tagIncest/TabooForbidden Love Ch. 01.5

Forbidden Love Ch. 01.5


Parked by an isolated lakeside, Jack is fucking me like a wild animal. Using his gorgeous cock, he hits my g-spot with every stroke. I can feel my pussy walls clamping down on his beautiful tool, as I scream out in ecstasy. The tightness of my pussy is driving Jack crazy with lust. He fucks me harder and faster like an Incubus out of hell.

As the pressure grows within me, I twist my nipples to add fuel to my ever growing fire. Noticing this, Jack brushes my hands away from my harden nipples. Before I can question him, Jack lowers his mouth on one of my rock hard tits. I moan with joy as I feel Jack's humid tongue touching my stiff nipple. I feel his teeth lightly nibbling on my tit as he sucks the life out of my nipple. Making me scream and moan in tongues.

As I tilt my head back, I relish the two side assault I am experiencing. As the pressure continues to grow within me, I soon begin to scream like a banshee out of the grave.

"Oh God!" I scream. "Oh God! Slap my tit you fucking bastard!"

Like a good boy that he is, Jack slaps my tits.

That is the final straw. I let out a huge howl as I cum all over my brother's cock.

The heat of my cum, and the tightness of my pussy, is too much for Jack to take. He shoots a huge volume of white gold into my pussy. Causing him to fall on top of me like a tree struck by lightning.

Covered in hot sweat, we take our time to regain our breaths. As the radio plays an Eminem song, Jack stares into my eyes with a weak smile. Then he kisses me on the lips as he feels my angelic body.

As we make out, I hear my cell phone ringing. As much as I enjoy my brother kisses, I know I have to answer my cell phone.

"I have to answer this, Jack." I said as I reach for my cell phone in my purse.

"Fuck it." Jack said with a mischievous grin. "Whoever is calling you is the least of your problems."

Before I could object to Jack's comment, he plants little kisses across my washboard stomach. With each kiss he comes close to my shaven pussy. I playfully slap him across the head in order to bring some sense into his newly vigorous outlook. This did not stop Jack as he continues to kiss my abdomen.

Without checking the caller I.D., I giggle as Jack uses his tongue to play with my clit.

"Hello?" I said as I relish Jack's hot tongue brushes against my clit.

"We are you two?" Our mother asks in a friendly tone of voice.

I feel my heart jump into my throat when I heard our mother voice. So much that I knock Jack on to the ground.

"We are just enjoying Virginia." I lied as I quickly put on my jean skirt. "Taking pictures and enjoying the quiet scenery."

"Well you are sure taking your sweet time." Our mother said in a cheerful tone of voice. "I know you love to take photographs, and sightseeing, but you need to get here. You're Aunt Claire is dying to see you and your brother."

"Of course." I said as I throw Jack his shirt. "I hate to keep Aunt Claire waiting. Last thing we need is to hear her bitch like a Drama Queen."

"Language, Jenny." Our mother said in a stern voice. "Remember, God is always watching you no matter what."

"Yes, mom." I said as I roll my eyes. "Jack, and I, will be there within half an hour."

"Good to hear." Our mother said. "See you then."

As soon as I ended the call, I take a quick look at Jack to see that he is fully dressed and in the driver seat. As soon as I am dressed, I put on my high heels and got into the passenger seat. Jack turns on the car and drives away.

As we drive in silence, I notice a sloppy grin on Jack's face. Making me curious to know what he is thinking.

"What sort of devilish thoughts are you having, little brother?" I ask with a mischievous grin.

"I am thinking of poems that will make you even crazier in bed." Jack said with a sly grin.

I made a mocking laugh at Jack's statement.

"You just got lucky, minster Shakespeare." I said as I look out at the window. "Only because you made one good poem, does not mean you are Drake."

"Really?" Jack said in a sarcastic tone of voice. "My poem 'lies' really drove you crazy. I mean...I never heard you talk like that before."

I look at Jack with a devilish smile on my face.

