tagErotic CouplingsForbidden Feelings Ch. 07

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 07


Author's Note: Thank you to Lit member and friend GracieBuckingham for helping with this part.


I woke up Sunday morning and looked at the clock: seven minutes to nine. I laid back down and thought about the party from yesterday. I'd love to say that my favorite part was Leah pulling me aside to take me upstairs, so that we had a few minutes by ourselves, but then I'd be lying. Actually, what I had liked best was sitting on the patio, watching her talk to her friends and guests; and then every so often, catching her watching me back. When our eyes met, it was like sharing a secret -- our passion for each other. Our forbidden passion. I couldn't help but smile to myself.

I got out of the bed to go and take a shower, being careful not to wake up Gabriel. I headed into the bathroom connected to our bedroom, to the shower that was very rarely used. For some reason, Gabe and I both preferred the shower in the bathroom down the hall, mainly because it was a shower/bathtub combo, where as the one next to our bedroom was just a shower stall.

I undressed and got the water to my liking before getting in. I shut the shower door behind me. I stood in the shower letting the hot water run down my face and body as I thought about Leah, and wondered what the day would bring.

After of few minutes of just standing in the water, letting my mind wander, I washed my hair and rinsed it with conditioner. As I started to pour some soap on my washcloth, I heard the shower door open behind me.

"Need help washing your back, My Love?" Gabriel asked me as he stepped into the shower behind me.

After he shut the door behind him, his left arm wrapped around my chest and teased my nipple. His other hand moved my wet hair from my neck and then slowly wandered down my stomach to rest on my left hip as he pulled me tight against his muscular body. His lips came to rest on my neck, directly below my ear. It was one of my weak points, and I was melting with his every touch. "If you keep this up, we aren't going to get clean," I replied breathlessly.

Without answering me, he took the washcloth out of my hand, and tossed it on the towel bar inside the shower. His tongue traced a path down my neck as his hands stroked my stomach. Then he brought one hand up to cup my right breast. When he began kneading my breast and twirling my nipple, my knees nearly buckled. I pushed back into him to keep upright, my head resting against his hard chest. A low, throaty moan escaped my lips. I could feel him grow with excitement. While Gabriel didn't have the tongue or silk-like hands that Leah did, I was still enjoying this...almost as much.

"I don't hear you complaining," he said just before he turned me to face him and laid his lips on mine.

His tongue pushed its way into my mouth, and I slipped mine into his; they began dancing. In and out, rubbing against each other, an imitation of the love-making that was sure to follow. At the same time one of his hands traced a path down my front and between my legs, two of his fingers slipped into me. I groaned into his mouth. I hadn't realized how wet I'd become. It was hard to distinguish between the water and my own moisture. His fingers inside me felt wonderful. Being obviously thicker than Leah's, it was a different feeling entirely, but just as erotic; almost more so. Almost.

As he went faster, my moans got louder. A combination of my coming orgasm and the hot steam from the water was making it nearly impossible to breathe. When he added a third finger, I knew I was losing control of my body. I placed my hands against the slick, tiled wall and leaned back to brace myself as the climax over took my body.

As soon as I came down from my orgasm, my legs still shaky, Gabriel turned the shower water off and opened the door. He led me out and turned to face me. He placed his hand under my chin and brought my lips up to meet his. His tongue entered me so slowly, so passionately. In one swift motion, he lifted me up and I wrapped my arms around my husband's neck as my legs circled his waist. His erection was still throbbing. I could feel it pressing against me. I instinctively shifted slightly in his arms, rubbing against him while simultaneously giving myself a small thrill. His right hand went behind my head and his left went under my behind to hold me close, and secure.

Gabriel carried me to the bedroom and gently laid me on the bed. His hand never left the back of my head until I was lying down. He then slowly traced down my body, first his fingers, followed by his tongue, licking the drops of water from my hot skin. He spread my legs so he could gain access and then his fingers entered me again.

Without realizing it I lifted my hips to let him go deeper. His tongue replaced his fingers and I nearly came apart right then. His tongue was wider, flatter, and longer than Leah's. The feel of it licking my lower lips and pressing into me, sliding up and down, was almost too much. And then he began to suck. I lost every thought. I grabbed the pillow and buried my face in it to keep from screaming aloud. The second orgasm came on me before I realized it and I was shrieking into the pillow.

Before I came down he had shifted positions. As he thrust himself deep in me I felt bolts of electricity shoot through me, like white hot lightning. I could feel another orgasm building already. We moved in sync with each other. It felt so good. I knew neither one of us was going to last long.

Our eyes met. I saw a passion in his that I hadn't seen in months. It sent me over the edge. I felt my muscles contracting around Gabriel as my climax hit. It was as if I'd exploded. I heard myself cry out in ecstasy. Shortly after, I felt his body tense up as he came. As he released he shouted my name.

Gabriel collapsed next to me so both of us could regain our breath. He wrapped his arms around me to cuddle and we both fell back asleep.

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