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Forced Into It


This story contains group sex, forced sexual acts, homosexuality and ass play. If this isn't your cup of tea please be warned now and move on. I'm not a professional writer and don't claim to be. Constructive criticism is allowed, however, if all your going to do is say it sucks or fag then move on or better yet, you write a story and post it so i can return the favor. That said please enjoy the story and thanks for your time.


My wife Janet and I have been married for 19 years now and in what I thought was a great marriage until 2 weeks ago. I work in the Medical field and work a lot of hours usually 10-12 hours a day plus 2 hours every other day at the gym trying to stay in shape as I get older. My name is David and im 5'9" and weigh 195 pounds and have a modest 7 1/2" cut cock and rather large testicles(around the size of medium grade eggs).

Now at 42 and as a person who showers at the gym I know that I'm not the biggest hung guy around but I used to think that I always left women satisfied after sex until 5 weeks ago. When during a heated argument with my wife she informed me that for the past 2 years I had not gotten her off every time and that she had to frequently "fake it" to spare my feelings. Needless to say it hurt me deeply and our argument came to an abrupt halt.

My wife Janet immediately stopped as she saw that I was visibly shaken by what she had said and went into damage control mode saying that she wasn't really serious and that she had only said that to get back at me for our fight. Her saying that made me feel better and we made up but it still played in the back of my mind like a broken record.

Now I know people are wondering by now about what my wife looks like and how we met so let me tell you. Janet and I met in college when I was in my sophomore year and her in her senior year. She is almost 3 years older than me with long red hair that goes to the middle of her back and works as a legal secretary at a very prestigious law firm, she also works long hours usually consisting of about 60 hours a week but is usually so tired that she doesn't get into the gym to work out so as the years have passed she has really started to put on the pounds and at 5'11" tall weighs 210 pounds but wears her extra padding well with her 42 DD's and thick legs and ass. Although she has a bit of a stomach now after having 2 kids (who are both in college now) is by all definitions a BBW.

The night of our argument as we lay in bed she started to kiss my neck and rub my chest and stomach as her leg draped over mine. This was usually her way of making up for fighting with me. I sometimes wondered if she fought with me just so we could have make up sex because our make up sex was always better than any other kind of sex we had and she knew just how to push my buttons. Now although I've never thought of her as being dominating or myself as submissive in or out of bed she liked to always take control in bed. Tonight was no exception as she rolled on top of me straddling my waist and held my held my arms above my head slowly thrusting her ever growing wet pussy over my cock. Back and forth she rubbed my hard cock getting my shaft and head coated with her leaking juices. I moaned in pleasure as the hot wet folds of her shaved pussy kept making contact with my hard cock nestled between her thighs.

Suddenly from out of nowhere(or maybe I was just too excited to notice) she pulled out a length of chord which was already tied into a noose and captured both my hands and cinched it tight before I could say anything. As I started to say something in protest Janet whispered in my ear that she wanted to just try something new. Now as I said before we usually have our wildest sex after a fight so I figured what's the worst that could happen and went with it.

Over the last 20 years together(1 year dating plus 19 married) we have tried all kinds of kinky things in bed. When we first got together we had made a promise to each other that we would never say no right away to new things and try things at least twice before deciding that we would never do it again if we didn't like it. After 20 years together I still love how tight her pussy feels wrapped around my cock. She reached back and grabbed my hot cock in her hand and rubbed the head up and down her wet lips, then slowly she sat down on my cock impaling herself on my manhood.

Janet moaned loudly as she rocked back and forth on my cock. After a minute or two of this she leaned forward and placed her right tit in front of my mouth and I sucked her nipple in and started to suck it and nibble it letting my teeth scrape them as she pulled away every time she would plunge onto my cock. As she rode my manhood like a woman possessed as she neared an orgasm. Then she said something I will never forget as long as I live.

