tagRomanceForced to His Bed Ch. 04

Forced to His Bed Ch. 04


"What the hell?" He woke as soon as the door flew open. Sinclair jumped to his feet and for the first time in his life he thought of someone else besides himself.

He jerked towards the girl, grabbing the sheet up over her naked frame. He swung towards the door to find one very stricken looking man and Lord Reardon. His eyes narrowed at Reardon, he had never liked him. "What is going on here?" He growled at the two men.

Reardon smiled like the cat that just ate the canary, "I tried to tell Mr. Bill Anderson that there was no way that this whore could be his daughter." Reardon picked an imaginary piece of lint off his jacket as he continued.

"Seems like someone abducted his daughter out of her own bed. He thinks the ruffians drugged her and sold her to someone." Reardon's smile stretched tight with satisfaction at his next words, "Anderson here thinks this slut is her."

Sinclair grabbed his pants and quickly dressed, trying to ignore the fact that he really had no reason to kill Reardon just because red rage had filled him when he had heard Reardon refer to Nicole as a whore and a slut. Clothed Sin moved towards Reardon when a noise from the bed diverted his attention.

"It is her." The man Reardon had called Anderson gently pushed the girls hair from her face. "Nicole, Nicole, wake up." The girl did not respond. The man shook her and still she did not respond.

Stricken and slightly panicky the man turned to Sinclair. "How much did you have to drug her?" Sinclair's eyes narrowed and his voice was menacing. "I did not drug her at all, nor did I know that she had been."

He moved towards the girl's sleeping form only to have the Anderson annoyingly place himself between Sinclair and Nicole. "You stay away from her, you have done enough."

Sinclair physically pushed the man out of his way and stunned Reardon when he tenderly stroked the girl's hair and spoke to her in a soft and gentle tone. "Nicole, darling, I need you to wake up."

The girl did not wake up, but at least she responded by curling towards Sinclair's voice. "Nicole, sweetheart, please wake up." Her eyes fluttered open before closing back. Alarm ran up through him, her gaze had been glazed and unfocused.

He fished a card out of his pocket and gave it to Mr. Anderson. "Send your man to this address and tell him to bring Dr. Roberts to your house. Give me your card and meet me at your address." He started to wrap the sheet softly around Nicole's sleeping form.

"I am not about to leave my daughter in the hands of her ravisher." Mr. Andersons words caused Sinclair's lips to thin as he hissed. "Unless you want your daughter totally ruined you will let me get her unnoticed back to your house." He swung Nicole up into his arms. She was even lighter than he expected. "You have my card, I give my word that no one will ever harm her again."

Not knowing why he should trust him, Mr. Anderson stepped back allowing him to pass carrying Nicole. His instincts assuring him that Nicole would be safer with the duke than anyone else.

Sin went to leave the room but stopped as he pulled up even with Reardon. Without moving his gaze from the door to look at Reardon he said in the darkest voice Reardon had ever heard, "if I find out you had a hand in any of this I will kill you." With that he left the two men standing in the room.

He walked down the back stairs using the sheet to keep Nicole covered from anyone's eyes. The ride from Jennings to the Anderson house was the most nerve wracking he had ever lived through. As much as he tried the girl simply would not wake up. When he finally got to the Anderson house and was going up the back stairs he realized he did not know which room hers was. It took several tries before he found a room that looked like it could be that of a girl's room.

He was laying her on the bed when her eyes flew open. "I am going to be sick." She stumbled from the bed, but the sheet twisted around her feet and tripped her. Sinclair caught her before she fell. He grabbed a waste basket and pulled the girls hair back as she began retching.

That was how Dr. Roberts and Mr. Anderson found them. Sinclair holding Nicole's hair with one hand, caressing her with other, while gently telling the girl it would be all right.

"Here let me take over." Dr. Roberts moved towards the girl but stopped when Sinclair growled at him. "I will care for her."

Mr. Anderson stepped forward to talk some sense into the man. "See here, let the Dr. take care of her." Sinclair did not wish to, but he knew that Anderson was right. The girl needed to be examined by a Dr. Reluctantly Sin rose up and allowed the Dr to tend to Nicole.

"We will be in the study when you are through." Anderson turned to go to the study leaving Sinclair no choice but to follow.

"You look like you need this as bad as I do." Once in the study Anderson filled up two glasses of American whiskey and passed one to Sinclair.

"I am Bill Anderson, and much to my better judgment I think you had little to do with Nicole's abduction." He looked at Sinclair for his introduction and explanation.

"I am Sinclair Pierce, the Duke of Ashwell." When the man flinched, Ashwell knew Anderson had heard of him. "Yes I am that Duke, the Duke of Sin, the one that no descent man would want his daughter tied. And no, I did not have anything to do with her abduction."

Mr. Anderson drew a breath and Sinclair knew the next words were costing Mr. Anderson. "How did she end up in your bed?"

Sinclair could think of no easy way to say the words gently so he said them as straight as he could. "I won her in a hand of cards."

"Dear God." Bill's hands shook as he fell into his chair.

"I am assuming you didn't win her to teach her the fine arts of poker?" Sinclair's tight lips answered Bills question.

"Were you at least gentle with her?" Tears were starting to gather in Anderson's eyes at the thought of Nicole's young innocent body at the mercy of this dangerous looking man.

"Christ her mother died when she was young, I thought I had time to find someone to tell of her these things," Mr. Anderson's whole body shook as he realized how deeply he had failed his daughter, "Did Nicole even understand what was happening?"

Sin had never been known for his consideration of others, but this moment, staring at the man that was responsible for the wonder that was Nicole, Sin reached into his soul and did something for a stranger he had not done for most people in his life. He showed kindness.

"Mr. Anderson, I will not discuss what happened between your daughter and myself, nor do I believe you would wish to hear about the details. What I will tell you that Nicole was not harmed and I was more gentle with her than I have ever been with anyone"

Bill Anderson looked at the young man before him and knew something had happened between the Duke and Nicole. Something that shook the young man to his very core. The look on the young man's face was so intense his next words were not a surprise.

"Of course, I will ask for her hand." Sinclair rose as he spoke towards Bill.

"Of course." Bill answered, but he was not sure that Nicole would so easily fall into their plans. He didn't know what the details of what had happened between Lord Ashwell and Nicole on a emotional level, but he did know his daughter. She was strong willed and he couldn't imagine her ever appreciating a decision made about her future without her say.

But before either could talk more about the issue the Dr. opened the door and came in and advised both men that while the drug had been effective in rendering Nicole senseless it had not done any permanent damage that a little sleep could not fix.

"I will return later to speak with Nicole." Sinclair rose to make his excuses and leave.

"I would wait until tomorrow. She has been through a lot in past twenty-four hours and," Dr. Roberts cleared his throat not knowing how to phrase what needed to be said, "she is totally exhausted."

It took a moment for the two men to understand his meaning. Mr. Anderson blushed to his roots at the meaning and a smug smile flashed as quickly as it disappeared from the Duke's face.

"Of course I will wait until tomorrow, please let Nicole know I will be calling at 2:00 p.m." Sinclair left the room. He stopped and looked up the stairs knowing that Nicole was in her bedroom sleeping soundly after a night of pleasure in his bed. A big lopsided grin spread across his face as he left to go home and prepare his family for the news.

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