tagMind ControlForced to Be A Stripper

Forced to Be A Stripper


The John Mellencamp song was blaring loudly as Vanessa danced around under the lights. "I want you to dance naked, so I can see you, I'd like to get to know you, you don't have to act naughty." Her hips moving back and forth, synchronized with the strings of his guitar, a wanton display of simulated sex. "Spin it round and round, spin it round and round and round, I want you to dance naked." Vanessa twirled around, her unbuttoned blouse blowing out to the side, her bra barely able to contain her large breasts. Her head twirled in circles, her long brown hair fanning out as her head moved up and down. Her short, plaid schoolgirl skirt rose up high, almost to her waist, her black panties silhouetting her white thighs as she twirled sensuously.

The six men in the room watched the teenage girl perform for them. All of them were middle aged businessmen, except for Doctor Michael, a noted Hypno-Therapist. He had an uncanny ability to put young girls into a deep subconscious state. He could make them lose their inhibitions, all while they were conscious of what they were doing, but unable to stop themselves, unable to stop from performing whatever Dr. Michael ordered. No act of perversions the young girls were forced to perform were taboo. Vanessa was his latest patient. She had just turned 19. Very beautiful as the men all noticed, six large cocks erect, bulging their pants. She was five foot, eight, about 110 pounds, a slender girl. Her 34C's bounced up and down as she danced. Her green eyes stared at the men with a peculiar look, the men had seen it before with Dr. Michael's other girls. It was their brains fighting what their bodies were doing.

Vanessa couldn't control herself. The bright lights were shining on her body, the six older men sitting in front of her, their eyes peeled to her body as she danced; danced as she had never done before, without inhibitions, her clothes half off of her body. The music went straight through to her brain, John Mellencamp singing, "I want you to dance naked." She looked at Dr. Michael, her eyes pleading with him, but she could hear his voice, even over the loud bass of the song. "Take off your blouse." No, her eyes silently pleaded with him. She looked down at her hands, her fingers already unbuttoning the sleeves, her hands pulling the blouse off her shoulders and throwing it to the floor off to the side. Her face was flushed red in humiliation as she began to twirl around again, her hair swinging widely, brushing over her bosom as her hips moved back and forth. She arched her back out, humiliated as she saw how she looked, her large breasts thrust out as if she was trying to show them off to anyone watching. She bent at the waist, her heavy breasts hanging down, afraid that they would break free of the confines of the bra. She shook her shoulders, her breasts swaying back and forth, over half of the white flesh revealed to the men, the music providing the tempo for her gyrations.

Dr. Michael nodded to the other men. "Lovely girl isn't she? And such a nice body." He rubbed his hand over his hard cock as it strained his pants, Vanessa's eyes staring at his crotch. She looked up, embarrassed at being caught looking. "Your bra now Vanessa. Let these gentlemen see your lovely tits. Make them naked and then dance for us. Let us see them bounce."

Her back was arched, her proud breasts thrust up high as she fought the urges in her brain. She refused to do such a thing! They would have to rape her, strip her body naked. She wouldn't do it. She shivered as she felt fingers behind her back, fumbling with the catch of her bra, her hips gyrating wildly as she stood in place. Who was doing it? Looking down, her arms had disappeared out of sight behind her back, her own body betraying her again. NO! She silently screamed when she felt the sudden release as her bra swung loose. She felt her breasts swing down. The pendulous flesh was no longer in the tight, constraining device; the firm, teenage flesh not needing any support. They were not meant to be covered and supported. They were meant to be free and naked.

They watched her turn her back to them, her skirt pulled tightly over her firm ass, her hips swinging back and forth. Her back was almost naked, the bra strap hanging uselessly, the men eager to see her without the bra. Dr. Michael had told them about her breasts, wanting to see them in the flesh. She turned and flashed them a sexy smile, winking as she slowly let the bra slip down her arms, her palms moving up to take the place of it, her small hands barely able to contain them. She turned around suddenly, bent down into a deep knee bend, legs widely spaced, gyrated her pelvis back and forth, the men easily able to see up her skirt, then back up again. Her arms went quickly behind her neck, laced together, her back arched again, this time her breasts naked, thrust out in exhibition. Her light brown areolas were the size of silver dollars, the loveliest set of hard, pink nipples capped her firm flesh as he undulated before them, her breasts begin a gentle roll as she continued to dance.

