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Forbidden Fruit



Drawing her hand through the aquamarine water, the young woman sighed. Next to the ribbon of blue water was her favorite place to sit. Snaking through the garden, the gentle river wound around the base of a tall hill. Over the hill, all the tropical vegetation that had ever been imagined lay draped. Colors so vibrant and varied it looked more fantasy than fact. Looking at the steep trail winding over the hill, she wondered what to do. Bored with everything known, Eve longed to see what lay on the other sidetracked the known world.

She could have been anywhere between eighteen and thirty. Eve was the epitome of feminine beauty. Her caramel eyes reflected innocence and purity which has never been seen since. Standing and stretching in the golden glow of the early morning light, the beauty's honey colored hair fell to her waist. Nude, but unaware of her own exposure the restless woman looked around and saw nothing new. Creatures of every sort played and frolicked as far as Eve's eyes could see. And just like the creatures surrounding her, The first woman was a perfect specimen. Firm ample breasts with long reddish nipples, softly rounded belly and curved muscular hips completed this demonstration of female brilliance. As far as the eye could see, the lushness of her curves were echoed in the surrounding backdrop.

Further down the stream, Eve could see her only friend playing with the animals. Turning from her friend towards the hill, Eve made her decision. Once more looking over her shoulder Eve waited. When Adam turned away, she hurried towards the trail that disappeared as it crested the hill. A small smile appeared on Eve's heart shaped face as she executed her first act of defiance.

The Voice had warned Eve about the trail. The clouds had broken open. A deep voice had told Adam and Eve that the trail lead to a tree filled with knowledge both abysmal and awe-inspiring. Her understanding of these words were minimal and it was not enough to hold her back. With no other experience other than love and security, the unknown remained captivating.

The morning sun felt warm on Eve's naturally-tanned skin, but didn't burn. Other than the showers that misted the garden at night, the sky was always clear. The breeze was always soft and comforting and the ground a kaleidoscope of swirling shades of greens. Everything was safe and full of serenity.

As Eve crested the hill, the sky turned to a dark gray. Seeing the sky change colors would have made most pause but Eve's steps didn't even slow. Looking down the hill into the mysterious valley, she increased her pace.

As Eve began to descend, small stones started to replace the green moss between her bare feet. Stumbling and cutting her foot on a rock she screamed out in confusion. As her foot began to drip small droplets of blood, a little fear made its way inside Eve. Fear felt strange and uncomfortable so she rejected it and looked further down the path. It continued to wind into a harsh and unwelcoming terrain. The inquisitive woman knew she should turn back, but a distant image of the giant tree lifting into the air made it impossible.

Nursing her foot and with a more cautious gait, Eve continued. No matter how long she walked, the tree remained on the horizon. It felt as if the tree both compelled Eve forward and warned her back. It was fascination with the forbidden that kept the woman going, despite the increasingly difficult path. Not only were the rocks feeling sharper, branches were now breaching the path and scratching her athletic arms and legs. Wrapping her arms around herself and shivering, Eve tried to hurry. A cold wind began to swirl around her. Eve could no longer see the path. Kneeling down, she continued on hands and knees. Tears started forming in Eve's round eyes. Pain was new.

The Man was hanging from a thick black branch near the top of the massive tree and he was bored to tears. Needing something to do, he exercised. It was a pointless pursuit. The Man in the tree never ran out of energy and his body had been created to attract. Thick black hair fell to the mysterious man's shoulders. A naturally dark complexion highlighted the blue of his eyes and the whiteness of his smile. Broad shoulders, and a perfectly muscled body made him appear flawless.

After an eternity hanging from the tree, the man had begun to feel punished. Though they didn't threaten him, every pest known surrounded the muscular man and made the tree appear to breathe. Bugs and snakes scurried and slithered around every branch. Their movements gave life to branches which appeared dead at first sight. No one ever came to the tree and nothing ever left. The dark-haired man had just been put here to wait. No one had bothered to tell the restless man what he was waiting for. So, without another choice, the Man waited. The longer he waited, the more anger bristled under his skin. This wasn't a person who knew how to be patient.

