tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced First Orgasm

Forced First Orgasm


As I drifted around the park, I thought about the argument Nick and I had just had. We seem to be having the same argument over and over again, more frequently these days. You see, after trying anything and everything, our sex life, while exciting, was still plagued with one major problem. I don't orgasm during sex. When I'm alone, it happens, but it always seems to elude me when Nick and I are making love.

I think something's wrong with me, because I get very excited during sex- the whole act is such a turn on to me. I've tried explaining that it's not just him, that this has happened with everyone I've been with. But Nick still blames himself; he says it's the man's job to make his woman cum. I finally got up the nerve to suggest sex therapy today, and he blew up at me. I ended up stalking out of his apartment but I'd walked off my steam, and now I was regretting the things I said about him not being a real man who can make me cum. When had I sat on a bench? I thought to myself.

I got up to walk towards the park entrance, noticing how dark it had gotten while I'd sat occupied with my own musings. I looked around and noted that there weren't many people in the park, so I started to walk a bit faster because the place was creeping me out. I heard a footstep behind me, and I glance back, but all I see are dark shadows. Taking a deep breath, I focus on getting out of the park as quickly as I can, when a hand clamps around my mouth and another around my waist. My scream is muffled by the hand biting into my cheeks as I'm pulled up against a hard chest.

"Going somewhere?" a deep voice whispers in my ear.

I feel myself being pulled somewhere, and as I look around I see I'm being taken behind bushes into a dark clearing. Trembling with fear, I try desperately to think of the moves I've seen women do on TV to get way from an attacker. The only ones I can think of is the elbow to the stomach and very dependable knee to the groin. I pull my elbow back and ram it into his stomach, a very hard stomach, and all I get for my efforts from him is a grunt. He yanks my hair, pulling my head back a bit.

"Try that again and there are going to be consequences. Understand?" I nod my head.

"Good. Now I'm gonna turn you around, and I'm gonna move my hand from your mouth. Try to scream and I'll hurt you. Do you want me to hurt you?" I shake my head furiously.

"Are you going to be quiet?" I nod again. He turns me around, and his face is shrouded by what I think are shadows, but realize is a mask.

"What do you want? I don't have much money on me but you can have it, please, just don't hurt me." I hear myself pleading.

"I don't wanna hurt you, but I will if you don't do everything I say. And I don't want your money." he says, while running a hand over my breasts. Catching his meaning, my eyes widen in shock.

"Please, please no." I shake my head wildly, thinking that this couldn't really be happening.

"Yes," he says, "because I've been watching you sitting on that bench for over an hour. You looked so beautiful, with your long legs crossed in those jeans and your breasts stretching your t-shirt." His hands trailed down my side as I looked at his face trying to get an idea of what he looked like. He had dark hair, full lips and eyes covered by shadows. He was a tall man, about 6'2", and well muscled.

"Please, let me go. You can have my money, my credit cards, just let me go." I hear a note of panic in my own voice.

"No. I'm gonna fuck you. Good. And you're gonna love it. I can tell you're a hot lil thing in the bed."

"No." I tried to back away but he had a good grip on my arms.

He pulled me to him and leaned down to press a hard, rough kiss against my lips. Gathering my control, I held very still until he relaxed his grip on my arms, and then I rammed by knee up into his groin. Instantly I was free, and I started to run for my life.

"Help! Someone help me please!" I scream at the top of my lungs, hoping that someone was near enough to hear me.

I feel something slam into me from behind, cutting off another scream for help that had started to leave my lips. I hit the ground, bruising my knee and scraping my hands, and he lands hard on top of me.

"You're gonna be sorry for that," he growls in my ear. "I told you there'd be consequences if you tried to get away from me." He turns me around and slaps me hard across my cheek, making stars burst behind my eyelids, and my head spin, silencing me once and for all.

I whimpered, touching my face where his hand left my cheek stinging. He drags me back over to the little clearing we were in, yanking me to my feet. I realize it's in the part of the park leading into the woods, and completely surrounded my bushes, so no one can see we're there. He raises his hand, as if to slap me again.

"No, please, I'll be quiet. Just don't hurt me. Please." I whisper, desperately trying to avoid another burning cheek. He lowers his hand slowly, considering whether or not he can trust me.

"Please, I promise I'll be good. Just don't hurt me again, please." I plead.

"Yeah? Then take your clothes off."

