Forbidden Love


"Sure. Let me do it," I said, reaching for the blow dryer she had in her hand.

"You don't have to do that."

"I'd love to," I said, quickly plugging the dryer into a wall outlet. "Here sit on the floor between my legs," I said as I sat on the sofa and spread my legs.

"Wow, this is special treatment."

"It is. So are you going to tell me where we are going on vacation?"

My mother giggled and said, "Ah, so that's what this is all about." She reached over and poured two glasses of wine and sat back, handing me one. "I knew there was a method to your madness."

"Do you think I'm that shallow to resort to such trickery?"

She turned and looked up at me with a smile and said, "Yes, you would."

I took a quick gulp of wine and sat the glass down on the coffee table. "Okay, you're right," I laughed. "Now tell me."

"Nope, after finals. And that's final."

"Damn," I said a second before I turned on the hair dryer. I began to blow dry her hair. I used one hand to fluff it up as I waggled the dryer over the back and then the top of her head. She leaned her head back so that her neck was touching the sofa between my legs as she sipped her wine. I squeezed my legs together until I was touching her arms on both sides. I could feel her warmth through the bathrobe. I could smell the fresh washed fragrance of her hair and the lavender soap she had used in her bath. The combination began to have an effect on me and I felt myself becoming excited. My cock began to grow down the leg of my shorts and was in an uncomfortable position. I wanted to reach down and move it, but there was no way to do that without her knowing. Then suddenly she adjusted the position of her head, pressing it against my trapped erection. I froze.

"Mmmm," she murmured, probably as a result of me running my fingers through her hair. "Maybe you should be a hairdresser," she joked.

I had to do something with my erection so I lifted her head and moved back a bit trying to get more comfortable. I almost sighed in relief as my erection flipped upward to a more natural position. I said, "If all my customers were as sexy as you I would."

Her response was a murmur of approval. I knew she liked it when I complimented her. Without a husband around she probably didn't hear too many honest compliments. Certainly not at her highly competitive work environment where she said backstabbing and sabotage are the order of the day.

As I worked on her hair, I glanced over her shoulder and saw that she was resting her nearly empty wine glass on her bare knee. The robe had slipped off her legs and had slid to the floor between them. I could see her thighs, all the way to the top of her hip. The sight of her tanned thighs was enough to keep my cock throbbing in my shorts. I could see goose bumps on her inner thigh as I put the dryer down and began to massage her head. I knew there was going to be a wet spot on the crotch of my underwear, but I was far too excited to worry about that.

I reached over and filled her wine glass again. Before she could move I slipped my hands down to her shoulders and under the top of her robe to rub her neck.

"Mmmm," she murmured.

I slowly worked my hands outward and under the robe until I could massage her shoulders. My hands moved back and forth, squeezing her soft and warm flesh, digging my fingers gently into indentation at the nape of her neck.

"Oh, a hairdresser and masseur," Mom said.

"Only for you."

Without my mother realizing it, I began to push the robe outward until her shoulders were bare. The effect was to make the robe part down to the belt, which was tied around her waist. From her neck to the belt the robe was slightly open, revealing the soft swells of the inside of her breasts. If my mother realized what she was exposing, she gave no indication. I moved my hands sensuously across her shoulders, working hard to keep her attention from the opened robe. I knew if I pushed the robe just an inch more on one side or the other I would be able to see her nipple. With my heart pounding in my chest I pushed the right side further down with my little finger. It slipped from her shoulder and halfway down her arm.

Oh God, there it is, I screamed in my head. I could see an areola of one nipple, but not the tip. The robe was hanging on her pencil eraser sized nipple. My hands were trembling as I waited for it to fall, continuing to work into her muscles with my fingers. My mother moved her shoulder as if she was getting a cramp. The robe slipped lower and suddenly the entire nipple was visible, including most of her breast. I thought I would climax right then. My head was spinning. Yes, I had seen her breasts plenty of times, but not this close. It was within reaching distance.

Before I could do anything crazy my mother said, "Oops," and casually pulled the robe back over her bared breast, but fortunately for me she left much of her cleavage exposed.

