tagMatureForbidden Game Of Pleasure

Forbidden Game Of Pleasure


I was driving back from the airport after seeing off my husband, who was off on tour for 10 days. As I drove through very light morning traffic, I was thinking of the unusual happenings of last few days.

* * * * *

I am a housewife, happily (?) married for 18 years and mother of a 16 year old daughter. At 39, I still have a lot of sexual urge, though my husband, who is otherwise loving & caring, is not much bothered about it. We had a very active sex life for first couple of years after marriage. After some slow down in pace during the birth of my daughter, it picked up again. But as he rose up the corporate ladder, he started coming back very late and very exhausted. Sex started becoming less frequent and lost its charm. Now he does have sex with me 3 to 4 times a month. But it's so colourless that my physical desire is hardly met.

I have kept my weight under control (though I am a bit heavy at right places) and my skin has retained the youthful lustre. Even now I do attract admiring (and lustful) looks from men. But never even thought of taking advantage. As a result of my conservative & orthodox upbringing I was totally against enjoying sex outside marriage.

I have a group of close friends, all married, with whom I am in regular touch. One of the common interests all of us share is sex and we share all our secrets. Most of my friends lead sexually starved life. A few of them indulge in lesbian sex between themselves and that keeps them happy. A few have clandestine affairs with younger men. But both options were so long 'no, no' to me. I was reconciled to the idea that I have to take care of my own physical desire on my own. But now I am in a situation, when physical desires got better of my social inhibitions and I am in the process of seducing a 18 year old boy. Last week, Raja, son of my husband's friend, came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. Since we have only a girl child, I am not used to having a young guy around at home. Though the boy is very decent, initially I felt that his presence was disturbing our family privacy. When a grown up man stays with you as guest, he is out most of the day and whenever he is in; he is either in the guestroom or in the living room. We have an attached bath with the guestroom. So, there is no scope for the male guest to come into our private areas. But Raja, being a young boy, was all the time hanging around with my daughter & me.

At home, my daughter normally wears shorts or short skirts with sleeveless T-shirts or such other dresses (I encourage her not to wear bra at home) which expose her body a lot. Though during daytime I wear sari at home, I prefer not to wear bra. I rarely shave my armpit, but often wear sleeveless blouse at home. At times, particularly before bath, I am without blouse & petticoat and wear just the sari on my naked body. In the evening, well before dinner I change into a flimsy nightie, usually short & sleeveless, without anything underneath. Since my hubby is the only man around, we feel no uneasiness. Raja's presence around us made me feel rather shy and embarrassed. My daughter, I felt, was also feeling the same way but we could not talk about it. Neither could we could we change the way we dressed.

Raja is a very friendly guy and both of us liked him. But after all he is a young boy and obviously he has the natural sexual desires. Within a day or two after he came, I started feeling apprehensive that my daughter may be too much of an attraction for him. I, therefore, wanted to send away my daughter and handle the young boy myself appropriately, without hurting his feelings. Fortunately, her friends from school were going on an excursion and I took this opportunity to send her away for two weeks.

After my daughter was gone Raja is all the time with me and has become more and more close. He is very intelligent and can talk on any subject with older people. As I spent more and more time with him, I became quite fond of him and to my utter dismay I realised that I am feeling greedy about his young body. He is a tall guy, about 6 feet, and though quite lean has broad shoulders and strong limbs. His chest is nicely hairy and that is a big attraction for me. One day, I went to his room early in the morning to pick up something. He was fast asleep had only his shorts on. His strong physique looked very inviting. He had a strong hard on and his shorts looked like a tent. I was sure that the boy was well hung and my attraction for him grew.

As my attraction for him was growing by the day, I also noticed that he often looked at me in a special way. I felt that he was also becoming very fond of me. His decent behaviour and intelligent talks created a great impact on me. I started developing a feeling for him, which was certainly not motherly affection for a young guy. It is the feeling of a woman towards a man, whom she admires. I started touching him to show my affection and he responded rather sharply. One day, I found an excuse to embrace him and kissed him on his forehead. He responded by kissing me back on my cheeks and I felt passion was showing on his lips.

