tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForce Fed Ch. 02

Force Fed Ch. 02


NOTE: This is chapter 2 in my series, "Force Fed." Once again, I would like to make it clear that all characters are at least 18. Thanks for reading as well as your continued support.

Monday morning was hell. I did my best to stay hidden all day. I figured that if I didn't call any attention to myself then maybe no one would even notice me. I was wrong. Most of the people I went to school with didn't even know who I was last week, yet suddenly everyone knew who I was. I heard it everywhere in the halls:

"You're that guy who got thrown into the girls' locker room, right?"

"You better run, Dan. The volleyball team is right behind you!"

"Look out, ladies. If you're not careful, this guy will eat your asshole."

"Hey, is it true that Michelle fingered you and you liked it?" Surprisingly, this is the one I heard most of all. Everyone wanted to know if Michelle had really fingered my ass. Of course, as the rumor spread, it quickly went from Michelle fingering my ass to Michelle fucking my ass. By the end the day, the story was that Kayleigh held me down and Michelle fucked me with a strap-on while Laci fucked Michelle with a strap-on, forming a fuck-train of sorts. Fucking rumors.

I was actually a little relieved that the rumors were getting ridiculous like that. At least fewer people would believe them if they were too exaggerated. Even so, the majority of the high school still thought of me as a dirty pervert.

All week, I endured the humiliation. It was tough. Even some of my own friends teased me about it. However, math class was the hardest. There were several football players in my class. These were some of the guys who actually saw me walk out of the locker room naked and covered in my own cum. And, they never seemed to tire of tormenting me.

Worse than that, I had to keep sitting next to Kayleigh. The big ass I had obsessed over was still sitting directly to my right, but I didn't dare look. I even avoided looking anywhere in her general direction. How could I allow myself to look at her now? She had sat on my face and made me lick her asshole. She had seen me cum onto my own stomach. She had even slapped me across the face with her open hand, coated in my own cum....

...She had also seemed to enjoy it more than the other girls. I still wasn't sure if Kayleigh had had an orgasm that day. I remembered the feeling of her ass clenching tight as she forced my face deep into her crotch. Maybe she....

"Hey, Spunkboy. Catch." One of the football players threw a wadded up piece of paper that hit me on the forehead causing a group to my left to start laughing. The weekend couldn't come soon enough.

After five days of humiliation, it was finally Saturday. My parents were celebrating their anniversary out of town and wouldn't be back until Sunday night. I had the whole house to myself, which was good because I had no intention of showing my face outside. There was a big party at Ricki Bower's place, but I wasn't invited. I couldn't blame that on the locker room incident though. I wouldn't have been invited before that anyways.

I decided to spend my night watching a Bond marathon on TV and eating junk food. It had been a tough week and I just wanted to forget about everything for a while. Six hours of Bond movies quickly turned the clock to midnight. I was riding a sugar rush and considering looking up some internet porn after having just watched a very sexy scene of a Bond girl. Before I could make up my mind, my doorbell rang.

Saturday night at midnight? Who the hell would be at my door? I checked my cellphone to see if I had missed any calls from my friends. There were none. I walked across the room and opened the door. Whatever I had imagined in my wildest dreams didn't compare to what I saw. Standing in my doorway was Kayleigh Spencer. She was wearing a pair of light-blue short shorts and a tight, white tank top that really made her tits look amazing.

"Hey, Dan," said Kayleigh nonchalantly and walked in. "What are doing?" Her voice wasn't exactly cheerful. She almost sounded annoyed, the way someone sounds after a long day at work.

"Ummm, just watching TV I guess," I said. Kayleigh looked at the TV behind me. My face turned a little red. The fact that Kayleigh was just standing in my living room was somehow embarrassing me. What was she doing? Was this some sort of prank?

"Cool. Big house," said Kayleigh and she walked a little further in. How did she even know where I lived? I didn't even know that she knew my name. This had to be the jocks fucking with me some more.

"Uhh, Kayleigh? How do you know where I live?"

"Your dad is my dentist. You're listed in the phone book, Dan."

"Oh, well..."

"Where's your room?" My throat seemed to invert itself and I felt myself choking.

"You... you want to see my room?" I asked. Kayleigh smirked and walked over to me, placing her hand on my shoulder and looking me square in the eye.

"Yes, Dan. I want to see your room. Where is it?" Her voice wasn't seductive, more commanding.