When I regained control, I leaned over and turned my mother's head toward me. My lips moved down quickly until they were touching hers. She must have been stunned because she allowed my lips to remain on hers for several seconds. I grew bold and pushed my tongue out and ran it across her lips, before sinking into her mouth a fraction of an inch. I felt my cock lurch and spit pre-cum juice into my shorts.

Before she could protest, I pulled away and smacked my lips. "Hmmm, grape," I said as if I had been tasting her lipstick.

My mother looked startled and said, "I don't have flavored lipstick on."

"Oh, I'm sorry, must have just been the wine on your lips" I said as I began to massage her shoulder again as if nothing had happened.

"Our pizza has gotten cold," she said and sat forward before quickly standing up. "I'll put it in the microwave." With that she poured herself another glass of wine before taking the pizza into the kitchen.

I fell back on the sofa, my heart still thumping in my chest. My hand was shaking so much that I nearly spilled my wine as I brought it to my lips. I quickly downed the glass and poured another.

Chapter 3

When Mom came back with the pizza, she had composed herself. Her robe was tightened at the waist and her face had lost some of the flush. The pinkness remaining on her cheeks was probably due to the wine. She put the pizza on the coffee table and sat down.

"I'll get more wine," I said as I stood up. Fortunately my erection had subsided somewhat. I picked up the nearly empty bottle. We normally only had one bottle on Friday nights. I quickly emptied the last into her glass and rushed off to the kitchen. When I returned she was eating a piece of pizza. I put the movie on and although there was plenty of room on the sofa, sat close to her with my thigh touching hers.

"Oh, you spilled something on your shorts," she said when she saw the dark stain on my underwear.

My face turned red as I looked down. "Uh ... yeah, I spilled a little wine and tried to wash it off in the kitchen," I lied.

After all the insufferable previews, the movie finally flicked to life. I reached across my mother and turned off the lamp at the end of the sofa. Now the room was lit only by the glow of the TV screen. We sat quietly, watched the movie and ate the pizza. I don't know about my mother, but I was very much aware of her thigh touching mine. I could feel the scorching heat of her body against my leg. When I had eaten a couple of slices of pizza and refilled our glasses again, I scooted away from my mother.

"Put your legs across mine and I'll give you a foot massage," I said.

"You really want to know where we are going on vacation. But I'm not going to tell you," she giggled, her words just a tad slurred. The wine was starting to affect her.

I had completely forgotten about the vacation. It was the last thing on my mind at the moment. "Uh ... yep, I do."

She lifted her legs, stuffing the robe between them, and placed them across my legs. "Wait," I said and rushed upstairs to her bedroom and brought back her favorite skin cream ... the stuff she always uses on her breasts. I sat back down and brought her feet to my lap again, placing the heels in my crotch. I poured cream onto the top of her foot. As we watched the movie, I began to rub the cream between her toes and cross the top and bottom of one foot. I continued to massage her foot for some time. When I looked at my mother, her eyes were closed and her face serene.

Slowly I massaged one foot and then the other, moving her heels against my private parts. With a good half bottle of wine in me, I no longer cared to hide my erection. My stiff cock was lying directly under her heel now. As I massaged, I moved her foot back and forth, rubbing the heel up and down my shaft. Incredibly, when I paused to reach for my glass of wine, my mother's foot continued to move back and forth without help from me. It was subtle, but quite noticeable. I looked at her and saw that her eyes were still closed, but her mouth was open and she seemed to be breathing faster. I took a gulp of wine and sat the glass down quickly. Instead of moving back to her feet, I began to massage the calf of her leg.

"Mmmm, Jerry," she said, almost in a moan.

Pulling on her leg, I moved her foot higher on my stomach, forcing her legs open a bit. I strained my eyes to see between her thighs. The light just wasn't good enough.

The calf of her other leg was moving sensuously across my now very hard cock. I wondered if she realized what she was doing. Yet, even in my alcohol-fogged brain, I figured that she must have known what I was doing.

I had to see between her legs. I adjusted my position on the sofa until I was closer to her with her thighs over mine. Boldly I pulled one leg further away from the other, moving my hand higher on her thigh as I did. Suddenly I could see the dark area between her thighs. I moved her leg slightly until the light from the TV brightened the dark area. I suppressed a gasp. I could see everything. She didn't have panties on and I could clearly see her pussy lips. Even in the flickering light of the TV I could see that the inner lips were swollen and were covered with a sheen of glistening juice. My mother was excited ... no doubt about it.

