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Forced Together


Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. Some of you will not like the story and that is okay. A few of you will tear it apart with invective ... and not have the courage to sign your name. I still prefer to give you the opportunity to comment but please have the intestinal fortitude to send me a note with a userid so we can correspond. The author wishes to express his gratitude to the very lovely and gracious Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

Although the park had a few picnic tables and standing grills, and a playground for kids, it was mostly tall pine trees and scrub undergrowth and a maze of walking trails. Since it was only three long blocks from his house, he used the park almost every weekday evening to take a long walk to maintain his health.

The doctor had prescribed walking as the best form of exercise to keep his heart in shape. No, actually he has said it was the second best form of exercise. The best form of cardio-vascular exercise, according to the doctor who offered magazine articles in support of his statement, was sex.

However, Devin Boswell had lost his wife of 17 years over three years earlier to the ravages of lung cancer. Since that time, he had dated sporadically and even less often had gotten laid by any of the women he dated. So for the most part, he had to settle for the second best exercise. He walked at least five miles every night, but sometimes as much as eight if he was feeling restless.

Tonight his pedometer showed that he had already covered four miles when he started the third time around on his favorite trail. It was one that took him deep into the piney woods and by the gentle coolness of the small pond near the back of the park before winding around and bringing him back to the playground area.

Way back when he had the first episode with his heart and went into therapy following his release from the hospital, he had decided to take up walking. Since Eileen had already been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing intensive treatment, he usually had to walk alone. On a whim, he had picked up a long stout sapling one day, mostly out of fascination for the almost spiral contour of the stick near one end. He had taken it home and spent time scraping the bark from it and ultimately polishing it into a work of near-art. Since then, he always carried the six-foot long stick, using it as a sort of cane to help himself up the few steep climbs in the trail. In the back of his mind, he also recognized that he thought of it as possible protection against gangs of youths that sometimes roved all parts of the city.

Now nearly a half-mile into the third round of the trail and not far from the little pond, Devin began to hear sounds that were unnatural for such a quiet little park. He became concerned, aware that in the late evening shadows, it had become more difficult to distinguish forms and objects in the near-darkness of dusk.

He walked on in the direction of the sounds, recognizing that the growth made determination of the exact location of their origin difficult to determine. Yet as he moved, the sounds became raucous laughter and taunts. Somewhere, almost covered by the other voices, it seemed like there was a protest being voiced. Devin had a sinking premonition of what was happening.

Moving steadily but warily forward, he came upon a scene that was exactly what he had hoped he would not find. Four youths, all strapping young men, had trapped a woman in a small opening in the trees. As three distracted her, one would make a grab for her clothes, ripping some part from her body. Already her blouse was torn and shredded, leaving her bra in plain sight. When she would turn to the one who made the last grab, one of the others would grab something from behind. The last one had grabbed her skirt and pulled hard enough to pop the waistband apart, leaving the garment hanging from her hips. The group was crowing among themselves and egging each other on.

Stepping into the fading light, Devin called in a strong voice, "Leave her alone!"

The boys all turned, startled.

"Get out of here, old man," growled the tallest of the boys. "This is none of your business."

"I'm making it my business."

"You're going to get more than you bargained for," tall one said.

"I don't think so! Leave or get hurt."

"Let's take him, Ian," said a scar-faced kid.

"Yeah, man. We can always do the woman. She ain't going nowhere," said a fat boy behind the woman.

All four of the boys fanned out and started toward Devin slowly.

"Come on, cowards. Which one of you is going down first?" Devin asked, a wicked smile on his face.

He crouched and flipped the long stick into both hands. His hand-to-hand combat training from the Marines had been more than 20 years earlier but it came back, as entrenched as it had been in his mind back then.

The tall kid stepped forward and pulled back his fists in a boxer's stance. When Devin held his chin up mocking the kid, he pulled back his right hand and threw a haymaker. Devin easily ducked and jammed the stick into the kid's stomach, hearing a whoosh of air leaving the kid's lungs. He dropped to the ground like a sack of flour, gasping for air as if he was dying.

