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Forbidden Love


My name is Nabiha Ali Khan. I was lucky to be born with all you could desire in life. I am a beautiful, dark eyed girl with tanned flawless skin and long black hair. I am 5 feet 7" and my large breasts,cup at a size of 36D. My parents are dead and they left me with lots of money and power.

My father's last wish was that I get my degree and take over the business. I was their only child so everything was mine. I was an obedient kid and started collage. The first year was great and my parents were happy for me but... then they were killed in an accident. I had nothing left to care for in my life. Most of my relatives and my friends were coming to comfort me, others only wanted my money. My friend, Honey, was there to take care of me also.

Ten days after my parents' funeral, my friend Honey took me on a trip to Canada.

Canada was filled with friendly people.

One night Honey thought that we should visit a club. I had never done that before but I agreed anyway, wanting something to make me forget. I was wearing black slakes and a white shirt. When we arrived Honey met some of her friends and a tall beautiful girl came my way.

"Hi! I am Irum Murtaza. Are you Nabiha?" She said.

"Yes." I answered and she introduced herself as one of Honey's good friends.

She had seen my pictures on Facebook and read my posts about my parents. She gave me her condolences and this begun new friendship. She was in the last year of her doctors degree and will be practicing in Pakistan afterwards.

After one month of vacation I began to feel better. The day before departure, we decided to go to the club again. We all dressed sexy and were ready to rock the world. I was dancing and drinking. I started rubbing myself making myself even more aroused.

Irum stood right in front of me and suddenly I was straddling her lap. She held my shoulders and with her black intoxicating eyes peering into mine. There was lust in her eyes and my body was on the verge of exploding. In my mind I saw the face of my Subuhi and I looked away from her. I backed away from Irum and left the club. I was standing outside without my coat thinking about Subuhi. How could I touch somebody I have not saved myself for?

Only Subuhi can touch me.

Irum came running with my coat and asked me what happened but I did not tell her. She started apologizing to me for drinking too much and coming on too strong. She quickly texted Honey that we were leaving. This was the turning point of the journey and I was desperate to get back home. The taxi ride back was a haze, when reached the hotel Irum followed me to my room.

I was wobbly on my feet, so Irum with her hands on my waist and politely held me up to the wall. She put her lips to mine and sucked on my upper lip. I was so shocked that I pushed Irum away and slapped her cheek hard. I was trembling and she left me crying. I got in my room and started packing my bags.

In a few hours I would be in front of my Subuhi...

Honey would drop me at the airport in the morning.I would get on that plane and be back home to my Subuhi. I quickly texted Honey and told her that I arrived at the hotel safely.

My mind was swirling about Irum and how she could do this to me.

How she dared to kiss me. Nobody has ever touched me. I was untouched. I was a virgin. I was pure. That is how I was raised. My mother told me that I should be a one man's girl. Muslim girls should be pure. They should all be raised that way. I never questioned this and I never dated men or women.

When I started collage two things were in my mind. Degree and business.

Just to make my parents happy. I found my happiness in that collage. I had Subuhi and I was going to be with Ms. Subuhi Kanwal.

I first saw her at the first day of collage in my first semester.

She came into the classroom with a red business suit with a black hijab. She was looking like a goddess. I was mesmerized with her beauty. She is 5"1 with swaying hips. She was wearing heels but still so small and petite. She was asking everyone's name and when she got to me, I stupidly stared at her.

She asked if I was ok and I almost melted at the concern for me in her voice.

After that day I tried to talk to her, cross her path or go the same way she was heading. She never noticed me. She was all business and never tried to be friends with students. Someday she will be my lover and my friend. Then I will touch her and take off that sexy hijab when I hold her. I want to see her sexy, swaying ass naked.

The days were going by quickly and I was desperate to tell Subuhi how I feel about her. Irum was frequently mailing me and in last few mails. She told me that she was in Pakistan practicing in a hospital and wanted to meet me and justify herself but every time my answer was fuck off.

My business was not surviving as well as I thought it would. My father's good friend took control of business so I could concentrate on exams, which will begin next week. Before that I wanted to tell her about my feelings and there were a lot of them; if she did any thing crazy my career would be finished, if she told anyone what would they think, what if she told the principal and if she did not understand my feelings. I did not even wanted to think about that.

So next day I followed her everywhere. When she was in teachers room, I was out side the door waiting for her to come and when she came I just continued following her and scanning the empty corridors to ensure no one was there. She was heading to the class room where she would give her lecture.

I quickly pushed her into an empty class room and locked the door. My heart was pounding a mile a minute and my hands were like ice. I was pushing her to the wall and my hand was on her mouth her eyes were wide open and there was a hint of panic. It all happened in a few seconds and she was now in my arms, the panic was gone when she saw me but she was still resisting. I snatched her hijab and put it in my jeans pocket my hand was still on her mouth she was not stronger than me.I put my forehead to hers and smell her hair.The smell was like her, ANGELIC thousands of flowers.

I don't know what shampoo she used. I wanted to kiss her that pouty lips but I couldn't take a chance. Not until I told her. In my most soothing voice I said that I only wanted to talk and I won't hurt her.

"I am taking my hand off please Miss, don't scream."

She closed her eyes once and I loosened my grip on her mouth.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Miss, I wanted to talk to you in private." She arched her brow.

"Like this?" I was getting bolder by her reaction and my hand was still on her waist from my earlier gripping.

"Yes, it is personal, very personal."My eyes were boring into hers. "I want to tell you about the letters."

