Forced by My Long-Lost Father


Darlene is just watching us. She doesn't say anything.

My father is fingering me. I know that I can't stop him.

He asks me, "Are you ready to behave now?"

He's still got my thumb with his other hand. He's not squeezing it yet. He's still fingering me.

I look at Darlene pleadingly. My father just laughs.

"Darlene, honey, go sit on the chair." There's a chair in the corner that's oozing dirty woolly stuffing from several holes and tears.

Darlene gets up and goes and sits in the chair and continues to watch us.

If she's not going to help me I wish she'd just leave, go to another room or something, and leave me alone with my father, my shame and my utter humiliation.

Instead, she reaches over near her and flips a switch on the wall and the TV goes dark and silent, interrupting Jerry Springer in mid-sentence. For a moment that alone seems the weirdest thing to me, but then I realize that the TV is on a plug intended for a lamp.

Then, mystery solved, I think, "Well, I guess my drama with my father is better than 'Jerry Springer.'"

My father says to me, "Sweetie, you're going to take your clothes off, all of them, even your socks."

I don't argue with him. I just give up, accepting the fact that my father is going to rape me just like he raped my mom. And my cousin, the girl I thought my protector and new friend, is going to watch.

He lets me go and I stand up and start to take off my clothes. I try to do it as slowly as I can, hoping for some rescue or to at least to delay it as long as possible, but he says to me, "Hey, girl, no schilly-schalling," exactly word for word something my mom used to say to me when I was little.

I speed up and take my shoes and then socks off, my shirt and then my skirt. I'm standing there in just my bra and panties, and he playfully smacks me on the butt. I put my shirt and skirt and even my socks onto the rattan coffee table next to the little TV in a nice neat pile.

"Nigger girls." He pauses and says, "I'm sorry, Becca. Black girls have the nicest asses."

Darleen says, "Hey!" and giggles. She's teasing him about him implying that she doesn't have as nice a butt as me.

He laughs, and asks me, smirking again, "Or do you prefer, 'African-American?'"

Darleen says, "Uncle Bill, don't tease her about that."

I think, "she's going to watch my own father rape me, but she's going to defend my racial dignity." I feel a bitter anger at her.

He says to me, "Come on, girl, time's a'wastin' away here." My mom used to say the same exact thing to me too, and some times she still does. I don't think I've ever heard her mother or aunts say either that or, "shilly-schallying," so I guess she must've learned both of those phrases from him.

I reach behind my back and unhook my bra and peel it off me and put it on top of my shirt.

He says, "Sweetie, you got great tits, better than your mom, I think." I'm a 34 DD. Even without a bra they stick right out and my nipples curve upward.

Darleen says, "Cousin, uncle Bill's right, you do have wonderful titties."

I think, "My father's name is Bill; my rapist's name is Bill."

I take my panties off while they watch. I see that they have a tear at the crotch and are ruined, but I still put them carefully on top of my bra.

He takes me by the wrist and pulls me down next to him. He takes me by the knees and opens my legs wide. He reaches over and strokes me right between my legs over that gap, my vulva, my mons major and mons minor, all names I learned in advanced human biology senior year in high school. Two of his fingers go inside me this time, only now he's not being rough with me so it doesn't hurt.

He laughs. "Wet as a July thunderstorm, Becca, just like your momma the first time I got her panties off. Come look at this, Darleen."

My cousin gets up and sits right on top of my clothes on the rattan coffee table next to the TV. The rattan sags down under her weight. My bra has wire to give my big breasts support and for a second I worry that she's going to bend it and ruin my bra. We have nice things because my stepfather works hard, but we are far from rich.

She says, "Wow, girl, I never seen a pussy so wet before, and I never seen a black one either."

He says, "Remember that Chinky girl with the weird breath and the itty bitty tiny titties like you had when you were nine? I always thought that Chinky girls had their pussies sideways, but I guess they don't, since she didn't."

Darleen reached out and touches me too, her finger even going all the way inside me. She smelled her own finger and tasted it. "Smells and tastes different too."

I think, "Fucking idiot, I'm just one girl. You can't tell anything from a sample of one." Everybody knows that. Here I am naked and about to be raped by my own father, and I'm worried about them thinking that black girls smell or taste different than white girls.