Eve's determination renewed as the tree came closer. The closer she got, the stronger the wind blew, cold and unrelenting on her tender flesh. Unable to see the direction of her path, Eve surrendered. Sitting there, with goosebumps covering her nude body, Eve futilely pulled her knees to her chest and tried to warm herself. All the innocent woman could do was wait.

Back and forth, back and forth, the Man swung by his knees. Looking in every direction he searched for an answer to his existence. Why be created with a burning desire to conquer flowing through your veins and then be flung into a tree with pestilence. The sparkle in his blue eyes flared briefly as his gaze fell on the nude form shivering within his reach. The stirring in his cock told the now aroused man, the frozen creature was the "reason" he had been sent here to endlessly wait. Muscles barely straining, the Man lowered himself to the ground.


Carefully, he made his way towards the shivering woman. The slope of the person's back ending in the curvature of their hips told the dark Man that this was a female human. A woman that would be overjoyed by the appearance of a kindly stranger. Like a lion approaching a lone gazelle, he licked his full lips. Anticipation at the thought of laying claim to her body, urged the man's silent footsteps forward. The wind barely touched him and his feet were impervious to the sharp rocks beneath them. Looking down at the shivering flesh, he gently touched Eve's slender arm. Startled, Eve replied with a gasp, "Who?"

"A new friend" he assured her. "Let me help you." His voice was unlike anything Eve had heard, it was impossibly low and rough. The handsome man's face had taken on a countenance of gentleness, and loving intention poured from his eyes. Seeing his concern, Eve relaxed as gratitude reached her heart. Unaware of nudity, Eve lifted her arms to the man. Seeing the innocence in her eyes, the Man chuckled inside. His possession of her felt inevitable.

Taking the beautiful creature into his strong arms, the man was deceptively tender. His every touch was carefully designed to evoke assurance. Controlling the rising force inside, he carried her to the tree and sought shelter under its teeming branches. Carefully placing Eve onto her feet and unwrapping his arms from around her, the Man peered into her warm unquestioning eyes. Only trust shone back. Briefly a cruel smile touched the Man's lips. Quickly covered, his face returned to that of a friend.

The Man's strong hand stroked Eve's golden hair and ran a finger down her cheek. "You are so beautiful." Slipping from his lips before he could stop it, his statement was said with complete honesty. The Man had never seen anything beautiful before and his every cell cried to crush the light emanating from her. Once the secrets of her body were revealed, he knew innocence would give way to earthly desire. He just had to be cautious and not alert Eve to the education she was facing.

"I'm cold...I don't like it." Her voice carried a trace of petulance. Not accustomed to discomfort she waited for him.

"Let me hold you...I'm warm, very warm." He purred as his inner core warmed.

The dark haired man waited, not moving. Eve slipped next to the stranger and wrapped her arms around his trim waist. Laying her head on his muscular chest, Eve shivered. Savoring the feel of her nakedness pressed against him, the Man felt his cock ignore him and spring to attention.

"Mmmmm, you are warm." Eve's body snuggled closer, further pressing her breasts and mound into him. Feeling his hardness against her belly, the innocent woman pulled back and looked down. The Man's thick uncut cock strained towards her.

"....what is it doing..." confusion in her voice.

"That's what happens when a man likes a woman." He quietly whispered, his voice suddenly lower.

With no trace of self-awareness, she took him in her hand. Marveling at the size of this protrusion, she continued to handle him. The man successfully beat down his desire and gently took Eve's hand. Turning it over, the man kissed the inside of her wrist.

A small giggle escaped her as she felt the tingling between her legs. Not understanding the heat or the prickling of her nipples, she blushed. Continuing to hold her hand he walked her further into the trees embrace.

"Let's warm you up," he murmured near Eve's perfectly formed ear. Breathing in the scent of her, the Man was overcome. Honey and sunshine mixed with a slight musk and assaulted his senses. The man's mouth began to water with need. He felt compelled to taste her and the man's body struggled to be patient. Having never seen beauty, he looked around at his dwelling, scowling. Anger rose in his broad chest at the ugliness to which he had been sentenced. Oh, how the angry man wanted to own Eve and to keep her secreted away. Beauty to be played with at his whim sounded like Heaven to the solitary man.