On quite a few occasions, Raja lied down with me in my bed and was physically too close. His attraction for me became evident as he put his arms around my waist & hips and rested his head on my breasts. It was quite obvious that he & I were attracted to each other, both emotionally and physically. But before I took a plunge I wanted to make sure that this handsome guy really had an attraction towards a woman like me, who could be easily his mother. I had some romantic ideas in my mind and started working on him.

I am very fond of watching movies. But my hubby has no time to accompany me to movie halls and I usually go with my friends. I thought Raja would be a great company for watching movies and one afternoon he & I went to a movie. Though I drive our car myself for my personal use, Raja offered to drive as he just got his licence. He assured me he can drive well and his parents allow him to drive. I thought it was a good idea to be driven by a man I admire and was happy to sit by his side. As I watched him driving, I was enamoured at his manliness adorned by jeans and open neck red t-shirt. As we got down in front of the movie hall, I held his hand and felt very proud. A few young girls looked at us and I wondered what they thought. I felt thrilled like a young woman going out with her boyfriend for the first time.

We were seated in the last row in the upper floor. The spectators were mostly youngsters and they were in the ground floor, where the tickets are cheaper.The upper floor was almost deserted. It was an English movie with a young heroine, who fell in love with her middle aged professor. When they kissed for the first time, I couldn't help holding Raja's hand. I felt wonderful as he softly pressed my hand and slowly brought it up to his lips. I was totally enchanted as he touched the tips of my fingers with his tongue. A little later, I kissed his hand softly to let him know that I loved what he did. I wasn't sure how much of my emotions could be shown and gradually disengaged my hand.

As the romantic scenes continued one after the other, I held his arm and placed it around my waist. I felt so very secured at his strong arms. After a while I realised I was completely moist with love, so much so that juices of my love was dripping down my thighs. Then there was this scene in which the girl and the man were swimming naked and both their backs were shown in full nude as they undressed and jumped into water. The scene became very exciting as they were kissing inside water. One could see the hint of the girl's breast, with the man's hand on it. For me, the girl scratching the man's hairy chest was most exciting. At this point of time, Raja's hand firmly gripped my waist and I clutched his thigh with my nails dipping in his skin thorough his jeans. As the scene was over, both of us realised that we were emotionally & physically carried away too much and withdrew our hands.

As the movie was over, none us left our seats but for completely different reasons. I felt that my petticoat was wet and I was still dripping. I wanted to check if my sari got wet also. Raja was obviously had a big hard on and waited for it to subside. Finally after we came out, we both rushed to toilets. Inside the closed doors, I wiped my thighs and pussy with tissue and was relieved to see that wetness of my sari was not noticeable. As I came out Raja was waiting for me and his hardness had disappeared. I wondered if he jerked off or just had a pee.

As Raja drove the car I asked him how did he like the movie.

He said with a broad smile, "It is very romantic and touches one's heart. But I liked it more because you were with me. How did you like it?"

This was so much of a candid expression for his amorous feeling for me I was simply overwhelmed. I was in dilemma how I should respond. I was eager to express my tender feeling for him but was restrained, not by my social inhibitions but by the natural feminine shyness.

My answer guarded my emotional feeling, "The movie is wonderful, but one must have the right company to enjoy it fully."

As it was getting dark Raja asked me, "Would you like to stop for a while at the promenade by the side of the river? I am told it's very nice in the evening."

Though I was delighted at the idea, I played in the defensive and said, "That's a place where a young guy like you should take his girlfriend."

He said, "I don't know about girlfriends. But I am sure I will enjoy if you are with me."

As we parked by the riverside it was quite dark. We walked along the riverside and found an empty bench. As we sat there, Raja was very close to me and our bodies were in touch. He placed his arm around me in such a way that he touched my exposed waist. His hand didn't remain at one place and it moved over my hips and then softly touched the side of my boob. I realised that Raja, having received some encouragement in the movie hall, is now tending to show his male aggressiveness. I thought I wouldn't resist and watch how far he goes. I was half expecting him to touch me more closely and wondered at what point I should resist. But he didn't go any further. Possibly he was apprehensive of my reaction.

We chatted for a while, but very soon we ran out of topic. Both of us were unable to talk as our minds were in turmoil. I rested my head on his chest and felt heavenly. Raja caressed my cheeks with his fingers and I was completely mesmerised.

