pressed back into her, this time making sure to reposition one of his thighs in between her legs and slowly moving it up and down against her crotch. At the same time, his left hand slipped in behind her head and took hold of her hair. Shivers ran down her spine as he pulled her back towards him for another kiss. Again her impulse to accept his tongue was nearly subconscious, as she quickly found herself once again a very willing participant in the make-out session.

Dylan felt like he was dreaming. As his tongue darted in and out of his aunt's mouth, he could not believe it was actually happening. He was not only amazed by his own actions – by his confidence and aggressiveness in instigating the encounter, but also by her actions. Outside of her initial, weak verbal protests, she did not seem to be resisting his advances whatsoever.

As their lips danced against one another, he methodically worked his thigh in between her legs. He could feel the heat and dampness through the material of their jeans as he moved his leg up and down against her crotch. She responded by slowly and ever so slightly, starting to roll her hips and begin to grind against him.

Never in a million years had he actually, truly believe that his moment would ever take place anywhere except in his perverted mind. Making out with his gorgeous aunt, pressing his body against hers – so long a fantasy, was suddenly now a reality. He wondered how many more of his fantasies would come true now.

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