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Forbidden Fantasy


This is just a little note to let you know that as my name says this is fantasy. In every sense of the word so if you don't like elves or dragons then this is probably not the story for you. If you've an open mind then by all means read on. I always like feedback and even if you don't really like it I would like to hear what you think. ~Kevin~


My senses were alive with the night, a trait strong among me and my elven kin. The moon was bright and the stars added their own light to the world. It was Winterfest, the celebration that marked the turning of the season, although where I am from one would never know it was Winter. There was no snow, it did not even get cold at night. It was cool, yes, but my tribe and I wore little or no clothing all year. One would say I was immune to seeing anyone naked, it was just natural. I was immune...until I met him.

I have always been a free spirit even for an elf. I was tall for my tribe, at 5'8" I was almost the size of a human, and rather pleased with my physique. I was 170 pounds with no fat and a stomach my lady friends always asked to use to wash their laundry. "It is to laugh," I would always reply with a sneer. I have light blond hair typical of a moon elf and cobalt blue eyes. And, of course, the pointed ears, sharp cheek bones and high arching brows of an elf. I like to laugh as much as any other elf, but I also like to be alone to think very unelfish thoughts.

It was well past the deepest part of the night when an alarm was raised to the south. It rang out of intruders and all of the able bodied elves dashed for their weapons to drive off these interlopers. I was a trained healer so I was not expected to go to the fighting, but I grabbed my club and cut south east to possibly flank any that tried to escape. We may be carefree but we are not careless and we protect our lands fiercely. Woe to the intruder of our forest.

My feet made little noise as I ran through the underbrush and over bushes. I could hear the sounds of a pitched battle coming from my right so I veered to intercept and aid my kin. What I saw when I arrived was something so strange that for a moment I could do nothing but stare. I am not old for my kind, only one hundred and fifty-two years old, and I knew humans and goblins on sight, but I had never seen one human take on twenty of the goblins single handed while twelve more lay dead all around. He was magnificent. Standing well over six feet and wielding a greataxe, he seemed to dance among the four foot tall goblins and wherever his ax swung another goblin fell. He growled his challenge in a language I had learned long ago but had rarely used so I could not catch the subtle insults. Whatever he said had the goblins even angrier.

Rather than sit there like a bump on a log I darted in and slammed my club down on the head of the nearest goblin. He went down. There was a moment when the human and I fought back to back without even acknowledging the other's presence. It was as if we moved to the same rhythm, the same piper played the same tune for the both of us. I would duck and he would cleave a goblin while I protected his flank.

Within moments the goblins were dead and I was barely even breathing hard. I turned to look at the human and for the first time I noticed the many wounds he had. He turned on me for a moment, still caught up in the heat of the battle, but I lowered my club and looked back. He had the most stunning green eyes I had ever seen. Like fresh clover dotted with golden honey suckles. I could have stared into those eyes for the rest of his natural life. Then he passed out. I dropped my club and barely caught him before he hit the ground. He was a lot heavier than I first thought and I went to one knee before I was able to compensate. Now that I had saved him, there was only one thing left to do, but it was forbidden. No human had ever set foot within our village and lived, but I would not let this one die.

After strapping my club and his ax to my back I picked him up and made my way quickly back to the village. Everyone was either off to battle or were waiting by the edge of the glade son no one saw me carry my patient into my hut and place him on the farthest cot from the door. I drew curtains closed and set about to gather up my potions and herbs to heal him. Once that was done I slipped silently into his alcove and looked at him closely for the first time. He had wide spaced eyes, a dusting of a beard on a face that I now found almost too young to belong to a man. Gods above he could not have been more than eighteen in human terms, an infant to my thinking. His hair was raven black and matted on one side. I quickly sprinkled some tincture onto the goose egg and cut there and turned to deal with the rest.