After a while Raja hesitantly asked me if he could lie down with his head on my lap. I silently shifted to one end of the bench and he lied down with his head resting on my thighs. The touch of his thick hair on my thighs created a strange sensation in me. I ran my fingers through his dense hair and enjoyed the feel. I was enjoying every moment and felt as if I was in dreamland. I slowly caressed his face and chest with my fingers. From time to time, I bent down and kissed his cheeks and forehead. After enjoying our closeness for a long time, we headed for the riverside restaurant.

As we were climbing up the stairs leading to the restaurant, I suddenly noticed that Raja's face had several prominent marks of my lipstick. Though I loved those marks outlining the shape of my lips, I shuddered to think of the embarrassment of people in the restaurant seeing those. I hurriedly took out tissues from my handbag and wiped his face clean. Raja noticed that my lipstick was completely smeared and cleaned my lips with a tissue. His touch on my lips was awfully exciting.

The restaurant had only a few young couples and was, by large empty. We took a table by the window overlooking the river and sat opposite to each other. We ordered apple pie for Raja and ice cream for me. After we were served, I took a spoonful of ice cream and fed him. In turn, he fed me a spoonful of apple pie. By the time we finished, we realised that Raja virtually had the entire ice cream and I had all of the apple pie. While feeding him, I touched his legs with my feet. Raja quickly slipped out his feet from the strapped sandals and played on my feet with his toes. He slowly pushed his feet up my legs under the sari. His toes slowly moved on my legs giving me a tingling sensation. We enormously enjoyed this touching game.

We drove back home in complete silence. I was unable to believe that this romantic evening was a real one and not a dream. Looking back in the past, I felt that I never enjoyed the company of a man so much, not even after marriage nor during college days. While I felt very much emotionally attached to him, the liberated woman in me prompted me to possess this man completely, even if it was for only a few days. Lust started dominating me and I knew that time has now come to end years of starvation and satiate my physical desire.

I had disturbed sleep through out the night. I was haunted both by suppressed libido and my pent up emotions. As I lied awake beside my snoring husband, I kept on thinking of best ways to physically entice this young stud. I had to make myself so desirable to him that he very intensely wants to make love to me.

Next day at the time of bath, I went into the bathroom deliberately leaving my towel behind. After undressing fully, I called out to him and asked him to give my towel to me. As he knocked at the door, I held my petticoat in front of my naked body just covering from breasts to crotch and opened the door. As he gasped to see my partial nudity, I turned a bit to my side to give him a clear view of my naked butt & thighs from the side. I noticed that his eyes were glued to the exposed part below my waist and a bulge was forming under his shorts. This encouraged me to go a little further. On the pretext of giving him a bucket of washed clothes for putting them into the drier, I turned my back fully towards him to pick up the bucket. Allowing him to see my butt fully naked for a split second, I turned back to find a enormous hard on under his shorts. After I closed the bathroom door, I realised that his huge hard on made me so excited that I was dripping wet.

After this, my attraction for his manhood became irresistible. I was desperate to possess it.

I usually take a nap after lunch and during that time Raja reads books. The day was very hot and sultry. After lunch, I told Raja that I was feeling miserable in the humid heat and was finding it difficult to have clothes on. I asked him wasn't he feeling uncomfortable too. ("Ei pocha gorome amar eto koshto hochchhe, ki bolbo. Jama kapor gaye rakhai mushkil. Tor koshto hochhena?")

As he also felt that heat was unbearable, I told him that he would feel better if he takes off his vest. ("Tui genjita khule phyal, dekhbi onek aram lagbe.")

Saying this, I went to my bedroom along with him. I switched on the air conditioner & the fan, closed all the windows & the door and drew all the curtains. The room became dark, but was still quite warm. Standing close to him, I pulled at his vest and as he raised his hands, I pulled out the vest. I was delighted to see his hairy chest and long & thick armpit hair. His naked torso was so manly that he didn't look a teenager anymore. After making him naked waist upwards, I took off my blouse & bra. I was deliberately careless in holding my sari in place and it slipped. I took my time to put it back and he could see my breast from the side.

