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Forced to Submit


When he awoke, it was to find his arms stretched above his head, and his legs bound together. From the way he was lying, naked, and the drop away from either side, he realised he was on either a narrow bed, or a bench of some sort. The whole room was dark, and he could see nothing except for a light shifting underneath the doorway, on his right. He could hear a babble of talk coming from above, and as he lay their struggling against the shackles on his wrists, his energy began to drain.

It must have been hours before the voices all died away. In that time, he was able to try and remember the events leading to the time he woke up. He remembered being at a bar, glancing over at a few women. His glance had lingered on one of them, and when he had motioned to her that he would like to buy her a drink, she had sauntered over. He remembered them chatting and laughing, and then she had offered to drive him home. From then on his mind was a blank. He couldn't even remember the name of the girl, or in fact if she had even revealed that to him. He heard a set of tyres squealing on a path, and fell back into sleep.

This time when he woke up, he was lying face down on the floor, with his arms and legs hog-tied behind his back. He started to struggle, but the handcuffs held tightly, and by the noise they made as the clattered against metal, the cuffs were padlocked shut. He twisted his head to try and see, but it was still dark in the room. He was about to scream out, when he heard faint footsteps, coming down steps towards the door. The door opened, and in that split second, he was blinded by the bright light shining from behind the silhouette. Then the door closed again, and he was left to adjust his eyes to the darkness.

The steps circled around him, and suddenly he felt a cooling sensation on his skin. Hands coated in what felt like latex, ran the length of his naked body. Dragging slowly over his shoulders, down his spine, making it tingle. He arched his back and gasped, while the hands slid over his arms, and then over his legs. The X bar was removed from the cuffs, and one hand grabbed his hair and turned him over, so that he was lying on his back. He longed to fight back, but his body felt totally drained, and all he could do was lie there while these hands searched his body. The hands touched gently at his face, then roughly pulled his hands up, and attached a short chain to each wrist, so that he could not separate them.

It was no longer the whole hand caressing his chest, but a single finger. With a gasp, he jerked to a near sitting position, as he felt teeth grasping his nipple, pulling and twisting slightly. The cold air flooded back, shocking him, and he felt his captor moving away from him. There was a slight jangling sound, before he felt two latex covered boots pressing either side of his chest. A hand pulled his head up by his hair, dragging an elastic strap over the back of his head, and fitting a ball gag into his mouth, so that he couldn't make a sound. He heard that jangling again, and felt fingers grasping at his nipple; squeezing it til it was erect. Without warning, cold sharp metal clamps were attached, and he would have screamed out in pain, if the ball gag hadn't been tightly in place. As he felt the fingertips flicking his other nipple, he knew exactly what was about to happen, so when the metal clips were once again attached, it took him to a new level of pain.

Suddenly he felt the weight of a high-heeled foot, between his nipples, which pushed down, causing his breathing to become more difficult. With the foot in place, his captive attached a chain to both nipples and gave it a short sharp tug. He tried to scream in pain, and choked on the gag in his mouth. After a few more testing tugs, the torturer appeared to be satisfied. He felt another chain being attached to handcuffs, and a mechanical sound began. His hands were being used to raise him, up high. His feet only just grazed the floor.

He was left like this for about half an hour, his arms in agony after this time. Without any warning at all, a light was switched on, and he was able to let his eyes adjust to his new surroundings.

To his left was the bench that he had originally awoken upon. Between the bench and the door, (the door was along the wall on his right) was a metal cage. This was empty, except for several set of handcuffs, and some rather daunting chains, all ending with vicious looking clips and various clamps. Beyond that was a wall. Hanging upon the wall was a range of items. All of which he could see would be used for torture of some kind. He shuddered.

"Now now." Came a voice from behind him. He tried to twist himself round to see the speaker, but could not move due to the restraints. "My collection doesn't frighten you does it?" He was about to reply when he realised that the gag was still in his mouth. "That's right. Stay quiet. Any energy you waste now trying to struggle or talk could be useful later." The voice definitely belonged to a woman, but strangely not the woman that he had met in the bar. This voice was distinctly more husky, and he found her words, her pronunciation far more erotic. "Before we start your first lesson, we will begin with a short history. The question you want to ask is, ‘why am I here?' Yes?" He tried to speak but settled just for nodding his head.

