tagRomanceForced to His Bed Ch. 05

Forced to His Bed Ch. 05


"You can't be serious?" Not the reaction Sin had expected from his Grandmother.

"Excuse, me Ma'am but haven't you been trying to get me to the alter for years?" His Grandmother the Dowager Duchess looked down her nose at her grandson like he had lost his mind.

"Not to one of those American's." Her haughty tone and words went right through Sinclair.

"If you were any other man, I would believe you were offering your hand to save the lady's virtue." Sin's grandmother droned on. "But we both know you have done worse to a ladies virtue and never asked for hand before. Besides she's an American, she has a different sense of virtue than us."

His sister that had been sitting quietly on the couch beside their Grandmother visibly cringed when Sin stood and very purposefully strode towards. Sin may have been her brother, but he had always frightened her, in fact she knew of no one that was not wary of him.

With barely held aggression he leaned forward till his face was mere inches from their Grandmother's. "If you do or say anything to make her feel anything less than welcome in our family you will live to regret it." His voice had been so low it was almost a growl. Grandmother hissed and turned her head from Sins but did not argue with him.

Exactly at 2:00 p.m. Sin arrived on Nicole's doorstep. He was greeted by a very worried Mr. Anderson.

"Come in, we can talk in the library." Sinclair did not know much about Americans and was unsure about what exactly was going on so he followed the man's lead.

"She said 'No'." Sinclair felt his mouth drop at Mr. Anderson's words.

"What do you mean, she said no?" Mr. Anderson considered himself very worldly in business, but he had no experience with matters such as these.

"Nicole, has given me explicit instructions to tell you that she appreciates your offer, but it is not needed."

"Appreciates my offer!" sputtering, Sin for the first time in his life was at a loss for words.

"Given YOU instructions for ME!" He had to regroup, do something besides repeat himself. Exhaling deeply,

"Have you explained that she must accept?" Sin had expected many things but this was not it.

Did the man have no control over his daughter?

"She has made it clear that she does not want to be forced into a marriage." Obviously not.

It would be up to Sin. "Does she not understand that she can be forced?"

Sin questioned Mr. Anderson, he thought to himself that the man must be daft not to understand that Nicole had no say in anything that did not lead to him and her irrevocably tied together.

Sin would have her, that was simple. If he had to help guide her father to the obvious conclusion then he would. But he would have her?

"I'm sorry, Lord Ashwell. But, I failed my daughter once in not stopping her abduction. I will not now force her to pay a life-long price for my failure" Mr. Anderson repeated the words from his heart to Sin.

"You're wrong, she is mine and she will marry me. But you are right about one thing, you did fail to keep her safe." Sin spoke through gritted teeth. "If she were in my protection not even a stray drop of rain would dare touch her without my knowledge."

"Now see her, she is my daughter and I will not allow her to further go through anything she doesn't want." Mr. Anderson, stood up flustered that any man, even a Lord would try and dissuade him from doing what he knew was the right thing for his child.

"I can assure you Mr. Andersong your daughter very much wanted what we experienced." Sin rasped out.

"Enough, how dare you. She said no and that is that." Mr. Anderson face had moved from a bright shade of red to a purple and he started grasping his chest as though his heart was pounding its way out.

Sin who had never let anger cloud his senses realized he was just short of spiraling into an all out battle with Nicole's father. He had to regroup and discuss this in a way a father would relate to in order to protect his daughter.

Softly and as patient as speaking to a child, "does Nicole not realize that she will be ruined, a social outcast?"

"Nicole believes she can handle the situation, that as only a few people know about 'the incident' she will be protected against any gossip." Sin could tell that Mr. Anderson did not share the same confidence. He looked worried, and he should.

"Believe me Mr. Anderson, this will not keep quiet." at Mr. Anderson's raised eyebrows Sin continued, "no it will not be me that repeats the story, but others will."

"It doesn't matter what you say Nicole thinks she can manage." A lifetime with Nicole meant that Mr. Anderson knew his daughter. Knew she would have to see for herself if Nicole would be able to handle the gossip.

"All right, Mr. Anderson. I will leave you and your daughter to your future." Sin said the words Mr. Anderson needed to hear. But he had no intention of ever leaving Nicole, her future was tied with his. He just needed time to consider the best way to bend her to his will. and he would. he always won the things he desired most.

"Father are you sure this dress will do?" Nicole asked her father Mr. Bill Anderson. She bit her lip nervously, a habit she had divulged in most of her life. Mr. Anderson could not help but look on with fatherly pride. There stood before him one of God's most loveliest of creatures. She looked utterly adorable in her silvery white dress. Nicole was so fair herself that the white should have washed her out, instead it simply increased the ethereal appearance. Her long silvery blond hair had been pulled up with just the hint of curls whisping around her face. Her dark blue eyes seemed to fill her heart shape face. Her dress was shot with silver thread that made it look as though she walked in a shimmering cloud. Her dressmaker had outdone herself with this creation. Playing of Nicole's natural coloring and creating a dress that would make her appear angelic. He felt a pain of anxiety, surely no one would guess of the events that had left his once so confident daughter, shaken. Yes, he though the dress will do.

"Nicole, the dress will do fine but there is something we must discuss before we arrive." Mr. Anderson did not know how to broach this subject with his headstrong daughter so he spoke the only way he knew how, straight and to the point.

"Daughter it was brought to my attention by my good friend Lord Rawlings that someone has been whispering amongst everyone that will listen about your 'unfortunate incident'." They had both taken calling the event the 'unfortunate incident'. it was the only description they could use that didn't leave Mr. Anderson close to tears and Nicole feeling stricken.

