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Forbidden Passion



Michael, I come to you asking for your kind assistance in this matter, please rescue me, I am hopelessly in love with you, and so I have come to see you after way too much time has passed, with my heart pumping vigorously and a body just aching to be with you, in your strong capable arms. Do you think you can help?

As I look out for your gorgeous face among the crowd in the waiting area, I anticipate what is yet to come. I am aching for your touch, to feel your lips on mine, your tongue in my mouth, and your sexy body pressed against mine. As our eyes meet, and I move in closer to you, I smile at you and you flash me that sweet smile that will forever stay in my memory, feeling the sparks flying as we embrace, and our lips meet in a long sensuous kiss, oblivious to the world around us. I've missed you so much, I just can't wait to make sweet love to you, but I know we must wait, at least till we arrive at the hotel room that you booked for me... or so I thought. As we get into your car, and we drive out of the airport, I take a long hard look at you and then with an evil grin, I lean over toward you, resting my head in your lap. I see you looking down at me and you know exactly what I have in mind, before you know it, my hands are already busy loosing your belt, unfastening your jeans, and freeing your now hard, throbbing dick. I take the tip into my mouth ever so gently, and lick the precum glistening at the top, taking in more bit by bit until I have comfortably taken in more than half, and licking it up and down as hard as I can, causing you to squirm in your seat and beg me to stop...


Driving down the road, I feel the warm wind in my hair and the sun on my face. As intense as those feelings are, they pale in comparison to the pleasure of feeling you in my lap. I fight to keep my eyes on the road, but find myself gazing over your body, savoring every curve, worshipping every inch of you. Your raven hair spills over me as I admire your movements. I feel your tongue massaging my dick as I find myself helplessly letting out a moan. Feeling your lips sliding over me as my full length now throbs in your mouth, kissing the back of your throat as your tongue rubs against me in matching rhythm to my blood pulsing inside. As your hand caresses my balls, i cannot help but gasp loudly, feeling myself going over the edge. I look down at you and catch you gazing up to my eyes as you taste me. I become instantly entranced in your look and seeing your eyes locked with mine as your mouth moves up and down over my dick makes my heart race, my blood pulse, and you know that I'm close to cumming. You see me fighting the urge, smile up at me, and take me deep into your mouth as I cum endlessly inside you. Both of us knowing full well that this is but the start of a nonstop pleasurable experience that neither of us could ever possibly forget. I have to pull over to the side of the road to allow the sensation to return to my body as you lean into me and we kiss passionately. Your talented tongue now dancing with mine as we both know that we were meant to come together this way..this instant we both realize that the wait was worth it...and now over.


I realise that we are now passing the hotel where you said you booked a room for me, and as I glance over to you with a question of 'What are you doing?' You smile back slyly at me and as we travel further down I realise the familiar road leading me to a place we had been to before, near the sea. I am pleasantly surprised and I reach over to hug you, my breasts brushing against your arms and raising that sensation that I've been longing for. As we finally reach our destination, I look around at the familiar surroundings...Images of the last time we were here fill my mind, images of you and me making sweet love on the shore in the cool breeze, and I know that that's the next thing I want to do as soon as we get out of the car.


I kneel down in front of you and pull you to me. My lips against your warm stomach as my breath against your skin leaves you gasping. I look up at your eyes as my tongue makes small circles around your bellybutton. My hands caressing you, guiding you, as I slowly crawl over, guiding you backwards until you are leaning against the hood of the car. My hands glide to your firm ass, your silken skin graces my touch. I begin to smell your sweet scent building as the breeze blows through your hair. I feel your hands grab a hold of my hair as you lean your head back and lift your leg to rest against my shoulder. Your sweet taste surrounds my tongue as my tongue explores your inside, thrusting in and out of you, rubbing against your g-spot. I watch as your back arches and your breasts heave as you near orgasm. Sensing you getting close, I trap your swollen clit between my lips and press it firmly, in harmony with your heartbeat. My tongue flicks at you...firmly...quickly...as your gasps of breath get shorter. I suck on you and savor your juices as your legs feel like heaven on my shoulders. Your skin as soft as velvet, as warm as the sun against my neck as I drive you to the point of ecstasy. Your hips rise from the car as my hands slip under you, holding your ass and bringing you close to my mouth. Your moans fill the air as you cum time and again, each scream making me want you more and lick you harder. Envy fills my body for an instant as I realize that I cannot have multiple orgasms the likes of which you have now, but the envy quickly turns to passion as the heat of the moment burns away any other thoughts. Now, all my thoughts are that this is still only the beginning of our evening together...an evening that will last an eternity, and yet only an instant...

To Be Continued...

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