Devin heard the click of a switchblade knife locking into place and turned to see scarface heading toward him with the four-inch blade pointed at his middle. The sapling became a bat, as Devin made a short, choppy stroke that caught scarface on his left cheekbone. Everyone heard a snapping sound followed by scarface's undignified drop to the pine needle covered ground; he lay stretched out, unmoving.

Without pausing, Devin turned to his right, where the fat kid was rushing at him. The cudgel came up from ground level between the kid's legs and he was suddenly on his knees and forehead holding his family jewels, howling in intense pain. Devin looked around for the fourth kid but all he could see was the kid's backside as he ran for the trail.

He turned to the woman and asked if she was all right. She nodded her head but Devin could see that she was shaking too badly to speak. Pulling off the sweater tied around his waist, he helped her into it, covering her near-nakedness.

"Are you hurt?" he asked. "Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"N...no, I'm okay," she managed to stammer.

"Then let's get you to the police station so you can report this."

She took a couple of steps with him holding her arm, then turned and said," Please! No. Let's not go to the police. I'm not hurt, thanks to you. And because I was in the park at night, they will say I asked for it. I don't want to go through that again. It happened to me once before. Please. Could you just take me home."

"Of course. I understand."

Still holding her arm to provide support, he guided the unsteady woman down the trail the quickest way back to the park entrance. When she stumbled, he put his arm around her waist and held her up. She tucked her arm around his shoulder and leaned against him as they walked.

When he could see the silhouette of the playground, he asked, "Where do you live?"

"In the middle of the next block," she said, pointing in the direction of his own house. "The number is 8719."

When they arrived a few minutes later, the house was dark. He helped her up the three steps to the wide front porch. When she fumbled trying to get the key into the lock, he gently took it from her hands, inserted it and opened the door.

"Please come in," she asked.

He found the den and carefully eased her into a recliner.

"Can I fix you a cup of hot tea or coffee?"

"Would you mind fixing some coffee? The kitchen is right there."

"I don't mind. Why don't you try to relax? I'll be back shortly."

Devin went into the neat little kitchen, finding everything he needed with minimal trouble. It only took the coffee maker six or seven minutes to brew a pot of coffee.

"Do you like anything in it?" he called.

"Just black," came the soft answer.

He found mugs hanging under a counter and poured two full of the steaming dark liquid. Carrying them back to the den, he set his on the end table and hovered over the woman until he was sure that her shaking hands could handle the warm mug. The heat from the mug on her hands seemed to do her as much good as drinking the liquid itself.

"I'm Devin Boswell," he said by way of introduction.

"Hi, Devin. You just don't know how grateful I am to meet you tonight. I'm Gail Keller. It is so nice to meet you." She had emphasized the 'so' and looked directly into Devin's eyes.

"I'm happy I was there at the right time, although I wish we had met under better circumstances."

"Me too." Gail had finally smiled as she returned his sentiment.

Quiet reigned for a while as the two sipped their coffee. Devin wondered about when he should gracefully make his exit, although he wanted to be sure that Gail would be all right before he left. Then as he tipped his mug to drink the last of the coffee, she provided the answer.

"Devin? Can I ask a favor?"

"Sure. Anything."

"Do you have anyone to go home to tonight?"

"No. I live alone."

"Could you ... stay here tonight?"

"Of course. If you want me to. I can sleep on the couch."

"It would make me feel so much safer."

"No problem."

"I'll get some sheets and a blanket."

"Why don't you just tell me where and I'll get them?"

"They're upstairs ... and I need to go anyway. Come with me."

He followed her up the stairs to a linen closet in the hallway. She handed him two sheets and a light blanket, which he probably wouldn't need anyway.

As he turned to the stairway, he said, "Good night."

"Good night, Devin. And thank you again."

"Glad I could help."

He hurried down the stairs. It only took moments to cover the sofa in a flat sheet and lay the other out for a light cover, leaving the blanket on the floor nearby. Turning out the lights, he stripped out of his clothes except for his underwear and slipped between the sheets. For the next few minutes, he pondered the sounds of footsteps overhead and wondered about the mystery lady he had just met a short time before.

