...and just a little nudge...right...there!

The color spread up her neck and across her cheeks as she reached up and ran her hand from the base of her neck to her shoulder. She looked confused and embarrassed, glancing around to see if anyone on the transport had noticed her growing arousal. Her mind filled with images, but she was unable to locate the source of this feeling. She tried to focus on a memory of a golden-haired lad with wiry limbs and a deceptively innocent smile, but I was unwilling to let her attribute this elsewhere. I let his face fade from her mind before I tweaked her again.

She was truly beautiful. A junior aide to some small system's senator, I supposed, riding the public transport to a less expensive apartment on the edges of diplomatic housing. The bronzing of the sun on her face suggested that she had recently arrived at the capital and from a warm world. The city life would soon rob her of that glow but for now it had attracted my attention. That and the need that was so much a part of her. I found her literally irresistible.

I watched in the burnished metal of the doorway in front of her as her eyes darted nervously. I allowed my will to reach out and ran a gentle sensation from her right knee into her thigh, caressing the muscle with my mind and letting more heat flow into her already warm center. The involuntary reaction of her moist pussy caused more wetness to flow and my heightened senses caught the sweet sharp scent. She moved the leather portfolio from the floor into her lap.

Against her own better judgment, she put her left hand beneath the concealing case and slipped it beneath her skirt. As she touched herself, I concentrated on enhancing those sensations. Each touch of her own fingers felt as though it were multiplied tenfold, and her breath caught and released as I used her feelings and desires both against and in support of her. I eased the doubts caused by her own inhibitions while allowing the thrill of her wanton behavior to increase her enjoyment.

I saw the top of her head as her back straightened and her chin pointed skyward. Sitting behind her and concentrating only on her, I had lost track of the surrounding environment. She was beginning to attract too much attention from our other riders in the compartment. I reached out with my feelings to the individuals that were noticing. I gently prodded one's interest in his magazine and brought another's pride in his son's acceptance to the Republic Merchant Academy swell back up to the point where he forgot the girl and brought out a holo of his successful progeny. With the non-humans it was easier, since they were not sexually attracted but only curious.

Looking back to her reflection, I decided to try something new. I let it flow through me and reached out. I could feel the fabric of her blouse as my awareness slid inside. I moved between the warm softness of her skin and the lace of the bra to give a slight lift under her breast and a pinch of her nipple. I could see the movement of her shirt in the doorframe, but I don't think she noticed, so lost was she in the enhanced sensations of her own fingers. Too much so to notice my ghostly "touch". I was so thrilled in this more subtle use of my training. A thing not taught at the temple, but still a part of life there, of games played in dorm rooms and whispers between forbidden loves. All knew this use was possible, but the monastic style and beliefs of so many of our teachers did not allow for such thoughts. This was not for the greater good of the galaxy, but a more personal and direct interpretation of the "living" part of the...


I was barely able to keep from crying out in surprise as the heavy hand of my Master appeared on my shoulder. So lost was I in the blonde and my own carnal thoughts that I had not heard him return. I released my grasp of the Force as he settled in the chair beside me and delivered a quiet reprimand.

"This is not a proper use of the living force, my young padawan," said Obi-Wan, "Look. You have caused her confusion. See how she scans around as the tingle of your touch diminishes? You may have caused no harm here, but what you are doing is invasive and inappropriate. The young lady must be a knowing and involved participant, not a victim or plaything."

The blonde woman was now looking very confused as she noticed the disheveled state of her clothing and became aware of her surroundings on a more immediate level. The flush of arousal was being replaced by embarrassment and I could sense the edge I had been pushing her towards retreating as her inhibitions returned.

"I'm sorry Master," I said, "I had no intention of causing harm."

"I did not suspect so, or I would be more harsh Anakin. However, harm might have been done. What if we were not traveling incognito but were in our robes and she made the connection? What if there had been a person resistant to your distracting mind-touches in the compartment, one who recognized her and then made her public display into a minor scandal that damaged her career or reputation? True, the Force is a strong guide in such things, but mistakes can be made. And there is the matter of the young woman's will and feelings to consider. Just because you have reached an adults majority of age does not allow you control over the bodies of others, only of your own. I do not suppose you asked the young lady's permission before beginning your manipulations?"

"No Master, I did not."

"Then you have done her a disservice. I am not Master Mace or Master Yoda. I was trained by Qui-Gon to recognize that the Force was a part of all facets of life and I do feel there is a place for sexuality in the life of a Jedi. But this was inappropriate at best. And now you have done her another wrong. Feel."

I reached out and caressed my Force-sense along the edges of her emotions. My sudden withdrawal had left her confused and hurt. Her hands were shaking with the pent up excitement that had been about to release, and the needs and desires that had drawn my attention in the first place were at an almost desperate pitch.

"Attend to the other passengers Anakin."

"But Master..."

"Now, Anakin! This is not the time nor place for you to be headstrong!"

"Yes, Master..." I sighed.

Master Obi-Wan closed his eyes and I felt him reach out towards her as he brought his right hand to hover in the air over his lap: the ancient gesture of a Knight using the force. I sent out my awareness to the minds around us and brought their own concerns and wishes back into the forefront of their thoughts so that they would not notice what I felt happening.

I watched in the reflection as her hands tightened on the arms of her chair and her muscles tensed. Her breathing became deeper, and eyes closed as her mouth stretched wide to gulp air. Her chin began to quiver and then her hips raised and she bit down upon her lip to keep from crying out. The glow of her in the Force pulsed with her orgasm. It reached a crescendo that only the three of us were aware of before it began to fade and a quiet sense of well-being and relaxation flooded into her as the tension left.

"Well, that explains why you were so taken with her in the first place."


"Can you not still feel her Anakin? She is Force sensitive. Not consciously so, but it is there."

The transport slowed as it came to its next stop and she stood up and turned around to leave. Just for a moment we made eye contact and something leapt across that small gap of physical space, something that was physical but also was not. She looked puzzled for a moment, then smiled and looked away as she passed me and got off the transport.

"Don't be surprised my young apprentice..."


"When she enters your dreams tonight, do not be surprised..."

"Yes, Master."

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