She started telling me how she loved me but sometimes she wished she could fuck another man who was really hung and I don't know why but as she proceeded to fuck me I got extremely turned on. The thought of watching my beautiful wife and mother of my two children being fucked hard by a another mans huge cock made my own member stiffen up even more than it already was if that is possible. Then Janet said

"I want to fuck him bareback and fill my pussy up with his hot cum and when he is done I'm going to fuck your mouth and make you eat his cum from my just fucked pussy!"

As she said that she tightened her pussy which took me over the edge and I shot several shots inside her. As I came down from my intense orgasm I looked into Janet's eyes and saw a mischievous glint.

Without a word Janet raised herself from my now deflated cock and crawled up my chest and hovered over my face then she reached down and grabbed my hair and said,

"Eat my pussy you limp dick piece of shit!,"

and sat on my face using my hair to shove me in deeper. I had never eaten my own cum before . I mean sure I've tasted it on her lips when she has kissed me after giving me head but never in this amount. I tried to resist but unable to breath I finally had to open my mouth to breathe and that was when the first huge deposit that was waiting dropped onto my tongue and slowly slid down into my throat. It tasted salty and just slightly bitter not as bad as I was expecting it to.

As I proceeded to suck and lick my cum from her cunt Janet said,

"That's it slut lick my lovers cum from me. You seem to like it slut maybe I will have you suck his cock next time before I let him fuck me and you can clean him up after he has cum inside me. Would you like that slut??"

I was enjoying eating her pussy so much I just nodded and mumbled"yes" as I ate her pussy.

"that's it slut your mistress is close to cumming again make me cum slut!"

I ate her cunt for all I was worth as she rubbed her wet pussy all over my face and screamed

"YES! Eat his cum then get ready to suck his cock clean!"

As she said those things to me they barely registered as all I wanted to do was eat her and make her cum, but as I did my cock started to rise and get hard yet again harder than ever.

"That's it bitch make your Mistress cum! Eat his hot cum from my pussy! You know you want this,"

she yelled as she started to grind and thrust her hips rubbing her beautiful pussy all over my face. As I did as my wife asked she reached back and grabbed my cock and started to slowly stroke it.

"I see my slut likes drinking my lovers cum from my nasty well fucked pussy doesn't he??"

I tried to talk and tell her

"No! Not really."

But as she had that beautiful pussy covering my mouth all that came out were muffled sounds from between her quivering thighs as she rode my mouth and darting tongue for all I was worth.

"Look at how hard your little cock is baby. why I don't think I've ever seen it this hard before. Does my little slut like eating his mistress' pussy after her huge cocked lover has filled it with his potent cum?? I think you do. Don't you?? I know I do, I want you cleaning his hot slimy cum from my stretched out pussy lips just like this after he has reamed my hot, wet cunt with his hard piece of steel cock. Mistress can tell you like it just by looking at all your pre cum leaking out of your little cock."

"Now wait a minute," my mind shot back as she ground her cunt onto my face.

I had no desire for any of that to happen and would have to address this matter and let her know this was all in the name of fantasy and getting her off. And of course my cock was leaking cum all over the place, who's wouldn't be after 20 minutes of her constant stroking as she fucked my face.

She quickly twisted around and started to lick the pre-cum from my balls and shaft deliberately keeping away from my cock head knowing that I was so close to cumming myself.

"That's it slut eat my pussy I'm so fucking close to cumming and you want to make your mistress happy don't you?? I've never seen soooo much cum oozing from your cock before! I think my new little slut wants this for real doesn't he??"

Again as I answered,"No" from between her thighs all that came out was a muffled noise.

"My little slut cant wait to eat my lovers cum from her pussy can he??? OH GOD!! Mistress is going to cum! Eat her you fucking piece of shit!! Make me cum! Finish it!!! If my little cock slut wants this for real then cum for me!"

