tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced Wife Ch. 03

Forced Wife Ch. 03


This is the 3rd part of the continuing story of how a young housewife is publicly exposed and humiliated by her husband. Readers of the previous chapters will know that Chapter 1 was narrated by the dominant husband, whilst chapter 2 gave the perspective of the humiliated wife. For this 3rd chapter I have opted to recount the tale through the mouth of one of the guests. The guest I have chosen is the next door neighbour – His name is Peter. Sharp eyed readers will spot that he was named Roger in chapter 2, but I am taking the author's prerogative and renaming him in honour of reader Ozzy Peter who has given me so many useful comments and ideas.

I hope this does not confuse you poor readers and spoil the continuity. But anyway it's my story and I want Peter to tell it.

WARNING – The humiliation and abuse Brianna undergoes In this chapter is considerably more extreme that the previous gentle embarrassments in Ch 1 and 2. For the more squeamish amongst you gentle readers, especially the ladies, proceed with care.

Peter's story

This is turning out to be one hell of a night. When Paul invited me to his house party earlier in the week, I had identified that it was to be somewhat more interesting than wine, cheese and chat, but in my wildest imaginings (and they can be quite wild) I had not foreseen the events that have unfolded this evening.

My name is Peter and I have lived next door to Paul and Brianna for two years. Brianna is an absolute knockout and I have fancied her since first meeting her. She is about 5'7" tall, has long shapely legs, a beautifully toned body, long straight blonde hair and the most magnificent set of D cup tits that I have ever seen. She is a very sophisticated and classy lady, always wearing tailored business outfits to work, the most fashionable of casual clothing, keeping her hair and fingernails perfect and maintaining her model like (beautiful but untouchable) appearance. From the day that I moved in I have lusted after her, but I must admit, that as I have got to know her I have found her to be somewhat disdainful, almost arrogant. I have even, on occasion, not been able to resist jerking off as I watched her bikini clad body in their pool next door, from the protection of the garden fence. I'm sure she did not realise what I was doing, but I was sorely tempted to leap over the fence and brandish my tool in her face. Wisely I resisted the temptation. Still, the more I saw of her the more I was developing a lust for her that was becoming difficult to conceal.

She never acknowledged or spoke to me unless she was with Paul. This may be due to the fact that I am always looking at her tits and gorgeous body, imagining how good she would look in sexy lingerie, and how nice it would be to play with her tits and fuck her. I am sure that she has sensed this because she always seems embarrassed in front of me and tries to hide herself. Paul, I am sure is also aware of my desire for his wife because I am quite blatant in my staring at her, but I think he enjoys it. I sense that he likes showing her off to me and teasing me with her, despite her embarrassment.

In spite of this I became quite good friends with Paul and we would often go for a drink after work and solve all the problems of the world over a bottle of wine. He didn't often talk about Brianna, but I do remember one evening when we had had a bottle too many for discretion, he did let slip a few juicy titbits about their relationship. He gave me quite a candid description of her body. I didn't tell him that my masturbation exercises over the fence had already given me a reasonable insight of her body and that my imagination had done the rest to fill in the tiny gaps left by her bikini. More interestingly though he did give me some hints that their sex life was changing and I got the distinct impression that he was more and more persuading her into sexual acts that did not always meet her taste. However, he soon realised the degree of his indiscretion and clammed up. Shortly after we called it a night.

This incident served only to fuel my lust for Paul's lovely wife, and I confess that that night I went home and jerked off thinking of Brianna in all sorts of wild sexual positions. Paul never followed up on that evening's drunken revelations, but I thought about it often, and wondered, how their sex life was developing and what potential there could be in it for me. This occurred a couple of weeks before Paul invited me over for a party at his house on the following Saturday. As I said before, there was something strange about the invitation.

I remember the words he used, he said "Brianna, really wants all our guests to have a good time at our party, She is anxious to do anything to ensure that everyone leaves happy". It was not just his words but the way he paused after he had spoken looking straight into my eyes, There was no nudging or winking, just that stare for a brief moment. I was left in no doubt that this party was no simple social occasion – Paul had something planned

When I arrived at the door at the night of the party clutching the obligatory bottle of wine, I was the last to arrive. Paul introduced me to those I didn't know and gave me a drink. Brianna was not in the room and no one else seems to have picked up on the potential developments I had sensed.

