Forced Entry


Bruce and Linda were celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. They had gone out for a romantic dinner, then returned home for the customary sex. Although sex was rather routine for them, they both did enjoy good orgasms. They were now lying in each other's arms in the erotic afterglow to again say they loved each other.

The doorbell startled them. Who could be ringing it at this hour. Maybe it was one of their adult children wanting to see them about something.

Bruce got up to answer the door. He looked through the peep hole but could not see anyone. Then the door bell rang again.

Bruce heard a voice outside, "Open up, this is an emergency."

Bruce was confused, but decided to open the door which turned out to be a mistake. Bruce saw two big guys with a gun.

"Get back in the house, we're coming in."

Bruce backed up while the two guys came in and shut the door. Both were rather big. One was white and the other black.

Bruce said, "What do you want."

The white guy said, "Just take it easy and no one will get hurt. Where do you hide your money?"

Bruce decided to cooperate with them especially since the gun was pointed at his stomach. Maybe they would leave if he gave them some money. They wouldn't get much because he didn't keep much cash in the house.

Bruce said, "My billfold is in the bedroom. I'll get it for you."

"You're not getting out of our sight, we're coming with you."

They followed Bruce into the bedroom where Linda was in bed with the blanket pulled up to her neck. Bruce got his billfold, took out the cash and handed it to them. He then picked up Linda's purse to give them her cash. They counted it.

"There is only fifty dollars here. Where is the rest of your money?"

"We don't keep much cash in the house, we use our credit cards."

The two guys looked rather mad and started talking to each other.

"We've wasted our time. We should do something to make up for it."

"Yeah, look at this bitch lying there in bed. I wonder if she has any clothes on. Let's see."

Bruce yelled, "You leave my wife alone!"

The black man waved his gun at Bruce and said, "Shut up."

"Let's tie him up so he won't cause any trouble."

The black man grabbed Bruce to force him into a chair. The other man pulled a thin cord from his pocket and tied Bruce to the chair.

Linda was screaming, "Go away and leave us alone."

"We'll leave you alone after we have some fun with you, bitch. Shut up."

The black man reached for the blanket to pull it off of Linda leaving her dressed in only her thin nighty.

The black man said, "Whitie, look at this pretty white bitch."

"OK Blackie, I'm with you. There's no money here, but we'll not leave until we have soft dicks."

Linda was now crying a little and whimpering. She knew these guys meant to rape her. She could only hope they would not physically hurt her in any way.

Bruce spoke up, "Please don't touch her. Let me write a check or do most anything to give you some money."

Blackie spoke, "You can cancel a check, that's no good. We're going to give your old lady a good fucking."

Bruce knew it was a losing battle to argue with them. He just didn't want them to hurt her.

Bruce said, "Alright, you've got us. What if she agreed to cooperate instead of fighting your advances? Would you be gentle and not hurt her?"

The two guys looked at each other, "OK, that's a deal."

Bruce then continued, "Would you use a condom? She is not on the pill because I've had a vasectomy. Don't make her pregnant."

The response was quick, "No way will we use a condom. We're going to fill that white pussy with cum."

Bruce knew he was defeated and felt lucky for them to agree not to physically hurt her.

Bruce said, "Honey, it's best that you cooperate with them. They agreed not to physically hurt you."

Linda was still weeping some, but said she would do her best. She knew they were going to rape her whether or not she fought them. She was concerned about pregnancy, but she had no choice.

Blackie said, "Alright bitch, stand up and take off you nighty."

Linda reluctantly got up to lift her nighty up over her head. The black man reach to feel one of her breasts as they were exposed.

Whitie responded, "These are nice, aren't they?" He then pinched her nipple very hard.

"Ouch!" she uttered. "You promised not to hurt me."

Both guys took off their jeans and shorts. Bruce noticed Whitie had a cock a little bigger than his own. Blackie's was much longer and bigger, the biggest one he had ever seen. It was hard and the blood vessels were visible. Bruce was now afraid Blackie would hurt his wife when he put that monster in her.

Bruce said in a firm voice, "OK, guys, you've showed us what you have, now let's stop all this nonsense, put your clothes on and I'll pay you some money, somehow."

"Hold your talk, we're going to fuck your old lady before we leave. When we get through, she will know she has been well fucked."

Blackie spoke, "Whitie, go ahead and have firsts. Get her stretched a little so I can get mine in."

Whitie didn't waste any time, "Bitch, get up there on your knees at the side of the bed and bend over."

Linda did as he ordered. Then Whitie walked up behind her with his cock in his hand. Bruce watched as Whitie aimed his cock at his wife's pussy, he moved the head up and down her slit for a little lubrication, then tried to ease the head in. Linda started weeping again. She wasn't wet and the intruding cock was having difficulty entering her. She knew she was dry and thought he would hurt her by forcing the entry.

Linda said in desperation, "Get the KY jelly from the night stand drawer and lubricate me."

Blackie fumbled with the drawer, found the tube and handed it to Whitie. Whitie squeezed out a liberal amount on the head of his cock and pushed to enter Linda. After a couple of back and forth strokes, his cock was all the way in. Linda started weeping again as she braced herself for him to pound her. She said a prayer to prevent pregnancy.

"Blackie, this is good pussy. You will like it too."

Whitie soon began to groan as he speeded up his movements. Then he yelled as he shot spurt after spurt in her unprotected pussy.

Blackie said, "Move out of the way and let me at her."

