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Forced Slave


The last thing she remembered was getting to the house and as she walked through the door a hand grabbed her round the waist from behind and before she could cry out another hand clamped over her mouth and nose holding a sweet smelling cloth. Then everything went black.

When she woke it was still black. Something was covering her eyes - a blindfold. She tried to reach up to take it off but her wrists were manacled behind her back. She then became aware that she could feel cold steel around her ankles too. All she wore was a kind of silk tunic which barely covered her to just below the hip. It strained over her breasts and the slightest movement would pull it open at the front or raise the hem to uncover her bush and her cleft. Who would do this to her?

She managed to raise herself up onto her knees, then her feet. She stood silent, chained hand and foot.

"Open your mouth."

Startled, Sue opened her mouth without thinking. A hand cupped the back of her head and another pushed a solid rubber object past her lips into her mouth. She nearly choked at first then her lips stretched round the object. Her tongue investigated it. Solid, thick - a rubber gag, made in the shape of a cock! A buckle slid into place at the back of her head. She could not close her mouth or talk.

"Walk," the voice said. She put one careful foot in front of the other and a hand guided her forwards. She heard a door open.

"Master, your newest slave is here"

She was pushed forwards and staggered slightly the chains between her ankles jangling. A soft click sounded behind her as the door was closed. Who by? Who was in the room? There could be any number of people in here. She twisted her head dipping against her shoulder, trying to dislodge the blindfold.

A hand caught her hair at the back and held her still. A mans voice spoke.

"The slave will walk."

Sue knew that voice. It was Richard -wasn't it? She shook her head. He spoke again. "The slave will learn to trust. Now walk!"

She stumbled as the chain pulled tight between her legs. One foot skidded and she fell--

A strong muscular arm caught her and as if she weighed nothing at all lifted her onto her feet. A male hand swatted her casually across her backside. The voice with a chuckle said, "The slave will walk."

Carefully she slid her foot forwards taking a reluctant step. She heard a noise to one side of the room. How many people are in here? She slid another foot cautiously forwards.

"You can do better than that, slave. Display yourself. Who will want you like this? I will explain. you are on display. If you please, you will be fucked. If not you could be kept as you are for hours perhaps."

Fucked by you? Sue wanted to ask so badly. I know that voice - is it you?

A warm hand brushed the front of her tunic touching her nipples under the soft cloth. They began to stiffen. As she arched her body forwards the hand moved away.

"You see? You can display yourself. And here."

Sue jumped. A mans finger, blunt and warm, slid between her parted legs, and swiftly moved down the moist lips of her pussy. Then it was gone. Her juices ran. She twisted seeking his hand but it was gone.

The cuffs at her wrist forced her shoulders back, and her breasts jutted. As she twisted the hem of her tunic rose uncovering the thick, damp bush of hair and her buttocks.

"Ah, that's better."

A hand slid between her thighs again pushing her up onto the tips of her toes.

"You're wet. You're hot. You need a good hard cock." She tried to push herself down on him, to make his fingers penetrate her.

"You have to convince us slave. Convince me that you are worthy of being fucked."

Dizzy with desire Sue brought her fists together behind her buttocks. She groped for the hem of the tunic, knotted it in her fingers and pulled. The tunic ripped at her throat and the cloth pulled apart exposing her breasts. Her nipples hardened painfully. She began to thrust her hips forward rhythmically.

"Good. But not yet good enough."

Frustrated, she grabbed the tunic again and wrenched at it until it split completely down the front. It fell away from her body. A hand pulled her and she sprawled forwards across someone's legs. A smack across her buttocks made her gasp. She tried to push her cunt up towards the hand.

His voice said curtly, "Make me ready."

She thought 'How can I?' She rubbed her face against him feeling the swelling hardness of his cock.

"No? Then you will be left unsatisfied."

She got onto her knees and pushed her body hard against his bulge, then brushed her nipples across him lightly. She stroked her body in long smooth movements against his hard-on. She heard him gasp. Then she swivelled and shuffled her body until she had her back to him and eased herself onto his knees. Her hands groped until she found the rock hard bulge. Her nimble fingers lowered his zip and his cock sprang free. She closed her fingers round the hot shaft.

"Oh God!" He grabbed her across the chest and pulled her back against himself.

"Oh God, Yes!" he groaned. His cock swelled and slipped out of her grasp.

She writhed her buttocks at him. A solid knee pushed between her legs forcing them apart. His other hand plunged between her thighs and he yanked her left leg upwards while his knee forced her right leg further out to the side. She felt his hips thrust against her. His hands hauled her up till her feet left the floor. The hot throbbing tip of his penis touched her slit. Frenziedly she rolled her hips trying to force her body down onto his thick shaft. He cried out, lifted her-----and dropped her. The thick head of his cock rammed up into her sopping wet pussy. The immense thickness of him filled her to the brim. He gasped in her ear as slowly he slid his cock down until it almost left her body, and then thrust it home again. held by his two hands she had no foothold. nothing she could do could make him thrust, or not thrust. She thought, I am getting fucked whatever I say, whether i want it or not.

'I want it! Oh God I WANT it!'

His solid cock impaled her and she felt the head twitch inside her. 'He's going to come. Oh God I want to come too.' She strained her body spreading her legs to take as much of him as she could.


"Is that now? Does that mean fuck me Master?" he whispered.


"You have no choice --and you are being watched you know."

"mmmmrphhp! I don't care! Just do me! DO ME!"

His mouth fastened over her breast and his tongue flicked her hard nipple. Her body spasmed as his cock thrust up inside, forcing her up on her toes as he came. His throbbing hard shaft jetting cum into her pussy filling her until it ran down her thighs and she screamed inwardly as her body exploded with burst after burst of ecstasy.

"There my little slave. If you obey your master at all times he will reward you. Now sleep for a while and prepare your delectable little body for the next time I want you. You are mine and I will have you and fuck you whenever and where ever I want. Till then, rest my love."

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