Forced To


Jason was done with me. My pussy was sore and wet from being fucked so hard.

He said, " Charles is waiting for you." A massive black man walked into the room. At least six feet five, the muscular hulk at the foot of the bed was enormously erect. Feeling vulnerable, l pulled up the covers Jason and I had pushed to the side.

"Don't try 'n' hide ya pussy-ass faggot." With that, Charles yanked the sheets off. I became acutely aware of my throbbing hole. I tried to sit up but Jason shoved me back. He held me there by the shoulders as Charles held open my ankles and knelt between my thighs. l felt his fingers slide across my sore hole. He easily slipped one in me. I gasped. He was finger-fucking my sore, wet hole and holding me down by the neck as I felt my body respond, trying to force the intrusion out. Grunting and moaning I pushed at Charles' chiseled chest. He chuckled and added a finger.

"Your pussy is so wet." My eyes watered from the intensity of the sensations as his thick fingers thrust in and out of me.

"You have about the wettest, softest pussy I ever felt on a pussy-assed faggot. I can't wait another second to feel that juicy cunt stretched around my hard cock."

My wife hadn't wanted to swing. She said she didn't understand my need nor could she fill it. But today she agreed to meet the bi-curious couple in the ad. The "couple" turned out to be four guys, some photos, and a well-made soundboard. At first they tried to have us believe the girls were soon to return from a beer run. Jill smirked, "No girls, huh?" The guys sitting on either side of her had their hands all over her while she leaned back into the sofa grinning at me defiantly. Each guy had one of Jill's arms pinned straight out. They were kissing her neck while she gasped and moaned, their free hands were under her blouse.

One guy, Jason, asked me if I wanted to see the rest of the house. I went with him leaving Jill giggling behind me. The place was huge. I soon found myself in the master bath. Jason asked me if I was into water sports, It had been a long time since I had considered being with a man but Jason was so cut. As I turned to leave, he encircled my waist with his bulging arm. He held me as he pushed his fingers against the back of my pants, against my asshole. I struggled to break free but he held tight shoving at my hole.

"How's that pussy?" His words shocked me. His mouth was on my neck giving me a hickey. He squeezed my cock.

"I'm going to suck you... then fuck you."

I pushed at him, tried to wriggle free. He was so strong- his muscles so hard. He slapped my face and hissed, "Don't want to get hurt, do ya, bitch?"

He pulled me close by the back of my neck. His mouth covered mine, his tongue stabbing at my closed lips. He squeezed my balls hard. When I gasped he shoved it in. He was massaging my crotch and tongue fucking my mouth. I was feeling sick inside. My cock was getting hard. Jason squeezed me and stroked me through my pants. My face was stinging from his stubble. With only one hand he had my pants open and suddenly he was on his knees. My cock was engulfed in hot, wet pleasure. The same mouth that had just been kissing me was now sucking me. Soon I was getting close.

Jason reached over to some switches on the wall and a small monitor I hadn't noticed came on. The familiar sound of Jill cumming filled the room. She was now completely naked. One of the guys I had left her with knelt between her splayed thighs sucking her pussy while the other was kneading and sucking on her tits. They, also, weren't dressed. Jill was flushed and writhing; her mouth was open in the drawn-out, deep guttural moan of orgasm. She was pushing at the face in her crotch.

Jason kept working on me. He pulled some lube from a drawer and had it all over my cock, balls, and up my ass crack. He was fingering my hole, gently slipping the tip in and out.

On the screen the tit man was holding Jill's arms over her head. The other fellow held Jill's legs open at the knees as he lined his fat cock up with her glistening wet pussy. Jill was wiggling her hips, "No...No mmmnuuh..." He sunk his cock into her. "Nuhh..." He was fucking her now. She was building toward another orgasm. I knew once she started cumming she would cum over and over. Jason, and the scene on the screen, had me on the verge of cumming, too. He sucked me masterfully. Just as I barely began to throb he would take his mouth off me, hold my cock by the base, and finger fuck my hole. I resisted cumming on his finger only. He was trying to queer me. It felt so good but I didn't want to be pussied while Jill was getting fucked out of her mind. I wanted to fuck my wife next, not join her taking a train. But Jason was playing me. He was making me feel things inside. I tried not to, but I couldn't help it. First, his hot, wet mouth on my cock, then the butterflies in my belly until I was feeling sick with desire.

He stripped us and we moved into the large shower area, with showerheads and hand held nozzles all around. Warm water hit us on all sides. Jason picked a nozzle from a clip on the wall. He directed the thin stream of water onto my anus. He pushed the slender nozzle into me. I felt the warm water rush into me, filling me. I couldn't hold it. Jason pulled the tube out and everything rushed out down the drain. He did that to me over and over until the water ran clear. "Now you're ready," his lubed finger was in me again, moving all around and in and out.

"Push." I was grunting. I felt myself opening. Jason pulled me from the shower and toweled me off with a big, fluffy towel. Then, he made me dry him the same way. He led me to the bedroom and pushed me back onto the bed. My cock was in his mouth again, his finger slipped easily into my hole. Soon he had my cock twitching on the verge of orgasm again. He stopped, not touching my cock at all. All my nerves were tingling as Jason worked his middle finger all around, in and out of my hole. "I'm gonna make you cum like this." A shocking thrill went through me. "But you're gonna cum on my cock. I'm gonna fuck you 'till I make you cum." He lifted my legs behind the knees. I felt the head of his cock sliding in the groove of my slippery ass, then pressure on my yielding hole. "No, wait, " I gasped. I tried moving my hips but the hardness stayed centered, insistent. He had me pinned on my back. I tried to hold out - my hole gave way. Jason entered me. It hurt but waves of pleasure went through me as well.