"I know already it was you who wrote them. Am I right? Nabiha."

I was taken aback.

"How did you know that and why did not you take any action?"

"It was easy to figure out that the sender was a girl, a student of my class and you are following me for two years and I've seen how you look at me. When I tore the letter the hurt was viable on your face so I could tell it was you sending them. I did not do anything because I don't want to ruin your future you are a good kid."

"I am not a kid.I am 22." She laughed. "Why did you tear the letter."

"I did not wanted to encourage you to do anything stupid."

"But the damage was already done. I am in love miss,everything I wrote in

those letters is TRUE." I was trembling I wanted to cut my chest and show her my heart.

"You are just infatuated with me."

"No." I almost screamed it. "I am in love with you. your eyes never let me sleep, I want to spend every second with you. I want to hold you kiss you want to suck all color from your lips. I want to tangle my fingers in your hair. I want to spend my life with you. Please miss don't say I don't love you. Please be mine I want to kiss you .Please God pleas say yes."

I was on my knees with my head resting on her knee,begging. I did not realize my face wet with tears she was also crying. She stooped down and I touched her face. I took her tear on my finger and tasted it.

"Please Miss let me kiss you if I am dying it would be my last wish."

She did not say a single word just close her eyes and part her lips. I so gently put put my lips on hers and kissed her I sucked her lips on in turn. I can bet I was glowing she was holding my back pressing me against her amazing, little body and I was holding her face with both hands.

My cheeks were burning and panties were getting soaked at the crouch from merely kissing her. I touched her lips with my tongue and her mouth opened. I put my tongue into her mouth and swirl it, tasting her first time,oh man she was sweet with a hint of her lipstick.

She was rubbing her hands on my back and I slipped my hands under her shirt. to her breasts and they were size of huge oranges. I put my hand on them and I could feel erection of her nipples. I lightly pinch each of them. A quiet moan slipped from her lips and jerked at my hand but I could not stop myself, I've had my first taste of her and now I wanted so much more. I grabbed them roughly and squeezing without mercy she was oohing and aahing and gripping my ass. Few minutes gone by in our sweet battle. When I tried to push my thigh between her legs and she push me backward .

"Your time is up.Your wish is fulfill now give me back my hijab."

She was now back in her teachers mode but I didn't mind. I gave her the hijab.

I was carefully watching her; her lipstick was smeared, her lips were dark shade of pink from my sucking her hand trembling when she try to put that hijab on her head, her breathing was heavy and she was really blushing and her shirt was not so crisp from my earlier assault on her breasts.

She noticed me watching her and quickly left the room I did not realized I was smiling. Butterflies were still in my stomach and I was so high off that kiss, I could touch the sky.

The very next day when I was in library trying to read she came talking to the librarian asking for some books I watching her she looked at me smile and went back to chatting. I quickly had an idea, I wrote a note: '2:30 today in car parking lot.'

I put it in a book and give her, she looked at me and I winked and she smiled, thanked me and put it in her bag.

I was waiting for her at the given time,when she came looking nervous. She usually takes school bus home. I waved at her and started the engine.

"Do you need a ride home?" she smile and took the offer. "Listen, about yesterday I'm not sorry I kissed you. Truth is I've wanted to do that for a really long time but maybe I was a bit to forceful with my desire to kiss you." I said in an attempt to break the long silence.

"I really didn't mind the kiss all that much to be honest, However I am your teacher."

" Then we could pursue a relationship with each other and just not tell anyone. We'll be discreet."

I told her everything and she went silent. When I looked at her she was blushing and her eyes were glaze with lust.

When we arrived at her home she invited me in. She left me to go tell her mother that she was helping me study for my exams then went to change. Her mother was a talkative but I liked her instantly. She was asking me tons of questions and I was trying to answer her every question as nicely as I could. She asked my age, about my family,siblings, the business. When I told her about my parents she was practically weeping. We were chatting like old friends when Subuhi came. She left me with Subuhi to go start cooking the lunch for us.

Subuhi asked me to come in her room and I quickly followed her. I noticed the sway of her ass in tight pajama bottoms. I was dying to grab her ass there but mom was there. Control Nabiha, control . When she closed the door of her room I practically jumped all over her. She fell on the bed and I sat on her thighs and trying to pull her old loose shirt over her head but she was still resisting holding the hem of shirt asking me to get off of her trying to buck me off. I was on the verge of tearing her shirt when there was a knock at the door. I quickly jumped off of her and she ran to door locking it. I was trying to control my giggles as she hurriedly attempted to straighten her shirt and open the door. "Subuhi,darling, lunch is ready come down before its cold." "O.k mom. We're coming."

I asked Subuhi with a mock amazement, how could she cook this quickly, I was about to learn everything about you. She wiggle her eyebrows and run to the kitchen and I followed.

Lunch was simple but tasty and freshly cooked. We ate. She and her mom cleaned the kitchen and her mom chatted with me whole time.

Everything was done and we were back in her room.

When I got off the plane I message Honey that I was safe.

At night when I was checking my mails Irum's message popped up.

I wanted to delete it but I just couldn't, I don't know why I read it.

Hi Nabiha!

I hope you got home safely I wanted to apologize if I scared you

that night but I am not sorry for kissing you. I will tell you the truth.

When I saw your pictures on Facebook it was love at first sight.

Please mail me back. I will be in Pakistan after a few weeks.

I love you!

I replied to her mail that she should never write to me again.

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