tagErotic HorrorForced to Enjoy

Forced to Enjoy


The treatment I'm about to give to my patient is not only dangerous to her it could be the end of my career as well. Patient X has been under my care for ten months now and had shown no signs ofrecovery at all.

Patient X came to me after the trauma of being forced into sex with the father of the child she was babysitting. Although this happened when she was eighteen and she now is twenty she cannot get the nightmares out of dreams. Furthermore, she shows no interest in sex of any kind including masturbation and finds she even fears to be alone with her current boyfriend.

After achieving no success with normal therapy, the patient agreed to a session under hypnosis. While under, the patient said that she enjoyed the experience with the man who took her for his pleasure without permission. This enjoyment went against both her moral and political views so much that her sub-conscious mind blocked the entire episode. This event is so blocked that when I informed her of what she said she didn't believe me.

I have decided that the only way to receive a breakthrough is to repeat the experience under controlled circumstances. After much debate I feel the only way this can be attained is for me to be the one who forces her and then to point it out to her as she achieves orgasm. The dangers being if for some reason she does not climax she will no doubt fall deeper into denial and depression. As for me if she reports me to the authorities, I will lose my medical license and may even go to jail. Following a night of inter turmoil and sleeplessness I decided to go ahead with my plan of treatment. I notified the patient that due to a snag in my schedule I would need to come to her house for our appointment. She graciously agreed and seemed perfectly at ease when I arrived at her house.

I told her we were going to try a new line of therapy and that she would need to get undressed first. She told me she did not feel comfortable with that, just as I hoped. I told her that was all right and that I would help her. I crossed the room to her and ripped her blouse off exposing bra and cleavage. She gasped and covered her mouth but did not try to run. I informed her I was going to expose her breasts for my enjoyment and I saw a slight shudder and watched her nipples harden. She stood as a schoolgirl ready to receive punishment while I slipped her straps down and then merely unfolded the cups away from her breasts leaving the now empty bra around her waist.

I told her there was nothing she could do to stop me as I grasped her erect nipple between my fingers and thumb. I squeezed them just hard enough to cause a slight pain yet instead of winching she let out a soft moan. She stood still ready for any assault I wished to perform on her, not because of bravery but by acceptance of her fate.

I pulled up her skirt and tucked it into the bra around her waist. I told her how ridiculous she looked and that real women wore dainty panties not big girl underwear. She actually apologized and said that she use to wear nice panties but that now she was afraid. I said that maybe she should wear no panties then and I pulled them down to her ankles. I put my hand to her slit with just the first knuckle of one finger between her labia and then my other hand back to her nipple. I then asked her if she were afraid and when she just nodded her head; I ignored her head-shake and demanded an answer. Her voice broke as she sobbed a yes sir. I slapped her although not hard and called her a liar. I then but my finger to her nostrils and asked her to explain why her cunt was so wet if she was afraid. She said that she did not know and then I put my finger in her mouth and told her to clean her cum juice off my finger.

I grabbed her hand and told her she was coming with me. I intentionally left her panties around her ankles to humiliate her further, as she had to try to follow in short fast steps. I drug her to her bedroom and then stood her before me as I sat on her bed. It was easy to see how excited she was by the look in her eyes and the way she was panting as if she had been exercising, I wondered to myself if she had experience a climax yet.

I told her I was going to bend her over her own bed and take her from behind as a dog takes a bitch in heat. I said I would fill her so full of my sperm it would trickle down her legs for hours. Then I said that after I had my satisfaction I would make her clean her nasty cunt off my cock with her mouth.

She began to scream,

"Yes take me do me with me as you wish, oh please, please take me."

With that she orgasmed, so hard that she collapsed on the floor in a heap. I helped her up and onto her bed and then gently adjusted her clothing as modestly as I could. I told her she was not a bad girl just because she needed the fantasy of rape to achieve orgasm. I told her now that she knew she could just imagine instead of actually living through the actual experience. She said that when she thought I was going to force her she could feel the heat in her vagina and it was then that she understood that what I had told her was true. She went on to say that, she wished I had completed the task at hand so to speak but I stopped her by saying that would just be doctor patient transference and would not help either one of us.

She thanked me for all for saving her life, well at least her sex life and that she would now call her boyfriend and maybe see if they could involve some role-play while they tried to reestablish their love life. As for me, I had to go find a hooker who liked rough stuff and I had to do it in a hurry.

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