"A dear friend of mine met you in a bar, and decided after talking with you for some while that you would be the perfect gift for me…a new toy if you wish. She drugged you and brought you here, where you have been in my care for two days. She also established that you did not have a family or a pressing job that would mean people would miss you. You are quite unmissed, so I believe. I have spent several long hours watching you, finding out whether her assumption that you would make a good slave was correct. If she had been wrong, I would have returned you to the area in which she found you." At these words he began to panic, they weren't near his home? "Fortunately, I have one final test…most don't make it this far I have to tell you." He felt the latex glove move up the inside of his thigh from behind him to squeeze his balls lightly. The woman let them drop and walked around in front of him.

As his head hung with his chin brushing his chest, he was first able to view her feet. These were coated, as he had assumed, with latex boots that ran to just above her knees. The heels of these had a stunningly sharp metal point, which he realised had been pressed against his skin earlier. She was wearing a tight black latex cat suit, and the join from this to her boots was almost invisible. She had beautiful curved hips, which the suit clung to, accentuating her breast, which had silver spiders webs across the nipple area. The outfit had no sleeves, so instead her arms were covered to just above her elbow with latex gloves. ‘God' he thought to himself. He had always asked his previous girlfriends to dress in this kind of outfit for him, but they had all been too self-conscious.

Clutched in one hand was a set of handcuffs that looked larger than a normal set. In the other hand were a group of keys. He raised his head slightly to look at her face.

The first thing that struck him were her eyes. They were a piercing blue that he knew had been watching him drinking in the sight of her. They reflected an intelligence, and a silent hunger.

Her mouth was curled into a smirk, as if she could read his mind. He was suddenly aware that his breathing had uncontrollably increased, just from looking at her. Her blonde hair bounced upon her shoulders, and she took a few steps towards him.

"So," she said, pulling his face up by his chin so that he could look her in the eyes. "I have inspected you, and now you have inspected me…at least visually. And now we come to the final test, before we begin…"

With these words she strode away from him towards the wall. She stood in front of the wall picking objects off the wall and replacing them. Every so often she would glance back to see whether she thought she would be able to use it on him. She turned with something silver in her hand, and she walked back towards him. He glanced at the swaying of her hips and was suddenly aware that there was a zipper, which she could obviously undo in order to access her pussy.

She walked straight past him and laid the object on a small table behind him. He tried twisting round but yet again he failed.

"Seeing as you are so desperate to be mobile during this, I'm afraid I'm going to have to restrain you further. We can't have you kicking out now, can we?" It was only now that he realised that his leg cuffs were gone, and that he could have moved his feet in anyway that he pleased. This wouldn't have helped much as the tips of his toes only brushed the ground, and he was in the most comfortable position he could possibly have been in. She walked round in front of him, cradling his cock in her hands before dropping to her knees. He almost expected her to take him in her mouth, and this thought caused him to show his excitement more than he had wished too. She looked straight up at him, with a devilish look in her eyes, and whispered "bad boy." Again she lowered her head, but instead of putting her smooth lips over him, she grabbed his right ankle.

Feeding the chain that linked the cuffs through a ring in the floor, she was able to secure his legs so that he couldn't even move his ankles without a severe pain on his arms.

He squeezed his eyes shut to try and bring feeling back into his stiff limbs, and when he reopened them, she was standing facing him holding what looked like a small pizza slice. Only, instead of a sharp smooth blade that ran all the way around, the edge was lined with spikes. Small silver spikes along the wheel of it. She walked close to him and whispered gently in his ear, "Maybe it's best if you don't watch this." With these words she grabbed the tip of his ear with her teeth, and pulled slowly away. Then whipping the blindfold out from nowhere she proceeded to cover his eyes.

He dreaded being back in the darkness, and jumped as he felt her finger trace down his chest, stopping just above his stomach. This hand then moved back up the same line, up the side of his neck, still so soft, and then with a jerk pulling his head back. The hand held his head there, and that's when he felt it. At first it was just a light prickling near his neck that made him shudder. Then he realised that the spiked wheel was being traced down the line that she had made with her finger. The pressure of the wheel increased, the further down his body it went. But at the point that she had removed her finger, he felt her pull the wheel away, and the hand left the back of his head.

