tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced Fuck at an Office Party

Forced Fuck at an Office Party


Every have someone at work whom you would just love to hate-fuck? I've worked with this girl for years, and we've never really gotten along. In fact on many occasions she would undermine and connive and get her way, screwing over others along the way including me.

Recently she took credit for a bunch of my work and it almost certainly cost me a promotion that was a long time coming. Many of the guys in the office couldn't stand her; but most tolerated her since she was essentially the only reasonable eye candy in a heavily male-dominated office.

She was more cute than "hot". But she had a nice tight petite body and attractive long blonde hair. Smallish tits, probably B cup, but enough to grab a hold of. Nice round rump (none of that flat-ass garbage that sometimes plagues slim women) that I would love to spank.

She was pretty much just a rotten human being, and not just at work. I knew enough to be aware that she was trash through and through. She was disliked by most of the office, generally seen as a pompous high and mighty bitch who needed to be put in her place. Her good looks combined with my hatred would make this the perfect hate fuck, and I had fantasized about doing this to her for years.

It was Halloween time, and traditionally we always had an office Halloween party. The lunch room in our office was plenty big for the office parties, so this made things convenient. Finish work; party starts. There would generally be a costume contest.

A bunch of us all came to work dressed as medieval knights. There were 6 of us in all. It was pretty badass. We all had identical armor, helmets and fake weapons and all.

My nemesis showed up dressed as a catholic schoolgirl. She looked fantastic with the short skirt, white blouse, and a hell of a pushup bra to make her moderate B tits appear to be large C's.

After work as the party progressed, as was customary, many people (our schoolgirl and myself included) got rather drunk. The medieval knights had won the costume contest. We went through a whole routine in which we marched in unison, saluted, faux swordplay, and so on and so forth. Everyone loved it.

But drunk later on, I started eying my favorite schoolgirl, trying to get a peek up the skirt a couple times. Me and a couple of my knight buddies joked about how hot she looked, and about fucking her, with her standing right there.

But it was pretty loud so no one heard. At some point she produced her phone from somewhere (no idea where it was hiding in that outfit) and went out into the hallway. On an impulse, I followed her out of the room. I looked around as I left; my exit appeared to have been unobserved.

I saw her duck into a conference room at the far end of the hall near the main office area, where the lights had already been turned out. Knight helmet under one arm (and still wearing full plastic armor), I sauntered quietly down the hall feeling my dick start to swell, coming to a stop outside the room she had ducked into.

I glanced through the door, which was open a crack, and she was talking on her phone while adjusting her underwear under the skirt, facing away from me. I glanced up her creamy thighs and caught a glimpse of her white thong.

My cock was now nearly at full attention. Wild ideas were running through my inebriated head. I glanced back down the hall behind me, the noise of the party somewhat muted from this distance. Nobody in sight. Good. I put my knight helmet on my head.

As she hung up the phone, I burst into the conference room, and quickly closed the door behind me and locked it. "Hey, what're you doing? Who is that?" she said, a frown creeping onto her face.

I kept my voice low and gruff so as to disguise it behind the helmet, "You know how fucking hot you look in that outfit, don't you."

She gave a nervous smile, "I do, don't I; who is that?" She squinted in the poor lighting. Between the dim setting and my costume there's no way she could possibly identify me. "...Hey, listen," she said, "I need to get back to the party."

I frowned behind my helmet. Even now I couldn't take the high and mighty bitchy tone of her voice. I replied, "Not yet, you're not."

I advanced on her, and now a look of fear crept onto her pretty features. She tried to go around me to get to the door. Having probably 9 inches and 90 pounds on her, I easily stopped her, and pushed her back toward the conference table. I quickly shed the knight gloves off of my hands, and grabbed her by the arms and lifted her up into a sitting position on the edge of the table.

"Hey, what're you doing, I'll scream!" We both knew that would do her no good. For confidentiality purposes, when our conference room doors were closed and locked, they were nearly soundproof. Between that and the noise of the party down the hall, the chances anyone would discover us was zero. Well almost zero. And in my drunken state, this seemed like an acceptable risk. Besides, the little head was doing all the thinking by this time.

