tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced to Submit Pt. 01

Forced to Submit Pt. 01


Brian's Point of View

"Sir, the girl has arrived. She's still trying to scream, but we've managed to restrain her and she is gagged, but not naked." My newest manservant informs me, then quickly bows and leaves my office.

I smile to myself, chuckling. I do so love it when they're fiery. It gives me great pleasure to know that this girl who thinks she is so strong will soon be a slave that begs me to torture and fuck her. I stand up, straightening my suit and tie.

I throw open my office doors, walking down the hallway. I go down several flights of stairs, and then arrive at the cells. Most of the 24 are empty, but three contain trained slaves, and one contains the reason I am here. I quickly type the number into the keypad, and the thick metal door swings open. I walk into the brightly illuminated cell. I am delighted by what I see.

A 20 year old girl with long red hair is chained to the concrete wall. Her face is beautiful, slanted cheekbones, big bright green eyes, a splash of freckles across a thin nose. She is wearing a knee-length flowy skirt with daisy patterns on it, a tucked-in white blouse, and black high-top converse. She has shapely legs and broad shoulders, with a desirably thin waist and what look to be about C cup breasts.

"Hello, my darling." I smile at her and she strains towards me, trying to scream words. "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't quite hear you. Let's get rid of that awful gag." The girl looks confused and angry, but she allows me to reach down and take off the gag.

"Are you here to get me out?" She asks, her eyes watery.

"Oh, no, nothing of the sort. I am the one who bought you. Now, will you be good if I let you out of the chains?"

"What?! You can't buy people! What the hell, dude? What do you want?"

"I just need you to answer some questions. I will answer any that you have after. Deal?" I ask, a small smile plastered on my face. She doesn't seem to like it, but she agrees.

"Alright. First question, are you a virgin? Be honest, we have ways to figure out, but I'd rather you just tell me." She gasps, taken aback.

"Erm...pervy question, man. But...no, I'm not, I have a serious boyfriend that I've had for 2 years and we've been having sex for over a year and a half."

"Okay, thank you. Only 2 more questions. Have you ever watched, read, or been in porn?"

"Gross! You really are a perv! Why the hell do you want to know these things?" She yells, backing away.

"My dear, we had an agreement, didn't we? Don't you want to know why you're here?"

She bites her bottom lip, assessing her situation more. Finally, she look up at me. "You better give me answers. Fine. I've watched and read a pretty good amount of porn, and I like it, but I would never want to be in it and I never have been."

"Good girl." I smile wider and sit down on the wall opposite her, crossing my legs at the ankle. "Last question, my darling. Have you ever heard of a master and slave sexual relationship? Like that book, '50 Shades of Grey'."

"Um, yeah, I've heard of it. What are you trying to tell me?"

"Oh, one more question, and then I will answer every single question you have. Have you ever had the sexual fantasy of being owned and used? Do you think it would be erotic or enjoyable?" I ask, and her eyes widen.

"No, not really. I like rough sex, but not like that. It doesn't seem fun or erotic." She responds, and then glares at me. "Ok, now where the hell am I, and how did I get here?!"

"Ah, that's simple. Just relax. You are at my house. I own a huge plot of land with no civilization or people for 30 miles. The house is enormous, and I have quite a large sum of money. As to how you got here, I've been monitoring your college campus, and you caught my eye. I sent my men to drug and kidnap you when you were heading back to your dorm after going to dinner with your boyfriend." I explain this and lounge back, waiting for her reaction.

Her mouth is wide open, and she is trying to process the information. Then, a murderous look settles in her eyes and she explodes in anger, struggling as hard as she can against the chains. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU'RE JUST FUCKED UP, THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE! WHAT DO YOU EVEN WANT ME FOR?!"

I chuckle a tiny bit, her reaction is perfect. I get up and walk over to her. "Well, aren't you just a fiery one." I say lightly, and stroke her cheek. She bites at me, shrinking against the wall. "Oh, don't be like that. Soon we will be very familiar with one another."

She glares at me, trying to hide her confusion. I walk swiftly out of the cell, turning on my earpiece. "Bring the girl to the hospital wing. Put her on one of those metal tables and tie her down, spread eagled. Leave her clothes on, and do not harm her in any way. Call me when she's ready. Go now. I expect to hear from you in no less than ten minutes."

