tagIncest/TabooForced to Take My Mother

Forced to Take My Mother


Author's Note: Welcome to my entry in the first ever literotica April Fools contest! Keep in mind the premise of this contest is trickery, deception, pranks and things not being as they appear. You may be pleasantly surprised...or maybe not...Hope you enjoy! Lovecraft68

As soon as I pulled onto our street I knew mom was by the pool. Not that I could see past the wooden fence surrounding our backyard, but I didn't have to. The fact my best friend Jack, who lived next door, was on his porch with a couple of his friends looking into my yard was a dead giveaway. In a way it ticked me off, but then again, who could blame them? Fact was my mother was not only pretty damn hot, but lately had taken to wearing some revealing bathing suits when she went swimming.

No, not a bathing suit; that would be the fairly modest one piece she used to don when at the pool. What my mother was wearing these days was a bikini and a damn skimpy one. So skimpy I was getting uncomfortable looking at her. Parking in the driveway next to Dad's red Mazda I shut off the car and frowned at my last thought. Saying I was uncomfortable looking at mom lately wasn't really the right word. If I was to be honest with myself the word was horny.

The last few weeks Mom had been dressing much sexier, flaunting what I had always figured was a nice body, but I'd had no idea how nice. However even though I had been well aware my mother was, for lack of a better word, a cougar, I had never seen her as anything but my mom.

But the last month or so something had changed and I found myself looking at her more like an extremely desirable Milf rather than a parent. I sat back and tapped the steering wheel nervously as I recalled the way my cock had been stirring in my pants whenever I sat by the pool with her or when we watched TV and she lay on the couch with her long legs stretched out.

Even as I stared at those well shaped legs I told myself this was my mother, but that thought wasn't enough to stop the disturbing images of her doing very un-mother like things from entering my mind. The fact mom had become much more affectionate with me wasn't helping matters.

Last night had been a perfect example. Dad had to work late and as we sat on the couch watching the Sox game, Mom had slid over and grabbing my arm draped it over her shoulder as if she were my girlfriend. That might not have been so bad had she been wearing more than the inappropriately short black silk robe she had been parading around in at night.

The material was thin and she had placed my hand dangerously close to her left breast. I could feel her soft stomach beneath the robe, but more alarming was I could feel her nipple, her hard nipple, pressing into my arm. I had tried to move, but looking up at me with her big blue eyes she'd asked, "You don't like being close to me?" Those words had been followed with her trademark pout that she had been using on dad and me for as long as I could remember.

When I was a kid I would always give in to the pout because Mom said it meant she was sad. I always figured that's how it worked on dad as well. When I got older and started thinking about and eventually having sex, I realized it worked on dad because mom had amazing lips.

Full and soft, I knew what that pout made my father think of. I sighed as I wondered what dad would think if he knew that several times in the last couple of weeks his son had envisioned those lip doing exactly what they did for him.

No sooner had that thought entered my mind I was confronted with the image of my mother on her knees looking up at me. Her blue eyes were wide and her lips pushed into that irresistible pout. That pout was hovering just over the swollen head of my cock and as I reached down and ran my hands through her long red hair, those lips parted and...

"Stop it!" I snapped. Pushing that twisted visual from my mind, I looked into my own blue eyes in the rear view mirror and whispered, "You're a sick bastard and you need help, Mark."

Help was something I was seriously considering. Perving on your mother just wasn't normal and the university did have free, and hopefully confidential, counseling. Still I was unsure whether or not I would be able to tell someone, even a professional, that last night I'd had a wet dream of my mother slipping into my bed and fucking me or that I had taken to watching mother son porn videos and jerking off to them. I forced myself to get out of the car and walk quickly along the fence in order to clear my head before I began replaying that dream. As I approached the gate to the yard I looked up and saw Jack and company still gawking and yelled loudly, "Hey Jack, what are you guys looking at?"

Jack jerked his head around to look at me, then almost as quickly looked back into the yard. He put his hand up and gave an awkward wave at my mother who I had figured had looked up, and even from where I was I could see him turning red. He stood up and after saying something to his friends they entered his house.