I pawed at her breasts, "Fuck yeah," I muttered under my breath. I ignored her further protests. She had nice, firm breasts. She was well into her 30s; a few years older than me, but she had aged pretty well and her tits were perky. I turned my attention to her skirt. I ran my hands along her silky smooth thighs up undeneath.

They felt great. Just touching her skin like this had me, even in a state of near drunkenness, at rock-hard attention. My boner was straining inside my metallic costume. 'Fuck this bitch,' I thought to myself. I hated her.

Throwing my forearm across her stomach to hold her in place, I used the other arm to undo the lower half of my costume. As it dropped to the floor, I pulled off my boxers as well, unleashing my hard rod.

She looked at it, eyes wide with terror and defiance. "Let go of me!" she shrieked. I said nothing. I rubbed my solid pole across the inside of her thigh, leaving a tiny streak of precum on her leg.

I violently ripped her panties off, and shoved them up under the bottom of my helmet. As her subtle aroma filled my helmet, I almost felt like I would cum right then and there. I longed to bury my face in what I now saw was a beautiful completely clean shaven snatch. But I didn't dare remove the helmet.

At this point she was flailing all over the place, trying to escape my grip. But she was just too small; too weak. I was too strong, and in full control. "Suck my cock, slut," I declared. The fucking bitch. I was finally getting my revenge on her.

She replied, "Anything you put in my mouth, you're gonna lose." I slapped her across the face. Not so hard that it would bruise, or cause any visible damage. But hard enough to inflict pain, and show her I meant business.

I shoved my dick right up in her face. "Open your mouth, bitch." She resisted. I slapped her again, this time on the other side of her face. Her lips parted. I forced the head of my dick into her mouth; she gulped, and tried again to protest. I slapped her a third time.

Tears in her eyes, she opened her mouth a little wider, and I forced another couple inches inside. "Suck on it, you hot little slut," I said gruffly. She complied, working my dick slowly in and out of her mouth. It was a little big for her as she was a petite girl and I had an above average length and girth.

I forced it farther in and she gagged a little bit, tears now flowing freely down her face. This was excellent. She was finally being paid back for all her rotten behavior. I felt vindicated. But I wasn't about to stop there.

After letting her blow me for a couple more minutes (she wasn't doing a bad job, she actually eventually was able to get almost my entire member into her mouth/throat, surprisingly). I yanked my rod back out, and she gasped. "Please," she pleaded, "let me go now, I sucked your dick, isn't that enough?? Please don't fuck me." Now she was nearly hysterical, crying and sobbing. I smirked underneath my helmet; at this point there was no WAY I was letting her out of there until I had been inside her, and left ropes and ropes of jism deep inside her womb.

It had yet to fully occur to me that I was committing a crime right now. If I was found out, I could end up being locked up for quite some time. But none of that mattered at the moment. I was in the middle of what I felt was a righteous act at the time, and there was no turning back now. The damage was done. Might as well get my money's worth.

I looked down at her pristine cunt. It glistened with moisture. She was at least slightly aroused, despite her protests. I grabbed her smooth knees and forced her legs apart. She tried to resist, but was too weak. Between her slight wetness and her saliva still on my cock, when I pushed the head against her slit, it immediately breached the entrance.

It was surprisingly tight in there, which heightened my excitement further. My wife, who lately hardly ever put out anymore anyway, had had several partners before me years back, and her cunt was already relatively loose when I first experienced it.

She moaned with pain, tears still streaming down her face. She cried out in protest but I ignored her, as I slowly worked the first inch or two of my thick seven incher in and out of her. I was feeding her a little more each time as I felt her tight pussy stretch to handle my sizeable cock.

I paused for a moment to let her slit adjust, and I fondled her nice titties again, which were still supported by her pushup bra. I pulled one of them out of her shirt, and found the nipple to be rock solid. I tweaked it between my fingers and she gasped again, eyes still red with tears.

I then went back to work feeding her more and more of my pole. I looked down; it was a glorious sight, seeing my rod sticking into this beautiful smooth young looking (defying her true age) vagina. I picked up the pace slightly, working in and out. It felt fantastic. I used very short motions, until the entire length of my rod had disappeared inside her.

Fuck yeah, this rotten bitch was getting what she deserved. Hated her so much. With that, I pulled my cock almost all the way back out, and then slammed it back in, HARD. She shrieked. I chuckled; nobody would hear her scream. I glanced at the wall clock. To this point we had only been gone for not even ten minutes. Nobody would even have noticed us missing yet in all likelihood.

