Forceful Fuck

bySexy Bi Chick©

Elise had no idea what was in store for her when she got home that afternoon. Her and Dan had been fighting for quite some time but she felt that they could work anything out, they always did. Meanwhile, Dan had other things in mind. He had been thinking for quite some time and knew he was going to end this relationship but on his terms. He had planned on this day for awhile and he knew he was going to ravage her like a savage one last time. She could not possibly be prepared for what was coming.

As she walked in the door, she said,"Hi Dan, how was ur day?"

Dan didn't say anything, he just walked over to her and grabbed her viciously and with passion and hatred combined.

She gasped and said, "Dan? What are you doing?"

Once again he did not say anything, just ripped her blouse open and freed her supple breasts. She gasped again and tried to say something but Dan clamped her mouth and told her to shut up as he worked her skirt off her body. "Dan! Please calm down! Stop this!", Elise exclaimed as she tried in vain to stop Dan's rampage.

He looked her in the eye and said simply, "I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before, this is it."

She had a look of fear in her eye but it was too late, Dan was gonna have his way and she knew it. As she whimpered, Dan removed her bra and sucked her breasts with much fervor and passion, more than ever before. He had not even kissed her yet but here he had her large voluptuous breasts in his mouth. She couldn't help but let out a slight moan as he sucked. She had sensitive breasts and had always loved the way Dan nursed on them like a hungry child. His passion was now burning out of control. He worked his fingers into her increasingly wet pussy as he pulled her thong aside.

She cried now, "Dan, please don't do this to me!"

He ignored her plea and continued to shove his fingers in with more force as he sucked her breasts. It was now time to put her in her place. "Get on your knees", he commanded.

She had no choice but to oblige as he forced her onto her knees. Before she could plead to him again, he unleashed his hard cock and stuffed it into her mouth with aggression. Her warm wet mouth please Dan as he groaned in pleasure.

"Mmmm" She looked up at him with tears in her eyes as her emotions overwhelmed her.

He looked down and simply said, "Cry me a river bitch, cry me a fuckin river".

She closed her eyes as the tears welled up and his cock fucked her mouth. Elise always had a beautiful mouth, full luscious lips and a clean pink tongue. Dan grabbed her by the hair and pushed his cock in and out of her lush mouth. Her wet lips sucked his hard cock and embraced it. Her spit was all over his dick and this turned Dan on even more as he fucked her face with more force.

"That's fuckin nice, keep suckin that cock", he groaned.

She managed to withdraw his rock hard cock from her mouth long enough to say, "Fuck you, you fuccin bastard! I ..."

But before she could finish, Dan forced his cock back in and made her deep throat it. She gagged as the tip of his dick hit the back of her throat. She had to swallow her own saliva which was being force fucked into her mouth by Dan's hard cock. She could taste his pre-cum as she swallowed his cock whole and deep throated it with beautiful mastery. She was a great cocksucker and Dan took full advantage of that fact. He pulled his dick out for a second and made her lick his balls as he jerked his cock over her beautiful face. Elise tongued his balls with passion cause she knew there was no turning back, she was his bitch for as long as he wanted.

Dan was in control and he made that very clear.

"Mmmm", she moaned softly as she took his cock back into her waiting mouth.

"What? Are you fuckin enjoying it bitch?", Dan asked angrily.

She ignored his inquiry and continued to bob her head up and down his thick cock.

"That's it, you're gonna fuckin get it now baby," Dan said as his intensity picked up. He continued to thrust his cock in between her full wet lips as he got ready to fuck her brains out. Dan pulled his cock out of her succulent mouth and told her to get up. She complied slowly so he grabbed her and bent her over.

She cried once more, "Dan, don't do this you fuckin cock! I will..." Her complaint was quickly cut off by the thrust of Dan's rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy.

"Ooohh!", she moaned as his cock parted her pussy lips. She hated him now, his brute force had robbed her of her dignity yet she couldn't help but moan in delight at the way his cock felt in her dripping wet pussy.

"Mmmmph", she whimpered as he slam fucked her tight cunt.

"You like that you fuccin bitch?", Dan quizzed.

She could only whimper in response to his rude question. It made her mad that she was enjoying this incredible rough fuck session. She and Dan had made love not too long ago, this was not love at all, just pure unbridled rough and raw sex.

"Ooohhh...mmmm...", she moaned loudly as her control loosened.

"Fuck!", she screamed as she could no longer hold it in.

She feared that her moans and screams would turn him on even more and make him more vicious and she was right as Dan picked up his pace and really gave it to her harder and harder. Faster and faster he pumped in and out of her tight wet pussy. "Ohhh! God!", she cried out as Dan grabbed her ass cheeks and smacked them with authority. His thrusts became harder and harder as he neared orgasm.

"Damn! This pussy feels good!", Dan cried out as he felt the cum building up.

"Ohh, Dan! Fuck that pussy up! I need it,I want it so bad!", Elise screamed as she could no longer hold back.

She creamed all over Dan's cock as she cried out, "Fuck me harder baby! Harder!". She closed her eyes and screamed in ecstasy as he continued to pound her hole feverishly.

"Oh God, gonna come!", Dan yelled as his hot thick load pumped in and out of her creamy stuffed pussy.

"Mmmm", she whimpered as Dan's load filled her pussy with his seed. He gave her a few last hard strokes as he emptied his nuts into her flowing cunt. She couldn't resist purring in pleasure even though she had been thoroughly fucked with ruthless aggression. She had never been pumped full of cock and cum quite like that. "Ooohhh...", Elise moaned softly as Dan finally pulled out of her now cum filled pussy.

She wanted to collapse after the force with which she had been fucked but Dan quickly held her up and said, "Not so fast baby".

She looked back and saw the intense look in his eyes but nothing prepared her for what he did next. Dan took his still hard cock and without hesitation stuffed it into her tight asshole.

He fucked it at a furious pace as she cried out, "Aaahh! Ooohh!", she cried in pain as Dan fucked her ass hardcore.

"Fuck!", she screamed loudly as he rammed her. "Oh my God, yes!", she continued.

It didn't take long before he came in her ass and then just pulled it out and left her there in a crying heap. Dan got dressed and made his way out the door, saying nothing, just glaring at her in disgust. She meekly looked up at him as tears ran down her cheeks but couldn't say a word as he walked out.

"I love you Dan...", she whispered to herself as she sat there, a freshly fucked piece of fuck meat.

Lost in her own little world and not knowing what was next. Could she handle life without her favorite cock? Only time would tell...

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