Jack was the last to do so and looking down at me, flipped me off and mouthed the word "Asshole!" I smiled and waved at him, then frowned when I heard mom call out, "Hey Mark, come sit by the pool with me!"

I put my hand on the gate, then recalling the look of lust on Jack's face, and my recent issues; I decided I didn't need to see my mother right now. Pretending I didn't hear her, I walked past the gate and entered through the front door. As soon as I did I felt my stomach sink. There were two suitcases in the hallway which meant dad was going on the road.

For years my father had been an inside sales rep for a company that manufactured custom car parts, but due to my starting college had taken a position in the outside sales division to make some extra commissions. I felt bad because he was now traveling two to three days a week and I knew it was hard on him and mom who even after twenty years of marriage were very close.

In fact from the multitude of times I'd had to avoid the hallway at night and crank the music up in my room the two were very close. Not that I could blame dad, hell if I had a girlfriend as hot as my mother I'd never let her out of the bed.

That thought was cut off when it hit me that dad starting the new job was right about the time mom had started dressing differently. Was she trying to keep my father happier when he was here because she thought he would stray? Or maybe just trying to make his time at home more enjoyable?

As I entered the living room and made my way into the kitchen I figured that was not only a good explanation for her new wardrobe, but could explain her increased affection for me. Maybe she was lonely without dad around. The two of them were downright sickening with the way they were all over each other so perhaps she was...what was the word, needy?

Opening the fridge and popping open a Coke, I shook my head; dad leaving was not going to help my dilemma with my mother. The nights he was gone were the ones mom seemed to act more like an attention starved girlfriend. I chugged the Coke and as I tossed the can into the trash, nodded in agreement with myself; dad's weekly trips were the cause of her behavior.

Unfortunately dad had talked about doing this for at least six months and all I could do was hope mom would get used to it and go back to being normal. I was going to head upstairs to study when my phone beeped telling me I had a text. I removed it from my pocket and saw it was from mom.

"It's not nice to ignore your mother; come swim with me!"

I glanced over at the glass doors that led out back and saw mom sitting on the edge of the pool across from me, a towel wrapped around her. Seeing me looking, she beckoned me with her finger. I swallowed hard and with an air of resignation walked out onto the deck. I was wearing shorts and a plain white t-shirt and figured I would tell mom I didn't feel like changing and just sit outside with her for a little while, then use studying as an excuse to bail.

When I went down the stairs of the deck and approached the pool mom stood up and tossed the towel off. Oh, fuck me; I thought when I saw what was beneath it. Mom was wearing a red bikini that seemed as if it were little more than lingerie. Mom was pretty ample in the chest department and the skimpy top looked as if it could barely contain her.

The material of the top covered little more than half of her tits and even from across the pool I could see the tops of her smooth creamy breasts and forced my eyes downward.

That was a big mistake as the bottom of the suit if possible was even more revealing. The suit looked more like a thong which tied around her hips leaving her entire leg exposed. The small patch of red cloth between her legs didn't leave any margin for error and if the damn thing moved to either side even a little her pussy...

I closed my eyes and told myself the words pussy and mother should never be used in the same sentence. I heard a splash and opened my eyes to see mom had jumped in and was swimming towards me.

My heart pounded as I watched her body stretched out under the water as she propelled herself using those long well shaped legs. The water of the pool was crystal clear and I could see the back of the bikini was just as flimsy as the front. I found myself staring at the firm well rounded cheeks of her ass as she approached and with a feeling of alarm became aware of my cock beginning to twitch between my legs.

Mom reached my side and coming up from under the water, rested her forearms on the edge of the pool and smiled up at me.

"Hi baby, how was school?"

"Umm, it was okay." I managed to get out as my eyes locked onto her chest.

The bathing suit had slid slightly to the side as she had risen from the water and as I stared down at her breasts I could see the light pink skin surrounding her nipples.

"You okay, baby?"

"Yeah, sure!" I answered as I jerked my eyes up to her face.

Although there was nothing sexual about the neck up, staring at my mother's features was not helping. At forty one, mom was still damn beautiful. Her features were smooth and unmarred by even the smallest wrinkles. Her big baby blue eyes were wide and bright and of course there were those perfect lips.