"There is a lot you don't know about me." I said, as I move my hand towards his leg. "The more we are together, the more you will see."

An evil grin appears on Jack face as he thinks of the nasty deeds that I been through.

"Want me to recite another poem?" Jack asks.

"Sure." I said. "But don't expect me to bend over like the last time. We are on a tight schedule after all."

"Okay." Jack said as he clears his throat. "This one is called "Damned':

May the fates burn for their treacherous deed,

For now I will never be free,

I encountered a goddess, who is out of reach,

Just like an apple on top the tallest tree,

Control is gone when I stare into her eyes,

Making me into a godless animal with nowhere to hide,

How I wish I could fly away from this fate,

Yet I am damned by the goddess face."

I stare at my brother Jack with a dumbfounded look on my face.

"That was good." I gasp.

"Thanks." Jack said.

"I really mean it." I said as I take out my smart-phone. "You should publish that poem."

"I would rather not." Jack said with a hint of modesty in his voice. "My poems are clever ways to express my feelings. I prefer that people don't figure out my feelings."

"Why?" I ask. "People would want to read them. I mean...."

The poems are so obvious that the fact hit me like a boxer's punch.

"How long did you have feelings for me?"

Jack has an uneasy look on his face. As if he has a dirty secret.

"For five years." Jack said as he looks completely uneasy about the question.

My put my hand against my mouth.

"Damn." I gasp. "How do you deal with five years of compete silence?"

"Simple. You either ignore the feelings or just try finding someone else."

I try not to imagine the anger and jealously that Jack had been through. All the guys that I dated must of drove Jack insane. I am surprised that he did not tell his feelings a lot earlier.

Or fall into insanity for that matter.

"You should never ignore you feelings, Jack." I said as I rub his forearm. "If you do, you never obtain ultimate happiness."

"I don't have to." Jack said as he rubs my smooth legs. "I already found ultimate happiness."

I smile at Jack and kiss him on the cheek.

"You're sweet." I said in a low voice.

"So are you." Jack counters.


We approach the two story log cabin where our family reunion is taking place. There are lots of cars and a few people standing out of the front porch.

As the car comes closer to the two story log cabin, I take a look at Jack and give him a stern look.

"Now listen," I said in a strict voice. "I want you to act like my brother. Not a lover, a brother. I want the family thinking we are siblings and not some parent's worst nightmare."

"Yes." Jack said with an annoyed grunt.

"I'm serious." I said in a harsh tone of voice. "Our parents have enough to worry about."

Jack let out a deep sigh of defeat.

"I understand." Jack said in a monotone voice.

God, I hate being harsh on Jack. However, we cannot let our family find out about our relationship. It would destroy the family and make us pariahs. Better to be safe than sorry.

"Look on the bright side." I said as I open my purse. "I know what we are doing tonight."

Jack looks into my bag to see a bag of weed. A huge smile appears on his face.

"Good behavior does have its advantageous." I said as I exit the car. I can feel Jack's eyes studying my heart shaped ass. "Now play the simple brother and you will be rewarded."

From the corner of my eye, I can tell Jack is grinding his teeth. But he agrees to my demands by looking away.


The rest of the day is just like any other family reunion. Old family members hugging the living crap out of me. My ear drums leak blood from the yelling of children. The god-fearing mother who puts God before her family. Yeah, it's a family reunion alright.

Throughout the family reunion, Jack hangs out with the guys, plays with the kids, and even go so far as ignore me.

I can tell from his vibe that he wants to be with me. Not in a sexual way, but in a loving lover kind of way. I can tell he just wants to hold me, kiss me, and even listen to my endless bitching. Jack is a very sweet man.

However, I ignore him for both our safeties. We have to act like siblings and not like fool hardy lovers.

As the sun sets over the forest, everyone gathers around the dinner table to feast on the food. Sitting next to our mother, she opens a prayer that blessed us for our safety and that our nation find its way towards God again.

As we start to eat, I hear our mother talk about people daily lives.

"Did you hear about that disgraceful wedding that happened in Alabama?" My mother asks our aunt in a disgusted in her voice.

