Force Fed


(DISCLAIMER: This story is set in a high school. However, everyone involved in this story is at least 18 years of age. Some of the ages are not explicitly given in the text. Let it be explicitly given right now that all characters are at least 18.)


Senior year of high school is tough for a nerd. You get your fair share of teasing, you're not good at sports, and no one wants to have sex with you. By the time I reached senior year, the extent of my sexual experience was the one time I got a hand job from the only girl trombone player, and she had moved away a year ago.

I was a senior and the closest I had come to having actual sex with a girl was jacking off to Facebook pictures. I'd be ashamed of that, but, I mean, can you blame me? Some of the pictures that girls put up on the internet are practically porn.

In fact, I think I preferred it to regular porn. None of my sexual fantasies were ever about porn stars. They were about the girls that I knew. Fantasizing about a girl I had known for years always got me more turned on than some fake-tit-pornstar that I didn't even know.

There were a few girls that regularly turned up in my fantasies. There was Ashley, a girl in my physics class. She was a ridiculously smart girl; class A nerd like me. She had always been shy and never went to parties or anything. But, during our sophomore year, she started to... fill out. By senior year, her tits were like two full melons bulging against her shirts.

She had never really been a popular girl growing up, but damn did she ever grow up. The appeal of Ashley was that sex with her would be like exploring untreaded territory. She had never even had a boyfriend. I often got caught-up staring at her chest during physics labs, imagining burying my face in her cleavage and titty-fucking her until I came on her glasses.

Another girl I fantasized about was Mallory. This one is harder to explain because I don't even find Mallory all that hot. Mallory belongs to a group of friends that I hang out with regularly. We've all been friends since the fifth grade. I never found Mallory attractive until junior year of school. The reason is beyond me.

Have you ever had a friend that you don't find attractive, but then, maybe just because you've known them for so long, you suddenly want to fuck the shit out of them? That's as best as I can describe it. Mallory and I would usually sit next to each other during study hall. I never got any work done because I was always thinking what it would be like to bend her over the desk and fuck her up the ass right there in the library.

As you can imagine, I spent a lot of my time at school concealing the fact that I had a raging erection. However, at no other time during the school day was this harder to do than during math class. Math was my last class of the day, and I both looked forward to and dreaded it. I dreaded the class because I hate math. I was in the advanced classes for every other subject, but I was in a lower math class.

However, this created a unique opportunity for me. My class consisted of the typical jocks, pretty girls and all around more popular people than I usually had class with. And, one girl stood out in my mind more than all the rest - Kayleigh Spencer. Kayleigh was a blonde bombshell that sat directly to my right.

Kayleigh was popular, athletic, and gorgeous. She wasn't like all the anorexic, sickly-looking girls that most people thought were hot. Kayleigh had curves. Not chubby, mind you. She had curves in the exact right places. She would often wear shorts, and I would lose myself following her long legs up past her thick thighs until I was staring at her ass. Holy shit, her ass. It was a beautiful, full, round ass. Any guy who tells you he's looking for a girl with a small, flat ass is either lying to your face or has never met Kayleigh Spencer.

I wanted desperately to smack it every time she got up out of her desk. I spent hours and hours fantasizing about Kayleigh. During class, I would make excuses to stand up, just so I could try and get a look down her shirt at her shapely breasts. Or, I would "accidentally" drop a pencil so I could bend down and get a view up her skirt on the days she would wear them.

One day when she was wearing a skirt, I glanced over, not actually intending to look at her this time, and happened to see that her skirt had fallen down a little ways in the back. The top of a bright orange thong was exposed, and I actually got a good view of the top of her ass crack. I couldn't believe she was wearing a thong under her skirt. Wasn't she scared someone would see? I sneakily used my cell phone to take a picture.

That night, I must have jacked off three times to it. It seems sort of stalker-ish talking about this now, but it's not like I was dangerous. I was just a horny guy that needed to jack off. I knew I would never be able to actually sleep with Kayleigh. She didn't even know my name. So, I did the next best thing. Our "relationship" consisted of her looking hot and me imagining her sucking my cock.