And she proceeded to engulf my cock head and suck like a hoover vacuum cleaner on my beaten cock. So instead of arguing I just returned the favor and sucked, licked, nibbled and pulled on her clit as hard as I could. I was rewarded with a huge gush of her pussy juices mixed with the last remnants of my cum from earlier as she squeezed my head between her strong thighs. This was clearly by far one of her most intense orgasms that she has ever had in our 20 years together. As she started to ebb from her orgasm she said,

"Now cum for me if you really want this,"

and sucked my cock for all she was worth and about 20 seconds was all my beaten cock could take and my searing hot cum boiled out as I felt it burn the tube in my shaft until it hit the back of her throat.

I laid there exhausted used and abused by my hot wife finally after what seemed like forever she rolled off my face and body. As usual after sex she cuddled up against me then leaned in and kissed me but then did something she has never done before. As we kissed shoved my fresh load of cum into my mouth, every last drop that she had captured. As I was caught so unaware of what she was doing all I could do to not choke on my own cum was to swallow. I coughed and tried desperately to catch my breath as she whispered into my ear,

"That's my little cum loving slut. Drink down his hot cum for your mistress. I think i'm going to just leave you tied up for the rest of the night."

I tried to breath normally again as she snuggled into my body and went fast to sleep.

As I lay there, going over in my mind what had just happened, I knew I would have to talk to her the next day as soon as I could. I had to tell her that although we had a great night of fantasy sex that, that was all it was. In my mind as I replayed our experience I started to drift off to sleep. My cock started to stir as I heard her saying those hot and nasty words to me in my mind again. I needed to set her straight before she got too carried away.

The next morning I awoke at around 9:00 a.m. after being wiped out from my previous nights sex session with my hot, sexy wife. A smile crossed my face as I stretched my arms and legs wide on our bed and realized I had been untied and through half opened eyes looked to my right for my wife. She was gone, but as I started to turn my head back I noticed a note on the bedside nightstand. Stretching over I picked up the note which had her lip print with a bright red shade of lipstick. The note simply read,

"David, last night was just the beginning to a better sex life for us. Signed J. "

"OK," I thought.

This meant she was wanting to continue trying to spice up our sex life and work on getting our marriage back on track to where it should be, but I still needed to talk to her about parts of the role playing that I wanted to have change. I didn't mind the dirty sex talk or the domination thing too much as sometimes I would like her taking control in the bedroom as it gets boring being the only one to always initiate sex.

However, I felt that we really needed to go over her sudden development of her wanting me to eat another mans cum from her just fucked pussy and clean his cock with my mouth after he has pulled out of her. I do have to admit the thought of her being fucked thoroughly by a man more endowed than myself as she moans underneath him,as he stretches out her pussy was even now causing my cock to rise and after last nights adventure it's hard to believe it was even possible.

The time on the clock read 9:15 a.m. I needed to get moving if I was going to make it to work on time by 10. I got in the shower and turned on the hot water wanting to soothe some of the aches away from where the ropes had been attached to my hands and feet from the night before. In the bright light of the bathroom I could see the marks that the ropes had left on my wrists from my initial struggling and from the jerking as I had cum so hard like never before. As I was thinking of the events in my head from last night my cock started to rise yet again as I soaped up.

I loved the way my wife had talked dirty to me last night as she had her way with me. Even if I didn't like some aspects of the talk. As I soaped up my cock and balls the combination of my thoughts, hot water, and slick soapy hand felt very good..... too good. Although I knew I needed to get to work soon I couldn't help but play with myself. I closed my eyes and leaned against the cold tile of the shower as the warm mist continued roll over the front of my body. Enjoying the differences in temperatures as I slowly stroked my cock. Letting my hand slide up and down my shaft and over my cock head I thought of my wife and the lustful things she said to me. When I got to the part of her telling me she loved me but sometimes she wished she could fuck another man who was really hung, my cock twitched and got even harder.

Then replaying how she played and teased my cock and eventually sucking my cock like a woman possessed and just as I started to cum I heard her words again

"I want to fuck him bareback and have him fill my pussy up with his hot cum and when he is done i'm going to fuck your mouth and make you eat his cum from my just fucked pussy!"

