Forced To Submit


"Obviously she isn't ready yet. I better leave her with you for a bit of convincing."

"No. Don't leave me with him." She grabbed my hair and hissed in my face.

"Show me how good you are then and do what I say."

"I will."

"You do whatever he tells you to and if you injure him in anyway then I will leave you down here with him all night while I sleep. His next fantasy is gang rape so you better behave or I might let him indulge it."

"Alright." She gave me back to him and he laughed softly. I cried as I gave him a blow job.

"Lick it softly and right down to the base and then take my balls in your mouth and softly blow. If you are anything but soft then I will kill you regardless of what she says." I did what he said hating every minute of it and she started entering me from behind with a dildo. I was grateful it wasn't the electric one. She got faster and faster and I carried on giving him a blow job. I couldn't believe that I was doing it voluntarily and when he started to cum I pulled away. He swore as his erection went down and she smacked me hard with the paddle at the top of my thighs and backside.

"Right. She's all yours."


"I meant it. What did you think I was joking? Did you think I don't mean what I say? I wanted submission from you and I didn't get it so he can have you. I don't fucking want you." I started frantically pulling at the blindfold and she quickly grabbed my wrist cuffs and gave them to him. I was hysterical and I yanked myself away. She caught me and dragged me back to the bed and tied me face down. She gagged me and I put my head to one side mad again and not ready to submit.

"You will submit to him before I'm through with you." I groaned realising she was going to make me do it again and I wished that I had just let him do it. I couldn't tell where she was but he appeared again. He sat astride my back and leant down to my ear and stuck his tongue in it and I pulled away. He untied one arm and then the other and tied them folded behind my back and then he slid underneath me and took the blindfold off. It took a minute but I was laying on top of him helpless. He waited till I got my focus back and then he grinned at me.

"Hello again. You must really fancy me or you would just do what your crazy girlfriend wants and you could get rid of me but obviously you love me so there's no problem is there." I went to nut him and he grabbed my throat fast and turned nasty.

"You do that and I'll break your neck before she even opens the door." I stopped.

"Lay your head on me like you love me." He changed back to nice again. He held me and entered me and started shagging me from underneath. He thrusted his hips up and raised me up a bit trying to get deeper and then he put his legs right round my body and pushed my bottom right down on to his penis. It pressed on my clit and when he came I did too. I felt ashamed because he knew and was laughing.

"Do you know what I fancy? A good old bit of bondage. Do you? Say yes." I nodded obediently and he undid my feet and got up. He was strange. He came very quickly but he also got an erection again very quickly and he had one now. I was very sore inside by now and couldn't bear the thought of him entering me again so I thought a bit of bondage would be alright. He made me kneel on the floor and then he started strapping something round my knees and ankles. He fastened my ankle to the top of my thigh in a bent position so that I couldn't stand up. He then undid my arms and strapped them in a bent position. That was a bit more painful but I realised that now I was helpless. I couldn't even support myself. I was like a person with no arms or legs. I knelt for the time being.

"There. You look like Boxing Helena. Kneel up. Are you heavy?" I hated having to watch all this. I would have preferred to be blindfolded but he enjoyed me watching. He pulled me up to balance on my knees and it was awful. My legs came with them and I was balancing on my knees.

"There. You're like a vegetable or something. Now I can fuck you." He held me under the arm pits and entered me while he was kneeling. He then stood up carrying me somehow and he put my arms on the horizontal bars.

"Hold yourself up there." He put me down and I had to try and stay up knowing that if I relaxed then I would crash to the floor. It was so hard and he started thrusting away inside me pushing me up. I was so scared that I would fall and that excited me too and I came again to my dismay when he did. I was becoming exhausted by now and he came and then got me down. He lay me on my front on the cold floor and I gasped a little bit.

"I'll give you a breather with this gag for a while if you promise not to speak at all. Do you?" I nodded and he took it out and gave me some water. I drank a lot and it was nice to have the gag out. He released my arms and tied them back to the bed with me facing up and then he let my ankles go and tied them back up as well and then he lay down and covered us with a duvet. It was as if he were laying with me as his girlfriend and I hated it. He turned the lights out so it was dark and then he climbed on top of me and kissed and caressed my body under the covers.