After a few minutes chatting I heard Paul's mobile ringing. He left the room to answer it. As it happens I was sat quite close to the hallway and I could hear Paul's conversation with Brianna. There seemed to be some objection that Brianna was voicing but I heard as the tone of Paul's voice dropped and he virtually ordered her to come down from upstairs.

When Brianna appeared at the top of the stairs, she looked devastating. The slutty outfit she wore showed off her fantastic body beautifully. It did not conceal her body so much as shade it. But as it turned out this was only the beginning of the delights in store for us guests. As Brianna moved around the room serving drinks to her guests we all saw as her blouse fell open as she stooped with the tray of drinks. Several of the men there exchanged winks, but when we all saw Paul openly undo Brianna's blouse to the waist, to reveal her tits encased in the sheerest of bras, we all woke up to the potential of the evening.

It was not long before Paul made her strip her blouse off altogether and when she tried to cover her breasts he went up behind her and grabbing her arms, forced them behind her so that her tits were forced out in front of her almost bursting out of the flimsy bra. Things got even better when he invited George, one of the guests to feel her tits and before long he had both of her tits out of the bra and was pulling on her nipples as we all looked on. I was just itching to get in on the act, but before I could get my hands on her tits, she had been whisked away to dance by some prat from her work. Still it did give us all a chance to appreciate her tits as they rubbed up against his chest as they danced.

When the music stopped and she pulled away from him we could all clearly see that the rubbing had stimulated her nipples. Her tits and nipples were an awesome sight. She had nipples that stood forth from her tits on small mounds and they looked absolutely spectacular, the more so because they clearly indicated to all of us that she was becoming aroused. This was clearly against her will and it was very satisfying for me in particular to witness the humiliation she obviously felt.

The sight of her standing there with here tits fully exposed with those erotic mounds poking up with the erect nipples standing beyond that, spurred me on to get my revenge for all the put downs I had had from her in the past. I cam up behind her and grabbed her tits and squeezed.

I whispered in her ear, "Oh that's good. I've waited two years to get my hands on your tits. You are really going to enjoy this, but probably not as much as I am."

I looked over at Paul and seeing no sign of dissent I dragged her round the room by her tits and pushed them into the faces of every guy there. I was really enjoying humiliating her in this way, when Sue, one of the women in the group, said. "Oh my god," she said, "just look at that."

I looked down at the tit I was squeezing and saw that there was white fluid leaking out of the nipple. I squeezed hard and more of the milk began to flow down her tit. I realised that Brianna had given birth only last year and that her breasts were still full of milk. Sue seemed fascinated by the sight of the milk flowing out of Brianna's breast. She came over and took over the squeezing of the flowing tit. She was more skilled than I, and she soon had the white viscous liquid coursing down Brianna's torso.

Paul came over, and he seemed as surprised as the rest of us to see the milk outpouring from his wife's breast. He turned to me, "Not bad eh? Would you like to try it?"

"You mean---?"

"Sure go ahead, suck the milk out of her tit".

I needed no second asking. I clamped my mouth to her fat teat and started sucking the milk out of her. Soon one of the other guys joined me and we were both crouched over hanging on her tits. This must have been a glorious sight for the onlookers. When the tit had virtually dried up I gave her nipple a last little nip with my teeth and stood to watch my tit sucking colleague as he drew the last of the milk out of her other tit. Brianna looked a real slag, dressed in what was left of that sexy underwear with the guy hanging onto her tit and with the other tit I had just vacated swinging as he manipulated her body. You could see the trail of dried milk running down her body and into the waistband of her skirt.

I suppose I could have considered my "revenge" on Brianna fulfilled at this stage, but I wanted to go on and exploit the situation to impose every possible humiliation on her, for her treatment of me in the past. I looked across at her husband and he knew what I wanted. He turned to Brianna and said, "Your guests want to see your cunt. You can start by taking off your skirt – NOW."