"It's... uhhh, upstairs on the right. Why are you...?" Before I could finish, Kayleigh was walking up the stairs. I remained still for a few seconds before I followed her. Kayleigh was at the top of the stairs as I started to climb up. As she walked through my doorway, I saw her start to remove her shirt over her head. I climbed the stairs faster and rounded the corner into my room.

Kayleigh was standing in the middle of my bedroom wearing only her tiny shorts and a white bra. She set down her purse on my desk chair then slowly turned in a circle, looking at everything in my room. Her tits looked so good. I wanted to shove my face between them and suck on her nipples. Everything else about her was incredibly sexy as well. She had her blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail and was wearing a little more makeup than she did at school. She must have been at Ricki's party earlier.

My cock jumped a little when I saw her flat stomach and nicely toned midriff. And, of course, there was her full, round ass. As she continued to look around, I stared at her thick cheeks, hypnotizing me. A sense of pride suddenly came over me as I realized that I had seen that bare ass. I had eaten that ass out. That ass, which I had worshipped for so long, had engulfed my face. I suddenly realized that Kayleigh had stopped moving and was looking at me as I stared at her ass.

"It's not polite to stare, Dan," said Kayleigh.

"No... I didn't mean to... I wasn't," I stammered out.

"Relax. It's not like that was the first time," Kayleigh said, her tone softening. "I always knew you were staring at me in math." Guess I wasn't as sly as I thought.

"I... I...." I finally couldn't take it anymore. I had to know what she was up to. "Kayleigh, what are you doing here?"

Kayleigh's face changed into a mischievous yet seductive look and she walked over to me. She put her arms on my shoulders, crossing her wrists behind my head.

"I'll tell you what I'm doing here," she said and moved her face real close to mine. "I'm going to lay down on your bed, and you're going to lick my ass."

"I'm... I'm going to what?"

"You're going to lick my ass. Do you have a problem with that? You didn't seem to last week." I blushed a little and had to look away from her. I imagined my tongue working its way around her ass once again and started to feel myself getting hard. But, something wasn't right. This didn't make sense. Why would she come to me?

"I don't understand," I said. "Why... I mean...why me?"

"Dan, I'm going to be frank with you. You have the best tongue of any guy I've ever fucked." This was surprising. It was my first time ever even giving oral sex before. No way was I that good. "I mean, I know we didn't fuck. But, that's what made it so great. You were there purely to serve, and you ate my ass so fucking good. I know you felt me cum on your face last week," continued Kayleigh. I fucking knew it. I hadn't imagined it.

"Wow.... Well, even so, you could sleep with anyone. What the hell are you doing at my place?" Kayleigh smiled wickedly.

"What I'm in the mood for, most guys won't do. How many guys do you know that will lick a girl's butthole? Hell, most guys will barely eat my pussy. They just want to stick it in. Sometimes, I don't even cum. But, I don't think that's going to be a problem with you. Besides, even if I did ask some other guy to lick my ass, they would just go around telling everyone I'm a slut. Fuck that. That's why you're perfect, Dan."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that you like to eat assholes as much as I like having mine eaten and you're not going to tell anyone about it." Kayleigh smiled. The air of arrogance she was giving off was filling the room.

"Yeah? And why wouldn't I?

"Ha! Are you fucking kidding me? Who would believe you? You're the guy who got dominated by the volleyball team. I even heard a guy at Ricki's party earlier saying how Michelle had raped you with a strap-on. Some people think she went ass to mouth on you, Dan. You have zero credibility here."

"What? So, you think I'll just agree to do this? What's the catch?"

"Of course you're going to agree," said Kayleigh, and she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I stared at her beautiful, perky tits only a couple of feet from me. Kayleigh was extremely sure of herself. She knew I wouldn't say no. "I'm not blackmailing you, Dan. Although, I'm sure you would agree even if there was a catch. I know you want me, and I know what that tongue of yours can do to me. This is good for both of us.... But, you're right. Maybe I should just go find someone else." Kayleigh started to walk away, but I quickly put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Woah, woah. I didn't say that. It just seemed a little suspicious is all."

"Good. Take off your shirt," said Kayleigh. I did, all the while wondering how I had started dreaming like this. I didn't even care if this was a prank.

"So, you really just want me to lick your ass?" I asked.

