tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced Sex with our Maid

Forced Sex with our Maid


My wife just walked out the door to meet her friends for their Vegas 'getaway'. The only people in the house are Elena, our live-in housekeeper, and me. Elena's a young 20-something red head with long hair and a tight little body. Her housecleaning skills are good, but she really excels at looking sexy in the maid outfit we require her to wear. It was one of the conditions I had with my wife when we decided to go full out and get a live-in housekeeper. I insisted that if we were going to have an 'employee' then I wanted that employee to understand that this was a business relationship, that we had expectations about professionalism and that we weren't looking for a person that was just going to live with us and try to keep the place tidy. The argument was successful, which was good in that I couldn't really tell my wife that a maid in uniform was a huge turn-on to me.

No sooner did my wife walk out the door than did Elena come into the den to start vacuuming. She asked me if it was o.k., which I said it was. There was nothing of interest going on in the paper I was reading and there was no way I was going to turn her away when I could watch walk around the den in her little maid outfit. I think she knew this which is why I think she started with the den. There she was, vacuuming away, dusting pictures, all the while teasing my cock. I knew that was what she was trying to do when she'd bend with her legs slightly apart but relatively straight. This made her ass stick out and her skirt part of her uniform raise up. She probably noticed that I didn't flip the page of the paper once while she was in the room. And no sooner did she get my dick hard, off she was with the vacuum to the living room. I couldn't take it anymore and off I went to the bathroom to jack off fantasizing about putting my hands up her skirt, ripping off her panties and fucking her hard from behind while I held her shoulders down on the couch. Needless to say I wasn't in the bathroom all that long.

After a few hours, Elena announced the housecleaning was all done and that she was going to take a shower. This immediately put me in fantasy mode again thinking about her naked body in the shower. Our guest shower is a fairly sizable glass unit and I imagined her seeing her behind the steamy glass lathering up her breasts, between her legs and her sexy ass. My cock was hard and I wanted to jerk off again. This time, though, I was too turned on since my fantasy was taking place just down the hall. I knew she liked teasing me and announcing a shower so soon after my wife left was her just trying to push my buttons.

I walked down the hall just outside of the bathroom door where I could hear the water running. I restarted my fantasy while I grabbed my dick through my pants. I imagined grabbing her in the shower and just ramming my dick inside her. As I played out my fantasy, I could feel myself getting worked up faster than I wanted, but I didn't want it to end. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and pulled off my clothes until there was nothing but me and a raging hard on. I started to stroke my dick again but now I was getting angry. Why was she teasing me like this?

Not being able to take it any longer, I opened the door and walked into the bathroom, which startled her. I could tell she was confused and trying to see me through the steamed up glass.

Elena: Mr. Smith, what are you doing!?

Me: I'm coming to take a shower.

Elena: Mr. Smith, you can't!

Me: Yes I can. This is my house and I can do whatever I want.

I reached the shower and opened the door. As I did, she saw I had no clothes on and a very hard dick. Her eyes were wide open as if a bit scared.

Elena: Mr. Smith, you can't do this. What about Mrs. Smith?

Me: Mrs. Smith isn't here and you've been walking around this house trying to get my dick hard.

Elena: No I haven't. I swear I haven't!

Me: But you have. Look at it. Do you like getting my cock hard?

At this point she was speechless and still had a concerned look on her face. By now she was up against the shower wall and I made my way over to her. She had crossed her arms in front of her covering her breasts and had her legs pulled together so I could only see her pubic hair. She was so beautiful and because I could see she was scared and vulnerable, I knew I could do what I had come in there to do. I put my hands on her waist and forced my lips onto her neck and started kissing and nibbling her. She let out a distressed, "oh my god." I then slid my hands down around her ass and pulled her close so my dick was rubbing against her body. Her body was stiff as I continued to kiss and gently bite her. She stiffened more when I ran my hand up between her ass and slowly put the tip of my finger in her asshole.

Elena: (gasp) Oh my god, Mr. Smith! Please don't!

Me: Elena, you know you get me hard. You know that I've been constantly masturbating thinking about making love to you. You like getting me hard, don't you?

Elena: No! I don't!

Me: Elena, I want you to open up your legs so I can put my cock inside you, o.k.? I'm going to fuck you now.

Elena: No, Mr. Smith! I don't want to. I like Mrs. Smith and this is wrong.

Me: You like Mrs. Smith? If you liked her so much you wouldn't be walking around this house trying to turn me on. Now for the last time, open your legs.

Elena: No!

At this point, where she wasn't going to cooperate, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I turned her around so she was now facing the shower wall and I was staring at her back and her tight ass. With my foot, I spread her legs about shoulder width and pressed my hard cock in between her ass cheeks. "Oh my god," she moaned. She no longer had her hands across her chest but up against the wall holding herself up. I put my hands back on her waist and started to grind my cock into her ass. This caused her to start moaning, which got me turned on even more. I grabbed my dick, lowered my hips a bit and rubbed the tip over her pussy until I found her opening. "Please, Mr. Smith. Please don't." The tip of my cock slid in easily as her pussy was very wet.

Me: Elena, your pussy is soaked. I thought you said you don't try to get me hard. Why are you so wet?

Elena: I don't try to tease you. Please stop, Mr. Smith.

What started as forceful protestations were turning to more of a wimpering begging. Now that the tip of my cock was in her pussy, I took my hand off it and wrapped both arms around her torso so she couldn't move and started to slide my cock inside her. As I did, her mouth opened wide and her eyes clenched shut as she let out a very loud, "Aaaaarrrrhhh! Oh my god! Oh please!" I started with slow motions to make sure I wouldn't cum too quick. As I did this, she started to make sounds with each stroke. I started to lose my self control and began thrusting my cock inside her faster and faster while her head started bobbing to the motion. And then she said it. As I had my hands wrapped around her thrusting my cock as deep inside her as I could, she said, "oh yes...yes...I'm going to come..." At that point, I couldn't hold it any more.

Me: I'm going to cum inside you!

Elena: Please don't cum inside me, Mr. Smith!

Me: I'm going to cum inside you. Here I come....I'm cumming!

Elena: Oh my god! I'm cumming!

At that point, we both climaxed together. My hot cum exploded inside her as she shivered and tightened her pussy around my cock squeezing every last bit of cum out of dick. We both let out a scream of relief as I slowed the motion of my cock in her pussy.

I slid my dick out of her pussy and started to rub it between her ass cheeks again while I rested my head on her shoulder. We both attempted to catch our breath. Elena took one hand off the shower wall and placed it over the back of hand that was still wrapped around her waist. I kissed the back of her neck and down onto her shoulder.

Me: From now on, when you tease me around the house and get me hard, I'm going to throw you on the couch, pull off your panties and fuck you. Do you understand?

Elena: We can't, Mr. Smith.

Me: We can. Do you understand me? I don't care if my wife is home. When I want to fuck you, I'm going to fuck you. When she goes away, you'll sleep in our bed with me. Now kiss me.

On that command, she kissed me and we kissed for some time. After that, she was my willing submissive slave with a mission to please me.

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