I head to my office. Might as well get some work done before I start training her. I have a feeling that she will be a challenge. I order one of my slaves to be brought to me. It's only been a couple minutes, I have time for her to give me a blowjob. The slave arrives in my office, a collar around her neck and nothing else, on her hands and knees.

She smiles and sits politely next to my chair. I smile down and say, "Oh, my whore. How good to see you." I pinch each of her dark nipples. They immediately become hard, and she moans a little, spreading her legs.

"Give me a blowjob, a quick one, but don't finish me off." She nods and unzips my pants. My 7 inch un-erect dick flops out, and she looks at it with lust. She immediately deepthroats it, putting one hand between her legs and entering herself with a few fingers. She works my cock, making it rock hard within 2 minutes. By the time I get the call that my new slave is ready, she has made herself orgasm and brought me to the edge.

"Good girl." I say. "You get extra food tonight. Go back to your cell like a good cock slut." She obeys immediately, her thighs still glistening with her cum. I stand up, zipping up my trousers. My cock strains against it, making a noticeable bulge. Good.

I walk swiftly out of the office and downstairs to the hospital wing. I get there in 5 minutes, and am pleased by what I see. The girl has the gag back in and is spread out, showing off her legs. Her blouse has been untucked and shoes and socks removed, but other than that, she is still clothed. Her green eyes are wildly searching as much of the room as she can see, her neck straining. She tries to scream when she sees me approaching, but makes almost no sound. Her eyes linger on the bulge in my pants, horrified.

"Oh, you do not know the pleasure it gives me to see you like this. All bound and helpless. I can't wait to begin." I bend my body over hers, squeezing her breasts through her shirt. She strains against the chains holding her there, squealing angrily.

"I think all this cloth is stopping me from acquainting myself with something I know I'll love. How about we get rid of all these nasty clothes, hm?" I begin to unbutton the blouse, and she screams long and hard, but finally stops, when she realizes she can't do anything. She is still straining, though.

I finish unbuttoning the blouse, and now I can see her white lacy bra. Oh, and lucky me, it unclips from the front. I slowly unclasp it, throwing both sides away from her magnificent breasts. They are both a perfect handful, with pink puffy nipples and large areolas. They are paler than the rest of her body, but very perky and the same size. I'm going to have a lot of fun with those.

I smile, then bend down, sucking and nibbling on her tits. They get hard fast, she obviously has tender nipples. I tease them with my fingers, and after a minute or so of sucking and pinching, she finally lets herself moan. Her back arches and she lets out a long moan. She obviously regrets it immediately, but she couldn't help it.

"Oh you loved that. Admit it." I whisper softly in her ear and suck on her earlobe. She does her best to get her head away from me, but she can only move about a centimeter each direction. I laugh lightly, pinching each of her nipples, before tracing my fingers down her waist and to her hips. Goosebumps erupt on her skin, and she moans again.

"You love contact anywhere. Gets you excited, doesn't it?" I ask in a low tone, my nimble hands arriving at the top of her skirt. I pull it down in one fluid motion, letting it rest around her ankles. Her panties match her bra, and she tries again to scream when I hook my fingers over the top of them. She squirms and tries desperately to free herself while I laugh.

I pull down the panties, inch by inch, and her protests get louder, and her movements more violent. I ignore her, my eyes taking in her beautiful pussy. I set a hand on it, and smile at what I find. She's sopping wet. I lick my hand. Oh, she tastes perfect.

I run one finger across the slightly puffy lips of her pussy. I find the hole and dip a finger into her. She screams and jerks violently, but she can do nothing to stop me.

Her pussy is not tight and she has obviously a moderate amount of sex. She is flexing, though, trying to push me out. I join the first finger with two others and go deep into her. Her back arches and she moans as I hit her G-spot. I smile and withdraw my fingers. Her eyes have a murderous light, but her body is yearning to be used.

"I don't know why you fight this. You're never going to escape. You will be my slave, however long it takes. Also, some leverage will be arriving shortly." I feel glee at the confusion in her eyes. I walk out of the room, leaving the girl.

I instruct my men to clothe her and bind her well. "Make sure that she cannot move an inch. Bring her to the grand foyer. I will already be there. And her clothes must consist only of a sheer, silk, short dress, no underwear or bra, a collar and leash, and a good gag, and her hair and makeup must be flawless."

