Forced to Pee


The flood came to a halt and he looked down at me, debased, shamed, kneeling on the piss soaked ground, covered in urine. "Filthy little cunt, get up. I'm not through with you. Do you like being used like a worthless little whore? Cheapened, pissed on, degraded? Do you like it when I treat you like a dirty little bitch and humiliate you? You do don't you?"

I didn't answer, only looked at him like a child with a dirty face. I wanted to hide, but I wouldn't look away. I wanted to answer him but couldn't, even knowing that punishment would come for it. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked. My twat- for now it deserved an undignified, lowly name- prickled as moisture condensed around my nether lips. It must have shown on my face. "I see you like that too. Answer me when I talk, you nasty little whore. Tell me what you like."

"I like it when you treat me like a slut." I whispered.

"That's because you are," he said, yanking with more force. "Speak up!"

"I like it when you degrade me and humiliate me," I said louder.

"What else?"

"When you pull my hair, or spank me. When you call me names."

He yanked. "You love that don't you you little cum-rag?"

"Yes," I squeaked out as best I could.

"Now I can add toilet seat to the list. Do you like that?"

Toilet seat. It didn't have the same ring to it as slut, or even cum rag. It didn't make my clit swell. It seemed kind of icky. I didn't like it at all. I shook my head no. "Too bad little toilet seat," he said, wiping some extra pee off my face and into my mouth. "Too bad for you that I find so much joy in your discomfort. You can't have everything the way you want it."

I looked at the mud-hole that our urine had combined to create, wishing I could disappear into it. He had my discomfort and he was taking pleasure in it. I knew that it would pass, that he wouldn't let me feel awful for long, but I also knew that he would enjoy every second. Time seemed to stand still while I waited for his next command.

He pressed his soft penis against my lips. "You don't like that? I'll promote you then to dick cleaner. Lick the piss off my cock, and if you do a good job maybe I'll reward you."

As I licked the bitter liquid from his cock-head I could feel him growing again. The caustic taste filled my mouth making me yearn for the clear pre-cum to appear on his mushroom shaped appendage. I took him completely into my mouth, it was easy as he was no-where near full size yet, and suckled him lovingly. As he expanded in my mouth, I felt my own excitement grow. I looked up into his eyes, hoping that he would call me one of the nasty things I love to hear him say. Unfortunately his eyes where closed and his head tilted up. He so enjoyed the feel of my mouth around his pickle, I doubted that he would be able to use words at that moment.

His pole grew to the point that it slid out of my mouth. I continued to suck on it, licking the underside and bringing the top into my mouth. I heard him moan and increased the suction. I encircled the base with my thumb and forefinger creating a tight enclosure. I stroked his shaft while I sucked on his head. Then I gripped his cock and used it to slap myself on the tongue and cheek. He continued to grow. He took his dick in his own hand and proceeded to give me a good dick-slapping, all over my face. I took him back in my mouth and used as much suction as I felt he could handle. Simultaneously, I looked up into his eyes, a move that always delights him.

"My little piss slut. Did you enjoy the trickle of your own pee sliding down your leg while I fingered your cunt? When I shoved my fingers up inside you, I could feel your orgasm over my fingers while your wet golden pee streamed down into my hand. You liked that, didn't you?"

"Mmmmmmmmm," I said, muffled through his cock in my mouth.

"You should have seen yourself when I peed all over your filthy little body. At first my piss just rolled down your shirt, then it began to sink in and turn the white cloth yellow- your lovely white shirt, ruined in an instant."

He reached into his pocket for his knife, and as I continued to choke on his massive boner, he slid the knife up my shirt and cut it from my body. I could hear the fabric ripping against the blade, and I let out a squeal. He pulled my hair back so that his cock fell from my mouth, and shoved my shirt under my nose, then rubbed it over my face. By breasts where now exposed, wet and cold. Goose-bumps formed over my skin. He reached down to pinch my nipple, and tell me again that I was his little whore.