The sounds died and the faint light from upstairs was extinguished but Devin found sleep was hard to come by. He tried to turn his mind off, to force himself to drift into the never-never land of unconsciousness, but nothing seemed to help. Counting sheep had never worked for him. Eyes wide open, he stared into the unfathomable darkness, seeing Gail's figure over and over.

He would bet that she was at least ten years younger than him, although he knew he was not a good judge of ages. What he was a good judge of was female figures, and she had a good one. A very good one. Before he had covered her top, he had seen large full breasts contained in her bra, the kind that made his mouth salivate uncontrollably as he thought about fondling and licking those beautiful mounds. The ripped skirt showed her well-defined waist and hips that flared out in curving roundness that left his imagination wondering about the wonderful sensations that would be generated by cuddling up to such a magnificent bottom. He had seen enough of her legs to know that they were shapely and smooth. And her face ... her face was the face of an angel, a brunette beauty upon whose countenance he relished every glance.

Were those the same thoughts that he had rescued her from tonight? Were the boys thinking about her beauty and sexuality when they had cornered her? Had he rescued her from one frying pan only to dump her into another fire, his own? The only thing is ... he promised himself that he would not attack her as the boys had.

He was lost so deeply in thought that he almost didn't hear the soft call.


"Yes?" He could barely see her silhouette on the stairs.

"I can't sleep."

"Me either."

"Would you stay in my room? I need you closer."

"Sure. Let me bring my things."

"Oh, you don't need to do that. Just bring the sheets."


He followed her shadowy form up the stairs and into her bedroom. She pointed him to a recliner at the foot of the bed. While he spread the sheets on the chair and opened it out, she climbed back into bed. He closed his eyes and again tried vainly to induce sleep.

Long minutes passed before the silence was broken by a soft sobbing sound from the bed. At first Devin didn't recognize the sound, but then realized that Gail was crying. He ached to comfort her but was afraid that she just needed space.

After a bit, the sounds seeming to fade but he heard her call, "Devin? Are you still awake?"


"Would you hold me, please?"

"Of course."

He arose from the chair. Gail held her covers back, an invitation for him to join her on the bed. Carefully he climbed in beside her, laying on his side facing her.

Gail dropped the covers and scooted closer to Devin. He put one arm out to go under her head and the other went to her back, hugging her close to him. With their heads cheek to cheek, they lay quietly for several minutes.

Devin could not help his reaction to feeling Gail's breasts mashed against his chest. He began to grow hard. Embarrassed, he tried to ease back away from her but her hands held him too tightly. Then, to his relief, he heard the steady breathing rhythm that indicated she was asleep. Sometime thereafter he too feel asleep.

In the middle of the night, Devin awoke with pressure on his bladder. Easing his arm out from under the still-sleeping Gail, he went looking for a bathroom. When he came back, he pondered whether to climb back in bed, sleep in the recliner, or go back downstairs. While he was trying to decide, he realized that Gail's eyes were open and she was staring at him.

"Hi. Do you want me to go back downstairs?" he asked quietly.

Instead of answering, she lifted the sheets and beckoned for him to return to the bed. He climbed back in and offered his outstretched arm to pillow her head, which she accepted immediately. As they snuggled together again, he realized with a start that the silky pajamas she had been wearing had been discarded and she lay along his form naked. Her heavy breasts pressed into his chest, causing a swelling in his penis.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as he tried to ease himself backward.

Instead her arms held them tightly together. "I'm not," she replied. "Please ... make love to me."

"Gail, are you sure that's what you want? Is that just a reaction to what happened last night? Maybe we shouldn't ..."

"Please! I need love. I need you. I want you."

Her hands dropped to his bulging shorts and wormed inside. She grasped his raging cock in one hand and his tight balls in the other. The effect was electric.

