Forced Together


While they ate steaks and crisp salads, they got to know each other. Devin asked if she had ever been married. She had, to a budding architect who was killed in an accident on a job sight he was overseeing when scaffolding suddenly collapsed. She had not dated since he had died nearly five years earlier. He learned that she was a paralegal for a partnership of several attorneys.

Gail learned about his marriage to Eileen and her tragic death and sympathized that they had not had children. She listened raptly while he told her about his work as a chemist and laughed at his stories about failed compounds that were supposed to be cleaning agents but turned into something resembling glue. She was surprised when she found out that he had been the primary developer of two products she used religiously around her home.

When they finished eating, she cleared the table and stowed the dishes in the dishwasher before pouring another glass of wine and inviting him to join her in the comfort of the den.

When he had settled in, she turned to him and said, "Devin, I want to thank you again for everything you did for me last night. I just knew that no one would face up to that gang of four toughs but, when you did, I was positive there was no way you could overcome their numbers. Then you did and wound up taking me home and being so nice to me, I just couldn't believe it. The emotion I felt for you was something ... something I'm not sure I had ever felt before. Maybe not even for my husband, when he was alive. I wanted you so bad."

Devin started to apologize for taking advantage of her but she held up her hand to stop him.

"You didn't take advantage of me, Devin. You helped me in a time of need. You helped me with everything I needed. You looked out for me. You cared for me. You helped me get past the trauma of the night. And when I needed you the most, you gave of yourself.

"What I want to do now, Devin, is to forget about what happened with those boys and get on with my life. The only thing I'd like to take with me from last night, Devin, is ... you. I have thought about you constantly today and I like every one of those thoughts. If you are interested, I would like for us to ... well, to stay together, to see how we do together. I don't know what you feel for me, but ...?"

She left that thought hanging like a question, as she stared into his eyes.

"Gail, I've thought about you almost all day today too. I would love to get to know you better. So far, I like everything I know about you."

"Devin, you may think badly of me for this but there is one thing I need."

"I don't think I would think badly of you for anything, dear lady. Please tell me what you need."

"Well ... you may think I'm really oversexed or something, but ... I'd like to take you back to my bed. No gang memories, no near-rape, no trauma, just the two of us doing whatever feels good and seems right. Is that too forward of me?"

Devin reached for her hand. "No, sweet Gail, that is not too forward. I would love to do that."

They stood and he drew her to him. Their arms engulfed each other as their mouths met in a sensual kiss.

Hours later, as Gail lay in Devin's arms after they were both exhausted from trying ... and liking ... almost every position they could think of in which to couple, he thought that he had finally found a woman to repair the huge hole in his heart left by the void of his wife's death. Gail would never replace Eileen ... but she would help him to love again.

The end

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