One day, I decided to look her up on Facebook. Kayleigh's profile wasn't private, so I decided to take a look at her pictures, and damn were they sexy. Some of the best ones were from Halloween. There were all sorts of pictures of her and several of the other popular girls from my high school dressed up in tight outfits that exposed more than enough skin to get me hard. Many of these pictures made their way into my spank bank.

Being a popular girl, there were always rumors floating around about Kayleigh. Most popular girls have rumors about them. Usually, it's a rumor some guy started, saying she gave him a blowjob or slept with him. Kayleigh had these same rumors about her, but some of the rumors people heard about Kayleigh were more hardcore than the average popular girl got.

A football player named Eric said that she was into bondage. An outspoken lesbian had claimed that Kayleigh loved to eat pussy. There was even a rumor that Mr. Boyd, the guidance counselor, had fingered her in his office. Most people were dismissive of these rumors. I didn't believe most of what I heard about anyone at my school. One rumor stuck out in my mind though.

Kayleigh was dating a guy named Patrick Larson. After they broke up, Pat went around telling everyone that he had buttfucked Kayleigh. Not only that, Pat said that she had begged him to do it. When I heard about this, my brain shorted out. I thought the rumor was probably just Pat getting revenge for being dumped.

But, the image of Kayleigh begging for a cock in her asshole was suddenly imprinted in my mind. It was all I thought about. I mean, that's the sort of thing you see in a porno. That's not real life. Hell, Kayleigh was 18 years old. What teenager is so sexually experienced that they actually request anal sex? Nevertheless, the thought of her taking it up the butt got me off countless times.

If I had a love of Kayleigh's ass before, it had become an obsession. All of my fantasies were tuned into that big ass that sat next to me during math class. I found myself staring more often. Every day, I checked to see if her ass crack was showing. On a few occasions, I was pretty sure I got caught staring. She never said anything though, so she must not have taken much notice.

One day, in the fall, I stayed late at school to work on a research paper. Around five o'clock, I decided I should probably go home. As I was passing the gym, I noticed a large commotion coming from inside. My history teacher was at a desk by the entrance, taking tickets.

"What's going on in there?" I asked him.

"It's the volleyball game, Dan. What else would it be?" he said. I stood by the open door and looked in. The game must have been exciting because the people in the stands were cheering very loudly. I had never been to a volleyball game, so I had no clue what was going on.

I looked all around the gym, taking everything in. The scoreboard read 20-21. Then I looked down to the gym floor. What I saw changed my life. The girls were all wearing the tightest and shortest pants I had ever seen. 'What is this?' I thought. 'Is this heaven?' I instinctively looked at something else, as if I had just been caught watching porn or something. 'How can this be legal? You can see everything!'

"Dan. You going in or not?" said Mr. Robinson.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, why not?" I entered the gym and took a seat on the bleachers, near the back. I had never given volleyball a second thought, but here were some of the most popular girls in school, girls that I would never have a chance with, literally sticking their asses out for everyone to see.

I didn't know many of the girls, but I recognized a few, mostly the seniors like me. There was Laci, and Claire, and Emily, and...I choked on the air I was breathing when I saw Kayleigh. Kayleigh Spencer was standing in front of me wearing a pair of tight, black shorts that were riding up into her crack and left the very bottom of her ass cheeks exposed.

The ass that I had been obsessing over was now in front of me, barely concealed by a little spandex. I took a second to consider this. In any other setting, these girls would be considered slutty and indecent. But, because it was an athletic event, it was normal. In fact, most of the people cheering in the stands were friends and family. Was I the only one that saw the sexual display happening before me? I watched as the girls shuffled around the gym floor, their shorts riding farther and farther up. Between points, they would sometimes have to pull them back down. This was the best discovery I had ever made. If there was any doubt in my mind that I was an ass man, it was crushed by me watching this volleyball game.