My father stands up and takes his sneakers and jeans off. He's not wearing undies or socks. I've never seen a guy naked before, not even one of my half-brothers. Darleen leans forward and takes his long skinny penis into her hand and strokes it and guides it into her mouth all at the same time.

I think, "Oh my God, he has sex with his own niece, too. I bet he raped her too, probably when she was nine, since he knows about what her breasts looked like when she was nine."

His whole penis goes all the way into her mouth, surprising me. I wouldn't have thought it possible. He looks about eight inches long, but she swallowed all of it easy. He takes a handful of her blond curly hair and moves her head back and forth on his penis, his penis sliding smoothly in and out of her mouth. She's looking up at his face while she sucks him, her eyes all excited. I realize that she loves having his penis in her mouth and that she probably loves pleasing him that way. I had always assumed that girls did gross things like that only because their husbands or boyfriends forced them to do it.

He pulls her head back, still using her hair as a handle, and his penis pops out of her mouth and springs up and claps against his belly. It's still wet and dripping with her spit.

She giggles and looks over at me, her hazel eyes still all excited.

He lays me down on the couch.

I beg him, "Please, don't. You're my father."

He just laughs.

I'm looking up at him, but I glance over at Darleen and see that she's undressing.

He gets between my knees and mounts me. He's supporting himself over me with his hands on the armrest, but then he's doing it with just one of his forearm. He reaches between us with his other hand and positions his penis.

I'm crying, begging him not to do it, but he just drives it into me hard.

I feel something tear inside me. It really hurts and burns. He's pushing hard with his hips and his weight. He lurches into me, and I cry out in pain. I feel this terrible burning tearing feeling.

He starts to thrust inside me, slow at first but quickly picking up speed.

He says, "Oh, baby, you're so tight. You're like a vise gripping my cock you're so tight."

He's doing it to me really hard now, ramming his penis into me. I still have this burning feeling, but it's not as bad as before, and instead I feel sort of like he's punching or something inside me, punch punch punch, again and again.

I think, "This is what sex is. When I marry, my husband will do this to me, and sometimes, when he does it, I'll remember my very first time, remember when my own father did it to me, remember when my own father raped me while my beautiful white cousin watched, completely naked and sitting next to us on a rickety old coffee table."

I'm looking up at my father's face as he rapes me. His face is half excitement, half pleasure. He really does have angelic eyes so blue, not exactly like mine, but very close.

He starts to grunt with lusty, animal satisfaction with each thrust.

My cousin is naked. She leans toward us and slips her hand down there and starts to rub me right over the spot where he's pounding away inside me. I know what that place is called, "the clitoris," from health class when I was a sophomore before I took my advanced human biology class as a senior.

With her other hand she starts to play with my nipples. She pulls and twists one and then the other, going back and forth. She's looking right at my face, too, her face all excited.

She says, "Cousin, I love your titties. Later, if you don't mind too much, I want to kiss and suck them, just for a little while." She leans forward and takes one of my nipples into her mouth and sucks it hard while she twists and tugs the other and rubs my clitoris with her other hand.

Slowly I start to feel good. My nipples are tingling and a little bit sore. Inside me where my father is raping me, pounding inside me, it starts to get warm. My clitoris goes from warm and tingly to something wonderful.

I can't help it, my hips start to move. I'm looking back and forth between my father's face and my cousin's, my cousin's hazel-green eyes and freckles and my father's blue eyes and his broken tooth.

My father laughs.

My cousin says, "Stop it, uncle Bill. This is her first time. You can tease her another time."

She takes her hand away from my breasts and starts to rub herself between her legs while she is still rubbing my clitoris with her other hand.

I have never masturbated or even tried to do so, and of course I'd never seen another girl, or a guy, do it.

She says to me, "Think about the cutest guy you know. Just close your eyes and think about this, only this, that you're at a hidden little cove with its own little beach in a little bright orange bathing suit that's perfect for your chocolate skin and that a cute guy is rubbing suntan lotion on your back. You're lying on your belly and he's straddling your butt while he rubs. You can smell the coco butter and the sea air. You know that he's probably got an erection, you know that he thinks you're the most beautiful girl that he's ever seen in his life, you know that he's wishing that he could rub the lotion on your belly and your thighs too, especially the inside of your thighs. He's fully sprung. He's got an Indian tent in his bathing suit. Think about that, think about his hands rubbing your back, think about his penis so big it hurts him and that he's worried that someone will come along and catch him completely sprung. Then he unties the back of your bikini top . . ."