"I love this babe. I'm so glad that you wanted me badly enough to spoil your submission because I wanted you badly. Mattie must know by now that you're not gay because she sees every time you orgasm for me." I cringed and closed my eyes as he entered me again. He made love to me this time as if I were his girlfriend and he paid a lot of attention to my breasts and kissed them and my mouth and he made love slowly and tenderly. I tried not to respond but I did and I came again. He rolled off me exhausted and fell asleep and I knew then I was there for the night. I closed my eyes and went to sleep only to wake up through the night with him inside me having sex. He was shagging me in my sleep. I didn't care and just closed my eyes and slept. He had sex with me through the night about every hour and I was really throbbing inside now. I wasn't too sore because I was well turned on and lubricated but it just ached right deep inside from his long cock. In the morning Mattie came in and I hated being able to see and speak to her but I couldn't.

"Hi babe. Did you have a fun night?" I started crying and she smiled.

"Are you ready to submit now?" I nodded and she smiled again.

"I'll be watching and you better look like you're enjoying it or he can have you tonight as well." He got me up and untied me and I stayed still.

"Right. You are going to submit aren't you? Speak."


"You do anything that I say."

"Yes alright." He stood up and leant against the wall.

"Give me a blow job and make it good." He threw a condom at me.

"Put that on me." I hated putting condoms on even dildo's but this was humiliating. I did it and then I held his cock and gave him a blow job like I was the most loving girlfriend in the world. When he had come then he lifted me up to him.

"Put your arms around my neck and kiss me." I did it and he didn't even move. It was like I was making all the moves. I hated it.

"Now then .Bend over and grab your ankles."


"Yes .Have you got something to say?"


"Do it then." I knew it was something he could make me do and I didn't want to be his for another night so I did what he said and he entered me from behind. It felt horrible as he held my hips and thrusted right deep inside me. I cried as I came again. My body didn't really know what to do with itself. My knees felt weak when he had cum again and he stood me up.

"Lay on the bed." I wondered when he would be finished. He went and got a banana out of the fruit bowl and peeled it.

"Insert this inside you." I did and he knelt down in front of me.

"Open your legs nice and wide for Daddy. Spread them." I did.

"Now put your feet at the back of my neck and pull me into your cunt like a good girl wants her Daddy to lick her out." I hesitated and he was mad.

"Do it!"

"Alright." I pulled him in and he ate the banana and then licked the rest out with his long tongue probing inside me and licking all around the edges of my lips. I moaned a bit as it turned me on.

"I like that. Moan for me. Make me know that you want me." I moaned a little bit.

"Stick your ass up at me and say I want you Daddy." I did it.

"I want you Daddy." He bit my clit and I screamed.

"I said say it and mean it." I said it again as he licked and licked till I came right in his face. He lay down and kept his face right there in my cunt and fell asleep. I daren't move and Mattie came in smiling. I hated her looking at me like this and I covered my face.

"No. Let me see the slut that you are. Did you enjoy that?"


"Don't lie. I saw you cum. If you weren't enjoying it then you wouldn't have cum would you?"

"I couldn't help it."

"Well I hope you don't think that's the end of this."


"It's the end for him. You submitted to him and I knew that you could do it." She dragged him off me and he was in an exhausted sleep.

"Wow. I have never disciplined you like this before. Wide open and visible with no cuffs and no blindfold and gag. Do you prefer it?"

"I don't know."

"Do you want them back on?"


"So you prefer to see me chastising you?"

"I'm hurting all over."

"Oh my poor baby. Maybe there's a small word that you need to say to me." She meant my safe word.

"No. There isn't."

"My my. You will endure a lot for your Mattie won't you? Get on the cross." I went to the cross where I was normally bound and she started whipping me with a thin belt. It hurt but I took twenty of them and then she turned me round. She flicked the end of the whip up to my cunt and it killed. The first one she did and I let go and held on to it in pain and she flicked at my hands until I regained my position I was crying a lot by now and then she started flicking at my nipples that were already swollen from the piercing. Tears were pouring down my face and I couldn't stop.

"How near cumming are you?"

"Very." She got down in front of me and licked hard and I started to cum right in her face and I came over and over again crying out of pain and exhaustion. When I had stopped cumming she held me in her arms.

"What do you want to say to me?"

"I'm sorry. I'll never do that again."

"Damn right you won't. You'll never leave this house again unless you're with me. Is that clear?"

"What about my job?"

"Is that clear?"


"You don't even breath unless I say you can. Is that clear?"


"Stop breathing then." I held my breath and was about to pass out when she spoke.

"Alright you can breath." She kissed me hard as I got my breath back and then she led me into the shower.

"Have a shower while I pay the boy." I did and she went out. She came back for me with a dressing gown and she wrapped it round me. I was so tired. She took me up to our room and put me in bed. She sighed.

"You'd do anything for me wouldn't you?" I nodded.

"You will submit to me more often. I don't want all this fucking defiance all the time. O.k.?" I nodded.

"Now get some sleep." I closed my eyes and slept for three days.

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