He wore armor like none I had ever seen. Our were magically hardened hides or bone pieced together to cover vital areas. His was made of very fine chain links or metal. "How in the name of the Gods am I supposed to get that off?" There were numerous wounds where the goblins' weapons had broken through so I started there. Cutting off the armor was easier than I thought once I discovered the fastening leather straps. As I peeled off the metal I gaped in awe. I thought I had a nice body. This man-child had arms as large as my thighs and a chest as deep as any ogre's. It was covered in dark curls of hair and I could not resist reaching out to feel them. No elf has body hair so this was as new to me as each new day. The curls were silky smooth and slick with sweat.

Shaking myself out of my stupor I took up one of the soaked bandages and began to wash his wounds. Twice he mumbled something but he did not wake. I made a thorough search of his torso and found many scratches but nothing life threatening. I turned my attention to his legs and wondered for the first time in memory what he would look like underneath the breaches. I knew he had very powerful legs, their girth alone was larger than my waist, but what would they feel like? I found myself getting aroused for the first time thinking about seeing someone naked. I took a deep breath and had to fight down my primal urges to tend him. I cut off the breaches and immediately applied pressure to the artery because his life blood was slowly seeping out of a long gash in his leg. With my other hand I wiped away the blood gently and poured a generous amount of the tincture onto the wound, even though it would take me many months to replace what I had used. The wound was looking as if was a month old rather than an hour and I deftly wrapped it in bandaging, feeling the solid muscles beneath the skin.

Gods his legs were nice. I have always liked legs. Yet all legs were nothing compared to the ones I had in my hands then and I was getting so turned on I had to pull myself away and leave the alcove. I had never felt this aroused in my entire life and I knew that I would do anything just to see what lay under that small loincloth that he wore under the armor. I was calming down when my people came in to treat their various scrapes. "Kiven, we need your healing skills," said the leader of the tribe and my Father, Johar.

"How many wounded?"

"Six." Not bad, I had room to spare. "Who is in the last alcove?"

"Someone who does not wished to be disturbed during this...uh... sensitive time."

"Sat on nettles, did he?" I merely smiled and let my Father think what he wanted. "You seem troubled."

"It is Winterfest and I have to be in here. What manner of creature invades on this night?"

"Goblins. A whole tribe by the looks. We found what may have been a smaller band but they were dead."

"Good. Now, if you will excuse me, I have patients to heal. Out." He chuckled and left while I made my rounds. Most of the injuries were superficial and I simple bound them and sent them on their way. One wound needed more than that and I was not happy to see it was my good friend Flora who had it. "How many times do I have to tell you not to get mangled when I'm not there?" I asked. Her leg had been mauled by one of the goblins war mounts, nasty canines with poisonous drool.

"As many as it takes until I stop." She smiled at me but it slid off her face when she looked at my face. "What happened to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You've a black eye." I wondered if I had actually gotten hurt. I guess I did although I could not really feel it.

"It's nothing." I drew out the toxins with a purge and then put a diluted amount of tincture on the bandages.

"You are a horrid liar, Kiven. What happened?" I knew she would not let it go so I helped her to the last alcove.

"You promise you will tell no one else what you are about to see?" She nodded. She was the only person I ever told anything to including my attraction to men. It was rare in my people and not exactly accepted because we elves are not a fruitful lot. A child is born maybe every twenty years to the tribe, once every hundred to the woman.

I pulled back the curtain enough so the we could slip in and she covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. "Kiven, you know humans are not allowed to be in the village."

"What should I have done? Let him die in the forest where he had killed that small band with only minimal help from me? Damn the rules! I will not let this man die." She looked at me with compassion in her eyes.

"Well...he does look pretty bad. You say he killed them?"

"All but four of the thirty-two. Clubs are not very effective against hard goblin skulls." She nodded. I looked down at my hand that had unconsciously gone to the man's muscular calf.

"Oh no. Kiven you know you can't...not with a human. Treating him is one thing but..." She trailed off.

"I have done nothing yet. He lost consciousness out there." I sighed and began to massage that calf. "Does not mean I am not sorely tempted." She shook her head and left.

I stayed the night in the infirmary to make sure my patient was safe from internal and external harm. I knew he would live if he had not lost too much blood, but he was not out of the woods yet. It was nearly dawn when he stirred. I sat up and snagged the water bottle from the bed side where I had kept it. He looked over at me in confusion that broke into recognition. "You need water," I said, knowing that my accent would be thick. I cradled his head as he drank and then lay him back down.

