tagLoving WivesForced Into It Ch. 02

Forced Into It Ch. 02


Again like last time, if you have any negative, foul mouthed comments they will be deleted. Any actual constructive criticisms are welcomed. This story does include ass play and is somewhat homosexual in nature. If this is not your thing than do us both a favor and don't read it. I do not have control over you and can't force you to read it. You have been warned.

It was the next morning as my eyes fluttered open and my mind began to race as it was flooded with the images of memory of what happened last night. I started to get out of bed as I had to piss like a Russian race horse. When the first pulses of pain shot through me as I sat up on the side of our king sized bed, I just about doubled over. Holy fuck I was sore. My body felt like I had just gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and not coming out the winner either!

To say that I felt like I had been rode hard and put up wet was the understatement of the year. Thank God I was off today because I was going to need it to recover from last night if I was going to make it through my next work rotation.My head was sore, as was my cock and ass.

It had been one hell of a night with Janet and I still had not had my talk with her. Not for a lack of trying on my part mind you, but rather as every time I tried to talk to my wife (as I had entered our bedroom) she simply cut me off and demanded my silence. She lay on the bed in her red see through teddy.

Her big beautiful 42 double D's proudly on display behind the see through material. On my third attempt she just gave me a look. With her eyes smoldering white with heat as she became angrier and angrier that I wasn't complying to her commands.

Her scantily clad body leaped from the bed quickly to stand in front of me and I was rocked backwards by a right cross open hand slap that didn't hurt as much as one might think but was enough to stun me into silence.

"I told you to be quiet! Now I wont tell you again. SHUT.... the fuck ......UP!" she screamed at me. Small amounts of spit came flying from her mouth to land on the right side of my face. I shut up not from her demand, but because I was shocked into silence by my wife acting this way.

"Now take off your towel and put on the blindfold like I told you to do slut!"

I was in shock and too stunned to say anything, and did as she demanded.

"Yes! That's much better my cock whore slut slave" she said. I felt and heard her attach something around my neck. I would later come to find out that what she had place on me was a 3" wide choke dog collar complete with a leather leash.

"Yes" she said as she finished attaching it, "I think that will work quite nicely, but I think its missing one more thing".

I heard some rustling from inside a plastic bag (its amazing how much the body adjusts for its other senses being taken away) then walked back to me. I could feel her body heat coming off her in waves and suddenly felt pressure against my lips and teeth as she tried to shove something into my mouth. I instinctively turned my head (that turned out to be a mistake as i quickly learned) to which she yanked the collar with such force I thought my head was going to pop off.

"Lets try that again slut!" and she rammed the item into my mouth. It was made of hard plastic and stretched my lips and jaw wide open. I was unable to do anything but breathe, and barely even that.

"There. Now you look like a true cock slut with your cock gag in place." she then started to softly laugh. A COCK GAG my mind was shouting (as I couldn't even begin to talk with that fucking thing stuffed in my mouth) what the fuck was she thinking??? Janet pulled me forward with the leash and demanded I lean forward on the bed, and after what she did last time I didn't listen right away I obeyed her command this time without fail.

"Crawl to the center of the bed cock whore" she demanded in a loud and stern voice. A voice in which I have never heard her use in all the years we have been married together and to be honest it shook me to the core of my being.

So there I was crawling to the middle not sure where I was at as I couldn't see a thing. The next thing I knew she was on the bed with me. Her warm breath blowing in my ear, and on my neck as I felt her hand encompass my flaccid cock in her soft, warm, delicate hand.

Given the circumstance I was now in I was anything but aroused and to be honest didn't think I would be for some time to come. Then Janet started to whisper in my ear.

" Awwwww! My poor little cock slut isn't hard for his mistress. Well lets just see what we can do to fix that!" She proceeded to move her hand slowly and methodically up and down my shaft, but my mind or body wasn't having any of it and stayed soft.

"OK, so my little slut is going to give his mistress a hard time or lack there of huh?? Well I can fix that!" she exclaimed, and I heard her rummage through her night stand. I wondered what he hell she was up to now, when I heard the buzzing sound I knew so well.