I hadn't closed my eyes like she said, but instead I watched her touch herself. She'd rub her clitoris and then finger her vagina, back and forth, back and forth. She was so beautiful. I'd never seen another girl naked before other than my little sister, never ever seen a white girl naked.

Something happens, like a slow firecracker blowing up inside me, the fuse lit at that spot where she was touching me, my clitoris. This sound came out of my mouth, a moan, I guess. My hips rise up and I grab my father's hips and pull him towards me.

I can't help it, I say, "YES!" and my whole body shakes under my father and under my cousin's probing, moving little hand.

My father kisses me right on the mouth. His mouth tastes like cigarettes, beer and coffee. I can't help it, I kiss him back and pull and push his hips back and pull him hard into me so that he'll go in and out of me harder and at just the speed I want.

My cousin says, "I'm cumming too, Becca, I'm cumming too!" She moans, too, but her hand is still rubbing me, and her other hand is rubbing and fingering herself.

I feel my father's penis throb. He moans and shouts and cums inside me. I can feel him spurting in me. He kisses me again, right on my mouth, and I kiss him back.

He and Darleen laughs, but they are happy laughs rather than cruel, teasing laughs.

I laugh too. I can't help it.

My father pulls out of me and dismounts or whatever the term is when a man climbs off a woman, but he is still on his knees between my legs.

I can feel his seed leaking out of me. I feel wet from it and it quickly starts to get cold.

I look down and see that his penis is dripping with his own cum and doubtless some of my own juices. It looks pink or reddish with my blood too.

A cigarette and a little black plastic lighter appear in his hands even though he's naked, and he lights up and inhales deeply and blows a cloud of blue-gray smoke. He takes another long hard drag and then holds the cigarette out to Darleen, who takes a short drag with it still in his hand. He offers the cigarette to me, but I don't smoke.

Darleen kisses me right on the mouth, and I kiss her back. Her mouth tastes of tobacco smoke.

She giggles and leans so that she is over my knee with her hand on my thigh for balance. She takes her uncle's penis in her mouth and licks him clean. He was getting soft fast.

Still kneeling between my legs with his bare butt against the couch's armrest, he smokes and doesn't offer her another drag.

He says to her, "You'd better clean her out as best you can too. God-knows, I doubt she's on the pill or anything."

I giggle. I can't help it. I was picturing myself telling my mother that I was knocked up by my own urban redneck father. "Momma, you was right, and now I'm going to be momma to my own sister!"

For a moment I wonder which I'd care more about at that moment, her humiliation at me being knocked up by my father or my own. Would my joy at hurting her so much be more than my own shame?

Darleen gently takes my legs and helps me to sit up. She pulls me forward and I slide to the edge of the couch. She pushes my knees open, pushes the coffee table back carefully so as not to upset the little TV, and kneels between my legs. The floor is covered with a thin dirty carpet, but she doesn't seem to notice.

I guess I had no idea what she was going to do.

She leans forward and starts to lick and suck my father's cum out of me.

I'm surprised and grossed out. I think, "A lesbian sex act is being done to me right now by my own cousin while my father watches."

He says to her, "Give her a taste, girl."

She dips her finger the goo leaking out of me and brought it up to my mouth.

I turn my face away, but he told me to lick it, to taste it. I hold her wrist and taste my own father's seed and my own juices and virgin blood.

He says, "Smell it." I do.

"Give her another taste, sweetie."

She pushes two fingers into me and brings them to my mouth.

He says, "Smell it first."

I do as he says, holding my cousin's wrist again, "Lick it, give it a good taste."

I do as he says.

He says, "Suck her fingers clean," and I do.

It is grossly sticky and wet and smells weird.

I let go of her wrist and she goes back to licking me. When she looks up at me while catching her breath I can see my own virgin blood all around her mouth.