"Was that you in the woods?"

"Yes. I not see human in years. Forgive if I not speak right." I wanted to ask him some many questions. Mainly I just wanted to stare into those eyes.

"You saved me." His voice was deep and made shivers slide up and down my sides and seemed to nestle between my legs. "Thank you."

"No thank necessary. I am Kiven of the Moonray tribe." I was checking the lump on his head. I knew it would be tender even with the aid of the tincture, but I needed to be sure it was healing.

"I am Jacob of Ivywell." That was the nearest human settlement and some two days travel from here. "How bad is it?"

"Is not bad. Tincture helps, but rest is best healer."

He nodded. "I...think I may be unable to rest. I remember that elves do not like humans."

I chuckled. "Not true. We not like humans in village, but humans not bad. Hairy, but not bad." I grinned and he smiled back. I thought his legs were the best part until I saw that smile. It brought the light of the sun into my hut and filled me with a feeling I could only describe as warm.

Then the smile slid off his face. "I'm in the village aren't I?" I nodded. "And no one knows, am I right?"

"Not right. One other knows but she no tell." He tried to sit up and I placed my hands on his broad chest to push him back. "You stay. Not healed yet."

"But you could get in trouble. I need to leave before that happens." I shook my head touched by his want to keep me from harm. I also realized I had not taken my hands off his chest and I pulled them away as I blushed. The blood from my face changed course to my groin and I had to go put on a robe lest this Jacob see what he was doing to me.

"Rest, Jacob of Ivywell. If you hunger I find you food." He nodded. I dashed out of the hut and grabbed some of the food that was still set out from the night before and went back in.

After he had eaten I left him sitting up in the cot and set about to tidy the rest of the room. "Do you live here alone?" he asked.

"I do. I am healer for village and need space." He nodded. I could feel his eyes follow me as I moved from place to place to put things to rights after the night. I could feel his gaze deep inside and it made me very aware that he had seen me naked and had not once looked away. When I returned to his bedside I pulled back the blanket to check his leg, but he snatched them from me. "Need to see leg."

"Later, it feels fine." He was turning red and I was amused to see the blush went down to his flat stomach.

"How old you? Look man in body but child in face."

"I'm twenty, but yeah I'm a little baby faced." He seemed to take it as a compliment. "You? I never could place an age to an elf."

"I am 152."

"Gods, I am always shocked to hear your people's ages. You look my age but you're old enough to have known my grandfather's grandfather when he was a lad." I smiled, catching most of what he said. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Feel pain?" I asked.


"Feel tired?"


"What you feel?" I asked as I felt his forehead to make sure he had not developed a fever.

"Something I have not felt in a long time." I looked into his eyes and I could see the lust therein. My insides flipped as I sat next to him an his hand slid over mine. It sent a tingle up my arm and I knew I would never be the same again. Our eyes were locked as he pulled me close for a kiss. His lips were soft and his kiss gentle. Even if I had not wanted this I could not have refused because his strength was more than mine and I was strong. He held me firmly to him with one arm while the other hand softly caressed my cheek. My hand were back on his chest and tracing the lines of muscles under the hair.

When he let go I stayed with my face only an inch from his. Both of us were breathing heavily and I saw such desire in him that I was no longer thinking. His hand slid from my back to the tie of the robe. I watched his face as he undressed me and I knew he liked what he saw. "Gods you're beautiful. I have never seen such a perfect body." Those hand that could easily snuff out a life were so gentle when he slid them down my own chest and thigh. There was no hiding the fact that I was aroused, not when his eyes seemed locked on that spot.