No, she couldn't be doing this, looking down to see how hard her nipples were, her eyes moving to the men, their eyes pinned to her naked breasts. She tried to push her hands over her breasts, wanting to hide them from the men. She looked down, her hands had not moved, still thrusting her breasts out for them, her shoulders moving again, her naked breasts now moving slowly back and forth, unencumbered by the restraining bra. She looked like some kind of whore, stripping naked and dancing for the pleasure of the men.

* * * * *

It had started about a year ago. Vanessa had problems with boys. Boys and men. Her home life was miserable, mainly caused by men. Her father and brother both were constantly trying to molest her. So far Vanessa had successfully fought them off for over four years now, ever since her body began to blossom into womanhood. This hatred towards men had spilled over into her personal life, not dating, a virgin at eighteen, an introvert. While extremely beautiful with such a delicious body, she did not stray much outside of her room at home or her classes at school. Dr. Michael had been trying to treat her for over a year, finally convincing her mother to allow her to undergo a week of intensive hypno-therapy. Her mother, a weak individual, sexually submissive to her husband, had easily relented under Dr. Michael's dominant personality.

When she had first come to Dr. Michael, the first couple of sessions were very uninteresting, Vanessa saying very little, cowering in the chair before Dr. Michael. But Dr. Michael was interested in this girl. While dressed modestly, learning quickly to hide her body under loose fitting, drab garments, Dr. Michael could see the gentle swell of her ass as she walked, her breasts pushing out her top when she stretched her arms back. Dr. Michael was famous, or infamous depending on how you looked at it, in getting young girls to come out of their shells. He had an uncanny ability, perfected over the last ten years, to be able to hypnotize young girls and make them do things that were normally against their nature. He was often sent the most difficult, accepting only the attractive, more interested in their bodies than their minds. But his therapy did work, the girls would return home after just a week with a new found personality, more outgoing and more personable. And best of all, they remembered very little. Some flashbacks did occur in the girls, but it was easily explained as adolescent sexual fantasies, the girls often not even willing to tell anyone of what they thought they remembered.

Dr. Michael had brought in "investors" over a year ago. For a small sum of money, well maybe not so small as each one was required to pay $100,000 per year, they were allowed to participate in the week long "therapy" sessions and in some cases, might be allowed to participate in the weekly session. They were allowed to watch the girls "perform." And perform they did. Their minds tried to fight the urges and commands that Dr. Michael instilled in them, their bodies unable to resist the powerful subconscious commands. This is what the investors paid so much for, watching as Dr. Michael made the girls strip naked for them, their brains fighting their hands as they slowly stripped the clothes from their bodies; their skin flushed red in embarrassment as their clothes fell to the floor. Unwillingly spreading their legs, their own hand being used to put hard cocks into their virgin orifices, performing whatever perversion Dr. Michael could think of. And Dr. Michael was perverted, his cock always enjoying the girls to the fullest, with the others joining in, taking each girl; two, three, and even four men, stuffing all of her holes with their man sized cocks.

By the second month, Vanessa had at least begun to speak, but not telling much of her troubles, retreating into silence when Dr. Michael probed her for further details. "Vanessa, I'm going to hypnotize you. I think it will help your therapy immensely."

Vanessa sat up, a look of fear in her eyes. "Is it going to hurt?"

"No, in fact you won't remember anything. Can you relax your body?"

She was nervous, but her parents were forcing her to see Dr. Michael. He was rather handsome, in an older man sort of way. And very smart. Maybe he could help her. "Yes."

Dr. Michael put a bright, chrome metronome in front of her, the large hand moving back and forth, the gentle click of the metronome filling the air. He began to talk to her in a gentle, monotonous voice, more concerned with the sound than what he was saying. He watched her eyes intently following the metronome, her pupils moving back and forth, her brain fixating on the shiny hand, his voice and the metronome clicking a gentle monotonous sound that lulled her. He continued for ten minutes until finally her eyes began to slowly close, her chin lowering as she entered a trance. "Very good Vanessa. In a minute I'm going to wake you. You will do anything I say. Anything without question, your hands eager to carry out my bidding, ignoring what your brain might tell you. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," her head still bowed down, her eyes closed.

"When you hear the word "cunt" your pussy will get wet. You will have very erotic thoughts and fantasies of being forced to sexually perform in front of strangers. You will find this very exciting and it will make your pussy cream. Repeat to me the word."