Brianna was, by this time, unable to offer the least resistance to his commands, and we all stood around and watched her slowly remove her skirt and then her sopping wet panties to reveal her beautiful shaven cunt. My prick was rock hard now as I looked at the exposed lips of her soft pink cunt, and I saw that the guys around me all sported pressure bulges in the front of their pants as they looked on.

At Paul's further command Brianna pulled open the lips of her cunt and squatted further so that we could all see up inside that warm wet chute. Then something even I had not expected happened. Paul went to the kitchen and returned with a bag full of what turned out to be dildos and vibrators of all kinds. He selected one and spoke again, "Brianna, we will start with this one. Now get up on the coffee table on all fours and spread your legs".

I was amazed; it seemed that this guy was going to let us do just about anything to his beautiful wife. As Brianna meekly mounted the coffee table on all fours, I immediately stepped forward to get that dildo rammed up her cunt, but I was not quick enough because Sue was there before me. Brianna looked at her appealingly as she saw Sue move round behind her, but Sue just smiled as she approached the coffee table. She put a hand on each of Brianna's ass cheeks and pulled them apart to further display Brianna's glistening cunt. She smiled over at me. "I'm afraid this cunt is too wet and messy, we are going to have to clean it up". As she spoke she bent down and picked up Brianna's discarded panties and bra, and as we watched she began to poke the flimsy garments up inside Brianna's gaping cunt.

It was a huge turn on to see Sue poking her fingers up inside Brianna forcing the garments up inside the depths of her cunt. Sue took the dildo I was holding and proceeded to use it to force the material deeper into Brianna, until it had all but disappeared leaving only one bra strap dangling obscenely between her legs.

Everyone had gathered closely around the tableau on the coffee table and most of the guys were rubbing at the erections bulging out their pants. Julie stood back to admire her handiwork. She picked up her drink and walked around to where Brianna, with tears in her eyes, was begging Paul, "Please put a stop to this, I beg you".

Paul said nothing but Sue sipped her drink. "Oh come on Brianna, do try to put a brave face on this, you're only knelt naked on a coffee table with your underwear stuffed up your cunt – it's no big deal". This brought sniggers from most of us as we looked on the humiliated woman. It seemed that being of the same gender generated no feelings of sisterly loyalty and support in Sue. In fact, just the opposite.

She turned to me, "Peter, I think that should have cleared some of the mess Brianna seems to have generated up that cunt of hers, would you like to do the honours and remove the obstructions, so that we can get on with the evening's entertainment?"

I grasped the end of the bra strap protruding from Brianna's cunt and slowly pulled. As I pulled, the flimsy garments began to ease out from inside her, first the bra and then pulling on behind it the lacy panties came into view. They were both sopping wet and slimy with her juices, like some kind of black placenta. When the last of the sodden material popped out from inside her I took them around to Brianna's tear streaked face. "There Brianna ", I said, "we've cleaned you up nicely". I pushed the soaked garments into her face and smeared her own cum over her cheeks and lips. She tried to draw away, but Lewis grasped her shoulders so that I could completely cover her face with her juices.

This was too much for one of the guys, Tom, who I saw get his cock out and start rubbing it furiously as he looked on. Julie, who was stood next to him, almost absent-mindedly reached over, removing his own hand and took over wanking him herself, while she sipped her drink with her other hand. Pretty soon it became obvious he was about to cum. Julie pulled him by the cock so that he was stood directly in front of Brianna. She glanced up when she saw the movement and a horrified expression appeared on her face as she saw the erect cock directly in front of her. She looked across at Julie, to see a malicious smile on her face as she pulled vigorously on the cock. Several others of the guys had their cocks out now and were stroking their erections.

We all watched as Julie made the last few strokes, and then she froze as she felt the spunk start to flow up his shaft. Brianna was struggling to get away, but Lewis and I held her fast waiting to see the spunk shoot into her face, but then at the last moment Julie directed Tom's cock away and down to the surface of the glass topped coffee table. Brianna followed the cock with her eyes and saw the white fluid suddenly erupt from the tip of Tom's cock. He seemed to shoot a vast amount, because a large puddle of slime began to build up on the glass just inches below Brianna's face. Julie eased the last few drops from Tom's cock and they both stood back to survey the scene.