Those shorts made everyone's ass look good. All shapes and sizes gently bouncing around before me. I switched my gaze between the girls one at a time. I looked at Emily's ass for a while. Her's was fairly average in size but still had a nice roundness to it. Claire had a tighter ass that barely stuck out. Not a great butt, but the magical volleyball shorts made it look good. Laci's ass surprised me. She had a longer butt than the other girls. Her high waist and long crack reminded me of pictures I had seen of models from the 80's.

I didn't know any of the other girls by name, but I checked them out too. Most were fairly unspectacular -- that's Missouri for you. A lot of them were average, except for one girl who I later learned was named Michelle. She had a very interesting body.

The only reason her body wasn't fat was because all her fat seemed to be shoved into her ass. Everything else about her was normal. She had a pretty face and a very toned body, but her ass was enormous. If Kayleigh's was big, I would consider this one fat. It was a seriously fat butt. Michelle was also clearly the strongest girl on the team. She seemed powerful despite her fat ass.

Saving the best for last, I focused on Kayleigh's ass. Thank God I was in the back of the gym where no one could see me, because I instantly got an erection looking at that big, round ass. After every point they scored, the team would group together and high five or do a short cheer. I watched Kayleigh every time, watching her butt bounce up and down as she jumped around.

I was lost in my own erotic world. All other sights and sounds were dulled to me. Before I knew it, the game was over and I had to go home. I got home as fast as I could, went straight to my room and threw my pants down around my ankles. I masturbated furiously, remembering the sight of Kayleigh's soft cheeks in those tight pants. Just like that, I had become a volleyball fan.

The next day at school, I was dead to the world. I didn't talk to anyone, or participate in any of my classes. All I could think about was what I had seen the night before at the volleyball game. I decided to stay after school again. I told my friends I was going to work on my research paper again.

The real reason I stayed was so I could catch a glimpse of the girls in their volleyball shorts. Their practice was closed, so no one was allowed to watch them in the gym, but the locker rooms were separated from the gym by a hallway. I sat down against the wall in the hallway around the time the practice was supposed to be over and pretended to read a book.

Sure enough, when their practice was over, the girls all walked right past me, thinking nothing of me. I got a great view of Kayleigh's ass. It wasn't a long look, but it was worth it. After they had all gone into the locker room, I grabbed my things and hurried home to masturbate. This became a ritual of mine over the next week. Every day, I would sit in that hallway and wait for the girls to walk past me.

Eventually, I got daring enough to snap a few pictures with my cell phone, pretending I was just texting. I knew that what I was doing was perverted, but I didn't care. Any chance I had of looking at these popular girls' asses I was going to take. By the end of the week, my phone was full of pictures of all the girls' round butts, and I was in heaven. But, everything was about to change quite drastically.

Friday at school was business as usual. I had my spot in the hallway, and practice was about to end. As the girls walked past me on their way to the locker room, I pretended to text someone and snapped a great shot of Laci's long butt. Her ass had become one of my favorites to masturbate to. All the girls had gone into the locker room, and I was grabbing my stuff off the ground when someone down the hall called to me.

"Hey. Hey, you," the voice said.

I looked towards the voice and saw that it was a football player. A guy named Jacob who I had chemistry with the year before. He was walking down the hall, looking straight at me. I looked behind me, thinking maybe he was speaking to someone else. But, we were the only two people in the area. I pointed at myself questioningly.

"Yeah, you," said Jacob. "What are you doing here?" The tone of his voice made it seem like he knew I was up to something. I didn't know what to say. He was much bigger than me, and I was starting to panic.

"I was just reading."

"Reading? Reading what?"

"Uh, physics text book. Got a test tomorrow."

"Yeah? That so? You always study for tests by the locker rooms?

"I, uh... there were some people making noise where I usually study, so I came here to get away from them."

"Huh. It's just that I've noticed you've been uhh... studying... in this hallway quite a bit." My heart sank. I didn't know what to do. "In fact, you've been sitting in that same spot every day all week." "I guess I just like it here," I said. I turned around and started to walk away. But, Jacob wasn't done.

"Hey, buddy. Mind if I use your phone? I don't know where mine is." I turned back to him.

"What? No. You can't use my phone. I... I don't have many minutes left this month." Jacob grabbed my bag out of my hand and opened the side pocket where I had my phone.