"Among other things," said Kayleigh as she made her way towards my bed. "You'll quickly find that I enjoy a... kinkier...list of fetishes than the average girl. I don't get to be kinky as much as I'd like. You're going to change that." Kayleigh lay down on my bed and removed her shorts. She wasn't wearing any underwear underneath. She was now completely naked. "Don't worry. I'll make sure to take care of you too. Wouldn't want my little boy toy getting fussy," she teased. "Besides, you do have a pretty good looking cock. Take off your pants."

'I have a pretty good looking cock?' I thought. I guess I had never really compared it to many. I was a little thrilled at the compliment, especially coming from Kayleigh. I quickly worked my pants down and nearly ripped my underwear off. Watching Kayleigh lie naked on my bed was getting me extremely excited. I couldn't wait. Was she actually going to let me fuck her? I was suddenly very ok with accepting the role of Kayleigh's boy toy. She could use me however she wanted. I was still a virgin, but I wasn't about to tell her that. Didn't want anything to spoil the moment. I would just pretend like I had done it before.

The excitement was really getting to me, and it was obvious to Kayleigh as she looked at my half-erect dick. Kayleigh stared unashamedly at my cock and gently licked her lips. Then her wicked smile returned. She lay back, spread her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest, holding each leg with her hands. Her pussy and ass were completely exposed.

"Now, you're going to worship my ass. Come over here lick me," Kayleigh said. I quickly climbed onto the bed and moved between her legs to press my face into her juicy butt. My tongue pushed out against her puckered, brown hole and I licked. I licked and licked and licked. The passion with which I lapped at her butthole was unparalleled. Kayleigh closed her eyes and her mouth hung open, releasing airy moans. I worked my tongue furiously, changing direction and pace from time to time.

"Ooooohhh, yes," said Kayleigh. "Just like that. That's just how I like it. Aaaah. Lick my ass, Dan. Lick my ass. Yessssssss." The sounds that Kayleigh was making were driving me crazy. I couldn't believe how quickly she was getting turned on. "Eat it. Eat it. Eat that ass. Fuck yeah! Oh god, stick a finger in my pussy." I obediently obeyed and slid my middle finger inside her. She was extremely wet and I entered her easily. She must have been really horny before we even started.

I worked my finger inside of her, curling it up to find her g-spot. I had heard about that so I thought I might as well try it. She started to react to my presence and began sliding her hips around, fucking herself on my finger. I concentrated on eating her ass again. I made my tongue rigid and worked it into her hole an inch or so. I was drooling as I savored the bittersweet taste. She moaned loudly and the pitch of her voice went up a bit. I kept my tongue rigid and started fucking her asshole with it, moving it in and out with my head.

"Oh yeah. Tongue-fuck my asshole. Give it to me. Ooooooh, keep licking me like a good little boy toy. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum on your face." Kayleigh turned her head to the side and started rubbing her clit quickly. Her hand was moving over it faster than I had ever seen and she started to shake. I took my tongue out of her ass and started licking in a circular motion and pushed my finger as deep into her pussy as it would go. I felt strange licking her. In the locker room, I didn't have a choice and she was dominating me. Now, I was making a conscious effort to do it, but Kayleigh still seemed to be in control of me.

"Oh ga-wd. Oh god! I'm cumming. I'm cumming! I'mcummingI'mcummingI'mcummingI'mcummingI'mcummingI'mcumming!" Kayleigh squealed a little as her orgasm overtook her. She pushed her hips forward to meet my tongue and her hand continued to fly across her clit as she shook. I continued to lick her until she started to calm down, ecstasy on her face. I stopped licking and looked up at her.

"Wow, I haven't cum like that in a while," she said. "Are you hard?" I looked down and saw that my cock was standing at full attention. Just watching Kayleigh could have made me cum.

"So fucking hard," I said.

"Good," said Kayleigh. She turned over and got onto all fours. "Shove it up my ass." I was taken aback. I had jacked off to this exact scenario many times before, ever since I heard that rumor about her begging Patrick to fuck her in the ass. Holy shit, was that true? What else was true about her.

"Are you serious? You want me to fuck you in the ass?"

"Don't make me ask twice." Kayleigh reached behind her, placing a hand on each big, soft cheek and spread them wide. Her butthole was on full display in front of me, slick from all of my saliva. I couldn't believe it. She really wanted it in the ass. But, I didn't have any lube. Would the spit be enough? I had never done this sort of thing before.

