tagRomanceForced to His Bed Ch. 03

Forced to His Bed Ch. 03


Nicole stood still in a strange bedroom, right where the stranger had put her. She thought she recognized one of the men in one of the rooms downstairs, but her mind was slow from the drugs.

Her breaths started coming even more quickly, and the hairs at the back of her neck raised as she heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall. Nicole thought she remembered something about the stranger saying that someone would be here quickly with an evil gleam in his eye, but she couldn't remember everything that went on.

Her mind was so foggy. All she really knew was that she went to sleep in her own bed then awoke she was already naked and someone was wrapping a red cloth around her. When she tried to fight them off, she couldn't move on her own.

They put her in the room downstairs and carried her back up when someone said to take her to his room. None of it made sense. Or maybe it did, but she was too drugged to know. At last they seem to stop moving her from room to room, but then the evil man forced her mouth open and poured in a small vial before he winked and locked the door behind him.

Nicole wanted to leave, she even tried, but she couldn't move anywhere she wasn't specifically led to, she couldn't react. Even more strange was the way she was starting to feel. Her breath sped up, her heart beat faster, and she felt strange feelings in her lower abdomen and down where she voided her water.

She was so tired wished she could walk over and just lie down, even though something inside told her to avoid the bed at all costs. However, even she could overcome her strange avoidance of a comfortable looking bed, she couldn't seem to walk, her hands and feet were too heavy. She felt too tired to even blink, like it blinking would take all her remaining energy. The desire to run from the bed, while the need to lie down left her with two conflicting and very confusing emotions.

All she could do was stand there and feel more and more strange. As the steps stopped at the door, and a key sounded in the lock, suddenly, Nicole wanted more than anything to hide. with her feet were too heavy to move and even her lips feeling numb and tired, she could only stare as the door opened, and a man walked in.

Her breathing now was so fast that even with the fogginess, she started to feel lightheaded as well. Whether it was the scar running down one side of his face or the obvious cruelty in his dark eyes, he looked mean. He was huge and Nicole had never felt so small and vulnerable. He had a look in his eyes she'd never seen before and her heart raced at his unblinking stare.

He undressed with slow unmeasured movements. Nicole had never seen a naked man before, much less a fully aroused naked man. True fear rippled through her as she tried valiantly to keep her eyes from drifting below his waist. He however had no qualms over his nakedness. He walked toward her and without slowing his pace he jerked off her silk and scooped her up and put her gently on the bed. The bed that had frightened her so much before, now seemed to welcome her softly into its cool folds. She felt her body shudder as though every tense muscle slowly released at the feel of his hands.

His hands were so gentle and the roughness of them didn't match his soft caresses on her tingling skin. She had a scared feeling in her chest that heightened every nerve ending on her already sensitive skin. He didn't say a word, but he moved so gentle with her that after all the confusing things that happened that night, tears started rolling down her face from the shock.


Sinclair had played a few more hands all the while the idea of the girl waiting for him upstairs causing a raging wore in his pants. He felt like a randy teenager. He calmly played another hand, when really all he wanted was to race up the steps and toss the girl on her back. When he could stand it no more he made his excuses and calmly strode out of the room and up the stairs. As he approached the room his hands shook as he turned the knob. He had not been this excited about bedding a girl since his first time. He closed the door as his eyes scanned the room searching for her. He caught his breath when he found her.

Standing by the edge of the bed the fire light gently flickering across her face. He moved toward her, removing the scrap of silk she had on and picked her up and laid her on the bed.

The Duke of Ashwell looked down on the bed at the lovely vision before him. He wasn't sure he'd ever seen such a beauty. Her waist length blonde hair had just a touch of strawberry in it, and her body shape was perfect. Her round breasts were full enough to fill his large hands, while her waist was small enough for his hands to circle once with the tips of his fingers overlapping. Her legs were shapely and would wrap around him beautifully.

He looked her over, God she was beautiful. He realized the rumor was true, American women removed their body hair from under their arms and legs. He was glad she still had her blond curls. He liked that. Every since he had laid eyes on her he had been fighting the mental image of his loins pressed against hers, his dark course hair mingling with her soft fairness. He felt himself growing harder than he remembered ever having been.

With the scar on his face, he knew he was only a catch for the women of the ton because of his title and money. He had mamas throwing their daughters at him with gusto, and the daughters pretended to like him, giving him fake smiles and fanning their fans, in hopes that he'd marry them and set them up with accounts at all the modistes in London. They also fancied themselves as a Duchess and getting to be in charge of his many country estates.

For the first time, he saw a woman giving him real emotion. Granted, the predominant look in her eyes was fear, and the second was shock, but what moved him was the third. He could see lust in the back of her eyes getting stronger by the minute. However, when the tears came as well, his hand came up, and gently touched one.

He lay down beside her and pulled her gently into his arms. "What's wrong, sweet one? I can see that you want me. Your beautiful breasts are flushed, your eyes are bright, and your breath is fast. Tell me what you like. I will help you."

