tagIncest/TabooForced to Strip

Forced to Strip


Edited by La Pantera Bonita

My name is Tammy. I grew up in Mishawaka, Indiana. I was adopted by my parents at the age of one month. My father is a doctor. He had the connections to adopt a strong healthy baby. My brother, Kevin, who is three years older than I am, was adopted 3 months after me. Hence, he was always known as my "baby brother."

My father's name is Edward Kim O'Dell. His doctor's office has his name misspelled; it is listed as E. Kim O'del. He never changed it. Why I don't know. He certainly had enough money to do so. I used to play in his office as a little girl. I developed into a woman at a very early age. By age 12, Dad had stopped giving me exams, although it was alright for his cronies to examine me.

Don't get me wrong. They never did anything indecent, but I would have preferred being examined by my father, who I love very deeply. My parents were very protective of me growing up. I was born in 1964 and growing up in the 70's I was not allowed to watch TV programs such as "All in the Family" or "Saturday Night Live." As far as I know, I am still not allowed to watch them.

By the time I was 15 I was wearing a 36D bra. By adulthood I would fill out at 38DDD. When I was pregnant- I was working on an entirely different alphabet. I weight lifted at the local gym. I was a cheer leader in junior high school, but decided not to be a cheer leader in high school, because my breasts were too large. They got in the way of the cheers and would flop all over the place. I didn't want my dad, Dr. O'Dell to be disappointed in me. I always insisted that any date, boyfriend, spouse, always address my father as "doctor". He worked hard to put himself through college. He earned the title and my respect.

What I didn't understand is why my protective parents insisted I go to Camp Mishawaka in the summer. At age 15 I lost my virginity there, as well as 20 other girls, and most of us to the same counselor. We would call it camp Fuck-A-Muck. My parents never discussed sex with me. You would think a doctor could sit down and give his children a really good lesson on sexual education. It never happened. What did happen was at 17, my dad handed me a prescription for birth control pills. My parents must have suspected I was sexually active.

My brother Kevin was a major league twerp. He whined about everything. As an adult, he would make national headlines when he fired a gay cook at Cracker Barrel's. Disney was Satan to him. Kevin didn't even look like me. I mean I know he shouldn't because we were not blood related, but he didn't look like anyone in town. He looked Hawaiian. He was muscularly built, with olive skin, jet black hair, and was a total sissy.

At age 18 I was still short. At 5 foot 2 inches, I wasn't growing anymore. I would have stubs for legs all my life. However, I was proud of my large breasts, and no matter how I tried to hide them, the guys would always stare at them. My dad was the only guy who could talk to me and look me in the face. I had a slender waist back then. I was taking speed, which helped me keep the weight off.

We lived in an old house in Mishawaka. I shared a bathroom with my brother, a Jack and Jill set up. Our bedrooms were on either side of the bathroom with our own private doors. I would go into the bathroom and bolt shut the door to my brother's room. What I really loved about this bathroom was the old fashion bath tub. I could hang my knees off the edge of the tub and place my pussy directly underneath the spigot. Between the rushing water and my fingers, I had some of the best sex in my life, up to that point anyway.

I had suspected my brother Kevin was trying to peek at me through the keyhole. He wasn't very quiet when he was trying to be sneaky. It wasn't that big a deal, because the tub and toilet were out of his line of view. The only thing he could see was the door to my bedroom. I always made sure to be wearing clothes or a towel wrap by that point in my travel.

One night I decided to start hanging my robe on the door knob so Kevin would have even less of a look. A few nights later I could hear him sliding a chair across his room. I didn't think much more about it. This would go on every night, every time I took a bath. Once while I was in the tub I glanced up at the door and I could see a quick light reflection off Kevin's glasses. He was peeking at me from above the door. This was an old house. It settled a bit funny so the door did not fit well with the frame, leaving a sizable gap at the top, where one could see inside the entire bathroom.

Kevin had been spying on me for well over a week! He would watch me undress, bathe, and masturbate with the spigot. I couldn't even pee without an audience. I felt violated and unsure what to do about it. The tub did have a privacy curtain around it. I never used it, because I was always the only one in the bathroom, but I would use it now. I would use the downstairs bathroom if I needed to go to the toilet, and pull the curtain around the tub on the upstairs bathroom and walk around with a towel wrapped around me.

After about a week of that treatment, I stopped hearing the chair bump and slide across the floor. He had apparently learned his lesson and knew I was on to him.

I was a senior in High School. Baby brother was attending Bethel College majoring in business. On some days I arrived home before him, on other days he would get home before me. One Thursday when I got home I discovered Kevin in my room snooping in my panty drawer!

I screamed at him, "What are you doing in my room?!" My folks were out at the moment. My asshole brother was holding up a bottle of pills. Kevin, the pervert, while rooting through my panties, discovered where I hid my speed.