I dove in for another kiss as his hand slid around my length. They were calloused in all the right places from wielding his ax and the feel of the skin against mine was like a lightning spell to my brain. I whined a bit as he ran his hand up and down my length. He stopped to play with the cleft below the head and I trembled. I was getting close to my climax and seem to know it because he stopped and made room for me to lay next to him. I was past caring about rules and even the fact that he was hurt. His mouth found mine again and I slid my hand down his back and settled on his thigh. He trailed the kisses down my neck and over my chest to my stomach and finally I felt the warmth of his mouth engulf me. I'm not small for an elf and at eight inches he seemed to have some problem taking it all in his mouth. He pulled back until just the head was in his hot mouth and swirled his tongue around the tip. Any thoughts of him being inexperienced because of his age were blasted out of me head. "Aa so'tova mii!" I whimpered and I think he got the gist as I shot my essence into his eagerly waiting mouth. I had not climaxed in months and all of that pent up energy coupled with the fact that this was more taboo than he could know sent me into the embrace of Luna.

I shuddered and let out my breath as he licked the last drop from the tip. He kissed his way back up to my lips and I shared my own essence with me. It was a new experience and one I could learn to like. "Jacob, that so good." He smiled at me and I could tell he was feeling the need for his own release. I laid him back and began to nibble at his neck right below the ear. He groaned a bit but kept his hands to himself. My tongue made lazy circles as I traveled down to that wonderfully hairy chest and settled on his erect nipple. Arching his back he had me apply more pressure and nibble on it which seemed to really excite him. I had put off what I had wanted for this long and I could not put it off any longer. I untied the loincloth and pulled it off.

Gods above he was massive. I had never seen anything so big on a human or elf, maybe on a rutting stag. Ten inches long and two across, I was glad I had waited for this moment because I was too aroused to think about the pain I knew I would experience. Had I not, I would not have wanted to do what I was planning. This massive length was nestled among more ebony hair and his large nuts seemed swollen with his need. I looked up at him and I could see he did not want me to be frightened of him. Like I would let fear stop me!

I went past his length the his ankle and began to kiss and stroke my way up to the prize. He gripped the blankets as I kissed the inside of his uninjured thigh, flicking my tongue back and forth as I inched closer to my goal. His legs were by far the most arousing thing in my entire life. I could not get enough of the feel of his skin quivering as I ran my tongue from the knee area slowly upwards. "Gods, Kiven, stop teasing me." I chuckled as I did as he asked and took him in my mouth. Being my age helps because you learn a few things. When I first took him in my mouth I showed him how my tongue could bring him to the point of his climax but not let him cross over. I took every inch into my mouth and throat and he gasped out my name as he was right there, yet I would not finish it. "Why?" He asked.

"This why." I straddled his hips and let the tip rest against my anus. His eyes were half lidded and glazed as I eased myself up and down on his length to get used to the girth. His breathing was quickening and I knew he was getting close so I stopped and waited until he could breath easily. He was about to ask another question when I sat all the way down, ever inch disappearing inside of me. It felt as if my inside would burst and it came out as a guttural moan when he raised his hips to met my downward thrust. I stayed there knowing both of us would be done too soon if I moved. Our eyes locked as I leaned forward to kiss him again and he surprised me by rolling me onto my back with him on top.

He began a slow and steady rhythm that had me digging my nails into his shoulders. "Do you like this?" he asked, his voice husky with lust. The feelings were alternating between my anus and my throat depending how deep he went.

"Yes, oh yes. Troatha aa'r," I said and he somehow knew what I was asking because he slammed all of it into me with a force that was both pleasure and pain. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he plunged in and out of my insides and there was no going back now. I would never again find his equal. I felt my own climax coming back as he began to shudder above me, his eyes glued to my own as he spilled his seed in me. I could feel the heat sear me and push me over into another intoxicating release. We stayed there until he could no longer hold himself up. He eased onto his side as he fell out of me, my hole throbbing with the brutally good pounding it had taken.

We kissed and smiled at each other as we gazed into each other's eyes. "I need get up. You need rest."

"After that I could sleep for days." I smiled and kissed him again, pulled on my robe and tucked him in.

When I left the alcove I saw Flora standing there with a look of panic and amusement in her eyes. "You two were pretty loud. Be thankful I was able to cast a silencing spell on your hut when I heard the first groan." She spoke in Elven so Jacob could not understand. The smirk on her face made me grin. "Unrepentant toad."

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