tagRomanceForced to His Bed Ch. 01

Forced to His Bed Ch. 01


Reardon played his card and lost again. This time he did not mind losing. In fact it worked into his plan very well. When he first came up with his scheme his first hurdle to overcome would be finding someone that would fit his need.

The Duke of Ashwell was the first person that came to mind, actually he was the only person that would work. Only the Duke would give naught for a young girl's ruining if it were at his expense.

There were four men in the game all together, himself, Lord Reardon; the man to his right, the Duke, Sinclair Pierce; the man across from him, Lord Tidings, and the man to his left, Mr. Spencer. Mr. Spencer was slightly balding and a rounding in the middle. Lord Tidings was young and fair and quite charming.

The Duke, was not unattractive but he did have that scar that ran down the right side of his forehead. It clipped the edge of his brow and ended on his top lip. With his jet black hair, his height, put together with his scar, the Duke was certainly the most intimidating of the group.

Lord Reardon thought of his own brown hair that he always wore quaffed in the latest fashion. Anyone of the fairer sex should have been excited to have him attend to her.

"Did you hear about what happened to Lord Danning?" He played into the next hand, laying the first crumbs of his revenge.

"Bad luck. That's what I'd call it." Lord Tidings responded. "Having the girl's mother find you dallying with her daughter is more than just bad luck."

Mr. Spencer joined in the conversation. "Now he has to marry the girl."

"He didn't have to marry the girl, he chose to marry the girl." Reardon hoped that if anyone of them noticed how white his knuckles where they would put it down to the cards he held and not what he was saying.

"Well, if he had not the ton would have cut him." Tidings held the same point of view as most.

Reardon drew a breath and said his next words hoping his voice wouldn't crack as he spoke. "Ashwell, wouldn't have married the girl."

The group looked hesitantly at each other. Everyone knew that the Duke of Ashwell did not discuss himself or anyone else.

Reardon continued on, acting like he was unaware of the tension his last statement had made. "At least the girl had a decent dowry. You are so well placed financially, you do not have to concern yourself with things like how much the chits dowry is. But, Danning needed those funds."

He smiled up from his hands as though he had just come back from a ride in Hyde Park. "Not to change the subject, but have you heard that Jennings had a new crop of ladies?"

He eased the tension out of the group as he continued. "I think tomorrow that is where I will play, nothing like a fresh young thing to take your mind off a losing hand at the tables. I prefer them fresh and innocent. How do you like them Ashwell?"

Tension instantly sprang in the group. Sinclair's black eyes narrowed into slits as he looked up from his cards. "Everyone knows Pierce likes his women clean and experienced." It was Tidings trying to ease the group. "I like them fresh and experienced."

Tidings laughed at his play on terms and continued. "How do you like them, Spenc?"

"I like them any way I can catch them." Spencer threw back his head and laughed.

"Well like I said. Tomorrow I am playing at Jennings. He will have them anyway you like them." Reardon hoped his words would bring the Duke to Jennings tomorrow. "In fact I think I'll play this last hand and leave. Got to get my rest." He laughed a little and stood to leave. "If anyone of you comes to Jennings tomorrow, find me and we can play a couple have hands."

Reardon, gathered his hat and gloves at the door and waved bye at the door. Everything seemed to be going as planned. He would use Ashwell to bring the girl down to her knew.

As he sat in his coach his mine wondered to the girl. Ms. Nicole Anderson, the American heiress. She was so fresh, she had not even been introduced to the ton. She had just been here a week and her season had not begun.

Lord Reardon knew that if his plan was to work he would have to see to her downfall before she had her first ball. Because with her sizeable dowry and beauty, his plan not might work as easy once the ton had made her their darling. Which they would, he knew that unflinchingly. He had known that when he first met the girl on the ship that brought her from New York to London for her first season, and him home.

He had thought to woo the girl with his title and his worldliness. He did not like to brag, but he had all the things an American should want. Instead the girl had dismissed him, and even refused to dance with him. It's true the girl was shy, but he knew she refused him because she thought herself better. For that she would pay.

Later when he arrived home he dismissed his man and undressed himself to ready for bed. He felt himself harden at the image she had made that night.

Her pale blond hair pulled up with pearls strung through her curls. Her white dress clung to her in the latest fashion, showing off her delicately small frame, petit breast, tiny waist, and gently flaring hips.

He squirmed on his seat. Yes, after Ashwell was through with her, she might not be so haughty. As he fell asleep the happiest he had been in a long time.

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Silly little boy

*sigh* It’s not as though we didn’t already know how fragile the male ego is 🙄
Oh, for shame she refused his request so naturally he assumes the worst, Reardon needs sound beating and then shunnedmore...

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