tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced into a Van

Forced into a Van


I had taken to going jogging out on a rural road in my area. There was hardly any traffic and it was quiet out in the country. I would park my car in a day use area and then go for my run. Running along a back road one day, I heard a vehicle approaching from behind. I got off the main road then stopped to look back.

A white van pulled up and stopped. Two men jumped out. It happened so quickly, then they lifted me inside and threw me in the back. Before I could do a thing there was a gag in my mouth and I was being held down. I tried to scream, but who would have heard me? The van took off and we must have driven for a half an hour or so. Then the van pulled off and stopped.

The two men who shoved me into the van started to undress. I never really did see whoever was driving. The next thing I saw were two white men with their cocks in front of my face. One of the men removed the gag.

"You make one sound and you will never jog again," he said to me.

I was scared beyond belief. I thought they were going to kill me. Both men started tugging at my top and shorts I had on to go running. I was then lying naked and exposed to my captors. One of them got over my face.

"Suck on my cock," he told me.

I tried to avoid opening my mouth, but he slapped my face and forced his big dick down my throat. He was sliding his pecker in as far as he could, making me gag on his cock. The other man didn't waste any time either. He pulled my legs apart and got in between them. I saw him stroking his cock, preparing to enter me.

After a few minutes he pushed the head between my folds and slid into my pussy. I had one cock in my mouth and another cock deep in my belly. I wanted to cry, but there were no tears. Both men felt huge inside me. Their cock were enormous and my pussy felt stretched. They didn't take me gently either.

There came a point where I just gave in. I hate to admit it to myself, I wanted to take these men's cocks and have them use me any way they wanted. I could smell their men scent in the air. It was a wild, earthy tang as if they had been outside most of the time. I eventually wrapped my legs around the one fucking my pussy.

"Look at her, Abe, she wants it."

He was right, I did want him. Once I put my legs around him, he went wild with fuck lust. He drove his prick into me as deep as it would go. My lover was thick and long. I could feel him hitting bottom with his strokes. That must have turned on the other guy fucking my face.

His nuts were hitting my chin as he thrust into me. I soon felt his body tense up and he erupted. His sticky load was soon running down my throat into my belly. I was choking to take it all down. He must have cum a full five minutes or more. When he finally pulled out, cum was dripping from the corners of my mouth.

The man fucking me let out a wild yell and spilled his load after I had taken his partner's load down my throat. I felt his hot seed coating my walls. My pussy went into convulsions and I milked him dry with my muscles.

"Look at her, she loves my cock," he told his partner.

He just kept pumping into me and spilling more cum into me. I hate to admit to myself even now, I wanted him to keep going and fuck and shoot more cum in me. Eventually both of them decided the fun was over. The van started up and we drove. They put the gag in my mouth and told me not to take it out. We ended back near where my car was parked.

I was tossed out of the van with my clothes and the hillbillies took off. I was on the ground and I cried for a long time. I soon counted my blessings. I was alive, but sore. When I stood up, cum came dripping from my pussy. I could taste cum on my breath as well. I got dressed, got into my car and drove home.

I had to shower and brush a couple of times to get all that spunk out of my system. That night I collapsed on my bed and fell into a deep sleep. The next day I got up, I didn't tell a soul. I was ashamed and I felt stupid. I was out running in the middle of nowhere. I opened my self to that abuse I felt. I called off work and just rested the whole day.

I was on my bed that afternoon thinking of what happened. I reached down and touched my clit. God help me, I was feeling horny. All I could think of was being used by those men. Somewhere inside me, I wanted them again. I wanted to taste their cocks and I wanted to be entered and fucked like a tramp.

I was shocked at my feelings. I was always conservative about who I slept with. Now I had been used like that I wanted more. I decided I would go back jogging in the same area. I hoped I would meet up with my lovers one more time. I jogged out in that area a few times but never saw them.

I even went so far as to place an ad. I gave a phone number and said I had some lost merchandise for a white van on the road we were on. I finally got a call one day. It was one of my lovers. I think they were stunned I would do such a thing as placing an ad. He thought I was setting them up somehow.

I told him it wasn't the case. I needed to see them one more time. We set a time and place near where I had been running. I drove out there and the white van was waiting for me. I got out of my car and walked over to the van. The door popped open and one of them hopped out.

It was a bit awkward but I said I had to see them both again. A big grin came over his face.

"Get in," he told me.

His buddy was inside waiting. I told them I needed them both. You should have seen their faces light up. Our clothes came off and I was on my back, legs spread apart. I took both of them that day. They fucked my pussy like two wild animals. I lost track of how many loads I took that way. I was also made to suck each of them and I drained their pricks of cum.

These two men seemed to have an endless flow of seed to give me. I was even made to take cock in my ass. I had to get on all fours and they plowed my bottom. I never hurt so much as when they drove their dicks into my asshole. When they finally finished with me my pussy was raw and sore. My ass felt stretched and I had cum leaking from both holes.

It was late afternoon when they finished with me. I got dressed and stepped out of the van. I looked back and told them both I wanted to do this again. If you could have only seen their faces.

I know it was stupid what I did that day. Something just snapped inside me. I needed to be fucked and used by these men. I needed to feel all that male seed soaking up in my body. Once I recover I plan to send them another message to meet and have me.

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by Harley17Quinn01/21/18

sooo wet

makes me wish my neighborhood wasnt so conservative. i jog daily;)

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