"I'm going to show these to Dad," the pervert threatened.

"Go ahead; Dad gave me a prescription for those," I bluffed with authority. Dad didn't really give me a prescription for those, but he would give me prescriptions for all kinds of stuff, but speed was certainly not one of them. I can normally stand down my brother with a little force and ingenuity.

"Okay I will" Kevin responded. I was shocked. Kevin never had done that before.

"No wait" I pleaded. "Don't do that, big brother."

"Okay, I won't, but what are you going to do for me?" Kevin asked staring at my breasts.

I could kick myself now for this, but I blurted out, "What do you want?" expecting him to take one of my possessions which I didn't care about.

"I w-w-want you to take off your clothes for me," Kevin answered very quietly, almost a mumble.

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Boy this guy was awfully horny and desperate to blackmail his sister into undressing. I wanted to make sure I heard him correctly, or maybe even better, he would back down and take my John Cougar tape. "You want me to do what?" I pretended not to have heard his mumbled request clearly.

"I w-w-want to see you naked," Kevin managed to get out. He sometimes stutters when he is real nervous. I didn't think there would be too much harm to it. After all, he did see naked about a month ago, peeping at me through the door. Besides I really didn't want to hurt Dad, and this would later give me something to hold over Kevin, once the pills were gone.

"Okay" I agreed as I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and began to unbutton it.

"No, No, not here," Kevin said stopping my strip in midstream. "Mom and Dad might come home and catch us. Let's go into the bathroom and lock the doors."

Kevin was correct. Our bedroom doors had no locks on them. The only place we would not get caught was the bathroom. If they came in one door, one of us could go out the other to their room, while the other remained behind in the bathroom. It was the perfect place.

We went together into the small bathroom and bolted the doors. Kevin sat down on the toilet seat while I began my strip in front of him. With my blouse already pulled out, draped over my plaid skirt, I undid the rest of the buttons. I undid them one at a time, with a slight pause between them. With each button I would flash open my blouse and then shut it again, allowing Kevin to see ample cleavage and bra for a few moments. Eventually the tease was over and the blouse came off. I tossed it next to my bedroom door. That would be "my pile".

Kevin stared at my breasts as mounds of nearly tanned flesh protruded above my plain white bra. The damn thing was binding me in the side, I wanted to take it off next, but decided to make the little twerp wait a few more seconds while I fumbled with my plaid skirt. The button on the side didn't want to come loose. I had to work at it some. This caused the exposed tops of my breasts to jiggle. I could tell by Kevin's pants he was enjoying this way too much.

The skirt finally came loose and dropped to the ground. Kevin's eyes bugged out as he stared at the dark patch outlined in my panties. I placed my foot up on the edge of the tub to begin some bobby sox removal (Mom always made us take our shoes off right after we got in the door).

Kevin grabbed a towel from the rack and covered his lap. I heard his pants unzip, as he began to work himself with a little warm water and soap.

I had removed one sock when I realized nerd-o was using my towel! He thought he was going to masturbate into my towel! That wasn't part of the deal. I grabbed my towel off his lap and snapped at him, "Use your own damn towel!"

Kevin was shocked and a bit embarrassed. He covered himself up at first with his hand and scrambled for his towel. He didn't want to do or say anything to ruin this moment. Finally he just came out and asked, "You don't mind if I m-m-masturbate, do you Tammy?"

"No, I d-d-don't," I responded making fun of his stutter. "I just don't want that goop on my towel. I might get pregnant from it. You're going to see me naked; I should be able to see you naked."

Kevin then opted not to use a towel to cover himself. I couldn't help but notice his large penis. I haven't seen a lot of them up to this point, mind you, but what I have seen didn't look like Kevin's. Kevin's shaft was olive colored like he was. I would guess he had a good 10 inches, although, it could have been 8 or even 12 inches. Anyway it was a good 2 inches longer than anyone's I had been with before. It was a woozy-doozy.

I tried not to stare at his exposed member as I continued to remove my socks. Kevin was sitting and stroking himself slowly as I stood there facing him in just panties and a bra.

I reached both hands behind me to undo the snap on the bra. I bent over slightly so Kevin could see even more cleavage before the garment came off. Kevin increased his stroke speed on his shaft in anticipation. With a slight grunt, I got the snap undone and let the bra keep me covered for a just a brief moment before I slipped it off and tossed it on my clothes pile.

Kevin's eyes stayed glued at my breasts. I stood there somewhat proudly with my hands on my hips. Kevin tilted his head in all directions like a gecko, making sure he could see my boobies from all angles. I even held the puppies up so he could look underneath them. That seemed to be the part he was missing in his research.

"Well are you satisfied now?" I scoffed.

"The panties" Kevin said softly. "T-t-take off the panties too. We did agree n-n-naked."