Her finger traced a horizontal line across his stomach, faster this time. He knew what she was about to do. However he had not expected her to drag the spikes that fast across his skin, and he was sure that she had snagged the skin in such a way that it would have drawn blood.

When she traced her hand along the shaft of his cock, he wanted to scream at her. There was no way she was going to drag those points over his cock, was there?

She left him expecting her to drag the wheel along his shaft for what seemed like hours, although it could only have been five minutes. Suddenly he felt her hands on the back of his head. He was confused, what was she doing?

"I am removing your gag. I advise you not to scream. In fact, I order you not to scream. What good will it do you? No one will hear you. These walls are as soundproof as they look. However, I do not wish you to scream. Therefore, you will not." With the gag removed from his mouth, he was able to breathe a bit better, and he was able to lick his dried out lips.

"Good. I see you are learning. Now I must assess whether you believe my words. As you know, I AM about to drag this beautifully crafted wheel along your shaft. I will do it as hard and as fast as I feel like. However, you are not to make any sound, or you will wish that I had forced you to keep that gag in your mouth. Trust me, I can make any number of your worst nightmares come true. I do not wish you to speak at all, even if I ask you a question. I request merely that you nod or shake your head in reply. Do you understand?"

He raised his head and nodded twice. He still had the blindfold on, and had no idea what she was doing. He felt her hand clasp his cock tightly round the base, forcing him to become hard. He gritted his teeth, as he felt the line of spikes press lightly on the flesh. His fists clenched. He refused to scream.

She drew the spikes lightly up his shaft, so that it barely tickled. He heard her draw a breath and then the spikes dug in hard. He threw his head back in agony. Just below the head of his cock he could feel the spikes pressing so hard he was almost sure that they had pierced the skin.

"Shhhh" She murmured and took the metal off of his skin. He realised his breathing was in short sharp bursts, and he was trying to gulp in air. She lent down, and he felt her warm lips brush across his shaft. Her tongue emerged and she licked along the line of pain. She stopped just before she reached the point where he was sure the blood must be. Her mouth opened, taking his cock into her mouth, only a small way, just over the head. He felt her teeth moving over the most sensitive part, and was just about to sigh when she bit down, hard. He was finding it hard not to scream out again…not through the pain, but because he needed a release so badly now.

He hadn't wanted to admit it to himself but he had found everything that she was doing amazingly erotic, if it wasn't for the sheer pain that some of it was causing him. He hadn't noticed that she had removed her mouth from his shaft, and jumped when he felt her hands removing the blindfold. He looked straight into her eyes. She leant towards him and kissed him passionately on his lips.

He kissed back, desperately trying to gain control, but she pulled away. She smirked then walked away, and started to lower the machinery. His arms finally were able to drop to his sides. She unhooked his hands, and disconnected his feet from their position on the floor.

"Stand there, and DON'T move!" She told him. He did as she said. She walked to the table behind him, and although he had the urge to finally look round and see what was on the table he knew he couldn't. He dropped his gaze, and realised that where he had assumed he would be bleeding, he wasn't. There were a few small bruises appearing, a line of purple dots, but other than that there was nothing to show of his torture.

She walked around in front of him holding out a black collar with four rings attached to it. "This is a collar. By accepting it, you are accepting my rules to do anything I say. You shall call me Miss, and answer to Slave. I don't want to hear anything but "yes miss", or "no miss" depending. You will only speak when I tell you to, no other time. I don't want to know anything else about you, or your past at this stage, unless I ask. Then you will answer. If I wish more than a yes no answer, you will state your answer as clearly as possible, and add, "miss" to the end of it. Say "yes miss" and hold still while I attached your collar."

He stood there speechless. She wanted him as her slave? He looked up, she was watching intently. His hands were held in front of him, protecting himself.

"I thought I made myself clear. That was not a question. You do not have a say in this. Say "yes miss". You have no choice. Speak now."

He was starting to panic. By saying this it was like signing a contract. But the conditions he was in was like signing a contract with a loaded gun pressed to his temple.

"Yes Miss." He murmered.

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