My cock twitched harder this time and my cum shot hard out of the end of my piss hole, splattering against the shower tile in 3 long spurts the fourth landing on my arm. For some reason I was compelled to bring my arm up to my mouth and I tentatively licked my last shot of cum from my arm. Having tasted it the night before I was ready for the taste and texture this time even expecting how it would be in my mouth.

Realizing I was running late I finished rinsing off and then dried off. As I was getting dressed I remembered the slight rope burns on my wrists from my initial resistance and since my scrubs were short sleeved choose to wear a long sleeved tee shirt underneath. I grabbed my my car keys and raced out the front door. Driving like a bat outta hell I drove to the hospital making it there and clocking in at 10 on the dot.

Now one of my duties at the hospital is to help administer drug tests for some of the bigger local fortune 500 companies in the city. Part of the time I do the paperwork side of the testing and sometimes I have to observe the applicants peeing into the cup to make sure that they are not cheating the test. The law states that a male must be present for the men and a female for the women. Now this has been one of my duties for over the last 10 years and until today has never been an issue. When I clocked in I was told that we had 5 screenings scheduled for later today and since I was on pee patrol and 2 were male I would have to be the person doing the verifying on them.

Now as I said earlier this is something I have done for the last 10 years and normally I don't even think twice about it, but after last night my mind and heart were racing thinking about seeing another mans cock. Why the fuck was I excited about this, I asked myself.

"I don't really want to see another guys cock do I??"

What the fuck was I thinking?? About 30 minutes into my shift and the drug screenings started coming in for their appointments. My female counterpart for the day was Dawny, a nasty fucking hot redhead that every male in the hospital wanted to nail, myself included. She was in her mid 30's with a pair of DD's (that from the rumor going around) she was more than willing to show anyone. Another rumor going around is that her husband shared her but I didn't put too much stock in that one.

The first 2 appointments were women (one of which was a hot tight blond) the next one was a man. I let out a sigh as I saw him enter the room and got out of my chair and hoped that no one had heard me. He informed us that he was here to take a drug test for his new job and I informed him he had come to the right room. I asked him to

"follow me please,"

and I led him down the hall to the restroom doors. we stopped at the doors where we have a table and lockers.

I advised him to remove everything from his pockets and place them in the plastic container and place that container into one of the lockers. I then advised him to place the wrist band with the key onto his wrist and to again follow me. I opened the door and turned on the light. I walked to the sink and turned on the faucet and started the water and asked him to soap up to his elbows and rise, do not turn off the water and I would hand him a paper towel when he was finished.

After he finished washing I then handed him the towel and then washed my own hands after which i grabbed a plastic cup and advised him to start a stream and then move the cup into place and fill it if he could to the top line and not to flush when he finished. The guy asked if I was going to just stand there as he went and I told him that per state law I was required to. When he started to say something I told him if he didn't want me in the room I could get the female tech to come administer the test. He just turned away and shut his mouth, to which I had to force myself to not smile and laugh.

That usually shut up most of the guys. As the guy pulled his dick out I noticed he was not very well endowed and his dick only just stood out an inch past his zipper. I heard the pee hitting the water in the toilet as I watched the stream flow out his dick head and then heard the sound of it hitting the bottom of the plastic cup. Just a few seconds later and he was all done.

I took the cup and placed a thermometer on the side of the cup to gauge the temperature to ensure that it was at the correct body temperature. We washed our hands and then I took him back to the lockers. As he collected his things I sealed the cup with the plastic lid and gathered the paper work needed. I had him initial the label on the cup and sign his name on the paper work. At this point I advised him that the test results would be sent to the employer in 24-48 hours and that they would be in touch with him not the hospital.

"That wasn't so bad," I thought to myself.

One down and only one more to go for the day. As I showed him the way back out Dawny was bending over picking up a chart she had dropped and her huge tits were all but falling out of her top. The guy next to me said,

"Maybe next time I should have her administer the test after all,"

and all I could do was smile and stare at her big beautiful breasts. From that point on all I could think of was having Dawny's tits wrapped around my cock as she ate my wife's pussy.

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