Gail began to struggle to push his shorts off. Devin raised his hips to assist and suddenly they were gone, leaving his cock to spring to the crease between Gail's thighs. Again her hand found him and stroked his length for a few moments before she pulled him over on top of her. Never letting go of his probe, she positioned herself in the center of the bed and guided his cock into her sweltering core as she stared deeply into his eyes.

Devin found her to be wet and willing, although as tight as a virgin teenager. He worked slowly to spread her opening until she took his entire shaft, centimeter by centimeter. When the base of his cock pressed against her pubis, she sighed as her internal muscles gripped and released his cock over and over again.

Their lips met for the first time ever. Her tongue snaked into his mouth, searching the length of his own tongue before the two migrated to her mouth and repeated the process. As he rested his weight on one forearm, the other hand fondled her big tit, teasing and pulling the distended nipple. Gail moaned into his mouth and her tongue renewed its assault.

Devin's cock began stroking in and out, slowly at first, causing Gail to writhe and murmur about how good it felt. Then Devin picked up speed until he was pistoning in and out of her pussy at a rapid rate, their bodies slapping together loudly with a lewd sound. Gail tossed her head back and began to whip it rapidly from side to side as the bolts of pleasure crashed through her body. Then she tensed, lifting her hips off the bed to meet Devin's thrusts, staying with her back bowed as her orgasm ran its course. Devin held himself buried in her pussy as deeply as he could go, savoring the quavering feeling of her precious sheath around his hot probe.

When she finally relaxed and expelled her pent up breath, Devin began fucking her again. Once more he started slowly, working his root against her clit with every completed cycle. He bent his body around to lick her tit, which elicited a gasp from Gail, as she poked her breasts upward for his attention. He alternated sucking each nipple for a while; after a bit, her hands guided him back and forth to signal where she needed attention. As time passed, Devin's speed increased until he was slamming his body into Gail's with a loud, sloppy "plop" each time they met. Once again, Gail began to jerk her head from side to side spastically as she drew nearer and nearer to a climax.

As she began to cum, Gail's body again arched up to meet Devin's thrusts. She let out a screaming hiss, "Oooooh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" as she came again. Devin felt his own climax close and kept pumping into her for a few seconds until his balls exploded. With the first shot of hot cum, he grabbed Gail's hips and clamped their bodies together, savoring every spurt and dribble of cum that filled her precious pussy.

With the last of his fading strength, he stretched over Gail and clamped his arms around her, pressing her body up to his while their mouths met for a long, wet, deep kiss.

Muscles quivering from the burn of adrenaline from their wonderful coupling, Devin eased himself to the bed beside Gail and pulled her to him as they both struggled to breathe.

"Thank you," he whispered into her ear. "You are so wonderful. It has been a long time since I've been with a woman and I don't think it has ever been as good as this."

"Oh, baby, me too," she said softly. "I needed that so much and you've made me feel fantastic."

Minutes later, still arm-in-arm, they were both asleep.

In the morning, Devin woke up to an empty bed. He hurried to the bathroom to relieve the pressure on his bladder, then went back to the bedroom to put on his boxers. Hearing noise from downstairs, he cautiously walked down the stairs, checking to see the source of the noise. It was Gail in the kitchen making breakfast.

Devin walked up behind her and engulfed her in his arms, kissing her ear and neck. She giggled at him and pressed back into his grasp. She let herself luxuriate in the safety of his arms for several moments before telling him to hurry and get dressed, since breakfast was nearly ready.

After they sat down to eat bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast and coffee, she said, "I have to hurry to get to work on time. However I'm planning on cooking dinner for you this evening and I hope that you will be back by seven o'clock tonight."

"I wouldn't miss it, dear lady."

The day was a long one for Devin. It seemed like quiting time would never come. When it did, he hurried directly home, showered, shaved and dressed in nice casual slacks and T-shirt. He had a few minutes to kill before walking down to Gail's house.

Gail met his knock wearing a skirt and blouse protected by a white apron ... and a huge smile. She hugged him and planted a sensuous kiss on his lips. She guided him into the den, where she directed him to sit on a stool at the bar separating the den from the kitchen, and then poured a glass of red wine for him to savor while she finished her preparations.

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