Since his return from the war he had found himself doing more physical work on his estates. He had not realized how calloused his hands had become until he felt the smooth silk of her skin.

He waited for a few seconds, and she didn't respond. She looked like she was trying to say something, but she didn't, so he brushed his lips against hers.

Nicole wanted to tell him that she was scared, that her father would be looking for her, that she missed home, but her throat wouldn't let the words pass. Sin took her silence as confused desire. He knew from Reardon that she was no more a virgin than Sin. But, maybe she was like him and feeling as though something different, something monumental was about to happen. Maybe like him, she was finally feeling anything but the slow numbness that had become his existence.

Her slight body shuddered in his arms as tears traced down the curve of her cheeks. He halted them by sipping them onto his tongue. Arms that couldn't move before, slid around his neck and pulled him to her. He pressed the full length of his naked body down on her. The feel of his course hair and rough skin electrified Nicole.

His hands moved everywhere. Stroking with no hesitation, no consideration for modesty, only the driving desire to learn her body.

He began to breath as fast as her. Pushing her hard into the mattress. He moved up and braced his weight on his forearms while using his knees to spread her thighs wide open.

"What is your name?" He whispered not wanting his voice to shatter the moment. "Nicole." Her voice was soft and musical. He liked the way it matched, her name and beauty. It did not surprise him she did not ask his name. Women in her position knew better than to ask a gentlemen's identity.

"Nicole" he whispered her name as he took a delicate pink nipple in his mouth. He usually preferred bigger busted women, but he found Nicole's breast wonderful, small enough to fit perfectly into his hand. Their delicate smaller size seemed to be more sensitive to his touch, they even pebbled hard as his breadth misted their tips.

Nicole's head was spinning. She had not been aware of anything after she had gone to sleep. She knew she must be dreaming because she had not left her bedroom.

At first she had thought it was a nightmare, but now it was turning into a fantasy. She felt his mouth on her and thrilled at the way he mastered her body. His hands were sliding across her skin leaving trails of fire wherever he touched. He kept whispering her name against her skin causing prickles of desire to run up and down her spine. She felt his knee separate her legs and could do nothing but let her thighs fall wide apart as she arched towards him. She could feel him driving into her as the pleasure quickly turned into pain. She wanted to scream, he was splitting her in two, but her voice would not work. She started to thrash.

At the back of her mind she knew there was supposed to be pain, but she had not expected the relentless fullness. It was like she was being stretched and reshaped to fit him.

Through tears of pain and confusion she looked up into his stunned face. "Be still my darling", she struggled and twisted, crying, not heeding his words.

Amazed at her tightness and obvious pain, the only meaning he could manage was crashing in on him. He moved to stop her struggling, "shh, you're hurting yourself". He whispered.

Then in gentle words he had never used before, he told her how perfect she was, how proud he was that she could take all of him, and that he would take care of her, and as she relaxed he set to make sure that he took the pain from her to replace it with only pleasure.

He slid his hands down and used his thumb to press into her making circular swirls on her warm wet velvet folds. When he felt moisture, he knew that her body was responding and he relaxed his stiff spine enough to start thrusting. His eyes rolled up in the back of his head at the feel of her.

He started moving insider her with deep, gentle rocking motions until she began to subtly move with him. His one focus to bring her pleasure he did not even notice his on rising pleasure until her body convulsed around his with her orgasm. Milking his seed so hard that sudden pleasure so intense it bordered on pain moved up through the back of his legs and down his back. They met in his anus muscles spiraling into his ball-sack until his whole body spasmed as he ejaculated again and again into her warm welcoming depths.

Sweating and stunned he slowly withdrew from Nicole and shuddered with pure possessive pleasure at the blood and semen smeared on the inside of her thighs. He had not been mistaken to her body's reaction, she had been a virgin.

Sinclair looked at the girl as she slept. He had not expected her to be a virgin and normally he would not have liked it. He rolled over onto his side, and gathered her with her back against him, tucking her head down on his arm. He wrapped is other arm around her and he began to relax into the bed. He realized that for the first time, he knew for a certainty that the woman in his bed was his. He had been in bed with many women; he'd even kept mistresses. But they had never meant anything to him. He had never promised them anything but a moments pleasure. All he knew was that whatever happened to him with this woman was going to be good.

How Reardon had come across such a gift, Sin did not know and didn't care.

Sin would remove her from Jennings. She was now his and Reardon had no right to even be near her. He was the only one who had ever had her, and he determined to be the only one to ever have her. His arms squeezed again as he thought of anyone one else ever having a chance to have her. That thought brought him to his senses a little. How did Reardon find this wonderful woman, and who is she? Just as that thought popped into his head, Nicole turned her head towards him and pushed with her arm a little to roll towards him.

He lay in bed with her soft and warm beside him. It had been so long since he had found such release, he had forgotten the wonderful 'after' feeling. How his blood seemed to move like pure pleasure through his veins relaxing all his muscles until only sleep mattered. Sleep and Nicole.

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