That was right. I had never done anything like this before at all. As I got up on my knees and positioned myself behind Kayleigh, I realized that I was still a virgin and had the girl of my dreams in my bed begging for anal. Holy shit. My first time was going to be fucking Kayleigh Spencer's big ass. God, I hoped I wouldn't fuck it up.

I spit into my hand and rubbed it all over my cock, slicking it up. All I had ever heard about anal sex was that you needed a lot of lube, but I didn't own any. Also, Kayleigh wasn't even asking for any. I hoped the saliva would work.

Just then, I looked at Kayleigh's pussy. It was a pretty pussy and she kept herself shaved nicely. It was dripping wet and I noticed a big glob of Kayleigh's cum was leaking out slowly. I reached down and scooped up the glob of girl-cum with a couple of fingers. Then I spread it onto Kayleigh's hole. It was quite a lot of cum, and it helped lube her up nicely.

I grabbed my cock and put the head into the cum just outside the entrance to Kayleigh's asshole. 'Well, here goes,' I thought. I pressed against her butthole, the tip of my penis working its way inside a little. It felt so tight. I didn't see how my cock was going to....

Just then, Kayleigh relaxed her ass and I slid in a few inches. It was heavenly. Kayleigh's asshole was wrapped around my cock. I had imagined what it would feel like, but nothing in my own mind had prepared me for all of the sensations I was feeling on my cock. Her ass was squeezing my cock tight. It felt so warm inside of her. It was my first time inside a girl. I had to clear my mind. If I continued to think about it like I was, I was likely to cum before we even got started.

"Oh yeah," said Kayleigh. "That's it. Ooooo, that's it." She didn't seem to be in any pain, and was accepting my cock quite easily. "Push it deep. I want your balls slapping against my pussy."

Oh wow. Kayleigh must have done this many times before. She didn't want to take it slow. She just wanted my dick deep inside her. I started to move into her slowly. All of this was almost too much for me and I didn't want to accidentally make myself cum. Kayleigh grew impatient with me, though and pushed back hard onto my cock, burying me up to my balls inside her.

"Uuuuungh," she grunted. I gasped a little from the sensation of her ass swallowing me whole. I had to do something, otherwise I wasn't going to last long. So, I reached underneath her and started fondling her breasts, taking the attention away from thrusting. Kayleigh had fantastic tits. I had often tried to look down her shirt on the occasions she would wear low cut tops, but actually feeling them was something else. They were so soft in the palm of my hand, and I loved the way they moved as my fingers worked around them.

Then her boobs started moving all on their own, and I realized that Kayleigh had taken the initiative and had started fucking herself back onto my dick. This was it. Guess I would just have to try and last as long as I could.

I started thrusting into her, meeting her own thrusts, my pelvis slapping against her big butt. Every time I thrust into her, her ass shook. She looked so fucking hot taking my dick up her ass.

"Yeah, just like that," said Kayleigh. "Oh gawd I love taking it up the butt. I feel so fucking dirty. Slap my ass." I didn't stop to question it. I just gave her a good slap on the ass, shaking her right cheek around my dick. "OH!" screamed Kayleigh. "Again." I spanked her again. "Again." I spanked her harder. "Again!" I continued to spank her, over and over. Her big ass jiggled and a red mark began to show up on her cheek.

Kayleigh was moaning wantonly now. I looked down and saw that she had started fingering herself, plunging two fingers inside her all the way up to her last knuckle. Juices were flowing out of her pussy down her fingers.

We hadn't even been fucking for all that long when Kayleigh said, "I'm going to cum soon. Fuck me hard. Fuck me as hard as you can. Split me in two." Thank god she was going to cum soon, because I wasn't going to last very long. I grabbed onto her hips, picked up the pace and started to really give it to Kayleigh hard. The slapping sounds of my body against her big buttcheeks filled the room. Kayleigh was moaning loudly and started fingering herself harder.

"Slap. Slap. Slap. OH! OH! Fuck yeah!" We were so loud.

I felt the cum start to stir deep in my balls. "I'm going to cum!" I yelled and started fucking Kayleigh with everything I had. Just then, I noticed that Kayleigh's eyes were rolled back into her head and she was shaking. I was so caught up in my own sensations that I had almost missed her entire orgasm, which was beginning to fade while mine was growing.

I felt the sperm, ready to explode out of me. But, just then I panicked. 'Oh shit,' I thought. 'Where should I cum?' I didn't know where she wanted me to cum. I was just about to ask, but I started cumming before I even opened my mouth. 'Guess I'm cumming inside her ass.'

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