"But…" I start.

"No, you promised to be good. That means doing everything I say, no buts. The sooner you do what I say, the quicker I'll let you go. Understand?"

"Yes, yes I understand." The sooner he lets me go, the sooner I can forget this ever happened.

"Now get undressed. I will not repeat myself again."

Steeling myself against what was about to happen and the slight chill in the air and in my bones, I slowly take off my t-shirt. Delaying the process a little, I slowly inch my jeans down my legs, leaving myself in a matching bra and bikini underwear set.

"Everything. Off." He says gruffly, and I can hear the arousal in his voice.

I reach behind my back and undo my bra, and slip the straps down and off. My c-cup breasts bounce a little as their released from the wire cups and goose bumps raise all over my body as the chill air caresses my breasts. I hook my fingers in my bikini panties and bending down pull them off and step out of them. When I straighten back up, he's standing there staring at me, licking his lips at me.

Unused to being nude in the open, I try to cover up, to stop this stranger from staring at me so intimately. He walks up to me and pulls my hands down. Running his hands back up my sides, he caresses my breasts, slowly kneading them, pinching my nipples. Of their own mind, my nipples begin to get hard.

"Do you like this? Do you like having your tits touched by a strange man?" He whispers.

I just look up at him mutely. Laying me down on the ground he moves his head to my breasts, taking one nipple in his warm mouth and sucking on it softly and then more strongly. Moving to the other, he sucks it into his mouth, giving it the same treatment, while the other nipple dries quickly from the chill air, making it even harder. I feel a familiar tug from my breasts all the way down to my pussy, and shocked at my reaction, I squirm under his touch. Pulling his mouth up, he looks at me for a long moment. Smiling a slow smile like that of a hawk that has just gotten its prey, he swoops his head down to feast on my nipples again, while running a hand down my stomach towards my pussy.

Sucking in my breath, I brace myself for what I know is inevitable, but when his hand skims along my clit, my breath comes out in a low moan. Still smiling, he starts rubbing my clit slowly, and then slips a finger down towards my opening.

"You're so wet sweet thing. You like this, don't you? Come on, you can tell me," he coaxes.

"No, no" I respond, my mind still refusing what my body is accepting. What's wrong with me that I am turned on by this man who is forcing himself on me?

"Yes, sugar, you like this," he smirks. Pulling his fingers out of my now sopping wet puss, he holds them up.

"Look at all that sweet juice, just for me." Moving his hand to his mouth, he sucks my juice off of his fingers, sending a shiver through me at the erotic picture it presents.

"Please, just do… what you're going to do and let me go." I beg.

"Nuh-uh," he shakes his head. "I'm gonna take my time so we can BOTH enjoy this."

"No, no, please no." I start to slide slowly from under him, and his teeth bite down on my nipple hard, making me jump and squeak with pain.

"Now, now. You promised to be good, remember? Now be a good girl and take my dick out and play with it."

I slowly move my hand to his pants, and unbutton and unzip them. I reach in, surprised to find no boxers or briefs, to his dick. I wouldn't have been able to miss it. It was huge! It was at least three inches around and very long. My eyes opening wide, I look at his face, trying to see past the mask and the darkness. I hear him moan as my hand grips his dick more securely, pulling it from his pants and stroking it. He was bigger than Nick, which excited me and made my juices flow a little more onto his questing fingers.

"I'm glad my dick excites you," he said noticing my reaction.

He lay back on the side of me, and grabbing my head, urged my mouth towards his dick. This is not my Nick, I tried to tell myself. But even with the reminder of this strange dick about to go in my mouth, I didn't need much urging as this was my favorite part of sex. It was always a turn on to have power over a man when my mouth was on his dick. Slowly I took his head in my mouth, surprised to find it clean and free of any taste but a drop of precum on the tip.

Urged on by his moan, I grew bolder and took as much of his ten inches as I could into my mouth. I could feel his head enter my throat, and I started to gag from the pressure on the back of my tongue. Easing up a bit, I found a comfortable rhythm taking his big dick into my mouth and easing it back out. My lips stretched tightly around the shaft while my tongue flicked back and forth on the head.

Half sitting up and looking down at me, he murmured, "I knew you were a hot lil thing." Moving his hand back to my pussy, he began to finger me again.

"I see this is turning you on as much as it's turning me on."