Kevin's eyes shifted from my breasts to my dark patch, soon to be exposed to my brother just three feet away from me. I slowly slid down the material and flashed a lot of pubic hair, then stopped and put them back up again. Kevin looked up at my face (for once) for a sign that I was just teasing him. The pouting disappointed look on his face made me laugh. I had to smile at this point. Yes, I didn't really want to do this, but I was going to have some fun at it anyway and make the most of it. At times I rather enjoyed it, and other times I wished he would just go and rat to Dad.

I began my panty descent again. This time I doffed the panties. I held them out to Kevin as if to give them to him. As he reached up for them, I tossed them on the clothes pile. There were some small pieces of skirt lint attached to my pussy hair. I brushed it off, and at the same time fluffed up my bush. Kevin's eyes followed the lint pieces to the floor, as if to make sure he knew where they landed, so he could retrieve them later.

I stood there completely naked, again with my hands on my hips. "Now what? Are you through?" I barked.

"No" Kevin responded. "Not just yet."

"Well hurry, before Mom and Dad get home" I told him.

Kevin slowly reached for my pussy with his "free" hand. I pulled back and slapped his hand. I wagged my finger at Kevin and said, "No! That wasn't part of the bargain."

Kevin said, "It will help me get off faster."

I didn't want my brother touching my pussy. The idea gave me the creeps. This was creepy enough. I compromised with him. I stood next to him and said, "Here, feel these" and placed his hand on my breasts. Hopefully that might hurry him along.

These were the first woman's breast's Kevin ever felt up. He didn't do any real heavy squeezing. He never pinched the nipples, he just ran his hand across them, every now and then giving a gentle squeeze and putting a couple of fingers on my nipples.

Kevin was having some trouble getting off.; perhaps being a little shy and nervous. He then made another request which shocked me.

"T-T-Tammy, I would like to see your pussy."

"I am already naked Kevin, you can see my pussy." Apparently his turning Chinese eyes was affecting his vision.

"N-n-no, T-t-hat's not what I mean. I want you to get in the tub and hang your legs over the end around the spigot," the sneak said.

His spying gave him an idea. I agreed to do this for him as long as he agreed not to touch my pussy, but he could feel my breasts.

Kevin eagerly accepted. I lay back in the tub with my pussy spread open around the spigot. I turned the water on, but I wasn't in the mood to be touching myself in front of my brother.

The warm water opened my pussy lips, but not very far. It was however good enough to keep Kevin happy. He would rub my breasts as I lay back in the tub. He would then move his head so it was directly over my pussy, so he could get a good view, and then back again to touching my breasts. This went on for a while and I realized Kevin wasn't going to get off because he was using both hands to rub, feel, touch, poke, pat and pry my breasts, while not rubbing himself.

I heard the Buick pull in the driveway. I wanted to quickly hurry this along, even though Mom and Dad never come upstairs to check on us.

I sat up in the tub, my legs moved down out of position: I soaped up my hands and grabbed a hold his penis and started to jerk off my brother. I hate to admit it, but Kevin had a really nice penis. I was fascinated by the velvet smooth touch of its head. Kevin was shocked for a moment as I was furiously stroking him.

"C-c-can I touch you." Kevin asked, meaning my pussy.

This guy just doesn't give up. I heard the TV come on downstairs. My parents would be down there for a while.

I didn't want to, but I gave in to the whiner. "Okay, but only just a little bit." I am still not sure what I meant by "only just a little bit" but I didn't want to encourage the little creep.

Kevin touched my pussy. There was no arousal in me. He tried to slip a finger inside me, but I was not lubricated. It hurt. I pulled my pussy back away from his hand and said, "Just feel it, Kevin."

Kevin didn't have any problems with that while he played with my pussy. I felt a little pre-come on my hand. It was warm and slippery. This helped the lubrication process. I figured Kevin was about to unload. At this point I did a very odd thing. I stuck the end of his penis in my mouth and sucked on it while I stroked him. I was thinking of the best way to clean up "his mess" should one of my parents decide to come upstairs. I figured this would be the best way. This would be only my second blow job. I normally didn't give blow jobs.

My brother shot his load down my throat. I loved it when his warm salty goop hit the back of my throat. I squeezed his penis some more, to get more out of it, but there was only a pearl drop left. As my senses returned, I realized I had a soap taste in my mouth from Kevin's penis. I did save my towel.

I got up out of the tub as Kevin was putting himself back in his pants. I was spitting into the sink to get rid of the soap taste. I grabbed my toothbrush and began to brush my teeth. I was still naked and bent over the sink. My breasts were dangling down and rocking back and forth, apparently too much temptation for my brother who gently grabbed a hold of one. I was in no mood for him anymore. My obligation was fulfilled. I gave him a sharp jab in the ribs with my elbow and told him to get out. Kevin dutifully obeyed.

I got dressed, took my pills and walked out of the house. I would find them a new hiding place.

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