They nod and walk into the hospital wing. I straighten my suit and comb my hair back with my fingers. My guest should be arriving any minute. I walk to the grand entrance of my house, and within 10 minutes, 4 guards enter, a chained, but not gagged boy being dragged between two of them. I dismiss all but one, who stands next to the boy to make sure he doesn't escape.

"Hello, my dear boy. I trust your trip was pleasant." I smile, andthe boy, looks angrily up at me, his mouth partially open because of a split lip.

"Who are you? What the hell did you bring me here for?" The boy asks. He talks like he was raised in England, but has spent the last few years in America. You can hear hints of the old accent when he speaks.

"I am your host for the time being. And I brought you here because I believe that you can help me with a problem that I have come across." I reply calmly.

"You could have contacted me or something! You didn't have to have your goons beat the living shit out of me and kidnap me!"

"I had to ensure that you wouldn't fight back. You are critical, you see, to my little project. Now, if you want to avoid further injury than that black eye, split lip, and broken pinkie, and a few mild bruises, I expect you to behave." I say sharply, then grab my walkie talkie from my belt.

"Is she ready?" I ask my men, and they respond yes. "Good. Bring her immediately."

"Who is 'she'?" The boy demands, straining against his chains. I smile.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll recognize her when you see her!" I respond and walk to the door that she will arrive from. A knock resounds through the spacious room and I open the door. I am incredibly pleased by what I see.

My slave looks gorgeous. A white, one-layer silken dress falls just to her midthigh. You can easily see her pink nipples that are slightly erect because of them rubbing on the fabric. Her trimmed ginger pussy hair is visible through the fabric, and so is her tight stomach. Her makeup is perfect, and it makes her eyes pop. Her hair is done in an intricate braid with strips of white lace braided into it.

Her eyes plead with me to let her go, instead of looking angry. Good, we're making progress. Her hands and feet are bound tightly together, she has a black ball gag, and she has a black collar and black leash. She is being carried in between two guards. I order them to put her in front of the boy, a few feet from him. They obey and leave.

I turn to my two prisoners and am pleased by what I see. The boy's mouth is agape and he seems to be at a loss for words. My slave has tears welling in her eyes, and she is on her knees, staring at her boyfriend.

"Do you like how I dressed my whore? I think she looks rather sexy." I ask the boy, and he looks up at me, horrified. I pinch my slave's nipples through the fabric, and she moans a tiny bit, but then her cheeks flush and she looks down, ashamed.

"What did you call her?! What the hell, you nasty motherfucker!" The boy screams at me. "Anna, are you okay?!" He now turns to his girlfriend, his eyes full of concern.

"I don't believe my pet will be able to answer that. You see, she's got a little something in her mouth." I caress my slave's cheek, and she tries to jerk away, but she can hardly move without someone carrying her.

"Guard. Make sure the boy can't move." I order, and the guard nods. He does as I say, checking and tightening the bonds that hold the boy in place. I smile and nod my thanks to the guard. I bend down and grab my slave's face, turning it to look at me.

"I am going to be crystal clear. So listen. You will follow all of the orders that I give you for this period of time. If you do not perform the thing I want you to do within 10 seconds, I will have my guard break loverboy's wrist. Understand?" I hiss into my slave's ear, just loud enough for the boy to hear it.

I move back a bit, and she nods slowly, her eyes wide with fear and panic. I smile. "There's a good whore. Now, I want you to spread your legs, wide as you can. And you will not do anything to make me move away." She obeys hastily, and her boyfriend looks even more horrified as I pull back her dress.

Her legs are just far apart enough that I can see her pussy hole. Her ankles are still bound together, but her knees are spread. I get down on my knees next to her and enter her with three fingers. Her pussy tightens and tries to push me out, but I push as far in as I can. She moans as I hit her G-spot.

"Get away from her, you nasty ass fucker!" The boy screams at me, and I simply smile.

"What I said to her? Same goes for you. Answer my questions within 20 seconds or I will torture your little precious girlfriend in front of you. And no disrespect, either." I say seriously, and the boy shuts his mouth, but still looks horrified by what I am doing.

I move my thumb to her clit and start rubbing. I begin to draw my three fingers out and plunge in again. It squishes as Ipush deeper and deeper. I keep drawing my fingers nearly out, then smashing them in. Her hips begin to buck, even through her eyes show her disgust. She'll be quite a good slut as soon as she learns to control that firey temper and backtalk.