With a slight moan she moved her legs together, shutting off my view. Undeterred, I began to massage her thighs, using a small amount of skin cream as lubricant.

"Ohhhh," my mother gasped as my left hand began to massage higher, gently working upward. Her head was back on the arm of the sofa and she was breathing heavily through her slightly opened mouth. The sexual tension in the dark room was strong enough to cut with a knife. My fingers slipped yet higher between her legs, kneading the soft and warm flesh inside her thighs, now only inches from her pussy.

Taking an incredible risk, I reached into my shorts and pulled my throbbing cock from the opening. Then I pulled the calf of my mother's leg to my cock. I heard her moan, but she didn't pull away. Instead she began to gently move her calf back and forth across my erection as she had done before, but this time there was no material between her leg and my cock ... just bare flesh. It was an incredible feeling, better than any wet dream I had ever had.

I was almost out of my mind with excitement as I inched my fingers ever higher. The robe was opened almost to her crotch now. My head was spinning and my hands were shaking noticeably. I heard my mother whisper something.

It sounded like "Jerry ... no." I chose to ignore it when I felt her thighs tremble under my hand.

Suddenly the tips of my fingers were touching her pussy lips. Her body froze and her leg ceased moving. I couldn't believe that I was touching my mother's pussy. With the alcohol pulsing through my veins I grew bolder. With two trembling fingers I opened the inner lips, exposing her swollen clitoris. Although I had never actually had intercourse, I wasn't a total novice. I had played with my girlfriends and used my fingers on them, but I had never seen anything like this. Her clit was huge. It looked like a miniature penis with a helmet covering the tiny shaft. It was quivering. "Oh my God," I whispered under my breath. My mother was moaning quietly now and her hips had begun to move up and down.

Although I had never done it, I fought the sudden urge to try to kiss her pussy. I was certain that that would have ended whatever we were doing. Instead, I slowly slipped my middle finger into the warm and very wet opening. Her slick juices allowed my finger to move unimpeded.

"Ohhhh, nooooo, Jerry," my mother gasped, but did nothing to stop me. In fact her hips lifted upward and her legs parted, taking my finger deeply into her body. I had never felt anything so wonderful. Yes I had had my finger in a few girls, but nothing this hot, soft, or wet. It was incredible. The warm walls caressed my finger, almost sucking it into her body. When it was in as far as possible, I began to gently rub her throbbing clit with my thumb.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," she gasped. Or was it "No, no, no." Since her hips were now moving up and down to the movement of my finger I figured I could continue. Encouraged now, I slipped another finger inside and began to move them in and out more forcefully.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," she whispered. Then, "Oh, oh, oh, oh." The room suddenly filled with a sucking sound from my fingers moving in and out of her now flooding pussy. I could smell her excitement and it seemed that the room was beginning to spin. My eyes were wide as I stared at the juncture of my fingers and my mother's pussy. She seemed tight, I thought, considering I had come from that opening eighteen years ago. The thought made my cock throb and it squirted more juice into my already sodden underwear.

Suddenly my mother grabbed my hand and pulled my fingers deeply into her. Her hips lifted from the sofa and her body froze. Little whimpers slipped from her mouth as her body trembled. I could feel her pussy clinching on my fingers, as if it was trying to pull them into her body. I couldn't believe that I was finger fucking my mother and that I was making her climax. With each grunt of pleasure more juice poured across my fingers and hand until they were soaked with her pussy juice. If I had any doubts that I loved my mother like a man and not a son, they evaporated in that instant. If I had touched my cock, it would have exploded.

As my mother's trembling slowed, I felt her pushing my hand away, assuming she wanted me to pull my fingers out. Instead, before my fingers were all the way out of her pussy, she pulled them back in, almost violently. Then pushed them out again. I quickly realized what she wanted and began to move my fingers in and out more forcefully. I moved my hand quickly, but I was ever aware that I didn't want to hurt her. It didn't take long before she was climaxing for the second time ... or had it been one long climax. The squeezing inside her pussy had never stopped. She gasped and trembled, a continuous and plaintiff moan escaping her lips. The sweet aroma of her climaxing pussy made me dizzy with excitement.

