tagSci-Fi & FantasyForbidden Love Ch. 03

Forbidden Love Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Conflict

The next evening Riverwind decided to see Bella again, hoping she would be alone and available. When he arrived, she was sitting on her porch, they greeted each other in their normal fashion. As he gazed upon her his heart felt soft, but his mind drifted back to the night before, and it hardened back up. He wore his helm to keep his eyes from betraying his thoughts. She invited him to see her garden, he replied with a stern nod. The tone in his voice did not give way to any emotion he was feeling. He followed her through the teleporter to her garden. They looked around the garden walking slowly, the sounds of the water from the falls filling in the silence of the night.

"Very nice", His voice was cold.

"River," she asked, "please take off your helm."

He didn't want to and was hesitant, knowing that once he did, it would reveal his thoughts as he looked upon her. But he nodded and complied, taking the helm off slowly. He tried to remain stoic, his eyes were full of emotions though anger was the one that shone through. She turned her head to try to look into his eyes, reaching up to touch his face. Slowly he turned his head towards her, trying hard to turn off his emotions. But once their eyes did meet, her soft smiling gaze turned around. She had seen the anger and hurt in him and was saddened by it, but she knew that they needed to talk.

He tried to leave saying that he only stopped by to give her a gift and that he must be on his way. Being much wiser in the ways of the heart and such she knew he was lying. She invited him to come and sit and talk to her, he tried to refuse the offer that was made.

"I know you were here last night. We should talk this out, I don't want you to leave here angry. Please come sit downstairs with me and let us talk." she gestured to the porter.

They went down to the next floor where her settee room was, and from there the conversation was started. They both talked back and forth, the conversation was going smooth, then turned for a dive. Riverwind was confused; he had never expected to have any real feelings for her. They had discussed the nature of this relationship before it had even started, but the last few weeks, they had been spending more time together and his heart had started to grow for her. They talked for what seemed like hours but only minutes had past. It grew a little heated toward the end and Riverwind got up to leave, he thought this was best. He needed to figure out what his feelings were and how to deal with them.

Grabbing his helm he got up and started walking away, when Bella came up behind and asked him to stay. She grabbed his arm and tried to turn him towards her, he would not budge. Part of him wanted to leave, to get the hell out of there to think. The other part wanted to stay and make love to her, show her she meant something to him. He growled quietly, trying to resist her, his body was betraying him.

He dropped his helm and turned toward her, she quickly reached up to him and kissed him, he returned her kiss. His hands making their way around her waist, and practically ripping her shirt off. Picking her up he carried her to the bed, throwing her down on it as he unfastened his armor. He tossed it all on the floor never taking their eyes off each others, passion boiling up inside them both. Climbing onto the bed, he positioned himself between her thighs, slowly lightly trailing a finger up her legs before leaning forward to kiss her. Their lips ravishing each other hungrily; she dug her nail into his back as she lifted her hips wanting him inside her. Tonight he was going to do it all his way, grabbing her hands he slid his fingers through hers. He then placed her hands slightly above her head squeezing them as he playfully rubbed his hard cock against her clit.

Whispering in her ear, "Do you want it? Tell me you want it..."

"Yes River...I want it."

Her hips moving against him, she moaned softly, his mouth on her neck kissing and biting. In one swift motion, he thrust his cock into her forcefully and slowly pulled it out, she gasped. The feeling of pain and pleasure driving her wild inside, slowly he began to fuck her. His thrusts slow and deep, as she moved her hips against him wanting him to move faster.

"You want it faster? Talk to me....."

"Yes.. Yes.." She moaned. "Fuck me...faster....mmm"

He began to quicken his thrusts, his hands squeezing hers as he does. Their hips moving together as one now as they kiss passionately, biting her bottom lip dthe sucking on it. Riverwind released her hands, suddenly stopping, he pulls out sitting up on his knees. Bella reached up to grab for him, playfully he swatted her away.

Riverwind smirks as he looks down at Bella and says...."If you want it...come get it. Show me..."

Bella reached up grabbing Riverwind and pulls him to the bed turning him onto his back. Straddling his legs she leans forward running her lips lightly over his, then nipping his bottom lip. She moved her hips slightly teasing his cock as he flexes it against her. Before sitting back up she moves her head down and bites his nipple hard. Riverwind flinched slightly as she pushed herself up; reaching her hand down to stroke his cock before inserting it inside her wet pussy. She slowly starts rocking her hips back and forth, as she leans over grabbing the headboard.

"That's right...fuck me" he tells her.

Using the headboard for leverage, Bella moves her hips faster as Riverwind moved his hips in rhythm with hers. Tossing her head back moaning as Riverwind took his finger and begins to massage her clit. She moves her hips faster as she feels his cock throbbing inside her.

"Fuck me.... show me this is your cock..."

Riverwind puts his hands on her waist as he moves his hips with hers; sweat dripping off their bodies. Lifting his head up to her suck on her breasts, he licks the sweat off her nipples. Groaning with pleasure her muscles tightening around his cock. His orgasm getting closer he tries to hold out for her, thinking of something else but he hears her moans getting louder. Her body starts to shake, reaching up he grabs her hands off the headboard. Pulling her down to him, he kisses her passionately, as he rolls her onto her back. Bella wraps her legs around her waist arching her back as Riverwind thrusts his cock into her deep. His orgasm getting closer as he moves inside her faster, her nails digging into his arms. The headboard banging up against the wall as he fucked her with forcefully.

"Ohhh...Riverrrr" She cries out as her orgasm overtakes her.

Her muscles spasm around his cock as he releases his own orgasm, burying his head into her shoulder. Slowing his thrusts as they both succumb to a deep, passionate kiss. Pulling out he stretch out beside her, holding her tight in his arms.

"Please...don't leave me." she whispers as she looks up at him.

"I don't think I could, if I tried." he replied breathlessly.

Bella laid her head upon his chest listening to his heartbeat, falling asleep to the rhythm. He gently stroked her hair, kissing the top of her head, as he drifted into a content sleep.

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