tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced Family Ch. 2

Forced Family Ch. 2


They started by untying Kim, who had tears streaming down her face. A couple farmers forced her down to her hands and knees. One forced his cock onto her lips and told her to suck. She, hearing their orders, obviously obeyed. She sucked the dick into her mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. I watched in horror as my niece was forced to suck a big dirty cock.

Then, another man forced his own dirty cock behind her, into her cunt doggie-style. She screamed as her cunt was once again violated. But, another thrust from the cock into her mouth shut her up, as the abuser from behind continued banging her tight teen pussy.

She struggled not to be banged so hard, but she couldn't struggle against the muscle of a workingman. Eventually, her sucking became too much for the first man, and he came into her mouth. It began dribbling out of her mouth, but she swallowed most of it.

The man behind her began fucking harder and faster, as she screamed in pleasure, unable to control her orgasm. Soon, the rapist was no longer able to control his orgasm either, and pushed in one last time to let his jism go in as deep as possible. He pulls out with a liquid noise. All I can do is watch in horror, and try to fight my arousal.

Next they untied my daughter Lucy. I was horrified and terrified for her safety. As this happened, one of the farm girls began unfastening Dave's pants. Another of the farmers, an old gray haired one, lay down on the ground. My innocent scared daughter was ordered to ride the old beasts cock. She, with loyalty to her family, obeyed. She mounted his old wrinkly cock, and began bouncing up and down on the shaft.

The farmer girl with big bouncy boobs, firm as hell, and big as hell, began sucking Dave’s cock. Her blonde pigtails tickled his pubes as she bobbed up and down on his long hard wiener. Dave made sure to watch his niece to please the surveillance by the muscular farmers. He watched as another farmer shoved his cock between my pretty daughters lips.

I couldn't resist looking at my daughters beautiful young breasts as she performed sexual favors without desire to. She sucked the dick up and down as she stopped riding the old man. The old man was pulled from under her and she devoted all her concentration onto her oral friend. Another man was mounting Kim's vagina. Dave was watching both of them as he received an expert farm-style BJ. He watched and my little girl drank a dirty farmer's cum, letting barely a drop leave her mouth. He watched as his young, barely legal teen was banged mercilessly from behind by another dirty farmer. And soon, he came all over the farm girl's face. Drops went into her hair, onto her lips, nose, and even down her cleavage. It was quite a sight.

But I couldn’t blame him. Watching this, and other atrocities take place about the room, my other daughter now being untied, I couldn't contain liquids in my vagina. My pussy was leaking and there were more sexual sights around the room than I could bear to resist watching, even if I wasn't being forced to. This was going to be a nightmare, but I couldn't stop myself from also thinking how sexy it would be. I shuddered at the thought, my pussy shivered.

To be continued...

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