Forced Nudity


I'm a 23 year old Nurse working at a large hospital in Adelaide, South Australia (OK – I work at Flinders). I'm quite short (4'11" or 150 cm) and skinny, but not anorexic or anything. I'm a b-cup up top, pale skin with get-black straight hair down to my shoulders. I don't think I'm stunningly pretty, but I'm alright.

I'm fairly quiet in my private and work life and haven't really done too much outrageous. About a year ago I discovered Literotica and have been excited about the idea of forced exhibitionism. I'm reasonably modest in my attire (not a prude though) so the idea of being caught nude or having to wear something revealing gets me strangely hot and excited. I don't know why. It terrifies me at the same time. But I had to do it.

This is a true story about my first foray into a nude hobby...

I work night-shift for four nights in a row, once per month. That means I finish at about 7:00 am and then have about three days to recover. I'd been planning this idea for a couple of months, building up courage. I finished work and drove home to my flat, threw my clothes in wash and had a hot shower. I was already excited and masturbated while I was in there. Leaving my hair down (it's tied up for work). I just threw on an old t-shirt and shorts. No bra, nickers or shoes. This was radical by itself, but I was just getting started! I grabbed a bottle of olive oil, spare car key and got in the car.

About 60 minutes south is a pine forest (Kypo Forest for the locals) I went there years ago on a school excursion. There are a variety of entrances, and I didn't think it got many visitors especially at 9:00 in the morning.

My plan was to leave the spare car key somewhere in public, but not too much in public. Drive some distance into the forest, then trip naked and lock the car. I'd then have to walk to get the keys using the forest for cover. Make a dash to get them and walk back. Easy, but very exciting!

I parked at one of the entrances, got out and looked for somewhere to leave the spare key. I thought that I wouldn't make it too easy, so I crossed the road and put it at the base of a large tree. There was a bit of traffic about, but you could hear it coming for quite some distance, so I felt OK.

I then drove up the dirt track to a parking spot. Remember, I had been awake since 2:30 pm the previous day, and was very, very excited. I smoked a couple of cones while still in the car and got a wild buzz going.

Then I did it. I threw the keys in the glove box. Stepped out the car, threw my clothes inside, grabbed the olive oil and shut the door. The parking bay is somewhat exposed so I quickly ran into the forest. It was then I noticed that they had done some logging since I was last there and thinned out some of the trees. I remember vaguely being told they do this on my school trip to allow the trees more room to develop. The upshot was that they didn't offer as much cover as I anticipated. No problem, I just ran a bit further in.

Really buzzing now. Heart pounding. I've never been outdoor naked like this before. I cracked open the olive oil and poured it over me. It takes quite a while to tip out a litre of oil and I am seriously lubricated by the time I finish. I drop the bottle and rub in the oil. I masturbated again, coming quickly and strongly. Really, really buzzing now. A little scared, the forest is a lot thinner than I anticipated, but I can hear any cars for miles. I start making my way to the entrance, staying what I think is deep enough in the forest. I've no shoes on so I take my time stepping over branches and logs.

After a while I came to a small clearing. The sun was streaming though and I looked down looking at my glistening pale body, slightly yellow from the olive oil and erect nipples. I thought about what I was doing and reached down again to my oily pubes (I don't shave). With my right hand massaging my breasts and my left between my legs I came again. Even afterwards I thought I was going to explode. I was so hot!

Eventually I thought I was getting close to the entrance of the forest. I kept low-ish and crept forward. Yep, right on target. The key was further than I thought. The forest stopped about seven metres from a low wire fence. I could slide through the fence easily enough. On the other side of the fence were some low shrubby things – not much cover, but probably OK. Then a quick dash across the road to get the keys and back.

I crept closer to the edge and listened. There was a lot of traffic. Not a constant stream, but you could always hear a car approaching or driving away. Not good. I stayed squatting down with my legs apart stroking between my legs. I was trying to keep the excitement up, but I was getting scared. But there was no backing out. My only key was on the other side of that fence. A car passed and drove off into the distance. Silence. This was my chance.

Heart pounding, I ran out to the fence. Shit! A horse! About a hundred meters away between the forest and the fence line was a group of people on horseback! Shit! Shit! I scrambled through the fence. Shit a car coming, it's almost on me. I squatted down between the fence and the shrubby bushes. The car sped path. I looked up at the horses, a couple of them were moving quicker now. I had to get the key. Now! I dashed across the road and grabbed the key. Dashing back I could see a white 4-wheel drive ute slowing down, I scrambled under the fence and sprinted back towards the forest. On my left I could see the ute pulling into the entrance. Shit! It's a forestry vehicle! They've seen me and are pulling in. Two of the riders on my right have got a fantastic view of my naked oiled body, they are almost on top of me. My heart is in my throat as I try to disappear into the forest.

After a few minutes of leaping over branches I stop and squat down. I can't hear anything (other than my pounding heart). I'm shaking all over. The horses couldn't have followed me, but what if they riders had dismounted? What about the forestry worker(s)? I would have had a good head start on any of them. I stayed still for about five minutes. I think I'm in the clear, for now. What if they're waiting at the car? My god, my clothes are on the front seat – it'll be obviously mine!

I started the walk back to the car. I've cut the soles of both of my feet so I'm walking on my toes. My heart is not pounding as much, but I'm still very scared. I'm not excited anymore. What the hell am I doing naked, covered in oil in a forest, with possibly a group of people looking for me?

Suddenly I hear a car. I squat down and see through the trees the 4-wheel drive cruise by. It's heading away from my car and down to the entrance. I could see two people in it, but they didn't see me. I start moving again. A while longer and I'm almost at my car. I haven't seen the 4-wheel drive again. My car can be seen from the entrance, and if they're looking they'll see me leave the forest.

Do I dare? Do I have any choice?

I creep to the edge of the tree line. Peering down to the entrance I can't see anyone. I make the dash. Opening the car door I climb in and start the engine. There are multiple entrances and exits to this forest so I drive further in. I'm no rally driver, but I'm going quickly, and bouncing around naked in the car. It doesn't take too long to get to an exit and I waste no time in putting some distance between the forest and me. About five minutes later a truck passes going in the other direction. I'm reminded that I'm still naked, so I pull off the road and wriggle into my shorts and t-shirt. I've made it!

When I get home the enormity of what I have done hits me. I think I masturbated for about four hours before falling asleep having been awake for over 24 hours. I have never been so scared, so excited - so hot, just so alive as I was that morning!

I will never, ever do that again. Stay tuned for what I did next month after night shift...

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