My ears pricked when I heard about the wedding.

"Was it one of those damnable gay marriages?" Our aunt asks.

"No," My mother said. "it was a incestuous marriage."

I can feel my ears turn bright red.

"The brother and the sister decided to marry in secret and runaway to some far off country. However, they were caught by their parents and the police. "

"Oh my!" Our Aunt said with a gasp. "What happened to them?"

"Well the law can't do anything about it since they are legal age. However, I heard the mother committed suicide and the father drank himself to death."

"And the siblings?"

"Don't know. All I know is that they are going to Hell. Incest is the worse abomination a person can do. Just as bad as bestiality and those homosexual freaks.

"God, what has happen to our nation?"

I keep my attention towards the food.

What would happen if our mother found out about our relationship? Will she forsaken us and let us rot? Will send us to a psychiatrist? Or an insane asylum?

To be honest, I prefer never to find out.


The night sky is painted with endless stars. The forest is a dark maze with creatures that would prefer to avoid Humans. The moon is full and high above the forest. It is the perfect place to meet my lover/brother.

Jack texted me the location of our little meeting place. Although the meeting place takes place in a deserted cabin, the cabin overshadows a lake. And with the weather at near perfection, I know tonight will be a magical evening.

Exiting my bedroom, I carry my purse towards the darkness of the forest.

I look back to see if anyone is following me. To my luck, I am the only one walking in the dark forest.

It takes me fifteen minutes to get to the cabin. Once I arrive, I see a glimmer of light coming from the windows.

For a moment, I feel a sense of fear take over my whole body. What if Jack is not there? What if it is some rednecks who will take advantage of me at first sight? Or worse, what if someone catches us together?

As much as I feel my fear take over my body, I remember a quote from a wise man.

"Fear does not protect us from death. Fear only hinders what life has to offer."

Taking in a deep breath, I march towards the cabin and open the door.

Jack is standing by a picnic mat with a bottle of wine in one hand and two wine glasses. He has a confident look on his face as the recital of nature fills our ears. Several dozen candles light the room as an aura of mystery fills in my beating heart.

Tonight will be a wonderful night.

"Wow, Jack!" I said as I enter the cabin. "A cheap place, a few candles, and you make this a girl's wet dream. How do you do it?"

"I am an imaginative man, Jenny." Jack said as he pours the wine into the glasses. "The more we are together, the more you will see."

I giggle at Jack's statement as he gives me the glass of wine.


As we lay on top of the picnic blanket, Jack and I are just getting high. We are enjoying the ecstasy of weed as it heightens the sensations of our senses. We stare into the wooden ceiling with stupid smiles on our faces.

As we enjoy the weed, I feel Jack's rough hands touching my angelic silk hand. God, the weed makes just touching feel like harmony.

"Can you read me that poem again?" I ask as I take another inhale of my weed.

"I don't think I can say my own name?" Jack chuckles.

"Please." I beg. "You are so talented with words."

I move my hand away from his and put my hand on his leg. Giving him some motivation to think of his poem.

A smirk appears on Jack face as he tries to remember his poem.

"I dream of your smooth lips pressing against mine.

I dream of your soft hands creasing my back.

I dream of a union that will expose our very nature.

I dream of lies that I know will never come true."

A bottomless silence fills the cabin.

As I absorb the words, I feel a tear drop traveling down from eyes.

"Are you okay?" Jack asks as he stares at me.

"I never knew how sad you are." I said as I brush my tears away. "I mean...when did you write that poem?"

"Back when you were dating that jackass from Cuban town." Jack said in a low voice.

"Jesus." I said as I wipe the tears away from my face. "I never meant to hurt you. If I knew how you felt about me..."

Jack rolls on to his side and presses his lips against mine. A powerful jolt of electricity sends across my entire body as I feel Jack's hot tongue press against mine.

I feel his hand reach under my shirt and give my nipple a hard twist. I gasp with joy as Jack sucks on my neck.