She licks and sucks me for a long time and pushes as much of her tongue into me as she can again and again. All the while she does it she looks up at my face with her beautiful hazel eyes. It isn't long before I started to moan. I look right back at her. She reaches up and starts squeezing my breasts, and pinching and tugging my nipples. Then she licks and sucks that spot again, my clitoris.

I don't even think about it, I reach down and take her head into my hands and push her face into me down there.

My uncle suddenly has a bottle of something, baby oil. He pops the lid and says, "Sweetie, get her ass ready."

I realize that my father is going to sodomize me too.

Darleen takes the bottle and puts some of the oil on her fingers.

She pushes a finger up my butt while she licks and sucks me slowly, gently.

He is stroking his penis while he watches us. He is using some of the oil on his hands to make them and his penis slippery. He is about half hard, I think.

He brings out a pinkish-peachy rubber thing from a drawer in the rattan coffee table. It is like a completely smooth penis but as thin as my little finger at the top and almost as thick as a half-dollar at the bottom. He puts oil on it too and gives it to Darleen. She says, "I'm going to push this up your butt slowly. It probably won't hurt. It'll feel sort of like you're taking a dump, that's all."

I know that I am helpless to stop them. I think that I really don't care what they are doing to me. The worst had already happened.

She licks me and pushes that thing up my butt. It feels surprisingly good! My hips lift, my knees clamp on my cousin's head, and I cum again, those slow firecrackers going off one at a time while I moan. She pushes it in me faster and I feel a throbbing wave that starts in my rectum and goes through my clitoris and moves through my whole body. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

Now it's all the way inside me, and she is still licking my clitoris.

She helps me to switch to kneeling in front of the couch. She pulls a dirty and stained cushion from the seat of the couch and puts it under my knees. I bend over the seat of the coach, my breasts and belly on a cushion, and my face presses into the back of the couch, which smells of spilled beer and cat pee and pepperoni and something else, a weird mystery smell.

She sucks his penis again, him standing, her on her knees, and I turn my head to watch. He is all the way hard again and sticking up toward his six-pack belly.

He kneels behind me. She pulls the rest of the cushions from the couch and puts it under his knees. There is dirt and scraps of paper and a few coins on the uncovered part of the couch right next to my face.

She kisses him right on the mouth, Frenched him, a lingering, loving kiss.

I know that I am about to be sodomized by my own father but somehow don't mind.

He says, "Your momma used to love this."

Darleen says, "Bill, you fuck-head, stop it."

Sounding sheepish, he says, "I'm sorry, Becca, I can't help it."

Darleen says, "Yeah, he can't help but be a huge asshole half the time."

They both laugh, and I find myself laughing too, laughing with them. My mom and my stepfather never say a cross or angry word to each other. Instead they were cold to each other most of the time.

He slaps my butt hard and I laugh again, my butt stinging.

Now his hands are on my hips and I feel him push his penis up my butthole. I expected it to hurt, but it doesn't. Not one little bit.

Darleen brushes the dirt and the scraps of paper and the pennies and nickels and dimes and other crap off the place next to my head and sits next to me. She is still naked.

She leans over and whispers in my ear, "You're home alone, in your backyard, sunbathing."

We don't sunbathe in my family. We try to avoid getting any darker, but I don't say so.

I feel my father's penis move up my butt slowly, easily.

It feels so strange that I giggle.

She says, "Your handsome neighbor offers to put suntan lotion on your back." She pauses then says, "He rubs it in slowly. You feel so good, so relaxed. He unties your bikini top but you don't object. He rubs the lotion slowly up and down your back. The sun is beating down on you and you feel warm and his hands feel wonderful on your back.

"He says, 'oh, you don't want tan lines, do you?' He starts to tug down your bathing suit bottoms. Still you don't object.

"He puts lotion on your butt, rubs it in slowly.

"He asks you to roll over, but you say no. Part of you really truly wants to, but you feel shy and don't want him to think that you're a slut or easy."

She takes a moment to think and then continues with her little story, "He's older than you, close to your mom's age, maybe a little older, but he's still handsome, and he's tall and funny, and sometimes he flirts with you right in front of your parents.

"He's rubbing it on your thighs and butt, the inside of your thighs. You know he wants you to open your thighs so that he can finger you, but you don't and instead keep them closed tight.

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