Paul walked forward to look at his humiliated wife; her face still wet with her own cum that I had wiped over her, and with the puddle of Tom's spunk directly below her. "Brianna", he said, "You seem to have made a mess on the table, I think you'd better clear it up". Brianna looked up at him as she knelt, not understanding. "I mean clean it up with your lips – lick that cum off the table". Even in her semi-mesmerised state she resisted his command, but while Lewis held her shoulders I force her head down to the slime beneath her. I pushed down until her lips touched and then submerged into the pool of spunk. Still she resisted and then I saw Paul suddenly slap his hand hard across the tits dangling beneath her. She writhed in my hands as Paul almost shouted "Suck it up you whore, lick it up and get it down your throat, or I'll beat your tits till they're black and blue". He emphasised his command with another heavy swipe across her tits that set them shaking as they swung beneath her.

She resisted for a moment longer and then we saw her tongue poke out from her mouth and she started to lick and suck at the spreading pool of cum. We watched as the whole area around her mouth and nose became smeared and slimy as she sucked and licked at the viscous mess. Finally she had taken the whole load into and onto her mouth. I released her head so that she could lift her head. Paul said, "OK. Now swallow it – let's see you take that filth down your throat." We watched as Brianna gathered the spunk in her mouth and swallowed it down with a grimace. There was open laughter from the assembled guests now. We had all divorced ourselves from any level of decent behaviour and were all intent on embarrassing and humiliating this woman as far as possible.

Sue and I were turning into the leaders of this pack and I called over to her, "Come on Sue, let's get some of these dildos up her cunt". Sue reacted with enthusiasm, "Oh yes, I'm sure you'd like that wouldn't you Brianna, The feel of something big and hard up your cunt. You've been showing off that cunt of yours all year in that flimsy bikini you wear, teasing all of us. Now we can get to use it for something we can enjoy with you".

She selected a large black dildo from the pile on the floor and while I pulled Brianna's cunt lips apart with my fingertips, she eased the big black rubber cock up into Brianna's passage. The rubber was covered in rough lumps that pulled at the sides of Brianna's cunt as Sue pushed it up inside her. Brianna groaned as the dildo was pushed deeper and deeper into her cunt. Sue pulled back for a moment as she met resistance high up inside Brianna's body, then pushed viciously forward again and we saw as the dildo moved on through Brianna's resisting flesh until the full 9 inches was buried up inside her cunt.

Paul came round to inspect what had been done to his wife, as she knelt almost naked on all fours on the coffee table in front of all of us. He smiled at the sight of just the end of the big black dildo protruding from his wife's cunt. He grasped the end and pulled it out half its length, then grinned maliciously as he rammed it straight back up again into his wife's body. This brought a sharp grunt of pain from Brianna as the rubber jarred into her.

"Anyone else want a go", he said to the group watching around the table. I surrendered my prime position behind Brianna to Greg, who up to this time had been a non-participant.

"Yes. I'll have some of that", he said and pulled and pushed at the dildo up Brianna's cunt, again bringing groans of pain from the tormented woman.

Sue was getting quite flushed and agitated as she watched her erstwhile friend being abused in this way. She was obviously getting very aroused. She sounded almost hysterical as she called out, "Go on ram it right up the slut. Get another one, let's ream her ass". Even Paul seemed a little taken aback as we looked towards him for approval.

"OK", he said, "she's never allowed me up her ass before, perhaps its time her asshole was broken in".

After all that had been done to her this evening, it was at this point that Brianna broke down and began to sob loudly, "Oh no, please", she pleaded, "not that, please don't let them push things up my ass. I'll do anything, but please .."

Paul interrupted her, "shut up slut. Peter you seem to be enjoying yourself, would you like the honour of getting into that virgin ass?"

I nodded enthusiastically. "Just lead me to it, but I think we'll probably need some lubrication. Have you got any Vaseline or KY?"

Paul looked blankly for a moment and then said "I know, hold on a minute". He disappeared into the kitchen area and when he returned he was holding bottle of olive oil. "Here", he said, "this should do". The look on Brianna's face was a treat as she realised that not only was she going to get publicly sodomised, but also to aid the process her ass was going to be daubed with common or garden cooking oil.

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