"You never did." Jack whispers into my ear. "You are perfect in every way."

Reaching into my panties, I arch my back as Jack's middle finger touches my clit. My toe's curl when he twists even harder on my nipples. I scream with glee as Jack assaulted me in multiple places.

Goddamn, I am in heaven.

As the pressure builds within my lower abdomen, I am twisting and turning like a wild animal. I cannot think or even make a sentence. All I can do is just feel the building orgasm that is taking over my body.

Before I can reach my zenith, Jack suddenly stops. Breathless, and totally bewildered, I try to come up with words on why he stopped. But the moment pulls off my panties, I know what he wanted.

"Please." I ask eagerly. "Don't fuck me just...."

The moment Jack pulls out his cock I am lost of all words. His cock has swollen up to several inches bigger than the last time. The veins are sticking out like rivers channels. His mushroom head is bigger than porn stars.

Before I can even beg to be fucked, Jack rubs his behemoth tool against my cunt. He can feel how hot and tight my pussy is as he slowly pushes into my snatch.

"Don't tease a lady!" I command. "Fuck me like the animal you are!"

Jack rams his cock into my pussy. Having his mushroom head hit me in the g-spot, I moan louder than a bitch in heat.

As Jack continues to ram his cock into my pussy, I feel my pussy walls contracting onto his cock. As my pussy walls squeeze the life out of his penis, his tool started to become bigger and thicker.

As we fuck like a couple of animals, I feel a set of teeth nibbling on my earlobe. Then Jack's hot breath enters my ear that only added fuel to ever growing volcano.

This is all too much for me. My pussy tightens around Jack's cock. My body stiffens like a statue. A powerful rapture engulfs my whole body as hot liquid stains my brother's cock. I howl like a wolf on a full moon night.

I am lost in an ocean of pure bliss.

Jack continues to fuck me as I feel the world around me disappear. Before I pass out, I feel hot cum enter my pussy.


When I open my eyes, I feel Jack's semi-erect tool rubbing against my ass. I also feel hot jizz seeping out of my pussy as Jack holds me close to his body. His hot breath breathes against my neck as the smell of mint and wine fills my nose. God, I love a man who spoons me in his sleep.

As I relish the hot cum in my pussy, I check my watch to see what time it is. To my horror it is two in the morning.

Fear strikes me right in the heart knowing that we overstayed our welcome. For if there is one thing our mother will do is to check on who is in the cabin and whose smoking pot.

"Jack." I whisper as I gently push him away from me. "Jack, we got to go back to the cabin."

"Why?" Jack asks sheepishly. "We have all night to enjoy ourselves."

"Not tonight." I said as I put on my panties. "We need to head back to the cabin before our mother figures out where we are?"

The terror soon fills Jack's eyes as he jumps into the air.

"Goddamn it!" Jack hisses. "I hate sneaking around like a couple of horny teenagers!"

"Well if you want to tell mom about our incestuous relationship," I said with a grunt. "then leave me out. She already suspects me of being a pot head. And I won't have her send me to an insane asylum just because I love you."

I see a light bulb appear in Jack's eyes. A sign that he has an idea.

"Why not move in with me?" Jack asks as he helps me up.

I give Jack a bemused look.

"What do you mean?" I ask as I put on my bra.

"Well," Jack said as he put on his pants. "we can explore our love in a safe place. Make our mother think we are trying to get out of the house. Along with avoiding any suspicion that we are having an incestuous relationship. It will be the perfect cover story."

I gave Jack a shock look.

"That is diabolical." I gasp.

"What did you expect?" Jack said as he hands me my shirt. "That I am just another pretty face?"

"Pretty, no." I said rolling my eyes. "But I have to admit you are one hell of a lover."

I see Jack blushing to my comment.

As we put out the candles, we pick up all our things and walk right out of the cabin.

For the next fifteen minutes, we held each other hands in the vast darkness. I can feel a deep sense of safety coming from my brother's rough hands. That despite committing the ultimate taboo, I can safety say that Jack will lead me towards safety.

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