Now I loosened the sari at the waist and untying the petticoat string took it off. Sitting down on the bed, I lowered my sari exposing my belly and the belly button. I felt that exposure was still not enough. So, I untied my sari fully and lowered it further. Now my bum was naked up to the top of the crack and my lower belly was completely exposed, with the top fringe of my pubic hair being visible. Being satisfied that my body was adequately displayed to generate enough heat in this young stud, I looked up at him. Wow, his erection was so huge that the fly of his shorts was almost bursting in its seams and he looked hopelessly embarrassed.

As I raised my hands to tie my hair in a bun, I noticed that he was casting a greedy look at my hairy armpit. I acted a bit coy and told him that my sari is in such a loose condition that if I now stand up it will drop off to make me naked. So, I asked him to take out a tray of ice cubes from the fridge and bring them over in a bowl.

("Amar sari ekhon eto dhile obosthay achhe je danriye uthte parbona. Tahole sari khule pore giye ami nangto hoye jabo. Tui ekta kaj korte parbi? Fridge khule ekta ice cube er tray bar kor ar cube guloke ekta bati te kore niye ay.")

Saying this, I made a fake attempt to put my sari in order. As his erection was extremely strong, he apparently was resigned to the idea that he couldn't hide it any more. He obligingly followed my instructions and within a few minutes he was there with a bowl full of ice cubes. I asked him to come close and made him kneel down in front of me.

Now that his hairy chest was only a few inches away from me, I started rubbing an ice cube over his chest. While he was delighted at this idea of beating the heat, I enjoyed touching his manly chest. While rubbing his chest with the ice cube, I pressed it hard on his tiny nipple and he shivered. I tickled his nipples a little bit and they became erect. I felt like tickling him longer, but didn't, as I was not willing to show my lust to him. . I made him raise his hands and rubbed his hairy armpits with ice cubes. Without letting him see, I smelled my hands and was enamoured with manly aroma of his armpits. I turned him around and rubbed his back with another ice cube. I was thrilled to see that his back was also partly hairy and felt nice to rub his back with ice cube.

I asked him if he was feeling good as I have wiped out all his perspiration. ("Ki, gham sob chole giye, sundor thanda lagchhena?")

As he nodded, I pulled at his shorts and told him to take it off so that I could cool the lower part too. I asked him not to feel shy as he had his brief underneath and besides, I was his mom's age. ("Ei, pant ta nabiye de, ami tor nicher diktao ektu thanda kore dei. Kire lojja pachhis naki? Niche jangiya to ache, ar amito tor mar boyeshi")

He stood up nervously took off his shorts leaving the brief as his last cover, unable to guess what was coming next. As I was behind him, I pulled at the waistband of his brief and completely exposed his butt, which was now a couple of inches away from my face. I was impressed with his firm hips and was delighted to see that his crack was full of hair. I very affectionately fondled his butt with an ice cube and resisted my temptation to poke his crack with my fingers. I only dabbed ice cube along the opening of the crack and then pushed my hand between his thighs. I loved the hairy stretch and made the hair wet with the ice cube. As I was almost touching his balls, I withdrew my hand.

Pulling the waistband back into position, I turned him around and was accosted by his huge bulge before my eyes. Now he was holding onto the waistband, apparently at the fear of getting his manhood exposed. I smiled at his scare and assured him that I am not going to make him naked. ("Bhoy nei, ami toke puro nangto kore debona.")

I rubbed the ice cube on his belly, between the belly button and the brief and then suddenly pushed my hand inside his brief and was delighted to find the enormous growth of pubic hair. I didn't go down too much and moved the ice cube through his pubic hair. As I looked up at his face, I saw a mixture of embarrassment and hunger. I won over my very strong desire to hold his throbbing cock in my hand and just felt the strong base with my fingers. With lot of will power I took my hand out.

Now I started comforting my body with ice cubes. I felt nice as I slowly moved an ice cube over the curve of my soft belly. As Raja was casting a lustful look at my belly, I moved my hand further down and touched the fringe of my pubic hair. I moved my hand under my sari and made my crotch ice cool. As I was rubbing the ice cube on my thighs, my dense pubic hair got more exposed. I was feeling excited and was eager to expose my fully naked body to this guy. But I controlled myself and pulled up my sari giving an impression that I was avoiding too much exposure of my body.

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