The sound of Jill's plaintive whimpering, coupled with male grunting, filled the room. I could tell the men owned Jill's pussy, her sexual response. Her whimpering grew into another drawn out moan- another orgasm. "Please, stop. No more, please. Unnhh..." They just kept fucking her.

Jason pulled out then plunged into me, stretching me. He kept moving his cock slowly out letting me push it out then thrusting into me- past me, spearing me. My response belonged to him. He was doing things to me inside. Intense feelings were building in me. Tingling spread from my belly every time he jammed his cock into me, hitting a certain spot inside.

Jason groaned, "Oh, yeah. Your pussy is so sweet. So tight." He sped up, fucking me hard and fast. I was overwhelmed with sensation, pleasure. My grunting and gasping turned into one long, loud groan as my body responded, abdominals flexing, pushing.

"You like cock in your pussy, don't you, bitch?" Jason forced himself into me, stretching me wide with the thick base of his throbbing cock. "Say it, bitch. Say 'I love cock in my pussy' ". He was grinding into me. My cock was hard and jerking as I began to cum, my sperm spurting onto my belly.

"Fuck my pussy," I moaned. "I love your cock in me, in my pussy. It's your's. It's your pussy." I came hard as Jason fucked me hard, slamming into me over and over- twisting his hips around, stretching me in every way. He fucked the orgasm right out of me.

He slowed then. I whimpered as he lowered the full weight of his hot, sweating body on me and started kissing my face, gently moving his still-hard cock around in my wet and swollen, and sore pussy.

"So good. So wet." Jason's mouth covered mine, his tongue stabbed between my lips in sync with his cock stabbing into my body. Faster and harder he fucked me, my limp dick squished between our bellies. His whole body flexed, became hard. Shuddering, he slammed his cock all the way in me and held it there, throbbing his cum into me.

Jill's voice had become a continuous moaning yell of orgasm. As I lay under Jason with his softening cock still in me, I heard a knock on the door.

Charles said, "Your girl is hot. I've never seen a gal keep cummin' on a cock the way she does. Those boys are likin' having their cock in pussy like that. How long do ya think she can take it?" Charles had the knob end of his enormous cock nudging at my now very sore hole. He started leaning into me. I knew there was no stoppin him but he wouldn't fit. The pain got worse until, finally, the head popped in. I was stretched so wide. My eyes watered as I heard myself pleading for him to stop.

"You'll be begging for more in a minute." He kept pushing deeper. My body's response was overwhelming. I was grunting so hard. My feet were tingling. He shoved all the way into me. I felt split, skewered. He slowly backed out. Warm relief spread over me then, he slammed back into me. I saw sparks before my eyes. Again. I never imagined anything like the feeling of being so fucked. My little limp dick flopped about, the center of sensation in my hole. Charles could see I was adjusting to his fat cock and so was fucking me harder and faster. The sheer animal force he was using on me, pounding into me, growling and grunting, left me feeling helpless and weak. Charles rolled out of me and onto his back. "Get up on this"; he waved his huge cock with his hand. I could see streaks of my wetness glistening on him. I straddled his waist with my thighs; his cock slapped the small of my back. I leaned forward putting my hands on the bed on each side of Charles' face. He leered up at me as he centered his pole at my hole. I moved my hips around savoring the delicious feeling of his fat cock-head sliding around on my stretched and sensitive opening. I leaned back pushing myself onto the soft head of his hard meat. Charles started groaning as I stretched my self over the end of his cock then pushed him out. My penis started getting hard again. I teased myself over the end of his cock for several minutes until, growling, he grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me down onto him, impaling me completely.

"Here, use this." Charles squirted lube on my little cock. "Cum on my cock." I started grinding my hips around on him while stroking my hard-on. Up and down I slid on his pole, fucking myself on him. I came with a shudder, dribbling onto Charles' tummy, writhing on his massive cock.

Charles tossed me off onto my back. He rolled on top of me. I raised my knees around his waist, offering myself to him. He was at me and in me right away like a beast. His arms scooped under me, holding me to him, hands cupping my shoulders. He was fucking me wildly, hitting bottom hard with every brutal stroke. It was thrilling to have him use me like that, helpless beneath him, feeling him growling against my chest. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held on as he fucked me relentlessly. I couldn't help being loud.

Finally, after forcing me to peak after peak, I felt him stiffen. The sound he made was deep, animal, and frightening as he jammed into me and held it there. I felt his cock pulsing in my widened hole as he filled me with cum. He then pried me off of him, pulled out, and left me laying there, my hole throbbing with ache and emptiness, as a warm glow spread over me.

"Are you all right, honey?" I opened my eyes to Jill sitting, still naked, on the bed next to me. Her neck, shoulders, and breasts were covered in purple hickies. "I've been watching him fuck you for the last twenty minutes."

I could feel my face get hot. "Are you ok? I watched how those guys made you cum," I said. "Over and over,"

Jill lowered her eyes. "I couldn't help it. They made me." She looked me in the eyes, searching. "Make love to me, Mike."

(to be continued)

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