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Forbidden Pleasure


Another 4 AM and I have to get up to do my newspaper route. Nobody should have to get out of bed at this hour. I get dressed and head downstairs to see if the papers have gotten here on time. I turn on the light at the bottom of the stairs and hope I'm not going to wake my 22 year old son who is home on leave. He is sound asleep on his back on the sofa and I go to the door and bring in the papers to bag.

As I'm bagging the papers, I glance at my sleeping son from the side. He's wearing a tee shirt and a short pair of military shorts. He's snoring lightly and he has one leg bent, the other straight. He looks so peaceful sleeping, just like when he was a little boy, but he's an adult now. I turn my focus on my papers again so I can get done delivering and crawl back into bed. As I turn the light out to leave the house, I glance once more at my son from a feet first view. I quickly turn the light out and leave. As I'm getting into the car the image of my son from that last glance is clearly in my head. Why was he sleeping in such short shorts?

The whole time I'm delivering the papers my mind flashes back to my son in those shorts. Now mind you, I never thought of any of my sons in a sexual way, but I hadn't been with a man in over 7 months and the way those shorts gapped slightly at his one leg was getting to me. I was at my mid cycle and horny as hell as usual. I tried to shake the image out of my head, I was missing houses because I was so distracted. Finally finished, I drive home, I can't wait to get back to sleep.

I entered the house, and without turning on the light I put my newspaper bag away and head to the stairs. Now, I do leave a nightlight on under the table at the stairs. I can't help but glance toward my son one more time in the dim light. He didn't move the entire time I was gone and that gap between his shorts and his leg was taunting me. I don't know what was possesing me, but I had to get a closer look. I went to the sofa and stared at my sons' crotch and that gap. I couldn't see anything but I was curious as hell.

I bent down, but still couldn't see anything. Next thing I knew my hand was reaching for the leg of those shorts to widen the gap. I was now getting a small glimpse of my sons' hairy balls. I could feel the hair tickle my fingers as I tried to widen the gap a little more. I knelt next to the sofa and leaned my face closer and I got a noseful of his manly scent. I lightly brushed my lips against those hairs and sofly nuzzled his balls with my mouth. Abruptly I pulled my head back and stood up. What the hell was I doing? This is my son. I shouldn't have thoughts like this going through my head, let alone be acting on them. I quickly walked to the steps so I could go to bed and try to forget what I had just done.

I only got two steps up when I turned to look at my son again. Something came over me and I went back down the steps and stood next to him at his chest. I bent over and lightly ran the palm of my hand over his chest. He didn't stir. My son is not exactly a light sleeper. I reached down with both hands and slowly pulled his shirt up to his arm pits. He still wasn't stirring. I started to lightly rub my hands over his bare chest and nipples. I once again knelt down next to the sofa and started licking and kissing his chest and nipples while caressing his abdomen with my one hand. This was feeling a hell of alot better than it should have and my crotch area was starting to tingle. Again, I stopped myself, stood up and turned for the stairs.

I took only one step before looking toward my sons' crotch and noticed the nice size bulge that has formed in his shorts. I reached down and carefully lowered his shorts to the bottom of his hips and released that hard bulge. I bent over and caressed his balls ever so softly while running the fingers of my other hand along his stiff shaft. I lowered my head and began kissing, licking, and ever so slowly taking all of him in my mouth. He shifted slightly and I stopped. I hoped he wasn't waking up yet, I wasn't nearly done with him. I stood quiet and still till I was sure he was still asleep.

When he didn't move again, I lowered my shorts and stepped out of one leg. I removed my shirt and bent over for one more taste of his meat. I managed to straddle his legs and started kissing my way up his body. I was now straddling his hips and lightly rubbing my wet pussy on his shaft. I kissed his neck and positioned the head of his cock at my wet, hungry hole. I lightly brushed my lips on his and ran my tongue between them to part them so I could shove my tongue into his mouth. I lowered myself onto his shaft.

I started to slowly ride him, sliding him in and out gently. As I began riding faster and harder, I also began kissing him more intensely. I couldn't believe how good my sons' cock felt inside me or how good my tongue felt in his mouth. I was so horny at this time, nothing was going to stop me until we both orgasmed.

All of a sudden I felt my sons' hands pushing against my arms. He finally woke up and was trying to push me off of him. I wouldn't let him. I stopped kissing him and said, "relax, and just enjoy what I'm doing to you."

He said, "mom, this isn't right, you have to stop."

I took his one hand and placed it on my ass, the other I put on my breast. I told him, "I will stop when I'm done fuckin' you, not before." I put my one hand behind his head and pulled his mouth to my one nipple and said, "suck it." As he did, both his hands were squeezing my ass.

I started pounding myself down on his cock and in short order, when he was deep inside me, we both exploded together in one intense orgasm. I leaned down and kissed him one last time as his cum oozed out of my pussy onto him. I dismounted and put my leg back in my shorts and pulled them up. I put my shirt back on and turned toward my son. As he was straightening his clothes, I said to him, "I'm sorry, I was horny as hell and needed a good fucking to relieve my frustrations." Adding, "I know this wasn't right, but you were here. It will never happen again."

I turned and went to the stairs. After I went up a couple of stairs, I stopped, looked at him again and said, "I hope you enjoyed what just happened, if only a little. I know I really did." I then went up to bed. Neither one of us mentioned it the next day. Now all I can do is wait to see if I got pregnant from my forbidden pleasure.

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Written...What I wouldn't give to be you're son for just 1 day😁

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