"Go back to sucking- my little piss slut." Even now I could feel more yellow droplets inching down my thigh. The thought of seeing his hand covered in my fluid, bitter golden liquid made me ache with excitement. I wanted more. What I wanted most was his thick cock, filling me stretching my pussy, banging against my G-spot, and making me loose control. Making me forget my inhibitions and forcing me to let loose, cumming and peeing all over his dick while he fucked me. Not worrying, not caring which liquid it was, actually feeling exited that piss would be spilling out at the same time. The shame was gone now, replaced with a new desire, a desire to be fucked so hard that liquid would gush forth with no regard for any kind of bodily control. To be fucked into abandon, senseless and ragged, so hard and raw that my limbs wouldn't bother to move when I commanded them too. That's what I wanted. I wanted it so bad I had to take his cock from my mouth so I could speak.

"Fuck me please! Fuck me senseless. I need to feel your cock inside of me." I knew that he enjoyed being sucked and it was difficult to guess if he would be willing to stop receiving head in order to fuck. I knew I had to beg. I had to stroke his ego, make him want to fuck me, let him know that I wanted it bad enough to beg. And even then, I could only hope.

Luckily, he must have been ready for a change of pace, because he quickly cleared a space on the ground behind us, and laid me back. Again he fingered my clit, and taunted me. "What do you want?"

"I want your cock- please, i want you to fuck me. I'm begging you, god-please .Shove it in me, fuck me senseless. I need your hard cock in me. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasse!"

He only laughed and tied my hands over my head with my wet white and yellow striped shirt. He wrapped part of the cloth around the trunk of the tree so that my arms would stay raised, and I would stay right where I was. The damp cloth chaffed roughly against my wrists, but I did not complain. He ran a hand roughly down my body and slapped the side of my ass. I barely felt the sting, but I could hear the echo of the sharp smack bouncing all through the woods and back to my own ears. The tiny hairs of my body stood on end as I continued to plead for his cock.

He loved to hear me beg, I knew it was my only hope. Still not satisfied he replied." I want to hear you beg some more."

"I AM BEGGING! WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY? I NEED IT- IM BEGGING! I NEED YOUR COCK!: With that he plunged into my soaking wet pussy. My body spasmed, I could barely contain the pleasure I felt. I needed to hold on to something, my nails sunk into his back. I felt in the greatest possible way that I was loosing my mind. He truly was fucking me senseless. I felt as if I where loosing myself, slipping away. I had to hold on, I clawed and flailed like a suffocating rodent. "FUCK ME- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST- FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME. MAKE ME YOUR FILTHY LITTLE COCK WHORE. USE ME UP LIKE YOU OWN ME, MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE FUCK SLAVE! GOD YES! FUCK ME HARD!!!

I felt him slamming into me. My pussy felt roomy wet, slippery. As he banged against the top of my uterus, I could here the sloppy sounds of my wet squishy cunt being banged and used. My mind filled with thoughts each nastier than the last. My breathing was too labored no, my desire too carnal, to articulate any more than "Ye- Ye- Yes, Go-od- Ye" I was an incoherent babbling little fuck slut. My only desire now was for him to keep pumping into my juicy twat and to start calling me nasty names. I longed to hear his voice telling me the filthy thoughts that he was having about me. I gasped and managed to choke out, "Tell me!" My entreaty for him to verbally abuse me and he knew it well.

"You're a nasty little whore. A worthless little piss slut. Just a piece of shit filthy little cum rag. I'm going to use you like the little dirty worthless trash you are and then leave you in the gutter where you belong. You like that don't you?"

"Yea, yea, yea," was all I could say as I pushed my body into his.

"Nasty little bitch."

Oh god, that sent hot shocks through me, my pussy gushed with what might have been a mini-orgasm.

"Dirty cunt," he said pounding into me. "I'm going to blow my load. Piss for me you little whore. Piss for me." He grabbed my hair and pulled. "Piss for me little slave. You're my little slut aren't you?"

I couldn't hold it any longer if I tried. A dam more than burst, it flooded. My already wet pussy splashed liquids all around us. I felt myself pissing with force, golden streams and droplets splashing everywhere, on him and on me. My cum gushed out as well, piss and pussy juice was everywhere, soaking us both, the ground our clothes. I let out a primal climactic scream as our wet bodies continued slapping together.