It took several minutes before my mother finally released my hand. Then her body collapsed like a deflated balloon. I looked at my hand and saw it shining with her copious pussy juice. The sticky fluid was covering my fingers and my palm and there was even some on the backside of my hand. I hated the thought of having to wash that hand. I was trembling with excitement, but I didn't know what to do. I fell back on the sofa, still gasping for breath. Then I felt my mother's foot on my cock again. I looked over at her and although she appeared to be asleep and was breathing normally, her foot was moving ever so slightly.

I brought my hand down to the instep of her foot and rubbed her juices on my cock and then her foot. Then I gently grasped her foot, guiding it on my cock. Was she moving it, I wondered, or was it just motion from my pounding heart. Then I didn't care anymore. I could feel my climax building. I held her foot to me, now moving it slowly upward and then downward.

The throbbing started deep in my soul. It was such a strange feeling, almost frightening. The pulsing was slow at first, but grew rapidly. Wanting it to last, I fought to hold back. It was a losing battle. I began lifting my hips from the sofa. I muffled a scream as my cock suddenly throbbed and shot a huge string of hot cum into the air. I had no idea where it went nor did I care at the moment. Another blast followed quickly and then another, and another. It felt as though my balls were going to implode as every ounce of cum squirted up the shaft.

When the last dribble was pumped out I fell back on the sofa. I turned to look at my mother and was relieved to see that she still had her eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping. Her foot was no longer moving ... it had stopped at the last throb of my cock. I was a mess. My hand was covered in cum. It was on my leg and on the sofa as well. There was a good bit on the crown of my mother's foot too. Feeling embarrassed I quickly grabbed some napkins and tried to clean up the mess I had made. Then I grabbed the pizza box and the remains of the wine and headed for the kitchen. I put the pizza and wine in the refrigerator. When I went back into the living room I was almost relieved to see that my mother was gone. I finished cleaning up and when upstairs. My mother's door was closed. I went to bed and masturbated again before I fell into an exhausted sleep.

Chapter 4

The sunlight streaking through the blinds awoke me the following morning. When I sat up I realized that, in addition to my piss hardon, I had an incredible throbbing headache. It must have been the wine. Then I remembered what had happened last night. A sudden veil of dread washed over me and I fell back onto the pillow. I threw my hands to my face. What had I done? I thought. I might have destroyed the most important relationship in my life. I didn't think I could live with that. How was I going to face my mother? I knew that I had really screwed up this time.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was after 9 a.m. I had gone to sleep at about 10 last night, so I had been asleep for almost 11 hours and yet I felt I could go back to sleep. I forced myself to get up and take a shower. When I was dressed I reluctantly went downstairs to face my mother. I knew I had to do it sooner or later. I had formulated this big apology, all about how I had drank too much wine, and how I would never do that again if she could forgive me.

When I walked into the kitchen I found my mom washing out her coffee cup at the sink. I didn't say anything as I sat at the kitchen counter.

"Oh, you're finally up, sleepyhead," she said with a cheerful smile.

That surprising smile brightened my day enormously. "Yeah, and I have one heck of a headache. I guess I drank too much wine last night," I said, laying the groundwork for my apology.

"Too much wine will do that. A good cup of coffee and a couple of Advil will help. Been there a few times myself."

I sat there stunned as she prepared me a cup of hot coffee as if nothing had happened last night. Yet, I knew it had. I could see her swollen and wet pussy every time I closed my eyes. It would have been a pleasnt image, but guilt forced me to try to banish it from my brain.

My mother walked over and sat the cup of coffee on the counter and laid a couple of Advil's next to it. "I'm going to go to the gym with Gail and then I have some shopping to do. After that I need to run to the cleaners," she said. "What are you doing today?"

I hadn't noticed that my mother had on her exercise clothes. I don't know how I missed it, because she looked great. Her legs were tanned and looked incredible in the tight shorts. I must have been staring because she said, "Earth to Jerry."

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