"When you say cunt my pussy will get wet," her face turning red in embarrassment. Even though her mouth said the words, her brain felt the humiliation of saying such naughty things in front of him. What made it even worse was what he wanted her to do when he said it.

"I want you to wake up now Vanessa." He smiled when her eyes opened.

"I'm sorry it didn't work. Maybe next time." It was as if it never happened as she continued to stare at the metronome. Dr. Michael turned it off, putting it back over on the other table.

He moved in front of her, as she remained sitting on the couch. He looked down at her, her green eyes staring back up at him. "Touch the front of my pants Vanessa."

Her eyes opened wide in shock. "What do you mean?" Her hands were already moving up towards his cock. She watched her hands reach out, cringing when she felt the hard, throbbing cock beneath his trousers. Why was she doing this? She could feel it jerk when her fingers moved over it. Her hand ran up and down the shaft that bobbed beneath her fingers, his pants holding it pinned in tightly. It must be over eight inches long and getting longer. Her fingers went to the tip and pinched hard, feeling it jerk. NO! She thought to herself. I can't do this, looking up into Dr. Michael's face, seeing the smirk, her face turning fiery red in shame as she saw her hands continuing. She thought she turned her head away to hide her shame, but instead her face moved to the front of his pants, her mouth moving up to the thick shaft her fingers outlined and she gasped as her mouth opened and her lips pressed over the cloth covered cock. She ran her mouth up and down the shaft as if she was eating an ear of corn, her teeth biting lightly on the shaft. Her lips got to the head, pressed tightly to it, biting harder through the pants as she nibbled on it as it throbbed beneath her lips. Her mouth was dry, the material of his pants soaking up all of her saliva.

"I bet that makes your cunt wet Vanessa?"

Vanessa closed her legs tightly, feeling like she had wet her pants. She felt a sudden rush between her legs, a wetness that began to spread, causing her panties to cling to her body from the moisture. Her hips began to squirm as the pleasurable feeling in her sex grew, a picture in her mind of Dr. Michael's cock in her mouth as she knelt before him, naked, his foot between her widely space thighs, his toes running up and down her slit. Her head bobbed up and down, the thick cock splitting her lips, the taste of cum lingering in her mouth as her tongue lapped over the hot flesh.

Dr. Michael saw her hips begin a gentle motion, knowing that she was trying to stimulate her pussy. He was sure that she was extremely wet, he could only fathom what the sexual image she had in her mind was, but he would wait until next time to find out. First he wanted some relief from the wanton display Vanessa was putting on with her mouth. "You need to feel my hot flesh," he ordered her.

She looked up, licking her lips, her eyes showing her confusion at his request. But her hands knew the answer, the sound of his zipper sliding down breaking the silence in the room. The vision of his cock in her mouth came back to her. She lowered her head so that he could not see her eyes, only to be confronted by her own hands pushing the pants off Dr. Michael. They reached around back, grabbing his ass cheeks through his shorts as the pants fell to his knees. Sensuously, they slid up the inside of his thighs as they moved toward the bulging pouch of his shorts. It felt like a hand on the back of her head, but she knew it was only in her mind as her face pressed forward again. Her mouth, unmistakably open, was again filled with cloth, this time only thin cotton, the hard cock throbbing beneath it. Her hand held the cock out so she could run her mouth up and down it, struggling to contain the jerking member with her small hands, her mouth bringing such pleasure to it. She nibbled on it again, her teeth now pressing deeper into the flesh, only the thin shorts stopping her from tasting the flesh beneath her.

Dr. Michael watched as Vanessa performed better than his expectations. He watched her bend his cock outward until it stood straight out, his shorts stretched to the breaking point, the bulbous head outlined clearly. You could even make out the hole in the tip, his shorts already wet with precum. He moaned loudly as her other hand cupped his heavy, swollen balls while he watched her mouth slowly engulf the cloth covered cock.

She couldn't do this! Her mind didn't comprehend her own actions, the cock continued coming closer to her, the smell of his sex permeating her nose. She felt the thin material of his shorts rubbing over her lips as they stretched wide around the hot flesh. She put two inches in her teenage mouth and then closed her lips over it, trapping it within the hot confines. The image of her fantasy returned, her head bobbing up and down in wild abandonment on his naked cock, kneeling so submissively in front of him, his toes masturbating her. She let her tongue run over the tip, feeling the wetness, the salty taste permeating her mouth, mixing with her saliva. She lapped at the hard cock until his shorts were wet with her saliva.