"Fuck your little whore," I remember whispering over and over again as if it where a chant. My orgasm kept coming. It seemed to never end, yet he pulled out and shot a stream of jizz in a line across my chest while my pussy continued to contract. He jerked upward and hot a ribbon into my hair. My body was like a live wire, I just kept contracting, peaking, peaking and then peaking again. When I finally thought I couldn't handle another second, I peaked a final time and slowly began to return to earth.

I thought that we where done, because I'd just had the most intense orgasm I could imagine, and he had shot his load all over me. Rarely did he have it in him to go again after he had gotten off. But this time was different, somehow, he didn't untie me, but reached up to rub my sodden pussy. I tried to move away because I felt raw and uncomfortable, but he wouldn't let me. He crawled between my legs and started licking. At first it only hurt, but I began to enjoy it, and my protest turned to moans. Of course that's when he stopped.

He sat up and looked at me, his lips moist and his trademark evil grin spread across his face. "You're a dirty dirty girl," he started saying.

"Yes," I agreed, "I'm a dirty nasty slut. Lick my slutty pussy, it feels so good."

He shook his head, "No, you're a very dirty girl. A dirty little piss slut." With that, he scooped up the pissy mud from the ground and started rubbing it onto my skin. It was warm and thick, and a little gritty. He grabbed a hand full and smeared it across my cheek. "Now, you're really a filthy little whore, aren't you?" He continued to rub mud over my body, first kneading my tits coarsely then spearing my stomach and my legs. He smudged my inner thighs, then turned me over to cover my ass and my back. The cloth around my wrists tightened as the twisted material hugged me closer to the tree. "You wanted to be a nasty little fuck-slut, that's what you are now. Just like a filthy pig rolling around in her own slop." He picked my forgotten panties off the ground, now wet and dirty and ground them into my cunt.

"Your filthy little wet cut- you like that don't you?" And he rubbed harder until I cried out for him to stop.

He slapped my ass- hard. "I'll stop when I say. You're my little fuck toy aren't you."

"Yes," I cried.

"Yes what- whore?"

"Yes Master," I answered. I had wondered why he hadn't made me say it before this point, I should have known that it was because he wasn't done with me. And I realized that I didn't want him to be done yet. I still craved that submissive feeling, that humble willingness to serve him in any way. I suddenly craved more piss, more spanking, more hair pulling- any torture he could think up. "I only want to serve you."

"Oh, you will," he said. He stopped rubbing my wet pussy, and slapped it instead. I leapt and squealed to his delight. "First you're going to beg me to use you as my toilet again," he said, walking around to the front of me. He held his half hard cock in his hand, and shook it at me tauntingly.

"Piss on me master, please," I began to beg. "Piss in my face, in my hair. Piss on my lips and in my mouth."

"Not good enough," he said. "You have to say you want to be my toilet. That you want to be used like a urinal."

"Please master, piss on me. Use me like a toilet, make me your personal urinal. Use your little slave, let me serve you by holding your piss in my mouth, by swallowing your piss like I swallow your cum. I wanna feel those hot jets of piss across my face. Please, master, use your little slave as a toilet."

"Your getting better slave. Who's little slave are you?"

"Your slave, master."

"And who's little toilet are you?"

"Your toilet, master."

"Good, whore. Now beg me to call you my little toilet seat. And you better sound like you mean it!"

"Master please, piss all over me, call me your little toilet seat, I want to be degraded and humiliated. Please call me your toilet seat, piss on me, treat me like a worthless piece of trash. I want to be the lowest of low and to serve you. Please."

"Filthy little toilet seat," he said at last. "I'm going to piss all over you." He started to piss again, and I lapped hungrily at the streams as they shot through the air. He shot more hot piss in my hair which hung in wet dirty clumps around my face. He shot more piss in my mouth, and ordered me to hold it there. He grabbed my nose and pinched, waiting while I held my breath, his elimination filling my mouth, burning my tongue.

"Swallow, urinal whore." I gulped down the hot burning liquid. "You feel humiliated now, don't you?" I nodded, and he stuffed my panties into my mouth. I couldn't believe he had held onto them all this time, but he had. He knelt down and cupped my face. Looking into my eyes, he said, "now I'm going to fuck your ass."

I shook my head no, my eyes wide with fear. I enjoy anal sex, but it terrifies me as well.

"You have no choice, little slave. I own you, I will do as I choose."