It was the sound of her toy she nicknamed "the pleasure rod". It was a long, somewhat thin, plastic vibrator about 9 inches long and about 3 inches thick.I felt the bed shifting as she crawled back over to be beside me.

Once again I could feel her body heat coming off of her Amazon like figure. I felt her leaning into me our bodies touching ,and I felt her arm reach around my waist. The next thing I knew she was rubbing the toy up and down the length of my shaft and head.

God, that felt so good. I felt the vibrations running through me all the way to the pit of my stomach. She stopped to rest it on the base of my cock just above my nut sack. Still no real reaction or at least not enough of one for her pleasure. So she leaned in and started to nibble on my earlobe (as this always starts my motor up) as the toy buzzed away at my cock.

"Alright cock slut you better start making your mistress happy or else your not going to like what I do to you next ."

My mind was racing because I didn't know what else she could possibly do next that could be "worse" than this. Well I was about to find out.

"So my cock slut wont get hard for me, huh? Well I will just have to punish you for not pleasing your mistress!"

The next thing I knew the toy was dropped onto the bed, and I felt her spread my ass cheeks apart. I felt a cold substance being smeared inside my ass and asshole.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING??!!" my mind screamed as I felt the tip of the buzzing toy being pushed up against my tight puckered asshole. Now I have to tell you that I have never even put my own fingers up my ass before much less a toy. I felt my puckered hole beginning to give way as she slowly applied pressure to the vibrating toy and the smooth bullet head slowly, but surely entered my once virgin ass.

"Oh yeah! That's right you fucking cock slut take that cock up your ass!"

She squealed in delight as her toy entered my once virgin ass. This bitch is crazy I though as I groaned in slight discomfort, and pleasure as she sank that toy all the way to the end inside my ass. I say in pleasure because it was positioned just right and it started to tickle my prostate gland.

She then grabbed my cock again, and said that "If this didn't make her cock slut slave hard then she would stop, but if I responded to it then she knew that I wanted this to happen."

As she said these words to me she skillfully wrapped her hand back around my cock and proceeded to again slowly jack me off. Suddenly with the soft glove like feel of her hand (and toy buzzing against my prostate) my cock twitched and started to come to life despite the discomfort from my asshole being violated. My wife knew how to work my cock as she has done so many times before.

She started to softly whisper in my ear again as she slowly and tightly slid her hand up and down my shaft getting me harder and harder with each stroke

"That's it baby. Is this what mistress' cock slut wanted? Don't try lying whore I can feel your cock getting hard as my lover fucks your ass with his long, hard cock."

At which point she grabbed my cock at the base tightly, and started to thrust the toy back and forth inside me. Going harder inside me with each thrust as she did my hips started to move and my cock slid back and forth in her hand.

"YES! That's it bitch!" she spewed at me " Take his fucking cock! Next time your going to watch me being fucked by a man with a real cock not one as small as yours is while his buddy fucks your ass just like this! If you want that, and I believe that you do. Cum for me you fucking worthless cock whore!"

At which point she was ramming the toy in me Like a woman possessed. Her hand was moving so fast and hard. The toy was stimulating my prostrate. Her hot breath on my ear and neck with her soft, strong hand on my cock. That even against my wanting to I did just that. I came like I have never cum before. My cock shot 5 hard streams of hot semen to her delight and my relief.

She released my deflating cock from her hand and I fell forward (her toy still buzzing and and still sticking at least halfway out of my ass) onto the bed.

"Oh my God! " she exclaimed "I knew you were a cock slut. If I had just done this sooner we might have been having more fun all these years!" and she started to softly laugh.

"Don't worry slut, the nights not over yet!" she said as she removed my blindfold.

"Thank God" I thought. I thought she was going to release me from her domination role playing for the night...... no such luck.

"I want you to see what i'm going to do next before I put that blindfold back on." as she moved back over to her nightstand and reached in and pulled back out a strap on dildo.

This was one like I've never seen before. It was a double headed dildo. Meaning that it had a dildo on each side. One for the person getting fucked and one for the person (obviously a woman) doing the fucking. She approached the head of the bed so I could see her new toy.