Drawing her further under the tree he took Eve's face into his strong hands, constraining himself, he remained gentle. Still shivering, Eve's caramel eyes gazed up at the flawless man with unwavering trust. Lightly stroking Eve's hair, the man led her further in to his sleeping lair. Looking up at the slithering creatures above her head, Eve felt a small shudder course through her body. Returning her eyes to his glowing blue ones, all thoughts of her surroundings were silenced.

"Do you know why you were made," he asked smiling at Eve. Shaking her head delicately Eve awaited his answer. "To be loved by men; you were designed to give us pleasure, nothing less, nothing more."

"Pleasure" she inquired, still gazing at his perfectly sculptured face. High cheekbones, a dark complexion and bright blue eyes ensnared her.

Continuing to hold her tightly, the man assured her "Yes, I was put here to teach you." The feel of his broad hands tracing the curvature of her body replaced all thoughts from the sexually innocent woman's mind. Perplexing sensations began swirling through Eve's body, leaving her helpless

"Why are you making me dizzy?" Her lush parted lips shook with cold, as she tightly grasped the man and snuggled into the heat that radiated from his body. Standing only to his chest, she appeared dwarfed by his looming presence.

"You'll understand, soon. I promise." His hand moved to the lines of her back, marveling as each movement revealed treasures exquisitely designed. No inch of her fell short of perfection. Remaining unhurried in his approach, the man gently lifted Eve's hauntingly beautiful face and pressed his lips on hers. A small burst of sparks began in Eve's lips and ran the course of her lush body. With a soft purr Eve increased the pressure between their mouths and slowly opened hers.

The unnaturally strong man's tongue invaded, while hers retreated, the kisses sweet and searching. As his mouth continued to explore Eve's, one hand cradled her head while the other held her small waist. His hand continued down the slope of her hips. Trails of desire were left wherever the man touched her golden skin. As his hand descended, Eve continued to press closer. Her mouth opening further gave the man the encouragement he was waiting for and his kisses grew even bolder. Removing his other hand from Eve's long hair, he soon had two hands lightly stroking the swell of her hips. Small moans escaped her lips as her reddish nipples tightened and Eve felt moisture building between her legs.

Seeing, feeling, and smelling her arousal, the tall, dark haired man separated from Eve's soft mouth and hesitantly began to trail kisses down her neck. As hands regretfully released her hips he whispered, "You are mine," and cupped both firm breasts in his hands.

"I am?" She whispered back.

Lowering his mouth to her rigid nipple the dark man replied, "Yes."

Holding his dark head to her breasts, Eve arched her back and again was swept away with the responses he provoked. As the man drew her nipple further into his mouth, an aching need for the unknown slowly built. Cold soon was replaced by heat, as he continued to stoke the fire building in the aroused woman. Sucking in her breath, confusion filled Eve's eyes and she hesitated.

Feeling her reservations, the man increased the speed of his tongue on her luscious nipples. Continuing to lavish attention on her full breasts the man sought to further confuse the innocent woman. Between licks and nibbles, he would lift his head and coo words of reassurance to Eve. The only sound beneath the tree were those of kisses and moans accompanied by a background of rustling creatures.

Continuing his kisses between Eve's full breasts, he slid quietly to his knees. Placing his hands on both sides of Eve's ample hips, he looked up towards her lowered eyes. His need to conquer and her instinctive need to submit met in agreement. Smiling a little more wickedly, the man leaned forward and inhaled. The scent of woman coming from between Eve's legs enveloped the man and drew him forward. Pressing his face in the golden curls that stood between him ecstasy, the man's tongue flickered out. Small licks between Eve's small lips encouraged the man's hunger.. A strange desire to possess rather than destroy crossed his thoughts. The man wasn't sure he could release Eve, ever.

Still moving as cautiously as he could, the man's licks became deeper. As Eve's juices began to flow, her hand grabbed the large muscles of his wide shoulders, steadying herself. Slipping a finger into her folds, the man inched his way to her entrance. Wiggling just the tip of his smallest finger in her, he continued his loving assault. The resistance of Eve's untouched pussy to invasion slowed the man. Not wanting to scare her, he slowed in his movements. As he delayed, moisture assaulted his hand. Emboldened he continued, slipping another finger into her. Moving only to the point of her hymen, he continued to slide his fingers in and out of her.