Mom's long red hair was plastered to her face and the smooth skin of her shoulders. Like many red heads, mom's skin was fair and even with some color from swimming was still much lighter than my own tanned flesh.

"Baby?" she cut into my thoughts.

Mom calling me baby was another new thing that had started in the last few weeks. Initially I didn't mind it, in fact even though I had just turned nineteen I found it kind of endearing. Now that I had been having inappropriate thoughts, the idea of her calling me baby had a far from innocent sound to it.

"Hey, you in there?"

"Hey!" I cried out as mom punctuated that question by reaching into the pool and splashing water on my legs.

"Well you looked like you were day dreaming." She gave me an odd smile, "What you thinking about baby?"

"Uh, nothing, I have a lot of homework to do and I was just trying to figure it out."

"You just got home, take some time to relax and work later." She indicated the pool. "Come on in, the water's perfect!"

"I...I don't have my suit on."

"Just take your shirt and shoes off and jump in, you're only wearing shorts."

"Nah, I really need to be..." I stopped as mom put on the pout and looking up at me with those big eyes asked,

"Please, baby?"

I looked down at those eyes and that little girl pout and was struck by the recurring image of her doing that between my legs. I stepped back so quickly I tripped over my own foot and fell backwards. Luckily I had been standing in front of one of the lounge chairs and sat down heavily into it. Mom clapped her hands.

"Smooth!" she laughed.

Despite my nervousness seeing her flash that huge smile and hearing her laugh caused me to smile back and I shrugged, "I do what I can."

"Well show me another smooth move and dive on in!"

"Only one performance a day." I told her with a forced laugh. "Really, mom, I don't feel like swimming right now."

"Fine, I guess I'll just have to come get you then."

"No, that's...."

I trailed off and stared as, hauling herself up out of the pool, mom crawled towards me on her hands and knees. She was staring into my eyes and I sat there, unable to look away as she approached. Her tits were hanging down and threatening to spill out of the top and I could see straight down between to the pink skin of her nipples.

Mom's absurdly fine ass was up in the air and this time my cock didn't twitch, but grew one from before. Mom was smiling as she approached, but it seemed different; more playful, as if she knew I was looking.

Don't be stupid, I told myself as I tried to inconspicuously place my hands in my lap to cover my now fully hard cock. Mom came up to the chair and to my horror, knelt there between my legs looking up at me.

"Come on, baby." She said in what I could only describe as a purr, "Come play with me."

"P...play with you?" I stammered wondering if I had somehow fallen asleep and this was just another sick incestuous dream.

"Yeah, in the pool, we can play volleyball like we used to all the time."

'Oh." I nodded.

Giving me a sly smile she asked, "Why, what did you think I meant?"

I couldn't answer right away as my eyes had been drawn down to her chest again and I stared at the beads of water sliding down them. This time mom didn't press for an answer, she stayed there, resting on her knees, her tits less than a foot from the raging hard on beneath my hands. Finally, taking a deep breath I raised my eyes to meet hers and shrugged, "I wasn't sure, that's why I asked."

"Oh, is that why?" she asked, "I'm not sure what else you could have been thinking of, not like there are too many games we could play in there."

I felt my face growing hot, but to my relief mom didn't push it. Instead, she reached out and grabbing the bottom of my shirt, started to pull it up.

"Come on, take this off and jump in with me!"

I wanted to resist her, but couldn't lift my hands from my lap. Mom tugged my shirt up to my chest, then laughed and said, "Arms up!"

"Mom, please."

"Wow, Mark, look at you." She shook her head and removing her hands from my shirt placed them on my bare stomach. "Damn your stomachs hard!"

"I joined the gym at PC, been working out a lot," I said then tensed up as she lightly ran her long red nails down my stomach.

"Well it shows." She nodded, "Hmm, my boy's become quite the man hasn't he?"

Her hands slid up further and going under my shirt she rubbed my chest. "Tell you what Mark, your dad's in damn good shape too; I'm the envy of all the women on the street living with two hot guys like you two."