Urged on my his talk, I began to go a bit faster, forgetting that I was in a park sucking off a strange man.

"Enough! I want to be in that sweet pussy when I cum. You're not getting rid of me that fast."

Thanking the heavens that I was on birth control, I watched as he laid me back, and moved down my body with his tongue never breaking contact with my skin. When he reached my pussy, he licked my clit slowly, once, twice, three times before I pushed my hips at him demanding more. Chuckling, he obliged me and set his mouth directly on my clit and began to suck it in earnest. He slipped two fingers inside me and finger fucked me while he sucked on my clit, then alternated, rubbing my clit and sticking his tongue in my slit. Then he alternated again. With every additional second that he was sucking me, I got more and more aroused, moving my hips in motion with his one, two, three fingers fucking my pussy.

"Please," I heard myself say, not quite knowing if I was asking him to stop or keep going.

"It's my pleasure to please you darling."

Before I could brace myself, he's up on his knees and thrusting his dick fully into my sopping wet pussy in one thrust.

"Yes… you're so tight and sweet."

A little disoriented from the dick stretching my pussy, I lay completely still, hoping it would be over quick. He lay still inside me, letting me get used to his size, and then he began to move within me with long, slow strokes. My hopes of this being over quick dissipated as he kept his pace steady. Slowly I began to feel myself responding to him fucking me. Once more shocked at my reaction to my rapist, I tried to resist the storm that was gathering inside me, but it was no use. I start moving my hips to his rhythm, tightening my pussy around his dick when he thrust in, and loosening it when he went out. Feeling my response, he started fucking me faster, harder. Bracing himself above me on one elbow, he reaches a hand down and starts rubbing my clit furiously, while fucking me hard and fast.

"No!" I gasp. This can't be happening! I think to myself.

"Yes," he grits through his teeth. "You're going to cum all over my dick sugar."

"No, no…" I silently send an apology to Nick, tears slipping quietly from my eyes as I thought about my lover who couldn't wring an orgasm from me, but this rapist who abused and threatened me was going to make me cum. I could feel it gathering, the feeling was familiar, but stronger this time, the sensations of his dick pounding my pussy, him fingering my clit, and my nipples rasping against his shirt all heightening alarmingly as each second past.

"Oh my God!"

"That's right sugar, give me that sweet juice all over my big dick."

His dirty talk whispered in my ear excited me even more. He started pounding my pussy even harder and I felt myself reach the peak of arousal- any more and I would die. And then I was falling over the ledge, into the abyss of pleasure, my body shaking and my pussy convulsing, squeezing his dick as each spasm passed through my body. It seemed to go on forever, and I basked in the glow of cumming while being fucked by a huge dick.

"Yes," I moaned softly.

I felt my orgasm winding down and then begin spiraling to peak again as he continued fucking me, his hand still on my sensitive clit. Another orgasm quickly shot through me, like the "pop" of a soda can. My pussy still pulsing around his dick, he moved his hand from my pleasure nub and continued his hard thrusting slurping in and out, in and out, of my soaking wet snatch, his balls slapping my ass with each pump. Leaning his head down, he took one of my nipples into his mouth, making me throw my head back offering my tits to him as my hips continued to rise to meet every thrust.

"Beautiful… you look so beautiful when you cum. Tell me you want me to make you cum again honey. Tell me!" he demanded between thrusts.

His words, a like a lover's, and not a rapists, caress my ear. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I felt pleasure pooling inside of me again. Impossible! Three orgasms in less than half an hour!

Moaning with my ever mounting pleasure, I squeaked "Yes, fuck me, please. Make me cum again! Yes, yes, YES!"

As I started convulsing underneath him again, he gave one last hard thrust and buried himself deep within me as he shot his load into me. I could feel his dick spasm within me, while my pussy clutched at his dick with my orgasm, milking him of his cum.

"Fuck," he groaned. He laid his head on my breasts as his orgasm subsided, both our breathing shallow. "You're a good fuck darling."

Removing my arms from around his neck slowly, my afterglow faded quickly when I was faced with reality. I'd just enjoyed sex that was forced on me with a masked man in a park. Ashamed at myself, I tried to slide from under him.

"Can I go now?" I ask softly, shame clearly written across my face at my wanton behavior during my rape. But even as he eased up off of me a little, and I reached over to gather my things and run home, I hear a voice from the shadows: "Did you save some for me, man?"

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