"I'll reimburse you," he said. I made a grab for my phone, but he grabbed me and pinned me against the wall with his forearm. With his other hand, he scrolled through my phone and found all the pictures I had been taking. "Oh, look at that," he said in a mocking tone. "Somebody has been a very naughty boy, haven't they?"

"Give it back," I said. "Let me go."

"Oh, I'll let you go. But, first you have to learn a little lesson." Jacob grabbed me with one hand and dragged me over to the door of the girls' locker room. He opened the door wide and threw me in. I fell to the ground, quickly got back to my feet and ran back to the door to get out. But, Jacob was holding it closed from the other side as I slammed my shoulder into it, trying to force it open. After a few seconds of this, I heard a voice behind me.

"Well well. What do we have here?" I went catatonic for a few seconds, then turned to look at where the voice had come from. Behind me, the entire volleyball team was staring at me, still dressed in their uniforms. Kayleigh was the one who spoke. My dick instinctively twitched at seeing her in her volleyball shorts, but something about her seemed scary. She walked up to me, grabbed me by the ear, and dragged me further into the locker room.

"I hear somebody needs to be taught a lesson," she said to me. She sat me down on a bench the rejoined the others as they surrounded me. The door to the locker room opened again, and Jacob threw in my phone, laughing. Claire picked up my phone and started to scroll through my pictures.

"My my," she said. "Seems we really do have a pervert on our hands." They seemed to know quite a bit about what I had been doing. In fact, they seemed like they were ready for me when I had been thrown into the locker room.

'Was this whole thing planned?' I thought. 'Did they already know what I had been up to?' I cringed as I thought of what they might do to me. They all passed my phone around so everyone could see what I had been up to. Each one of them looked at me, disgusted. Kayleigh spoke up again.

"Couldn't help but notice that there are a lot of ass pictures. You like ass do you?" she said. I didn't say anything. Just looked down in embarrassment. "You know what? I'm feeling generous." All the girls started to laugh at that. "I think we could help you out with that." Something told me she wasn't really feeling all that generous after all. "In fact, I think we're going to give you all the ass you'll ever need. Grab him, girls."

At Kayleigh's command, six girls grabbed me and lifted me off of the bench. Mind you, these were six athletic girls and I was a scrawny guy. Resisting them didn't do much use. They continued to lift me until they were carrying me horizontal to the ground with me facing the ceiling, three girls on each side.

They held me at about waist level. Looking up, all I could see were the girls' faces looking down at me. They carried me across the locker room, head first. I tilted my head backwards, to see where they were taking me.

Ahead of us, Claire stood. The rest of the girls had formed a circle around her. The girls carrying me stopped and then Claire turned around, facing away from me. She then pulled her shorts down to about her knees.

I was in shock. First, came the realization that she wasn't wearing any underwear under her shorts. Guess that explained why they form to their asses so tight. But, more important than that, Claire was standing in the middle of her team with her bare ass hanging out for everyone to see, and everyone was smiling.

I never had jacked off to Claire's ass as much as some of the others because it was smaller, but seeing it like this made me rethink my bias. I didn't have much time to wonder at what was going to happen before the girls carrying me moved me forward, face first into Claire's ass crack. One of them pushed my head forcefully into her ass to make sure I was in there good.

Then Claire grabbed her shorts from around her knees and pulled them back up, encasing my head in her pants. The other girl removed her hand from my head, as the shorts forced my face into Claire's ass. From the outside, I'm sure it looked like I had just shoved my head into the top of her shorts. All of the girls started laughing. I think I heard a few of them taking pictures. I was humiliated.

It was amazingly hot in between Claire's cheeks. All the girls had just finished practice and hadn't even showered yet. My lips had been pressed right up against her asshole, and a hot, steamy smell filled my nose and my mouth. The initial swell of laughter started to die down and I could hear Claire speak to me.

"Alright, pervert," she said, "start licking." Then she gave her ass a little shake around my face.

"What?!" I yelled in disbelief. Her ass muffled my words.

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