He walked back behind me, and positioned himself to enter me. "This way, I get to fuck your tight little whole, instead of that loose sloppy one you call a cunt. And I don't even have to look at your face."

This was the deepest humiliation, one not used lightly, and even now it brought tears to my eyes. I knew he didn't mean it, or at least I hoped he didn't, but the words where harsh and stung like the hot tears that ran down my face. Perhaps to soften the meanness of his words he entered my pussy first, shoving his cock deep inside of me while grabbing my tits hard. I bucked back against him saying with my body what I could not say with my panty-stuffed mouth. "Fuck me harder."

He drilled me and I hoped he would never stop, that he would forget about my ass and continue to plunder my achy, hungry pussy. He jerked my hair and slapped my ass. As he continued to brutalize my ass cheeks, I imagined them turning bright red under his hand. The burning on my rear, set my pussy on fire, and there on my hands and knees, tied to a tree, soaked in piss and being fucked from behind, I truly felt like a brazen whore, shameless and vulgar, purely carnal.

But he had not forgotten my ass. While he fucked me mercilessly, he slathered my dripping cunt and shoved the wet sticky finger into my tight little pucker. He stroked his finger in and out of my ass, letting a string of saliva drip from his mouth for more lubrication, then he invaded me with two fingers He continued to mistreat my ass, further abusing me by adding two more fingers. I could feel my anus stretching and I cried out in delight.

He battered into my ass with his fingers, spreading me, stretching me, preparing me for his dick which was beating into my pulsating cunt.

"Your filthy twat is soaked, you raunchy little tramp. Its so big and loose, I think its time to fuck that sweet little snug ass of yours." He pulled his fingers out, leaving me feeling empty, and spread my ass-cheeks apart. He placed the tip of his cockhead at the opening, and gently nudged. The tip of his dick slid in fairly easily, but there he met with resistance. He put his hands on my hips and gently rocked against me, sliding in a little more each time, as I moaned softly and rocked my body in unison with his. It was difficult, but my ass was now begging to be filled. I was resisting the urge to buck wildly, knowing that would be extremely painful at this point. Yet I also knew that if I could get past this first part, he would be free to fuck my ass with the wild abandon I was now craving. So I restrained myself until at last his entire organ slid deep into my rear crevice.

Now, I started thrusting into him as he sank his hands into my fleshy thighs. He was banging me as hard as he could, stabbing the far inner walls of my rear entrance. It was brutal and vulgar and hot. I felt so animalistic, so bestial, that I began to thrash around, rubbing my own face in the mud in front of me. He yanked my hair, and I only wished that I had a collar he could yank onto at that moment. I was his mindless whore and slave and he was my brutal commander and controller. I was gagged, but never quiet. My muffled cries where pleading for more.

I wanted it to last, but as he rammed my backside, I heard him gasp. "Your ass is so tight, I'm gonna cum."

"No, no," I tried to cry out. I wasn't ready. Before I could think of a way to extend my pleasure, he pulled out and shot a load of sweet cream across my back. I heard him sigh and he rested for a moment behind me. Then he came around and smeared the remainder of his jelly across my chin, then pushed it into my mouth with his finger. He leaned against the tree for a rest, and I flattened myself onto the wet ground, basking in the deliciously dirty sensation.

After we lay there for a while, and had caught our breaths, I started realize that I was outside with no shirt and tied to a tree. He untied me and told me that there was a blanket in the truck, but that he wanted me to keep my panties in my mouth. He walked me back, covered me with the towel and helped me into the truck.

We headed home, I with my underwear in my mouth, unable to talk, and covered in a blanket, my head held down. I wondered if I would be allowed a nice hot shower when I got home, but I doubted it. I could see that master had more plans for me. So I hung my head, hoping that we wouldn't see anyone I know. Silently I wonder to myself, 'Is there any thing that He could order of me that I would refuse?'

It is a question that I do not know the answer to.

Authors Note: I hope you enjoyed the story, please be sure to vote. I also enjoy feedback so drop me a line.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/29/18

Very Hot!!

I need to become a piss slave....yum

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by Anonymous03/04/18

great story

My boy friend uses me as His toilet and the remarkable part of this story is that it's so very close to how I feel/think when He does..... wonderful and accurate.... thank You.

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