Nicole's eyes grew ever larger with determination. "Oh Father, do not tell me that the Duke wishes to trap me into marriage with that cruel trick? Duke or no, it surely will not work." Nicole knew and understood the ramifications of her 'unfortunate incident'. She knew that she should have accepted the Duke's proposal, but she knew he was no more to blame for the 'unfortunate incident' than herself. She simply could not allow herself to ruin his life in an unhappy marriage. And truth be known, the intense feelings he stirred in her left her feeling frightened and sensuous, both at the same time.

"Nicole, please listen." Bill put a stilling hand on her shoulder to try and convey the seriousness of the issue. "Daughter this rumor is not to try and trap you into a marriage with the Duke, but to humiliate you when it does not occur. Lord Rawlings assures me that The Duke did not spread this rumor."

Nicole believed her father. Lord Rawlings, John, had been a good and kind friend to both Nicole and her father. He had come to New York the previous year. Like a lot of English noblemen he did not have the funds needed to keep his property in good care and keep himself in luxury. Unlike most men of his status John had chosen to try and learn to make money and where better to learn the art of making money than in New York. Lord John Rawlings had arrived in New York ready to learn. Unfortunately, most New Yorkers had decided that he and his title would make a better husband than financial student. John had stayed true to his purpose but to know avail. The New York momma's had made it clear to their husbands that no help was to be given to John unless he chose an American bride.

At a loss and ready to leave knowing that his tenants were depending on him to better finance his homeland his frustration had grown to a point of desperation. Then he and Nicole's father met. John had once told Nicole that without Mr. Anderson's help, all of John's estates that were not entailed would have been sold. And that Nicole's father had gained Lord Rawling's respect and friendship.

Nicole knew that if John had said it the rumors were not of the duke's making then it was true. She also knew that she could not stay hold up in her room. She had to go out and walk with her head up, surely not everyone had heard or believed the rumor of her 'unfortunate incident'

"It matters not" Nicole gave her father a bright smile, "We will go and show them that we have nothing to hide." She hoped he believed every bit of her lie. They walked out of the house together and climbed up to in the carriage. Once she settled down she peered out of the windows at the city lights as darkness began to fall. A little quiver of fear pressed into her chest, she could hear her father's labored breathing from across the carriage. She did not want him to know that she was very aware that he was ill. That he had wanted Nicole to be married and taken care of, before he became so ill as not to be able to travel. Not wanting to alert him to her awareness of his condition she looked at him from under her lashes, he did indeed look pale.

She had known that he had a weak heart, but he had assured her that they still had many years left together. Had he hid the true depth of his illness from her? She had to fight from biting her lip as worry over him seemed to stifle her small frame. Suddenly his efforts to marry her off quickly seemed to take on a new meaning. Was her father sick, was he trying to make sure his only child was taken care of because he feared his health would not prevail much longer?

Before Nicole had not worried about marriage, feeling as though she had all the time in the world to do as she so pleased. Then after the 'unfortunate incident' she had assumed she would never marry. Now the thought that concern over her future might be causing stress to her father nearly drove her into tears. She still did not wish to be married to some stranger because they had been forced. But now suddenly she wondered if maybe she had made that decision too quickly. Nicole could not help but wonder if the Duke, Sinclair Pierce felt he had escaped a forced marriage, or if he too might be reconsidering the marriage.

Sinclair had indeed heard the rumors. In fact he had not been able to clear the tables at his favorite club when he had been approached by not one, but several individuals. All wanting to know if he would be attending Lady Sauterall's ball. Apparently, Nicole would be there tonight. Rumors of Nicole's ravishment had reached far-and-wide. He did not know who spread them, but he had a good idea, Reardon. He didn't know why Reardon was spreading the rumors. It certainly wasn't to help Sin. Reardon never did anything for anyone but Reardon.

Normally Sin would be furious, he hated the idea of being the center of gossip and he took great pains to avoid it at any cost. The only time he could remember that he had been on the tongues of gossip mongers was when he had returned from the war. A hard and bitter man, with deep scars slashed across his face, back, and soul. That had been the hardest time of his life and he had sworn to would not let anyone put him in the rumor mill again. However, that was before Nicole. Now he needed rumors. If he could not force Nicole, perhaps a night of the tons savagery would make Mr. Anderson see the only way was for Nicole to become Sin's wife. With his name and title, no one would dare hurt Nicole. Not every again.

Tonight, he would let the ton do its work. Tomorrow Mr. Anderson would be more than amiable to help Sin with Nicole.

Nicole entered the room. Stood at the top of the stairs and realized that every horrible thing she had ever been able to imagine would not be but a small thing compared to the night she was about to have.

All eye's moved to her. Conversation ceased as Nicole and her father descended the steps. Her father squeezed her hand and gave her his best smile and raised his chin, looking directly at everyone daring them to say something to his daughter. Nicole knew at that moment she would do anything to make sure her father never had to live this night again. she would survive this night and then throw herself at the feet of the Duke.

Lord Rawlings watched as Nicole and her father bravely moved into the room.

There are times in every man's life when everything becomes clear, this was one of those times for John Rawlings. Grabbing a footman, he scribbled a note and handed it back to the footman, along with some money. Then he marched with determine feet towards Nicole and Mr. Anderson. They had been there once for him, and he would be there for them.

The Duke of Ashwell, Sinclair Pierce played his cards with carelessness much unlike his normal game, but he could not keep his mind off of Nicole. How was she doing? was she ok? He had just decided that he could not leave her unprotected when a footman approached him with a note.

"I'll kill him" he roared. Throwing the table over he raced out of the room with complete purpose, muttering "she is mine". One of the shocked onlookers picked up the offending note that had caused such reaction. Scratching his head in bewilderment, the note made no sense to him, "I'LL TAKE HER, L.J.R."

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