Whitie pulled out allowing some of his cum to ooze out and down her leg. Blackie moved in a position to fuck her.

"Alright, bitch, now you are going to get a real cock."

Bruce watched as he forced the head slightly inside her hole. He knew she was going to be stretched. He saw Blackie's hands clasp the sides of her butt to hold her as he prepared to push forward. He didn't want her to fall forward away from him.

Linda uttered, "Oooooohhhhh!" as Bruce watch Blackie's cock go about half way in. He pulled back ready to plunge again.

Linda yelled, "Take it easy."

Again Linda uttered in pain, "Ooooohhhhh!, You're killing me," much louder as the big cock went nearly all the way in.

Evidently, Blackie started taking pity on her as he pulled back a little. Then he started small back and forth movements going a little deeper each time.

"There, bitch, how do you like a real cock?"

Linda didn't answer. She was enduring the pain the best she could. Not only was she stretched, but his cock was too long.

Blackie started fucking her while she continued to painfully moan, "Ooooooohhhhhhh".

Bruce felt sorry for her, but he could do nothing but watch this big cock fuck her.

Blackie started yelling as he plunged deeper causing her to scream in pain. Then she could feel his big cock jerk and knew each time it jerked he was shooting another gob of cum very deep in her.

Cum started running down her leg when Blackie simmered down and pulled out. She fell forward and collapsed on the bed.

Blackie commented, "Now, she knows she has been fucked by a real cock."

Whitie looked at Blackie, "What do you want to do now?"

"Why don't we have a drink. There must be some beer or liquor in this house. Then we can have another go at this white bitch. I'll go look in the refrigerator while you stay here. Bitch, do you want a beer too?"

Linda was still lying on her stomach and didn't answer.

Blackie soon returned with two beers. The two guys sat on the bed while they swilled their beers.

Bruce noticed his wife had her legs slightly parted. He saw a big wet spot on the sheet and could see cum still oozing out of her.

When Whitie finished his beer, he said, "We might as well continue. Bitch, get back up on your knees again."

Linda didn't move. She was about worn out. Whitie slapped on her the butt causing her to move. She knew there wasn't any way out of their predicament until they had fucked her all they wanted. She slowly and reluctantly got up on her knees again at the side of the bed.

Whitie's cock easily went in her cum filled pussy. He started back and forth movements.

"Bitch, you are so stretched, I don't feel much of anything. You are going to give me a blow job and it had better be good. Turn around and sit on the side of the bed."

She turned around as ordered and sat on the edge of the bed. Bruce watched as Whitie walked up to her with his cock pointing at her face. As ordered, she took his cock in her mouth and cupped his balls. He started fucking her face. He had already cum once, so he fucked her mouth for quite a while until his knees began to buckle, he groaned and shot several spurts in her mouth. She started to look for the tissues to spit it out, but he told her to swallow. She nearly gagged as she did. She knew she couldn't get pregnant from swallowing his seed, but both guys had already planted their seed in her pussy. It was a losing situation.

"Whitie, move out of the way. Bitch suck this up and make it rock hard." His cock was right in front of her face. She held it with her hand, then swirled her tongue around the head. He tried to get more of his cock in her mouth, but she couldn't take much more than just the head. She could feel his cock become very hard.

"I'm going to fuck you again. Last time, I had you pinned so that you couldn't wiggle your ass while I was fucking you, now I want a position for you to work your butt. I'm going to lie on my back and let you ride my cock."

Bruce watched as his wife held his big cock to aim it at her hole as she started to sit on it. She was well lubricated after having the third load of cum dumped in her. While she was holding his cock, she could feel cum draining out of her on to her hand and on to his cock and balls. The sheet was already a mess.

Bruce watched as the big cock slowly starting disappearing into her pussy. She was taking it much better this second time and she had control. She leaned forward some to allow her pelvis to touch his before his cock was fully in. This way she could keep from taking it fully in her. She started making circular movements hoping it would not take him very long to cum again.

Whitie was watching the action and could see his friend's cock in her pussy. Then he noticed her ass as she was making slowing fucking him. He moved close to the bed so that he could move his finger up and down the crease of her ass. There was plenty of lubrication around her pussy and ass, so he put a finger in her. It surprised her to feel his finger, but she knew she could not object. She continued circular movements, then started up and down on his cock. Then she could feel what she thought was two fingers in her ass. She was hoping Blackie would cum soon, but he just laid still allowing her to fuck him.

Linda said, "Don't you want to cum? I'm doing my best for you."

"Just keep it up, bitch, I'll finish when I'm good and ready to finish."

This seemed to go on for a long time. She could feel Whitie remove his finger, then stick one or two back in now and then.

She started faster movements on Blackie's cock. She finally felt that he was becoming more aroused and was about to shoot in her. She made even faster movements until she could feel his cock jerk with each spurt of his seed he planted deep in her belly.

Blackie said in a demanding voice, "Get up and clean me."

As Linda got up, the cum started pouring out of her. She moved in a position to take the head of his cock in her mouth to clean him. She could feel his body go though small sexual shudders as she sucked the head.

Blackie got up and suggested to Whitie that they should go.

"We didn't get much money, but we did get to fuck this white bitch. The evening was not a complete loss."

Blackie looked at Bruce and Linda. "You cooperated pretty good. Now when you hear us drive away, you can untie your husband. Thanks for the evening's activities."

When they heard the front door shut, Linda untied her husband.

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