"Now, boy, answer me this. And no backtalk or I will take this poor girl right here and now. How many times did you two have sex on a weekly basis?" I continue finger fucking my sopping wet little slave, who is now moaning slightly.

The boy hesitates, until his eyes meet my slave's eyes. Her eyes beg for him to help her, and he begins to talk. "About once a week, sir."

"Good." I smile and take my fingers out of my slave. I lick the slick wet substance off of one of them, but then I get an idea. "Be quiet or I will whoop your ass." I growl at my slave as I remove her gag. She trembles but remains silent.

"Lick your cum off my fingers." I hold up my fingers to my slave's mouth and she opens it, eyeing my fingers nervously. I shove them in her mouth and she closes it, licking at my fingers. After a few seconds, I take away my hand and she swallows.

"Did you like how you taste, whore? Answer honestly, or I will hurt the boy." My slave nods the tiniest bit, then looks down. I seize her chin, forcing her to look at me. "And did you like it when my fingers were inside you?"

"Yes." She breathes the answer, her cheeks flushing.

"I thought so, my little slut. Now, guard, hold her in a standing position." I glance over at her boyfriend, who has a mix of horror,anger, and betrayal in his eyes. I smile, then turn to Anna.

"You're so beautiful when you're in this little outfit. I simply adore it." I say to my slave, barely in a whisper. Her face shows an expression of revulsion. I grin and kiss her neck, below her collar. I make my way down to her collarbone, then back up, to her cheek. I pinch her nipple in one hand, hold her leash in the other and gently kiss her lips, biting and suckling on the bottom one. Her lips part slightly, and her hips move closer to me.

"You like it. Don't try to deny it, slave. Now if you want you pretty boyfriend to stay pretty, get down on your hands and knees." I motion to the guard to take off her bonds, and he obeys. My slave hesitates, but I flash her a warning look, and she gets down. Her eyes are locked with the boy's, desperation filling them.

"Guard, take off the boy's gag." I say, holding my slave's leash in one hand. As soon as the gag is taken off, the boy opens up his mouth to yell at me. "Ah, ah, ah. Stop right there. I am being kind and giving you a few moments to talk to each other. I don't care what you say, and don't try to hide anything. You may never get to speak to each other again."

After my warning, the boy nods, and turns to Anna. "What did he do to you today?"

"I...it wasn't that bad. He's a complete pervert, though. He wants me to be his slave, like in BDSM." Anna responds, looking up at me, as if scared I will hurt her for saying something bad about me.

"I can't believe this. Anna, you are literally on a leash. What are we going to do?!"

"I don't know. If I do something, he hurts you. And I can't let him do that. You can try to escape, I think he'll only hurt me if you do that. You can get away."

"No! You have to escape Anna. I can't live with the fact that I drove another man to kill you!"

"Don't be stupid, Nolan! It's not like being this perv's slave will be better than death. You escape!"

"Time's up, lovers. Guard, gag Nolan and take him to a cell. Find out everything you can about Anna and him. I don't care how beat up he is, just don't let him die." I grin as I see Nolan struggling, trying to break free of the guard's vise grip.

"Anna, my slave. Come with me. Now." I pull on her leash hard, making her choke for a moment. She gets up, shaking, and walks behind me as I lead her down the hallways. We arrive in my bedroom.

"Get on the bed, whore. You know what I will do to both you and your precious lover if you fight." I drop the leash to the floor, and Anna does exactly what she has been told.

"I need you to answer me something, pet. Will you let me control your body? Even if I don't hold threat over you?"

"No. If you didn't have Nolan, I would never let you control my body. Not willingly. I have some dignity, you know." Anna responds sharply.

"I won't have any more of this disrespectful tone. I'll give you your punishment for that tomorrow. Will you let me control your body, in your current circumstance?"

"I will never like it, or have any passion for you. But you can have your way with my body. Do not hurt Nolan."

"But I want you to enjoy my cock, my sweet slave. If I wanted an emotionless thing to put my cock in, I would get a sex toy. No. I want a girl who will squirm under me and lower herself down on my cock, moaning and lusting after me. I want you to enjoy me. And soon, you will. You cannot deny that you enjoyed my fingers inside you today."

"Yeah, so maybe I did. But that doesn't mean that I want you. I just want my life back. To get a diploma, get an apartment with Nolan. Live my life."

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