Dr. Michael almost regretted the next order, "Take out my cock and jerk it off on your face but don't put it into your mouth." He wanted to save her mouth for another time, wanting to see her humiliation as she was forced to swallow his hard cock deep in her throat.

She looked up again, her green eyes pleading, not sure why she was acting like this or why she was obeying his orders, but she let the cock slip from her mouth, her hands grabbing his shorts and yanking them quickly down to his knees. She was shocked at what she saw. All of the pictures in her sex education class were of a flaccid penis, not a large, throbbing cock like Dr. Michael's. It stood out over eight inches long, bobbing before her face, her tongue running over her lips as she saw it. The head was swollen, almost purple, a dark band running under the crown, a tiny hole in the center, slick with his juices. The shaft was covered in long protruding veins, Vanessa almost able to see them throb with the blood that forced it so erect. Her hand reached between his legs and cupped the heavy ball sack, feeling the heat, full of the semen that he intended to shoot onto her face. She gently squeezed, rewarded with a moan from Dr. Michael's lips, his cock jerking in pleasure. Another squeeze, this time harder and his hips began to push forward, his cockhead rubbing on her nose. She tightened her grip on his balls, pleased at how she was able to manipulate him so easy. Or was she? She couldn't understand how she instinctively knew what to do, how to make his cock jerk in pleasure so easily, even while her brain fought the impulses. She dared not look into his eyes, ashamed at what she was being ordered to perform. She opened her mouth into a wide O, wanting to take the cock into her mouth, but she found she couldn't move her head forward.

"No, you may not have my cock but you may suck on my balls." He watched as her head moved down, her mouth still open. Her head tipped back as she moved up until his ball sack began to enter her mouth, her lips spreading wide as she was forced to take in both of his balls. He heard her gag, her mouth filled with his hairy sack, tinkling the inside of her mouth, her cheeks bulging out like a squirrel bringing nuts back to his nest. "Now stroke it nicely."

She gagged again, feeling loose hairs in her mouth, trying not to vomit as she realized that his pubic hairs were running around in her mouth. She could taste the murky mix of sweat on his balls that sat heavily on her tongue, pushing it to the bottom of her mouth, her oral cavity filled to capacity. She sucked in, feeling the ball sack pulled deeper into her mouth until she choked, the heavy sack banging against her tonsils. She could hear her own huffing as she was forced to suck all of her air through her nose, her chest rising and falling as she breathed rapidly. Her thoughts went back to her dream. Would this be how it felt when he pushed his cock down her throat? Would she be able to withstand the choking and gagging? Her hand moved up to the shaft above her face, her tiny hand barely able to encircle the girth. She let it slide up and down the shaft, her fingers tightened around it just as if it were her vagina sliding up and down the thick meat. She allowed her fingernail to scrape over the thick head as her hand slid over it, the sharp nail running over the piss slit. She felt it shudder, the head leaking on her fingers, making the journey up and down his shaft easier, sliding almost effortlessly on his semen.

He wouldn't be able to last long. Vanessa was jerking him off like a seasoned whore. His balls were compressed into her hot teenage mouth, her sucking driving the cum from his balls, ready to shoot. Her hands ran up and down his shaft, faster and faster, his body quivering when she let her sharp nails scratch painfully over the head, the masochistic thrill exciting him. "A finger in my asshole would be nice Vanessa. Massage my prostate when I cum."

How could he ask her to do such a filthy thing? She cringed at his command, ashamed at how she was performing, her innocent hands stroking his cock, her mouth overflowing with his balls as she continually gagged, each time feeling his cock jerk in pleasure. She pushed with her finger, finding his asshole, her hand spreading apart his cheeks until she found the rubbery opening. She had to fight his sphincter, as she slowly pushed her dry finger into the opening, his hips moving forward, his balls pushing farther into her mouth, feeling like they were going to be forced down her throat. She fought her own body, her mind unable to regain control. She felt her finger slide into his asshole up to the first joint, feeling his muscle tighten. She let it rub around the muscle, her other hand continuing the gentle masturbation of his cock, her mouth sucking his balls deep into the hot confines of her mouth. She gagged again. She didn't know how she knew, she just did. He was going to cum. She looked up into his eyes, pleading with him to release her from the control he had over her body, but he was too far gone, his eyes wide open in lust.

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