"Uh...thanks." As she mentioned my father it dawned on me what this would look like if he were to come out here, mom on her knees, her hands all over me. "W...where is dad?"

"Taking a nap, he has to fly out soon," she gave me a nasty little smile; "He went for a nice swim with me, a fun one."

"TMI mom," when she cocked her head, I translated, "Too much information."

"Oh, that's right only kids your age fuck." She said matter of factly, "I forgot your dad and I aren't supposed to have sex anymore. Never mind get each other off in the pool and..."

"Mom!" I exclaimed turning redder by the minute.

She laughed, "I love when you blush, shows you're still sweet." The smile left her face and pointing at me, she said, "Take your shirt off and come swimming with me."

This time it sounded as if she were making it an official demand and she started to tug on my shirt again. I refused to move my hands and with a frown she grabbed my forearm and started to pull it upwards.

"Mom stop!" I snapped at her.

Mom immediately removed her hand from my arm and staring up at me asked, "What's the matter, baby? Why are you mad?"

"I..." deciding to be honest, or as much as I dared to be I blurted out, "Mom, don't you think that suit is a bit much?"

Mom narrowed her eyes and looking down at her chest, shrugged, causing her ample tits to bounce fetchingly, "What do you mean?"

"Its...mom you're showing an awful lot."

"Do I look bad?" she asked and to my dismay, stood up in front of me.

I was now confronted with her tits at eye level as well as the sight of her flat hard stomach to which she had recently added a ruby stud piercing in her naval. I had the absurd urge to lean forward and kiss her stomach, but instead fought to keep my voice steady as I said,

"Not at all, mom, in fact, ummm...maybe you look too good. Jack and his friends were all but drooling over you."

"I know." She smiled, "I love it."


"Yes, Mark, it's a turn on to have guys my son's age staring at me and getting worked up. Just because I'm forty one doesn't mean I'm dead. I work hard to stay in shape and I like being rewarded for it."

"But dad...."

"Dad likes it too." That sly smile returned, "He loves knowing these kids look at me, he likes me showing off."

"Did...did you guys just talk about that?" I asked her.

"Why would you ask that?" for the first time, since I had come out there she looked serious.

"Well because, you weren't dressing like this last month."

Mom was silent for a moment, then smiled, but this one seemed normal, "You're a smart boy Mark. "Yes your father and I had a talk when he started traveling because I know a lot of guys his age who do start fooling around and picking up women and hookers and..."

"Dad would never do that." I told her. "He loves you, mom."

"I'm glad you see that." She told me, placing her warm hand on my cheek. "Your father and I are very much in love and we love you too. We would never do anything that would hurt each other, only things we would..." she paused as if trying to think of what she would say next, "Enjoy."


"We're a family and we should do things as a family. We should love together and have fun together, even if it seems odd."

"What are you talking about?"

Mom frowned and it hit me she seemed as if she had said something she shouldn't have.

"Well I mean me dressing like this. When we spoke, dad said I was very sexy and he wished I would show it more. He said he likes it when guys check me out so I've been flaunting it a bit." She looked down at me and shrugged, "So since it makes me happy you should just go along with it."

"Umm, okay." I said, trying to get off the awkward subject.

"Hey, Mark, can I ask you something?"

"Sure." I said trying not to sound nervous.

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

"You're my mother." I told her, "I...I don't see you like that."

"No? Right now you don't think I look good?"

"You...." I tried to speak around the growing tightness in my throat. "You're beautiful mom."

"Thank you!" she smiled, "But that's not what I'm talking about. I want to know if you think I'm, you know, a cougar or a milf?"

Midlife. The thought hit me like a slap in the face. That was all this was about. She was older, dad was going to be around younger women, she was worried she might not still have it and was trying to turn back the clock.

I felt a wave of relief flood through me. That could even explain her wanting more attention and affection from me. I was no longer her little boy which to her was another sign of her age.

This didn't address my own issues of seeing her exactly how it appeared she wanted to be seen, but if this was a mid life crises then it was just a phase and soon she would go back to normal and I would too. Taking a chance it wouldn't be the wrong thing to do, I managed a low whistle and smiling shook my head, "You're the hottest mom I know, you could be on those web sites!"

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