Hips moving to a beat unheard by others, Eve began to pull the man's head closer. As his tongue continued to circle her clit and his fingers moved gently, tension began to coil itself in the deepest recesses of the exquisite woman's body. Loud sounds of delight ripped from Eve as her hips clenched, her lips spread and juices flowed into his mouth. Lapping at her, the man relished the musty flavors entering him. Spent, Eve felt herself being caught in the man's unnaturally warm arms. Contained in his embrace, her body collapsed, exhausted. Eve now knew ECSTASY.

Lying her down on the rough floor, the man resumed kissing Eve. Starting at the delicate lobes of her ear, he nibbled and whispered, "Your body can do so much, much more...treasures are hidden in every recess of your body. Places that a man can go to forget."

A frown creasing her brow, Eve inquired, "Forget what?"

"Pain," he replied as he pulled her head to his chest. Nestled in his arms she murmured, "I'm not cold anymore," and Eve's eyes closed, a contented smile on her face. The tension in his body ebbed and with it so went his heat. Shivering, she squirmed in her sleep.


Assuring himself Eve was asleep, the man slipped away. Leaping into the air, his masculine hands caught a branch of the tree. Muscles bulging, the man held on, as the tree pulled him into her depths. Blue eyes that didn't need to blink shone in the dark as the man peered down on Eve's sleeping form. Taking in her nudity, the man licked his lips. Gold hair hung down her back and ended just above the curves of her ass cheeks. The line separating her called to the dark an, as he imagined running the roughness of his tongue along her deepest recess. Slowly, images of her in various positions flickered through the man's naturally deviant mind.

Later, as Eve's golden lashes began to flutter, the man fell to her side. His blue eyes were smiling warmly at the sleeping beauty, when Eve opened her long lashes. She awakened fully as the man rained down words of love. Stretching her muscular body, a small feline like smile settled on Eve's face. As her stretch lessened, the man took her hand and stood pulling Eve to her feet. The smoky scent of the dark man engulfed Eve further.

"There's so much more you were designed to do...so much more I need to teach you." The man growled as he lowered his head to Eve's. This time his long, deep kisses returned the fire to her belly. Eager, her tongue invaded his mouth, eliciting a chuckle from him as once more his mouth dominated hers.

"Tell me...tell me please, what else I was designed to do," she asked between thrusts of his tongue. Taking her shoulders in both hands he guided her to her knees. As she slid down, her eyes followed the dark hair that trailed from his belly button to what lay between his legs. Eve's eyes widened as she watched his cock harden. As the foreskin pulled back, an angry purple nob extended towards her. Taking her hand, the Man brought it to his throbbing shaft and in a low husky voice told her exactly what she had been created to do.

Opening her full lips, Eve slipped the thick veiny cock into her moist mouth. Her tongue instinctively circling and caressing his cock, as the man sought out the deepest recesses of her mouth. Tasting the musty flavor of the man, Eve's purpose filled her with contentment. As the childish innocence faded from Eve's eyes, a knowing more womanly light appeared.

Seeing the shift in the kneeling woman's eyes, the man grabbed the back of Eve's head and started pumping rapidly in and out of her mouth. Eve desperately gasped for air, every time his cock left her invaded throat. Knowing this was the true nature of things, Eve loosened the muscles of her throat and allowed the man to pound her flawless face. And pound, he did. Finally letting go of all self-restraint, the man moaned every time he plunged his large straining cock between her full pink lips. As the man's hips began to pump furiously, Eve was held in place by his firm grip. With determination she rode out the waves of his orgasm. He paused, deep in her throat as his seed was released.

Something between a moan and a howl ripped from the man's throat as the last of his load found its way down Eve's throat. Stroking her on the head and telling Eve how happy she made him, the man finally withdrew his still rigid cock from Eve's mouth. With lips puffy from the assault, Eve looked up at him. Her eyes did not waiver when they met the man's. Eyebrows arched, she smiled with satisfaction at the cries she had pulled from him. Eve now knew POWER

The man glowing in the aftermath of his orgasm, slid down, joining Eve on her knees. Grabbing her not so gently by the hair, the ravenous man pulled her into a deep kiss. Tasting himself in her mouth, he began to suck at Eve's lips, while his tongue continued its exploration. Her body immediately relaxed into his. The warmth of his skin against Eve's was powerful. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she disappeared into his exploring mouth.

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