It was black at least 11 or 12 inches long and unlike the "rod" was about 4-5 inches thick. The other side was about 8 inches long but just as thick. This toy was meant to be felt by both the fuckee and the fucker, and my sinking gut feeling told me which one I was meant to be tonight.

Janet looked down at the pool of my cum on the bed sheet, and moved the longer dildo side down to rub and smear it in my cum. She then moved it directly in front of my face. I could see my fluids making the toy shinny and watched as some of it was running down the shaft of the toy.

"Now then, be a good whore and clean off my boyfriend's cum from his cock. After he just shot his load into my more than willing pussy".

She then opened the mouth piece of the cock gag, and started to feed it into my mouth. As many of you may well know with a cock gag firmly in place you have no choice in what goes into your mouth. I tasted the familiar flavor of my cum as the toy started to fill my mouth. Janet then stood up on the bed and moved her pussy towards the other end.

"Look at how wet i am David! See how much it turns me on knowing your my cock slut, cuckold, slave?" At which point she spread open her bald pussy lips and I could some of her juices flowing from her and trickling down her thighs.

God, how much I wanted to lick her fluids from them and devour her pussy where she stood.

"Now be a good cuckold and put my lovers cock inside of me.

The thought of what she said made my cock jump again. My hand moved off the bed and grabbed a hold of the toy which a good 5 or so inches were in my mouth. I rubbed the toy up and down her wet slit.

"That's it. Place his superior cock inside your mistress like you know you want to" she said as she smiled wickedly down at me.

I placed the wet head of the dildo inside her and heard her moan out loud.

"Yes! It feels so good to finally get a huge cock inside me to make me feel whole".

When she said that a part of me felt humiliated. Hell I wont lie it was a large part, but another part of me was so turned on. Listening to my wife talking dirty like never before and enjoying herself. After all what was sex supposed to be if not pleasurable for both parties?

Since I had already cum shouldn't I return the favor and help her get off too? As long as I wasn't being hurt I told myself it would be okay.Janet leaned all the way in and sank that dildo all the way up her wet, hot, slick pussy. Now this wouldn't have been a problem but I wasn't prepared for her doing this, and as she rammed it inside her it lunged down my throat gagging me.

"Oh! Yes! Yes! YES!" she moaned as she started to fuck the toy.

She reached down and and grabbed the straps securing them to her body with her standing on the bed and me kneeling there hanging off the end of that big dildo like some whore in heat. A whore needing a mans cock in my body. Janet suddenly grabbed my hair and started to thrust the toy in and out of my cock gag.

"That's it bitch suck my lovers cock, and make him hard again. Make him hard so he can show you who is the real man in this house!"

I had no choice but to bring my hands up to grab the dildo as it was being shoved harder and harder down my gullet. I was about to either get sick or or choke on this huge fake cock. I could still taste myself on this toy of hers. Her "lovers cock" and was getting used to the taste by now.

She picked up the pace and was soon cumming harder than I have ever heard her. Moaning how good he was inside her and how much he filled her up. Stretching her from how little I used her pussy because I wasn't big enough to satisfy her anymore. How she needed and craved his huge cock. After a few minutes she recovered from her orgasm and told me to remove the gag from my mouth which I gladly did.

Then was told to get back onto all fours on the bed again and she placed the blindfold back on.

"Did you like that cock whore?" she asked me.

"No!" I shot back at her.

"Liar! I'm going to prove that my cock loving slave liked it and wants it."

With that she grabbed the leash as she moved around on the bed behind me.

"Now then bitch lets see who is right!" she push me forward until my head was in the pillows next to the headboard.

"OK cunt here it comes" and she pushed the head of the strap-on hard against my sphincter. Since this was only the second time something other than toilet paper was in my ass it resisted. However, my ass was well lubed up from earlier, and eventually as she laid into me with all her weight behind her my asshole gave way.

I screamed "FUCK! That fucking hurts!"

To which she responded

"Shut up and take it you cock loving, whore, slut! You know you want it and crave it as much as I do! Don't you bitch!!"

I was in serious pain as my asshole was stretched beyond anything i have ever had come out of it. Janet was moaning as she started to sink slowly, deep inside my ass. As her dildo pushed in hard inside of her cum filled pussy.