I repeated this a few times, out slowly, then back in with a lot of force. And then paused. I didn't want to blow my load too soon. I was so fucking turned on; the booze is certainly the only reason I had even lasted this long. Then I started to pick up some speed, fucking her with long smooth strokes.

She was still crying, but her moans no longer seemed to be entirely consisting of pain. She had given up trying to push me off of her, knowing that resistance was futile. I'm not gonna say she was liking it at this point, but her cunt had gotten noticeably wetter, so she was definitely moderately aroused whether she wanted to be or not.

Fucking bitch; I didn't want her getting ANY pleasure out of this. But it is what it is. And maybe that actually made it even MORE degrading in some ways. I didn't mind. We continued like that, her laid out on her back at the edge of the table, me standing in front of the table and just pummeling her hot cunt relentlessly, still in half of my knight armor.

I leaned over and took her one exposed nipple into my mouth, and felt it harden even further between my lips and tongue. She moaned again. I began teasing her clit with my free hand while I held onto her leg with the other. I had not removed her panties from inside my helmet, so I could still smell her intoxicating scent. She cried out, and her crotch got even wetter, and as her body convulsed on the table I realized that she was climaxing. I quickened my pace. Her orgasm subsided, but I didn't stop. She quietly moaned and whimpered. Tears were still in her eyes.

She clearly didn't' really want to be in this situation. But she had resigned herself to her fate. She even slightly arched her back to allow me slightly easier access to plunge even deeper into her hot body. She closed her eyes and her breathing quickened again.

She was cumming again! This was too much for me at this point, and I could feel the telltale tightening in my balls, knowing that I was about to shoot my load. I grabbed her hips and slammed harder and deeper than ever into her cunt and before her second orgasm subsided, I exploded inside her, shooting rope after rope of hot cum deep inside her hot slutty body.

I pulled out in time to spray one rope across her exposed breast, then two smaller ones onto her face. Still in the throes of her second orgasm, she even licked some of my warm goo around her lips and swallowed it much to my surprise.

"Yeah, fuck you bitch. Eat my cum." Before I was totally spent, I shoved my dick back into her warm, slick vagina once more, until I was totally finished cumming. This was one of the largest loads of my life. I rubbed my cum on her nipple, and then on her clit, working her up into yet another orgasm. I wiped the rest of my cum from her face with my other hand and fed it to her. She appeared slightly reluctant, but in the end gobbled it all up.

Finished, I pulled my boxers back up, and started putting the lower half of my costume back on. I did not return her panties to her. Tears began to form in her eyes again as she put her tits back into her shirt and bra, and straightened her skirt.

Without another word, I walked out of the room and back to the party. It was still going on as if I had never left, and only about 20 minutes had elapsed. I removed the helmet (making sure to conceal my stolen panty prize) and grabbed a beer, then went back to shoot the shit with a couple of the guys.

A few minutes later my victim re-entered the room (it was just starting to dawn on me that I had committed a serious crime here, all on pure impulse). She was a bit pale, but overall looked no worse for wear. She had evidently stopped in the restroom to fix her hair and makeup.

Nothing more was said, and the party dispersed an hour or so later. At work the next day, nothing was said. Nothing was ever said in fact. Between the costume and the poor lighting, there was no way she could know for sure who had fucked her against her will that day.

Out of the six of us wearing knight costumes, just about all of us disliked her, some quite strongly. And she had screwed over a couple of the other guys professionally as badly as (or worse than) she had screwed ME over.

So there was no way for her to know anything for sure. As time went on it faded into a distant memory. And believe it or not, she actually started treating all six of us better than she had in the past. Despite the lingering guilt as a result of what I had done, this had actually worked out not so bad, and it seemed like she and my coworkers were none the wiser as to what had happened.

A couple of the guys over time commented on her apparent change in behavior. I played it off as if I had no clue what was going on either, and over time my lingering guilt faded as well.

So what I was left with was a pair of her panties, and the memory of one of my best fucks of all time, and in my dream scenario: A harsh hate fuck of a cunty bitch who had tormented me at work for years. Not bad. In the end, I suppose I could live with that.

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