"Janet, would you please stop , it hurts baby, it really fucking hurts"!

"Admit you like it and I will stop otherwise I wont have a choice but to show to you that I know it's what you want and need!!"

"No fucking way!" I thought.

There was no way I really wanted this to happen. Once she was inside of me (about 2/3 of the way according to her) she rested to let me adjust to the size of her "lovers cock". The pain started to slowly subside as I lay with my head on the pillow and my ass still high in the air. My ass being stretched to its limits by this huge toy of hers.I have never felt so stuffed for a lack of a better word.

"Alright slut, enough time to get used to his cock. Now he's going to show you why he is the boss when he comes over to fuck me."

And with that she started to slowly fuck my ass with the leash in her left hand ,and both hands on my hips. The pain that was once there was now just a dull throbbing ache. All I felt at this point was a feeling of pressure and being filled completely and nothing else.

Janet, however, was starting to really get back into it and was moaning as her half of the toy was sliding back and forth freely in her wet cunt. As the seconds ticked by she slowly started to speed up as she was fucking me and the nerve endings in my asshole began to give me a sense of pleasure as well as my prostate again being stimulated.

"Ready to admit you like his cock up your ass? That his cock is superior to yours in every way and that he can have me ANY time he wants, ANY place? Submit to me and him. Tell him you want and need his cock in your ass and in your wife whenever he or I want to fuck! Beg him to drill your ass like I am now! Tell him it's OK and I will stop if you still want me to, but I want to hear you beg me!"

"NO! " I shouted, but I had to admit to myself at least that the constant pounding she was giving my prostrate was feeling so good.

"OK! That was your last chance to not have me prove you are a dirty liar, you fucking cock slut!"

Then she pulled the choke collar by the leash and in the same instant slid her hand down back to my semi hard cock.

Again she expertly wrapped her hand around my cock and proceeded to jack me off as she increased the speed of her thrusts inside me. I felt the dildo slide further and further up my bowels with each vicious thrust. She started telling me how she was going to let him have his friends come over to the house while I was away at work. She would let him and anyone else he wanted to bring along fuck her.

That when I got home her pussy would be so full of other men's hot sticky cum that she was going to make me clean up every drop from her used pussy. MY Wife was going to be theirs to do with. Whatever they wanted nothing was going to be off limits. NOTHING! Then all of a sudden as I was getting close to cumming she released my cock and stopped fucking me.

All I heard was our heavy breathing but I needed to cum so damn badly. I was so fucking close, she couldn't stop now!

"You want to cum" she said, then you know what i want to hear. Say it cum slut!" and I needed to cum so damn bad ..... so I did it.

At this point I would have agreed to anything for my release. The damn broke and it all came flooding out of me "YES!" I shouted.

"Please!" I begged.

"I want him to fuck me like his little cock slut, I want him and all of his friends to use my wife to cum in her like the cum whore she is! I want him to breed my wife's pussy with his huge superior cock because my cock isn't big enough to fully satisfy my wife's needs. I want to be used by him and his friends and anyone else you want me to. I admit it. I want it! PLEASE just let me cum mistress.

"YES!" she exclaimed and started to fuck my ass as hard as she could and wrapped her hand back around my cock as she savagely fucked my ass. My head started to pound against the headboard and the bed began to shake as she stroked my cock.

"Cum for your new masters" she said " know now that you will never be the man in the house again and will always serve me and whatever man I bring home" and then it happened , my cock swelled harder than I ever remember and my cum flew out of it again pooling on the bed. As I came so did she from her end of the toy.

As like the last time I collapsed and she rolled off my back slowly pulling the dildo out of my sore, beat, tender, red and swollen asshole. Janet reached up and pulled my head down to the dildo that she just took out of her severely wet cunt and told me to suck her cum from it. I devoured it.

Running my tongue along the shaft and head of this huge fake cock. Lovingly licking it clean then she again grabbed a fist full of my hair and told me to clean my cum up from the bed. As I did as she demanded I knew my life was never going to be the same again if I didn't have that talk with her and fucking soon!

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